Open Post #34 – Coronavirus and Societal Collapse

Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre

Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre

26 years ago today, an American-Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinians, including children, and injured 125 others during dawn prayers in Prophet Abraham Mosque. Known as the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre, it is the second deadliest act of terrorism committed in Palestine. Baruch Goldstein was killed by survivors, who overpowered him as he shot worshipers.

The Palestine’s deadliest act of terrorism was what is considered the birth of modern terrorism, because this type of mass slaughter of innocent people for political reasons done while dressed up as an enemy was vastly unknown prior to it. The mastermind behind the King David Hotel Bombing, in which 91 people were killed and 46 wounded, was Menachem Begin, who later became the Prime Minister of Israel, and like many other terrorists, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Speaking of Jews – it is a known fact that not all Jews are bad. Without even trying too hard one can immediately think of Bobby Fisher, Gilad Atzmon or Miko Peled. And who knows, maybe David Goldberg, who according to the available information died last year under unclear circumstances with the authorities releasing next to no factual information surrounding his untimely death, was also one of them.

Project Zyphr

David Elias Goldberg was reportedly found dead in his New York apartment on June 8, 2019. He was touted as the White House whistle-blower who claimed to have gained access to certain classified documents and the White House memos. Among other things, before his death last Summer, David Goldberg recorded an audio in which he exposes Project Zyphr – the alleged Zionist plan to kill millions of people because the degree of awareness of Zionism, despite indoctrination, narrative control and propaganda, has grown beyond their control.

Eerily enough, the means to achieve the objective of Project Zyphr, according to David Goldberg, may include the release of a virus with flu like symptoms, which would most likely be scheduled for Winter of 2020. The virus would cause world wide pandemic, which would lead to world wide economic collapse, and from it, the New World Order.

We know that China is a Zionist stronghold. While I don’t know whether David Goldberg is legit and whether he truly had access to genuine classified documents the content of which he shared without bias, I can’t help but notice that six months after his death, the world gets hit with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in a way strikingly resembling that described by him. Check out the audio he allegedly recorded and let me know what your thoughts on it are:

David Goldberg also claimed that before Israel launches the attacks on the aware, Donald Trump will declare himself “King of Israel“. While it didn’t come to pass exactly like that, because Donald Trump didn’t declare himself King of Israel, he was declared King of Israel by the Zionists.

Societal Collapse?

As a result of coronavirus raging in China, the country’s industry has slowed down, reducing carbon emissions by more than a quarter. The Hubei province is in the standstill and people are being welded inside their homes:

Transshipment countries are reporting to have stacks of containers building up because goods can’t move as usual. And with the supply chain of many nations directly outsourced to China, the quarantine of the country can’t spell anything goos.

Maybe the Covid-19 pandemic will blow away in a couple of months, but maybe it’ll become a killer of millions and the world will weep. But even if it blows away, a major economic shift could be coming, whether as a result of the pandemic, or as part of the larger plan and the virus will be the scapegoat.

The signs tend to point to at least some economic back lash purely due to the closed factories in China, the backlog of orders that won’t make it, the disrupted trade flows and paralyzed tourism.

Anybody who’s familiar with Nikolai Kondratiev and the economic cycles that can be traced back centuries, will know what we have been due for a giant crisis for years now, but it’s been artificially held back. The coronavirus epidemic may very well be used as the precursor to that coming.

Yields on 10-year US Treasuries have fallen to all-time lows. In the last two days, the DOW has fallen over 1800 points. However, considering the overinflation of the stock market, this doesn’t even yet bring it to the reasonable level.

The stock market was hitting all time highs, suggesting the US economy is doing better than pre 2016, even though virtually all sectors show huge debts, the inequality is highest in 80 years, there is the staggering credit card debt, student loan debt and medical debt, car loan defaults are at a high, there are more homeless than have been in decades, and it just keeps going on like that.

At this point in time, there really is more than enough to make any reasonable person suspect that a major event, perhaps as major as an economic or societal collapse, could be a knocking.


Lately, multiple CEOs of large companies stepped down. That includes such giants as Disney, MasterCard, L Brands, Salesforce, Uber Eats, HULU, MGM, IBM, LinkedIn,, Aurora Cannabis, Nestlé, Victoria’s Secret and more.

Taking into account that the mainstream press has been talking quite openly about the ultra rich building bunkers and prepping for an upcoming collapse, it makes you wonder what the scoop is all about. If I was in their financial position, I’d be taking a nice long vacation somewhere secure and stocked as well. I hear New Zealand is popular with the rich.

And maybe they know what’s coming and want to avoid to be on record as presiding over a company during a complete nosedive?

What Now?

I admit I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know what or when is coming. But I have spent the last few years improving my wilderness survival skills, learning how to grow my own plants, procure food off the grid, purify water, start fires without matches or lighters, and strengthening my body’s natural immunity. I hope you guys have been doing the same. A collapse can come from a multitude of places. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down when shit hits the fan.

How do you guys see it?


It’s been a while since I’ve done an Open Post. The latest one was done by a sidekick while I was being witchhunted by the ZOG. Since we got a lot of newbs since then, let me remind you all that Open Posts are for on topic discussion only.

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  1. The markets are down about 7% in 2 days. On Black Monday, it went down 20% in 1 day. We’ll have to wait to see if this is a collapse or a correction. It’s the biggest point slide, but the indices were at their highest point in history, so it’s not the biggest percentage slide.

    1. Time for us to start speaking-up louder than ever. Way to go Mark,,, great, and informative post this was. I Know that if they come-a-knocking that i am ready. I Have a weapon at least every 10 feet or so of me, in 4 locations that i spend most of my time in. So Invite you Slimy-Zionist-murdering-Jew-Pigs To “Try Me” as *I DO NOT* Fear Death, But welcome it, & God Our Creator When the right time comes.

      And always remember Guys/Gals,,, that it is 100% legal to defend yourself, and your family from any outside threat with lethal-force if threatened. But remain legal while purchasing your firearms therefore not giving anybody reason to seize them from you. And Ammo,,, it might be hard to get soon if many Countries like China Continue Shutting Factories Down.

      I Have recently picked-up a wooden crate of Russian 1200 rounds of pre-loaded & quick-clips of 7.6 m.m. x 39 bullets for just under $300.00 bucks Canadian. I Suggest you do the same in case of an economical collapse, as criminals will be running rampant. STAY SAFE S.O.B.’s,,, STAY-SAFE-MAN. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. @legolas A.K.A. @Mrx1992
          Exactly B-G Brother!
          Everybody should get their Arms Acquisition Certificate (Gun License) which requires you to get a “Inexpensive Gun-Handling Safety Course” which is only an 1 Day Course (In Canada) and then you can legally obtain, purchase, & possess yourselves a couple of Inexpensive Shotguns,,, or Rifles. Although if you are outside the U.S. You will not be able to get yourself any Handguns, unless you,,,

          #1- Go get a criminal record check, and pass a restricted weapons course, for the safe handling of Handguns,,,
          #2- unless you have obtained one illegally on the streets, (which i do not suggest) cause one of the worse places to be if going through an economic meltdown would be inside a local Jailhouse, or Penitentiary, Cause it will Most-Certainly be one of the places that will face food shortages.

          So purchase yourselves an inexpensive 1 Shot Shotguns, that you have to reload after every shot which only takes about 7 to 10 seconds to do (with a little practice) beforehand.
          Cause you will save Big Bucks by doing-so. For Example,,,I Suggest a 410,,, or 20 Gauge Shotguns that that range from $99.00 to $159.00 at your local Walmart Canada. These Shotguns are perfect for Women as they have very little Kickback, and are relatively light, easy to handle, but just as lethal. For Men (if you want more power) you can purchase again an inexpensive Shotgun but make-it a 12,,, or a 16 gauge Shotgun which handles a larger shell. And also remember to purchase the cheaper shells as it is for self defense purposes against would be thieves, and the like during a black-out, or a total economic collapse.

          If you need help choosing the right weapon, or ammo, feel free to contact me for assistance regarding this matter, as i have years of experience in safely handling all types of guns. 🙂

          1. @thedre

            A jailhouse or penitentiary will, most certainly, be detrimental to your health if COVID-19 gets a grip.

            Look at any infected facility going into a 24/7 lock down with basic foodstuffs going through the door slots as the staff are definitely not going to be interested in having contact with the inmates.

            The cells will be opened up after 24 – 28 days to allow the survivors out.

            Fortunately, ADX Florence is pretty secure; minimal interaction with the guards and no contact with other inmates or visitors.

          2. Guns have already been fully banned in my country, the only people that have guns are cops and criminals, innocent citizens are all unarmed… so sad

          3. @nastypersuasions

            Yea, i hear you brother. But it’s the best way to stop that Corona-Virus From Spreading it’s Garlic Chicken Wings,,, ending-up instead as Sweet & Sour Chink Chicken-Balls! 🙂

            Fuck Brother,,, that is indeed pretty bad, and Sad. 🙁 What Country are You From, it you don’t mind me asking (that is) my good Man, And Best-Gore Brother ??

    1. Is it about money, cause it doesn’t seem like a end game champion… what the fuck are you gonna do with 999 trillion dollars, while everyone is wasting away?
      Nor do i have a explanation of what plans proceed in a desolate world.

      1. It is much more complex than that. I do not think this is a way to wipe out the human race as that would benefit no one. I don’t believe such a virus can exist on its own in nature. If it did then we would have had such outbreaks all the time. The bat story is complete nonsense. This was definitely created in labs.

        1. It’s a deadly virus that somehow got out of a high level chink bioweapons lab. The origin point of the infection is as obvious as the origin point of my dick. But there is too much money tied up in China by global corporate interests for that to be on the news much.

    2. could the chinese be paid to spread the virus? Not sure about this zionist stuff. So they just kill people and nobody kills them? THey are just people too. It sounds like fake news too me. Harvey Weinstein is jewish his ass didn’t get a jew pass even with his fake walker. He going to prison. Gangs and mafia rule the world aka the ruthless THey took over vegas. not some billionaire who has to much money to care anymore. jfk was killed by a mafia guy who is in prison who admitted to it. He said the snipers missed until one hit hit throat but wasn’t dead and he blew his head off shooting him with a shot gun from the gutter where the car stopped he said he was the last resort if snipers didn’t get job done.

      1. There it is the donald trump is racist remark and how he is taking over the world- just some pissed off demo mad hilary didn’t win. I used to vote for democrats but if you disagree with them they say you are hitler. I didn’t realize they were a cult until one of my friends got way to deep into it and turned into a weirdo when i said a business man would run the country better then any retard politician. Republicans do the same cult stuff to people that disagree with them. Its just cults and gangs going back and forth.

      2. Weinstein is not going to jail. It’s all theater. Epstein is still alive. His death was faked. In the National Archives you can find the document which exposes that the people behind JFK’s assassination admitted to having Jewish backers:

        AGENCY: HSCA
        RECORD NUMBER: 180-10065-10379
        AGENCY FILE NUMBER: 008894

        Name of individual: ECHEVARRIA, HOMER S.

        Reason for PRS interest: Nov. 1963, informant advised Chicago office that subject was member of anti-Casto Cuban group. Subject allegedly approached informant to provide machine guns for Cuban rev. 11/21/63 subject allegedly told informant “We now have plenty of money — our new backers are Jews — as soon as ‘we’ or (they) take care of Kennedy…” Subject expressed favorable attitude toward LBJ.

        Degree of threat: 1 2 3

        Organizations to which individual belongs: anti-Castro Cuban

        Nationalistic group: Cuban
        Date called to Secret Service attention: 11/26/63
        Referred by other agency? NO YES

        Action taken: Investigation by Chicago office did not disclose any violation under our jurisdiction and check-ups never initiated. Subject not interviewed.

        Last location: Chicago, Il. ’63
        Field office: Chicago
        Last UPD: 4/25/69
        Page 59 (64 on pdf)

        Guess what Jack Ruby’s real last name is (he killed the scapegoat Lee Harvey Oswald)? Rubenstein.
        Guess who just happened the have the perfect spot to capture the killshot? Good ol jewish Abraham Zapruder. Kind of like the five dancing Israelis who set up cameras pointing at the WTC on 9/11 before the first plane hit.
        Guess who was trying to get nukes and JFK said no? Yup, you’re right… Israel!

        1. Everything happens for a purpose thank you for sharing this Hidden knowledge Mark your work is always appreciated. Did you happen to see any news report on those pedo Jews arrested in Israel for evading justice in US For years, surprises me they might extradite them unless they’re convicted in Israel and Possibly spend little time behind bars.

  2. There is so much information out on the web, simultaneous contradicting one another, in hopes to kill us off from knowing the truth?… Also these plans change or update on the regs, even if we knew ahead of time, it likely they will change project zyphr on the fly.

    1. Any of the mainstream fake “truthers/conspiracy theorists” who support Israel like Alex Jones cannot be believed. Anyone who supports Israel is surely a puppet.

      1. Plainly yes, from what I gather, absorbing information for elite propagandists that hold the true information, buried within its disinformation.
        It’s a puzzle, people like games and figuring out it’s all a lie. The closer you get to the sun…

      2. You said it bro ! The number one duped group of people in this lie is the Christian church and their believing that these JEWBASTARDS are “Gods people” LOL! This surely keeps the money and support coming in . What’s sad is I believe in Yeshua but I DO NOT follow the modern day church and it’s lies.

          1. Oh yeah, how is that method of control working out? It does not. This world is full of backstabbing, scum sucking humans. Prisons are nice and full. You cannot trust a human as far as you can spit.Control? Give me a break. Believe whatever you want, but that theory is shit, and far too sipmplistic. Our world and how we got here is beyond our inadequate comprehension.

          2. What the hell are you talking about you idiot? What religion are you?

            The religions control the minds and attitudes of the people who follow them you dumb ass. Now shut the hell up.

  3. Oh kill me now… I just saw some really cringey old comments I made…

    Maybe the Coronavirus is a blessing in disguise. Modern society is already fucked up passed the point of no return anyway. A good culling might just be what it needs if it can ever be saved. What with social media, all these new genders, cheating spouses, corrupt politicians, mass immigration and every other problem under the fucking sun. But honestly, humanity isn’t worth saving. Hell, if I had the power to light the entire world on fire, I would do it in a fucking heartbeat.

    I’ve said this before but humans are the real virus.

        1. I always thought I was more pessimistic than anything, but I think as I get older, my pessimism isn’t that much different from reality. It’s unfortunate that I see the world with cynicism and skepticism, but I think in a way, it’s very much needed.

      1. Western society is fucked up because the wealthy are keeping everyone in an ever increasing state of scarcity. White working people are being exterminated. It’s the wealthy and their small hat masters that need a good sorting.

        1. I don’t hate myself, I’m just a smarmy fuck. I’ve seen both good and bad in people, but we tend to focus more on the shit because it makes a lasting impression.

          I can’t say if I’m atheist or not. I generally don’t believe in a higher power.

          1. I’d say you’re right – we all should focus on the positive a bit more (me especially, because I tend to be super negative). I can’t speak for everyone, but BG is usually a breeding ground to just vent about there shitty things in life.

            Things aren’t always so bad 😀

  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what is going on on this damned planet? Like, I don’t get anything anymore. E.g., Coronavirus; hundreds of ppl could be infected, but well, let’s bring them back wherever they’re from. No signs of virus after the quarantine? They’re free to go. As if you could be sure after two weeks
    The corona is getting closer to where I am, there are about 100km left – and nobody’s prepared. There are no hermetical suits in hospitals. Some time ago ppl were laugting cuz they though it won’t reach it here, but now the panic is kicking in. They demand officials to do something, but what?

    I know that could have been a bit… Unclear, but really, I just don’t get it anymore. Instead of cutting physical contact, using hand sanitiser etc, coughing ppl keep giving each other kisses and hugs. But, yeah, they want others to act. WTF??

    1. You’re definitely not alone. After seeing about two seconds of the news, I turn the tv off before I throw something at my screen. I can’t keep track of anything anymore. It’s all feeling like some nonsensical fever dream.

  5. Fleshy virus versus Corona Virus. I’m backing Corona Virus and hoping for a total factory reset of this world where humanity has suddenly morphed from an annoying virus to an all consuming cancer…………BTW – fuck israel

      1. Side note: can’t even begin to describe my gratitude to the Students Of Best Gore because after all these years l come back and still see “Fleshy Virus” and our other trademarked terminology still in common use.

        Lacerated (Gem in Quebec) and l would banter and one night she kept using the phrase “epic” and l was deeply pissed at the world son raged the fuck on her, criticizing her for being so creative and was being painfully basic with her choice of descriptors.
        So, after that night’s commenting had concluded, deep thought ensued, and l was determined to create a descriptor which the world truly lacked, and one it urgently needed.


        We’re the epitome of a viral infection. We exist at the expense of everything else here (this was about 9 years ago now) and that was how F.V. was coughed fourth from the stenchy depths of this mutherfuckers skullguts.

        As with this wonderful COVID 19 the measure of effectiveness often lies in where it’s seeded. In the septic tank which is ching-chong-china, where animal agony is treated like a fucking ingredient, it is a wonderful starting point to begin what will hopefully become one of many aspects of active FV annihilation. The more f us which turn into things, the safer everything else who lives here may be.

        We can not do anything to protect the animals from our insatiable desire to profit from their existence, let alone learn from anything from our past to not have thrown away and quality of life for our unborn.

        We suck THE FROTHIEST of dogshit milkshakes as a species,a and the sooner we exit as a whole, the better all else will be.

        (But again, the SOB are some pretty collectively awesome brain-havers though)

        1. @Rotten Stench
          Septic Tank which is Ching-Chong-China ?? Bwa, ha fuck dude, lol! 😉

          You have always been hilarious with your choice of words man, from your humble beginnings at Rotten, all the way up to today, as you have never lost your touch. And like these 2 legendary words *Fleshy Virus, or Trademark Terminology* as you call them, should be fucking Copyrighted/Patented, for fucks-sake lol, as they are that darn Genuinely Funny, & Original,, that you, & Fleshy Virus have made you Somewhat of A Living Legend in these parts My Good Man. 🙂

          And now that all of us S.O.B.’s finally get to know (after all these long years) Just How, & why you came up with These 2 Fleshy-Virus Trademark Words/Saying, makes today A Great Day & Bonus in itself. Do you know just how many times i asked myself over the years why, or what, made you come up with these 2 incredibly funny/witty words man?

          I don’t want to sound creepy Stench but Bro,,, I Have been following you since your early days at Rotten. com and have never stopped reading every single one of your comments ever since man. And i mean,,, every single one that you have ever written on Rotten & Here my man. And i always look foreword to the next time that you will unexpectedly show up,,,
          pop-in,,, and post yet another one of your brilliantly, & funny written comments.

          Take Care my good man,
          And Much Respect Bro. 🙂

          1. The like minded have historically been challenging to find, prior to the internet. Rotten was the ONLY reason why l was ever on the net. I thought it was retarded…. Until l discovered that it was like a self propitiating death flick (Faces, Traces, Final Journey, Snuff Video [volumes green AND red]…. only select video stores had them available to rent.

            We are the putrid soup of humanity, and down here, we know the rotten stench of reality…. And we are all so much better off for it as we are now on a slip-n-slide into clearly questionable darker times.

            Thank you @thedre, and context is everything. If it was a different place then sure, it’d be an odd statement…. But it’s not. It’s B.G. and it’s also very much appreciated

          2. Putrid Soup Of Humanity??? w.t.f?? lol,
            Stop man,,, my fucking stomach hurts bro, lol, lol, ahhh-man, lol.
            It’s 7:00 A.M. Here In Ottawa, & You made my day Already Stench,,,
            You truly did,,, Thanks-Man! 🙂

  6. It has always bugged me why you can’t bring your dog into another country without it being forced into quarantine and yet migrants can Conga line right through our fucking countries without any quarantine measures being placed on them and now we know why I guess.

    If you ask me then this corona virus is being used to test how fast contagions spread in our modern day open boarders global world because Corona virus by itself is not deadly enough to be the one that kills us all. OK, granted, its more deadly than Novichok which only managed to kill a zonked out drug addled alcoholic middle aged woman but it is still nowhere near the level required to wipe out hundreds of millions worldwide.

    They will however now know how fast and far contagions will spread. Not to mention how the markets will respond to such situations. Very useful and very profitable information for certain people I should think.

    1. I do not think that it’s just a mere test for the elites because there have been various other outbreaks like this on a much smaller scale before. There was the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus, among others.

      1. You really can never tell these days though. Might also have been sabotage to undermine the Chinese economy amongst other things.

        However. I do think the fact that animals get quarantined upon entry into a country but migrants with Scrabble rack names from places like Ebolaland get allowed instant entry without any quarantine or health checks whatsoever speaks volumes about our governments true desire to keep contagions from spreading. They invite it in fact.

    2. @Empty soul
      Well said brother Empty,,, well said, and so true.
      Cause Yep,,, these were my thoughts also & exactly. As this corona virus is not as lethal as i thought it would be, by spreading much quicker by now. Maybe it is as you say, simply a test for next winter the 20/21 season as David has explained/mentioned in the video above.

    3. @emptysoul

      The requirements for a pandemic (a disease that has spread globally) are pretty simple:

      1. It must be antigenically novel i.e. it’s a new virus to which there has been no exposure previously and, therefore, no immunity exists in the general population.

      2. It must cause severe disease. This can include a severe inflammatory response which affects individuals without any pre-exisiting co-morbidities i.e. they are young and otherwise healthy.

      3. It must transmit easily from human to human e.g. via mucosal membranes or the faeco-oral route.

      If you want to really shake things up, add in:

      A relatively long incubation period during which an infected individual, who does not display symptoms, can shed the virus and transmit it to others.

      A virus that only requires a low number of viral units to cause infection i.e. it is highly infective (e.g. novovirus only requires 15 viral units to infect).

      A virus that does not rapidly degrade in the environment e.g. on surfaces, in the air.

      A virus that is capable of antigenic drift allowing it to come back for a second strike on those individuals who developed initial immunity. This, also, makes the development of a vaccine difficult.

      A virus that can continue to exist in an individual, and be excreted / transmitted, following apparent recovery e.g. hepatitis B, C & E, post-acute HIV and others.

      A virus that can jump to a second, or third, animal species creating an infective reservoir and a mechanism to transmit infections over distance.

      For the pièce de résistance:

      A virus that will recombine with a second virus that infects humans and/or animals and possesses the abilities above.

      Think combining COVID-19 with influenza, H1N1, HIV, Ebola etc. That’s when thinks get really interesting.

      I think COVID-19 is just getting started and governments are running scared; you do not lock down entire cities for an outbreak of influenza.

      First world countries are managing cases at the moment. Around 85% of infections to date have included bronchopneumonia which, as a primary or secondary infection, tends to be the thing that kills you.

      Once the number of cases jump the health care systems will collapse as there are simply not enough isolation or ICU / HDU beds, infection control equipment, respiratory and personal protection equipment.

      Remove infected / dead health care staff and the problem intensifies.

      As infections escalate, and populations are ‘quarantined’, watch what happens regarding the ‘just in time’ food and fuel supplies. Alfred Henry Lewis stated, in 1906, ‘There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy’.

      Meanwhile, what is going on in third world populations like DRC, Pakistan, India, Malaysia etc.

      We’re living in interesting times and I didn’t mention the economic consequences once (but I’m thinking 1929).

  7. Water
    Secluded shelter
    Plenty of ammo!
    Any thing else such as ca$h,gold/$ilver/$#itcoinz
    Will be completely wortLESS* & an actual Liability, if*” you’ve been telling others that you’ve been buying /$tockpiling*.

    1. I used to know someone who had that motto. He would yell “Fuck the world!” And would spray paint that shit on walls and whatnot. I told him that the world would end up fucking him. He’s dead now. The motherfucker drowned. He ended up being the seaman when the world “came” a knock’n.

  8. On the economics…

    Anything covered by our corporate media will undoubtedly, create massive profits for our privatized banking system, the military and the 1%, here in the United States.

    With our Federal Reserve printing money out of debt, (if we had no debt, we’d have no money) it’s another opportunist time for the banks to continue to borrow money at, or near 0% interest. This in turn, creates massive profits for corporate bankers, enabling them to buy back their overly inflated stocks at an incredibly low price. Creating MASSIVE profits, that only a powerful computer program can comprehend.

    …add the corona virus, to an already descending stock market?


    1. The bankers are more dangerous than any biological virus. Humanity is not a virus. The horrible things that humanity brings to the planet is caused by the fact that we are infected with the international banking virus. Knowledge and action is the vaccine.
      Fuck the Federal reserve, and all central banks!

        1. Very true. Fear is the main way that they control us. Fear causes people to lose rational thought. They cause an event that creates fear in the public, and then offer a solution that will make the fear end. Of course the solution ends up being something truly frightening. As you well know.

  9. In the Goldberg audio i got as far as 4chan then fucked it off. Absolutely no credibility any of it once you mention that crap.

    I didnt realise Alex Jones the turd is an Israeli supporter?

    1. I’m not an Alex Jones follower myself. However, he did a remarkable job, challenging the official story of 911. He bought in people such as REAL journalists, structural engineers, physicists and demolition experts.

      I’ve heard through the grapevine that unfortunately, he has altered his views, regarding the official story regarding 911. I guess one can do a search to find out, but not that interested.

      However if this is the case, he may have been invited to a screening of the Zapruder film by the Deep State. (now upscaled to 4k)

      His comments regarding the film afterwards, may have been…

      “Yes sir, fully understood.”

      1. Alex Jones was the original disinfo agent for 9/11. Jews knew woke people would see the holes in the official story and would ask serious questions, so they installed Alex Jones in order to lead them to wrong, but plausible answers. That’s how limited hangout works. The objective for Zionist disinfo agents like Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski, etc on 9/11 is to hoodwink people that it was an inside job and Israel had nothing to do with it.

        1. If Alex Jones purpose was to “Hoodwink” the American people to believe that 911 was an inside job, then why was Dick Cheney (the vice president under Bush) issued orders to “Stand Down,” in response to sending warplanes back to New York?

          At the very least, this is a clear indication that our government was complacent, in allowing this catastrophe to happen. This is considered a capital crime. This is also a documented fact. Please remember, Israel’s involvement in 911 is separate, from our government’s complacency in allowing 911 to happen.

          …please explain

          (sorry for the run on sentence)

          1. Not only was the US omplacent in letting it happen ,certain members may have been complicit in it happening . Israel and Saud were almost certainly involved in conducting 9/11 and some latest info says it was in fact Netanyahu who brought in the tactical nukes for it to happen. Cheney may have been ordered to stand down but he was def a mercenary soul and anIsrael -Firster.

            Pigs ? Who ordered Cheney to stand down? Wasn’t Bush jr and he incommunicado? Since when did bush ever give Cheney an order? Bush junior was always a puppet anyway unless Daddy told Cheney to stand down .

          2. @hopingfornemesis

            Totally agree…

            I’m simply challenging crybaby on a particular statement in his post. Saudi Arabia indeed, was a part of 911 as well.

            …and as far as Israel?

            The Unites States doesn’t fund Israel hundreds of billions of dollars since 1948, for them to plant a garden.

      2. Alex Jones is a puppet and he supports Israel and believes in Holohoax. Holocaust denial could still land people in jails in some parts of the world so even most conspiracy theorists stay away from that subject. David Icke denied Holocaust too and he was boycotted, banned from various places so then he changed his views on it later on.

          1. @deathpod

            Thanks for bring him up. Seen some of his stuff, but not a lot. No excuse really, because he’s funny and insightful as fuck. Just like the late George Carlin was.


            “I’d rather masturbate than vote. You get more in return, when you’re finished masturbating.”


            Only an insult such as that, could come from George Carlin… 🙂

          2. @pickmynose123

            Yeah, man! Carlin was great. Like many other folks I grew up listening to my parent’s Carlin records. The classic Seven Words act was hilarious and profound. Those are always my favorite comics. The ones who can make insightful, real world commentary funny and clever. I’m not above blue humor and I like absurdists also, but the guys who give you something to think about are the best.

          3. @deathpod

            Usually the people that make you think, are CRITICAL thinkers. These are the ones who can form a relationship between CAUSE and EFFECT.

            Our mainstream prostitutes will keep you glued to the problems, without offering any solution to them. You see, that would cut into the profits of the 1%.

            Something this country is good at, is PRIVATIZING everything.

            …and WAR of course!

            When you drive on potholed roads that are capable of swallowing up tractor trailers, the mainstream media fails to mention that billionaires pay little to nothing in taxes, the Federal Reserve funding multi-trillion wars while the middle class pays the bill.

            …at best, they’ll inform the public that little funds are available to fix our roads and highways. (w/o telling you why)

            I think Bill Hicks mentions in one of his shows, that complaining to your elected prostitutes will serve no purpose in getting their attention. He says that, “You have to kick over some tables and chairs.”

            …couldn’t agree more

            Insulting them at every opportunity you can, is a fabulous way to do so…

  10. So what if they kill every American that is awake. It’s not only Americans that are awake. The whole planet is awake. People in every country in the world are awake to what’s happening. So even if they were to kill every American, it’s not going to affect people in every other country who is awake.

    Don’t be afraid to die, because guess what? We all die someday. This life is temporary for all of us. Just accept that one day you will die. Enjoy every day while you are alive. Enjoy the people around you.

    Fight back. If anybody comes near you threatening you, fight them. Get weapons. If someone is coming to kill you, kill them first. Shoot them, stab them, fight them. Use VIOLENCE! Don’t be a passive victim. If you are going to die, take some of the bastards with you. We can die together. There is a time for everything. There is a time for peace and there is a time for war. I’d rather die fighting than just be executed like a passive victim. Be a fucking warrior. Battle them. If you die in battle, so be it, you were a warrior.

    Another option is to go on the run and hide. Build a little cabin or fort in the woods and put all your supplies there. Build it by a water source. Make it as concealed as possible. Go off grid.
    Remember when you were a kid and built forts. Cut down some trees in the woods and make a big fort. Bring a saw and a bunch of nails. Just cut down small trees to make a big frame for your fort. Put a wood stove in it for cooking and heating your little fort/cabin. Use a big plastic tarp to make it water proof. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just a big box for you to shelter in.

    If you live in North America, go and buy your pepper food from the Mormons. All Mormons are counselled to be prepper’s. The Mormons have big warehouses all over North America filled with prepper food. They will sell you as much as you want at cost! They make no profit on it. It’s the cheapest prepper food you can get. It comes in big cans of dried food that lasts 20 years. Six cans per box. Buy canned meat from the grocery store for protein. Try to get a years with of food. Your food from the mormons will be the bulk of your food.

    Get as many jugs of water as you can. Get some unscented bleach. A few drops of bleach will disinfect water. About 8 drops per gallon. Get candle’s for light. The cheapest ones are tea candles. Get matches and lighters, a can opener, an axe for chopping fire wood, machete for fighting, guns if you can get them.

    I’ve been saying all along that anybody that shows there face on youtube is an agent. You can’t open an account on youtube showing your face and telling all these truths without getting banned.

    So the “Zionists” are threatening to murder people and use violence. Then the only response is to fight violence with violence or run. Fight or flight.

    There is an alternative explanation to all of this though, and it is called the second exodus. I wrote a forum post about it. Here it is. Scaring the Jews out of America in order to create greater Israel.

    1. Hey bro, yes we will die the physical death but we know that reincarnation is a very real part of life ! If you don’t believe me that’s fine but early Christianity taught it and the scriptures make references to it ! The Roman Catholic Church (the harlot) did not succeed in completely bastardizing Christianity , there are still those who know of this secret knowledge, the zionists want us to think that God is going to kill sinners and cast them in a burning hell fire for eternity for mistakes made in this very short lifetime ! This is a lie to instill fear and control in the masses ! It’s definitely had its desired effect but the fight isn’t over yet.

      1. I do not believe in the Abrahamic religions in any way shape or form. They are complete make-believe fairytales to control the working class masses behaviour. None of it is real. It’s make believe. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all frauds. I was brought up Catholic.

        Religions are used for mind control. They control what you think. Completely fake bro. I used to believe it when I was young and naive.

        1. Yeah, Abrahamic religions are basically slightly modified ancient pagan religions without the idol worship but still we cannot say that there is no God. If there is God then it can’t be as anything described in religions. As humans, we personify things in human forms so it is easier for us to understand but God would be something beyond our comprehension or understanding. We are the species that had the opportunity to evolve to the point we have. If ants had evolved to a similar stage then I think they may have come up with a concept of God as well but other species cannot evolve as long as humans rule the planet.

          Reincarnation may be real. If we are a consciousness, something beyond our physical bodies then our consciousness may take over a different body but we would carry no information since we would adopt a different brain but still there have been some odd cases of kids “remembering” things from their previous lives and when these things were checked they turned out to be true. Or it may have been just another lie. But truly, none of us knows.

        2. The capitalist class protestants have always lived by the ‘doctrine of wealth’. The working class Catholics were always taught to take it in the arse and be a ‘good citizen’ or ‘turn the other cheek’. Talk about a rigged game, on both counts. Anyway, fuck this Jewish desert cult.

        3. The Abrahamic religions are just that IE “religions”! God created man and man created religion. Yeshua abhorred these religions so please bro don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…. I won’t insult your childhood upbringing/faith/religion but I will tell you that Catholicism is the “Religion” that bastardized the Christian Bible, they took the true and historically accurate ancient texts and used them for purposes of control, they invented the eternal hell fire false doctrine along with many others IE “we all came from Adam and Eve “! One of the biggest lies and mistranslations in the KJV.
          OK- So we’ve established the fact that there are many many mistranslations and other misnomers that completely screw up the true meaning of its text. The other thing you might be a little confused about is fairytales, they are stories like Pinocchio and three blind mice, Etc, Etc the difference is the characters in the Bible are historically provable men, guys like Pontus pilot, Cesar , King Solomon , King David , even the 12 disciples were men that lived on and died terrible deaths , sorry bro but hardly fake, these men lived and you’d be hard pressed to try and prove they didn’t exist, good luck with all that – lol….. bottom line is prophecy alone has been nearly flawless , I can name over 100 prophecies in the scriptures that have happened to the EXACT ! hardly fake OR fairy tales, the individuals who make claims about the Bible being “fake” or “fairy tales” are typically scared to admit the horrific truth that has and WILL befall humanity again.
          Check it out bro I’m only defending my position , I agree with much of what you’ve said , ironically it matches up with biblical end time prophecy and the fake Jews ! The counterfeit Jews of today are Esau (another historically proven figure) , they are the true enemy of mankind ……
          Its sad bro I can’t have a conversation with you because of your biased opinion about something I may or may not believe. Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t change the fact it’s true ! If we don’t get on the same page in this world we will never be able to defeat these parasites, this is the division they want us to have, a nation divided against itself will fall……..
          Have a good one sir, thank you for opening my eyes as I was curious as to why you wouldn’t answer my post but with a very vague response. Cheers

          1. You can have a conversation with me no problem. Just because I disagree with someone on a topic, it doesn’t mean I start to dislike them. It’s just a difference of opinion to me. I don’t dislike you because you believe in god. I just disagree with you. We can discuss all kinds of things. Some we would agree on, some we wouldn’t. I don’t hate people just because they disagree with me man.

            I don’t believe any god exists. People who believe in god are using magical thinking and living in the wish world. The bible says the world was created by god in seven days. That is a fairy tale. All of the top freemasons know the bible isn’t real. It is a rip off of the Egyptian book of the dead, the coffin texts and the wall texts in Egypt. That why on the back of the American one dollar bill it says “In god we trust”. Then there is a pyramid with an eye over it. The eye represents the Egyptian god RA or AmenRa. The pyramid is the pyramid of giza.

            In St Peters square at the Vatican, there is an Egyptian obelisk right in the middle that the Romans took from Egypt when they conquered it. When the pope is on the balcony he is staring right at it. All of the books from the library of Alexander are in the basement of the Vatican. The Romans burnt down the library, but not before taking all of the books out. When freemasons die, a lot of them get pyramids and obelisks for headstones. I guess you were not aware of this stuff.

            Anyway, we can just agree to disagree. Don’t be afraid to converse with me any time man. I don’t freak out just because someone disagrees with me. It’s all good man.

        4. Agreed. All of it bullshit. Good little Christened Christian here and I think God, The Bible all of it, phony horse shit.

          The Bible is an interesting book and if you want to live your life by its teachings then good for you, it’ll probably help your adult life and find you some peace.

          But as for sone omnipotent God, Heaven, Hell… I don’t give anymore credibility to that shit than witchcraft. The only thing you want to be ‘woke’ to in this world is the bullshit of religion.

          1. Only country with freedom of speech? Lol. All the flag waving and preaching of allegiance you do there?

            Oh, and bleating about in God we trust? Lol.

  11. We have a very major problem here, this guy is talking about these massive roundups by cover of night and within just a few days time LOL. This is absurd and out of the realm of being possible! Mathematicians have even crunched numbers on the holohoax and determined that it would be impossible to exterminate 6,000,000 JOOOS in the said time “UNLESS” the SS killed something like 25 JOOOS every second…. Now let’s talk about the 350,000,000 people in the United States, let’s say these zionists need to round up 10% of the people who are awake IE 35,000,000 ! That’s THIRTY FIVE MILLION PEOPLE ! There is no way you can physically round up 35,000,000 people in less than 1 years time ! By the time word starts traveling the United States will almost be fully awakened and ready for a gun battle unlike the west has ever seen in recorded history . I’m not so much concerned about a roundup, I’m concerned about these uncontrolled pandemics that could end up wiping out the populous at biblical proportions. This is EXACTLY what the scriptures are referencing in Revelations when talking about disease and pestilence, wormwood, Etc, and that huge portionS of the worlds populations will die overnight ! It talks about the 7 seals and seven bowls of judgement and the numbers are staggering, talking about the first wave being 1/3 of the population, then 1/2 of that remains number, then another half of that number, Etc, Etc, Etc, Etc the numbers get so low it’s enough to give a grown man a heart attack……

      1. There is a problem with that. The problem at hand is like a forest fire. If everyone who is aware that it is coming, just moves away from it, sooner or later it will end up at your doorstep. Because all the knowledgeable people who were capable of extinguishing it just left, the fire will be unstoppable when you finally have to face it again.

          1. There is another option as well. You could choose to live life to the fullest. We only have one life as far as we know, so we shouldn’t forget to enjoy the awesomeness that is right in front of us.

      2. Actually I know of what you’re saying and most of it is inaccuracies and mistranslations. We all know the earth wasn’t created in 7 lunar days, I have a very informative video from real educated men of God, these guys know their shit and blow every argument out of the water. You say ALL the top Freemasons know the Bible isn’t real HA HA HA HA HA , my mother was married to a 30 degree mason and I’ve met several of his Freemason buddies, quite Frankly they were some of the absolute most moronic SOB’s I’ve ever seen/met in my life. Every single one of them were alcoholics lol, anyone who knows freemasonry knows it’s a big boy club for (mostly) wealthy retards who need a legit place for a drinking club. Seriously dude I wouldn’t give a mason any credit for knowing anything biblical. Lol – you better find a better argument than that to disprove historical fact. Let me tell you something you probably don’t know, the White IE “Adamic” man started his migration out of israel , we escaped Assyrian captivity and fled through the Caucasus mountains before heading westward , Etc. Archeologists are STILL digging the skeletal remains of the White/Anglo Israelite out of northern Israel ! Those obelisks you’re talking about (the one in the United States) was given to us by France (pretty sure France) as a gift , they know who we are and it had nothing to do with the book of the dead lol…. dude you are a smart guy, I can see it in your posts but dude I don’t know what kind of JOOO controlled history you’re reading ? I agree with you on the 7 day thing but as I said , if I thought you were actually interested in truth I’d give you a link to a video that would clear up your confusion….. In short – in genesis it CLEARLY states that God “RE” plenished the earth ! When you “RE” plenish something you are putting something back that was there once before …. PERIOD ! I could go on all day disproving all this nonsense about the Bible being fake and the book of the dead somehow being a valid text that we should all live our lives by.

        I have one question, JUST ONE ! Tell me why it’s always always always Christian/ Anglo nations that are blessed beyond any other nation in the world ? Look at America, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic (my homeland), Australia, Etc, Etc all these nations are the most successful and blessed peoples of the world ! Coincidence? I think not, this has been a historical fact for thousands of years, God told Abraham that his seed would be as many as the grains of sand of the sea and his people would be blessed ! Now let’s look at the flip side if that coin , as America and the other said nations begin to fall away from Gods law and turn antichrist , we see the deterioration growing rapidly as we are supporting homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, abortion, drugs, crime and every immoral and unconceivable act of sin known to man ! Is this a fairy tale too or just coincidence ?
        Serious dude I’m not trying to evangelize you, NO WAY- I’m not the one ! I would hope you’d keep an open mind tho, you are definitely more aware of what’s going on in this world than the average joe blow….. the one interesting thing is I read one of your posts awhile back and you mentioned something about the evil/wickedness in this world. So how is it that you can believe in an evil force, entity, or whatever you call it, but you don’t believe in a just upright, loving creator ? ANYHOW- we can agree to disagree so if you want those videos proving all this book of the dead nonsense means nothing, let me know and I’ll post them.
        FREEMASONS – LMAOROTG LOL FART FART , that was a good one bro ! HA HA HA HA

        1. When I am talking about evil, I’m referring to behaviour, not some magical force by a wizard. LOL.

          Europeans have a higher IQ than other races due to evolving in Europe where it was cold and only the intelligent who could plan ahead survived and passed on their genes. We are also a creative people. That’s why we are so successful. Not because of magical thinking.

          You say we are the Adamic man. Adamic is a made up word. We invented language, we invented the alphabet. We gave ourselves these names so we could be addressed. We use these names, but we are not these names.

          I didn’t mention the obelisk in Washington. I mentioned the Obelisk in St Peters square.

          The book of the dead has nothing to do with who Europeans are. It just so happens that the Romans took it and forged a new brainwashing book to fool people who have big imaginations.

          The Jews have had a plan for centuries to take over the world. The plan involves their Abrahamic religions and making it look like so called “prophesy” is coming true. They even say in the protocols that they have to stick to the plan of make believe that people haven’t even guessed at in many centuries.

          Thank you for admitting that I am a smart guy, I appreciate it.

          I am not suffering from any confusion, you are. You are brainwashed to believe in a fantasy world controlled by some magical force. You don’t know what your talking about and you are misleading people whether you know it or not.

          It’s not nonsense to say the bible is based on a big fake god that doesn’t exist. It’s a fact . PERIOD! I never said that we should follow what the book of the dead says. I said that it was used to create the bible. You misconstrue many things that I wrote.

          The Jews changed the cultural of the United States to fit their so called “prophecy”. They used their control of the media to influence the unthinking masses.

          Anyway, believe whatever you want man. You are entitled to. We are not going to agree on this so let’s just drop it.

          1. “Thank you for admitting that I am a smart guy, I appreciate it.”

            Ahhh! Brilliant, nothing better than proclaiming accurate information, while your foot his on his head. Don’t forget to say some words over his corpse, lastly to patronize. Lol!


            To add, very well said. Enjoyed the read as per usual.

    1. You boys love a conspiracy dont you. Lol.

      The world is due some checks and balances i will give you that, but there isnt some exciting conspiracy behind it bless you.

      The globes overpopulated. Humans have grown like a virus on the back of the industrial revolution and the cheap availability of fossil fuels.
      The latter is not going to last forever and climate denial aside, our use of fuels and general consumerism is making a mess of the planet.

      Countries that only 20 years ago were just producers now want a piece of the action. India; its residents want to be middle class, they dont want to mine and manufacture. They all want cars and their slice of consumerism.

      The planet cannot sustain every individual consuming the way the western world has consumed freely for the last 50 years.

      WW2 hasnt put a dent in it. So whats the next malthusian check? Economic collapse, failing crops, energy crisis… all rolling into one hussled maybe by one or two pandemics for good measure.

      You dont need to be looking into the scriptures or be shouting THE END IS NIGH!! Its just pretty obvious math and science. I know its not as exciting as a conspiracy but hey.

      1. I don’t NEED to do anything. It’s just that the ancient texts give us an excellent reference as to what’s around the corner… No, I don’t believe the world will end but as you’ve stated, math and science are enough to tell us we are heading down a destructive path !
        The only thing I was trying to impress upon (protocols of Zion) is that the Bible isn’t some sort of fairy tale lol, you’d be hard pressed to disprove Josephus, Pontus pilot, Cesar , the 12 disciples, King Solomon and the rest of the historical figures that walked , talked and breathed the air of planet earth ! Let’s not forget the accuracies of the prophecies in Egypt and the plagues that destroyed them.
        O- well, to each his own…… everyone has a right to believe what they want even if he is wrong …….
        And yes, if we don’t start working together these zionist bastards are going to kill a LOT of people ! But you never know that could be a fairy tale too heh ! Lol

  12. I would suggest that anyone who has a chance watches the 2 X 6-part series of “Utopia” made by Channel Four in the UK about a decade ago. I wont do spoilers, except to say that while it is very dark and really gut-burstingly funny… it is deadly serious and there is NOTHING in it that hasn’t happened.

    I would suggest that if Coronavirus is to be the Death Knell of much of Humanity then it has been planned for a very long time.


    The Human Immune system across continents will have already been substantially weakened by ongoing “harmless” immunisation programmes, food additives, airborne spraying etc… Individually these will have done little or nothing to us as humans in their minor roles… but cumulatively they will have created the perfect storm required for a manufactured “flu virus” to wreak really massive damage. An “open door” will have been created into the Human Immune system through the weakening of many levels of our remarkably robust set of survival gates which has evolved over thousands of millenia. The tinkering with massive numbers of us on a massive scale would have to have begun a long time ago and been maintained through much of our food additives, immunisations, air conditioning systems, etc.
    Remember flu is a respiratory virus. That is how we catch most of our diseases. But humans are incredibly tough creatures… the way to weaken that tough survival system is to tackle it from within through what we eat, drink and breath & what we let them needle into our arms.

      1. @fredandrose I remember starting to watch it about a decade ago and getting derailed through parenthood issues and work. Never finished even series 1.
        I tripped over an episode on at a pal’s house a few months back. He was watching onm Amazon Prime or Netflix – I cannot remember which. I was immediately hooked.
        The graphic novel style filming, embedded visual clues and utterly superb soundtrack is enough to make it by far the greatest ever TV series I have ever watched. I have watched a few by the way. The plotline is stratospheric. Blindingly so.
        I simply had to buy the 2 series DVD set from eBay for £10 delivered. It really sustains repeated watchings for the amazing details, plots twists and throwaway one-liners which you miss first time. Works out about 80 pence per episode for a perfect copy forever on disc.

  13. I became aware of the 9/11 lie around 2007/2008. That shit had a large impact on me, and drastically changed how I looked at the world. It forced me to dismantle my entire belief system, and start completely over. That’s not easy to do. Our brains have defence mechanisms in place that reject information that doesn’t fit with what you already “know”. It was scary at first, and very humbling, but I view it as a rebirth. Everything actually started to make sense.
    I researched everything on the topic that I could find, from how it happened, why it happened, and who was responsible. I was obsessed.
    The evidence clearly shows that 9/11 could not be done by Bin Laden. The only other possibility is that people at the highest level within the U.S. Government were involved. Who hold the highest positions in the U.S. Government? Zionists. As to exactly who was responsible, and for what reason will be debatable until a proper investigation is done, but I won’t hold my breath.
    There is obviously a master plan that has a specific endgame. I have my theories, and others have theirs.
    There are a bunch of conspiracy theories out there, from shape-shifting lizard people controlling world leaders, to the world being flat. I have researched many of these theories, and have chosen to file them away in the “anything’s possible”file for now. I believe that many of these are probably disinformation used to steer people away from what’s actually happening.
    One thing that has been talked about ever since I became aware, is the “round up” scenario. Every year there is some date that people will be rounded up, and put in FEMA concentration camps. The date comes and goes, and another one gets set. Swine flu, bird flu, and many other events were supposed to usher in FEMA camps and martial law. It’s like the boy who cried wolf now.
    I don’t know if shit will hit the fan or not, and I don’t have a perfect answer as to do to prepare for it if it did happen. I believe that the preparations for it are things that we should be doing anyway to live a happier, healthier life.
    -Avoid debt.
    -grow a garden.
    -reject the two party system.
    -avoid mainstream media.
    -educate yourself.
    -watch and read things that clearly have an opposing opinion than your own. That’s the only way to expand ones way of thinking. Who knows, you might be wrong.

    1. A similar thing happened to me in relation to the story of the Holocaust (Holohoax). I was a teen then and watching some news about Arab-Jew problems and the topic of Holocaust denial came up and I remember the first thing that came to my mind was “Why would anyone deny the Holocaust?” Even though I didn’t even know much about it except what I had seen through the many Hollywood movies and books I read in school and I just took everything as facts. But then I began researching into the other side of the story and came out convinced that the 6 million figure and the gassing is definitely a lie.

          1. Yes. I’m not sure of the detail but yes one must have a vaccine certificate to go to school.

            Yes ,hard to own a gun here unless you belong to a gun club but truth be told most Aussies are not into guns. I don’t know whether farmers can have guns easier than townspeople or not. Makes sense they may have concessions.

          2. If you’re a firearm owner here, that means you’re subject to spot checks by Police. Basically, they come to your house unannounced and…

            – Check if guns and ammo are in a safe
            – Check if guns and ammo are in seperate compartments of the safe
            – They do a stocktake of your guns and ammo
            – I’m sure they do other shit if they don’t like you

            Any trivial offence usually means losing your firearm licence for 10 or more years and your guns destroyed.

      1. Without a unified front of some sort, any action would be immediately stomped out. I left that out because I don’t believe we are at that point yet. Sure there are plenty of small things we as individuals can do to help the problem, but true change really does start within. We must first start fixing ourselves, then we join forces with others who have done the same, and we attack as a unified front. It’s obvious that most people, including myself, just aren’t ready.

      1. It’s very true that there is both, and it has to be that way. There will always be a duality, but I believe that there is a lie being manufactured by the fuckers running shit. They want us to believe that we ourselves are the problem. It’s nonsense.

  14. My favorite documentary of all time is “Zeitgeist”. This post got my conspiracy juices flowing again, and I looked Zeitgeist up again. It occurred to me that I never watched “Zeitgeist Addendum” for some reason. I just watched it, and I can’t believe I hadn’t before. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested.

    1. I have read the following information about what “we” think is happening, absorbing very little, cause my mind doesn’t allow me to intake information that might be disinformation(or my attention span is limited due to my ADD), speculating about this and that… But I am somewhat a novelist, seeking humanity secret plan, plots that intertwine of a billion threads of possibilities. I fall short of that cause I simply can’t grasp human nature and simple yet complex. The art of life is luring, escape from a place were no one can harm you, seeking beauty, with all its flaws. We are great at imagery, whether it be music, movies, video games, art and nonfiction/novels. I thrive on are culture, yet disgruntled with how we go about treating it in a sacred way, that doesn’t get filtered into mediocre bullshit… we have potential to seek a higher level of imagination, for it is are destiny to entertain each other without harming are integrity.

    2. I also wanted to add, honkey, you are like the Farris bueller of this site. Your genuinely kind, wise, accepting, easy to communicate with, humorous and non judgemental.
      I look up to you and many of the patreon on this site… as I don’t currently have much male figures that i identify with. Just wanted to let you know, cause this site is important to me, not everything, but it does make me stronger to know, we all want what is best for each other, dispite are indifferences.
      Had to be said, by me.

          1. Damn bro. You called me wise and kind. I think you’ve got me beat. “Raising self esteem” that’s fucking awesome. I’m going to work harder to start doing that for others. That’s exactly what the world needs. Thanks for that.

  15. Wow this makes me think about 3 years ago when I got white listed from facebook for uploading a video “exposing” the “pizza gate scandal” and the ban I got from fb 30 mins after uploading that video it was weird no reason given other than a email from facebook saying”You are to enilgiable to use this app.” .. I thought”No way I was banned from FB for a video I uploaded then that would mean me blaiming a certain named I used B.C could of been very close to the truth .. Well like an idiot I could not believe I was white listed over a video so I uploaded the same video to my Youtube account back then I had for 6 years and BOOM that account was terminated 5 mins later within half a hour I lost 1450 Facebook friends .. 300+ followers on Facebook.. and over 115 subscribers on youtube all gone with in half an hour with youtube I never recived a email from them explaining why I was terminated ? But yeah for the first week of this happening and after getting 15 facebook accounts I tried to make to replace old one all getting terminated within a day I was thinking”Damn… Am I gonna be assisnated?… ” I never EVER talked bad about that old president ever again after that funny thing is before I found the info and such I was a big fan of B.C due to his edgy ways … But now I think of him as a big baby who ounce gets blamed cries like a whimp baby no one wants to stay up with at night ..

  16. Has anyone else happened to notice that ever since it clicked 2020 some pretty overt shit has been put into action to begin what looks like will spur macro level shifts on Planet Business, from Captain Salami that got hamburgerized by that drone strike, then this super fuck you virus, and a blatant display of “fuck all the typical rules” by some of our various cartoon character owners/controllers of Planet Business? (One is a Trumpa-Loompa)

    Looks like will just MAY see, and best yet BE PART OF the overdue FV quell because this fictional reality can’t sustain on good luck and debt for even MORE years

  17. This guys a religions nut job. TAlk bad about jews but he worships a jew haha. This is be a christian (the good guys) who burned woman at the stake for being wicccan, or everything else is hell. Just another guy with a cult mindset. He just making up nonsense and believing it. He said he is smart he has it all figured out and everyone else is gonna die while he ended up dying. Pretty typical idiot who thought he had it all figured out. Some idiot whacko told me some nonsense like this i would give him the same trauma to his head for being an idiot. Soon as they bring up religious crap they are just brain washed zombies. All religions are cults trying to push people into their religion to get donations. I dated a girl whos dad owned a church who took (donations). They owned a mansion, had about 10 cars all benz and church looked like shit they never fixed it up or anythig with their donations. She would buy name brand clothing with it. Bunch of scammers.

    1. Well, there is difference in orthodox Christianity and Christianity is most most persecuted religion ever. Why if this is just BS for mass controlling but in same time all other religions(sects) are glorified(Hinduism, Budism)?

      There is life after this one. Do you really believe that roll-up drop after death and that’s it? Think again.


  18. After reading this in the morning i was quite positive lol.
    My South African government licks china’s balls on a regular
    lets them import all there shit for cheap to us and also lets them
    rape our oceans. I have one customer who would keep me busy
    almost 24/7 if it weren’t for china. This morning that customer told
    me they are struggling to get there parts from china.
    One mans lose is another mans gain, or in this case one countries
    lose is anothers gain. lmfao

  19. Got some bad news…. Or good news, depending on which side of the”I’m a FV lover” fence one exists on:

    KHON2: State approval now required before doctors can flag possible COVID-19.

    It’s looking awwweful deliberate now.

    That one FV in Miami who has the shitty”heath insurance” that an endless swarm of other FV do (“junk plans” which l too was falsely advertised into getting last year) which delivered a $3000+ medical bill for getting tested (although he choose to violate his own HEPA rights, we all know the story…. +For normal influenza, -for COVID 19 flu) ….. what a pair of powerful deterrents. “Don’t seek medical attention because of cost”, and, with this article, “fuck you all to the whole do because we, your owners here n Plant Business, now say a vast amount of our organic tools are to soon be retired”.

    Exciting times ahead

  20. In the early 90’s I was targeted and approached by a a “Irish white guy” who claimed to have been a former RAF fighter pilot.
    He went on to say that on one particular mission he was given a plane with Iraqi insignia and his target were oil refineries just over the border from Iraq. He claimed that lifting off from a base in Iraq and headed for the designated targets. During this mission whilst in Iranian air space his plane was hit, he said he managed to bail out safely and it took him six months to make it accross the border to Syria. Then the tears came and he said he can’t talk about it.
    Well I used to be gullible and nieve once but no longer. He kept in touch for six months and then gave me a book “Schindler’s list”, I immediately asked him if he was a nazi war criminal knowing full well that it’s a jew I’m dealing with. He sternly replied with a no, he said that his contact number is in the books back page.

    Now in the early 90’s it was not public info that Berlin University department known Goethe institute was a highly active mossad recruiting ground and yes I am a Muslim.

    It only came to light around 2005 but I knew in 1995. Why the fuck were mossad recruiting Muslims in the early 90’s, good fucking luck thinking about that, maybe just maybe remotely they needed pig feed for 9-11.
    This fucker went by the alias Joseph Griffin.

  21. Never been a better time to cut off immigration and throw people out than now. China became so powerful because American traitors outsourced our economy to them. Now they use that power to fuck the world. Perhaps it’s also time to reclaim the American economy. No more cheap, crappy made in China garbage !

  22. no problem bro, there’s way too many ppl in china anyway, wouldn’t hurt to cut their numbers by a couple hundred millions, it would actually improve quality of life for the remaining chinks, like it happened after the Plague.
    And if everything goes wrong, things are easy over there, they just blame the current Great Lider (Xin or whatever his name is) of everything, send him to gulag and put another guy, change something so that nothing changes

  23. It came to pass exactly like that when Trump referred to himself in a tweet:
    “….like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God…” 3:34 AM – Aug 21, 2019

    Goldberg “died” in June. Trump tweeted in August. Lovely.
    So… looong time lurker here. Finally made an account bc this is fucked.
    Thought I’d share. IMO choosing Wuhan as the epicenter for the outbreak has less to do with China and more to do with “plausible deniability”. Gnight.

  24. One of the best posts ever. I put it on my blog, several political sites; one of which probably won’t put it on the ‘front page’ because it links to here, but hey! I don’t know that yet fer shure, but. I also put it on one of Les Visible’s blogs, and he’s kinda popular. We should all make this as viral as possible. This is like, WOW!

  25. Yes guys, you have fun here.
    “China is the stronghold of Zionism,” I will write.
    I already see millions of Chinese people in a skullcap at the Great Wall of China. I think that if all the Chinese are circumcised, this product will be able to feed all of Canada for a year.
    Conspirology is an exciting thing, where there is one paranoid, there will always be another.
    Guys, listen to your thoughts, not the paranoid ones behind the wall.
    Humanity is on the verge of a pandemic, but this must be treated calmly. We will survive.

        1. paranoia leading us.

          “Humanity is on the verge of a pandemic, but this must be treated calmly. We will survive.”

          It’s a possibility. But not probable.
          As I listen to my gut, and it’s telling me something different than what is being presented to us.

          1. Well, intuition can talk a lot about something, and science tells us that the older a person is, the higher the risk of getting sick.
            In an extreme case, humanity will be very young.

    1. Your conspiracy theories and your own clever analysis really made me laugh. Although I am Chinese, I still want to say that you are really humorous. I almost thought you were acting.
      你真的是个人才 我上小学的时候也像你一样 遇到不懂的东西我就直接编 这样别人就会觉得我是个博学大佬 要是西方人都像你这样 我们中国一统天下真的不远了 我真他妈的爱死你们这些带学家了 爷真的乐了

  26. I blame white privilege. Interesting how nobody is mentioning this story while Breivik and Brenton Tarant are all over the news. Because kikes known as “fellow white people”, control media, academia and Hollywood.

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