Open Post #33 – What Best Gore Is, And What It Isn’t

Indoctrination on London Transit in UK - Helping to Make You an Obedient Sheep

Indoctrination on London Transit in UK - Helping to Make You an Obedient Sheep

Given the influx of new members joining the community, I have decided to publish this simple, but important reminder of the true purpose of the website. To avoid misunderstanding, and misquoting – which tends to happen often – let me clarify what Best Gore is, and what it isn’t.

Many, many years ago, Greek philosopher Socrates said: “I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.” This is in stark contrast to the modern education system, which has for its primary purpose to prevent the inquisitive minds from thinking for themselves and seeking the answers to questions on their own, and instead wants them to accept the information they are provided as absolute truth. I’ll elaborate more on this later. For now, let me just say that at Best Gore, we are the Socrateses, not the modern schools. We don’t focus on teaching you anything, but on making you think for yourself, for that will lead you to real answers.

Let me start by clarifying that Best Gore does show you the truth, but if you interpret everything you read at Best Gore as the ultimate answer to all the world’s questions, then you have completely misunderstood the idea behind Best Gore.

Best Gore shows you the truth, because we show you the videos and photos of events that happen around the world without censorship. But it is always, and should only be up to you to interpret the meaning behind them yourself. Mark, founder of the website said it best, and said it on multiple occasions. Truer words have never been spoken, so keep that in mind regardless of whether you’re on Best Gore or elsewhere:

Verify, double verify, and trust no one but your own gut!

If you come to Best Gore with the attitude that everything others say is a lie, and everything Best Gore says is the truth, then you have completely misunderstood what Best Gore is trying to tell you. The moment you let somebody else tell you what you should believe, is the moment you surrender your individuality, and personal liberty. And thus, unless your own gut tells you that this seems to be the right path, you should always presume bias.

Every reporter is biased. Every single one. I don’t care which medium you watch, which website you browse – there will be some degree of bias in every single article you read.

Best Gore is no different. Anyone who tells you otherwise should be subject to utmost doubt because he’s clearly trying to mold you into something.

At Best Gore, we’re up front and straightforward with you, as we’ve always been. This commitment is further exacerbated through personal honesty reflected in each individual author’s articles. The videos and photos we publish are always shared without being altered by us in any way. We do add watermarks, but never try to obstruct or change the message the content shared is intended to deliver. Watermarks are an unfortunate side-effect of Best Gore being a web based property, and thus subject to heavy plagiarism. But we never decide for you which part of what’s published gets shown, and which doesn’t.

That’s as far as content is concerned. Each author who publishes content, also accompanies it with their personal commentary. Thus, each article is a personal expression of this individual author. Best Gore has always distinguished itself from other website by sincere commentary.

This sincerity resulted in ongoing hate-mail and death threats, but also a lot of support and loyalty. We have simply always called it the way we’ve seen it. It would be easier to push the popular ideology by saying things like “thank you for your service“, or “the criminal citizen clearly assaulted the officer’s fist with his face…“, which would make us popular with the massive herd of sheep, and spare us of all the attacks against the site and our persons, but that’s not who we are.

We chose integrity, honor and dignity, instead of striving to win the popularity contest by forcing upon ourselves the opinion of the majority, even if it meant actual attacks on one’s person and liberty. Mark has been caged for staying true to the principle of honesty and integrity and stays true to it despite the ongoing witch-hunt by the Canadian regime.

In the spirit of his sacrifice, I appeal to you to remember his words: “Verify, double verify, and trust no one but your own gut.”

The sheep live to impress, the free men live to express. Just because you said I couldn’t, I will! You can attack me, beat me, torture me, and kill me – you will have me dead, but you’ll never have me enslaved.

~Mark Marek (@Open Post on Freedom)

Now, I understand that this is easier said and done. Afterall, we have all gone through decades of systematic indoctrination. We’ve been bred and molded to be the sheep. Since the moment we could comprehend simple facts, we’ve been told to accept authority as truth, instead of truth as authority. It is not easy to snap out of it, which is why I’m not gonna hold it against any of you if you did in fact misunderstood the purpose of Best Gore.

Each of us spent years in schools, absorbing information from teachers, who were trained to be the recyclers of information, forced onto them by previous generation of recyclers of information. You read a student textbook, and every statement in it is definitive. They tell you that this is how it is, and you’re told these definitive statements year upon year, until you become nothing more than a storage container for information they provide you with, not even comprehending the idea of scrutinizing the definitive statements you are force-fed with.

To give you an idea of what I’m taking about, think about a history lesson. When you are “taught” about the Holocaust, you are told definitive statements that this is what happened, this is why it happened, this is what it lead to, etc, etc. At no point during the history class are you encouraged to scrutinize the information you are provided, question whether it could have happened differently, or asked to come to your own conclusion on the matter.

And likewise, since the young age, if you somehow challenged the idea of becoming the storage container for definitive information determined to be such by someone else, then you’d be subjected to ridicule at best, but more likely, to punishment. Your parents would be called in and pressured to do something about you, being told you had no respect for authority, you’d never mount to anything, and are thus on the way to becoming a criminal.

The education system is created to mold you into an obedient sheep, a supporter of the system, and attacker of all those who somehow snap out of it and start thinking for themselves. The sheep always get the praise, because they are easily manipulated and controlled. On the other hand, the inquisitive individuals are ridiculed and prosecuted.

Now let me get back to the quote by Socrates I mentioned at the beginning of the article: “I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.” I also told you at the beginning that I’m writing this article to clarify what Best Gore is, and what it isn’t. Hopefully, after getting this far down the article, you understand that the purpose of the website is not to give you answers, but to inspire you to ask questions.

The schools indoctrinate you by force-feeding you the definitive statements. We here at Best Gore want you to learn by being investigative, and encourage you to search for the answers yourself.

Best Gore is your access to resources about the happenings around the world, but it’s your individual enquiries that will lead to meaningful discoveries. Access to the resources provided by Best Gore encourages debate, through which each individual can form their own conclusions. Mark is being prosecuted because the powers that be don’t want you to think, question and contemplate. They want you to live with the blinders on, because that’s how they can keep your mind enslaved. And an enslaved mind is easy to dominate and control.

Best Gore wants you to be in control of your own mind. If you allow someone else to control your mind, even if it’s Best Gore itself, then you have completely failed to understand the goal of this website. Remember: verify double verify, and trust no one but your own gut.

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

164 thoughts on “Open Post #33 – What Best Gore Is, And What It Isn’t”

  1. THANKS @acneska.
    this gives a perfect reply/answer to some comments that have been popping up on the site just lately.
    I’lll be saving the URL myself, to reply/link members who may ask such questions in future

          1. If this site would be based on letting folks think for themselves, then the storys that follow wouldnt use language deemed offensive to others. When the title of the post says “dumb nigger cunt who is a faggot lover takes advantage of her pussy card to show how kikes steal everyones money” can only sway someone to not think for themselves.
            When you read the comments, you will then find sheeple based on the story.
            Think for yourselves.

  2. Great post…this site has totally changed my way of thinking….you’ve had to shear me a couple of times yourself @Akneska when I was getting a little too woolly.
    Nothing is perfect but BG has some hard truths in it for everyone.
    The very fact our site is always being attacked and you guys are being threatened means there are people out there who are being made uncomfortable enough to act….If this was just a tin foil hat conspiracy theory site…they wouldn’t bother.
    Thank you so much for your hard work.

          1. Aww @Lil’Foot, you know BB probably wasn’t saying you’re actually a man. I’m thinking he just used you as an example since your name was brought up 🙂
            Plus I’m sure anyone who has ever spent 0.02 seconds on the web has met somebody else who wasn’t really who they claimed to be. Hell, I’m really a 67-year old, one armed, very popular, Guatemalan dwarf, who just pretends to be a 33-year old, two armed, very lonely, Russian/Polish dude. I just can’t live with the lies and the shame anymore!

          2. I was joking to @Little Foot… I know you’re a gorgeous, sexy lady… And I would do things to you you wouldn’t dream of… 😉

  3. I like this site. I was originally attracted by the gore, but the comments are what keeps me checking back in several times each day. That and being able to say whatever I please. This is one of the few forums left that hasn’t bowed to political correctness. And there are some smart people on here. I like hearing the full spectrum of opinions, even though some I may not necessarily agree with, but I still like that someone might have a new point of view that I’ve never considered. The people in this forum seem to look at things differently, in ways you won’t find anywhere else. They just seem to process information in a unique manner. Oh, and the humor… some of the things I read here literally do make me laugh out loud. This is by far and away my favorite site. Please keep doing what you’ve been doing.

      1. Tact and respect lol….. You are funny obli..or was that sarcasm? Damn that 5th grade reading level again! Let me first start by saying bestgore is my favorite site as well. I cant agree with many of the statements held within this article although most of them i do. As a person who has had several grammatically sufficiant comment never appear i can honestly say that at best gore we do not get to hear the full spectrum of opinions. As i have seen many people complain of the same thing it is reinforced to me as the truth. Articles here are almost always biased and presented in absolute statements. Statements such as “it makes me think” “i wonder if” and “seems to me” as well as “in my opinion” are rare when it comes to certain topics. I do not question b.g.s ability to present articles in such a way in fact we see them everyday on stories from brazil and thailand. Making it all the more blatant when they dont. Some would say it is an emotional job to do and unbiased presentation when it comes to matters such as the “syrian conflict” are impossible. Agreed! It is nice to see this recognized in the statement “all journalists are biased” But to say that you do not use absolutes and definatives is a rediculouse notion. I do not need to go through all 732 pages of bg again and find absolutes for example. In fact this article contains some.
        we all ask ourselves where certain members have dissapeared to. Members weve seen flipping out over missing posts suddenly go missing themselves…….
        Obviously trolls and schills are…..unappreciated for obviouse reasons. But i have to question where the threat exists from non schill or troll members if you feel what you are presenting is the truth. If you are truly open minded than you would embrace all the veiwpoints you could for you may be wrong. Scientist accept the fact that an assumption or opinion is wrong and remain open to possibilities when a better explenation or evidence is brought to light they examine and compare to thier own findings. I do however see intelligent formidable opinon makers thrown out with the schill and troll trash. Its sad really that the only people who last here are those who express the same opinons as bg.

        1. See, this comment is clear trolling. The purpose of the post was to explain that the world is full of definitive statements, you will find them everywhere, including on BG. The point was to encourage the people to understand that this is the way it goes in the world, and to tell that not only it is all right to question everything one reads, but that it should be done with everything one reads. This is the opposite of what the state and its institutions want the people to do. They want you to accept definitive statements as absolute truth and never question them. They even throw people in jail if they question them, which is what Mark is a living proof of.

          And secondly – there are rules in the sidebar, where there are easily visible to everyone, regarding comments. This comment moderation policy has been in place for a long time. They help to maintain the integrity of each post, and have been approved of by the community on multiple occasions. The community prefers this level of moderation, to no moderation. The community’s opinion is thus given more weight than your opinion.

          Your implying that there are members who complain that their comments are removed – for each such, there are dozens who have been on the site for years and have never had a comment removed. Things like personal attacks will not be tolerated, regardless of what you think. Trolls who repeatedly resort to this type of behavior will not be tolerated either. Again, this was brought up with the community on multiple occasions and given the options, the community OK’d the boot for trolls and shills. People who don’t troll, and don’t shill have never had their comment removed, and there are plenty of them. More than there are of you, trolls like yourself with your duplicate account. You have been a troll with this account, and the one before for a few months, and each time try to hide your personal attacks behind the rhetoric of good grammar.

          Which brings me to the point – there are no “other people complaining about having their comments removed”. There is just you, the troll, complaining about having personal attacks done with your duplicate account removed.

          1. I only had 3 comments removed, they were when I was calling a troll names and after I posted them I regretted stooping so low, and glad they were ate up by the gnomes.

            I would like to thank all the people (writers and commenters, people that keep bg running) and if i could i would giver all a big warm hug.

    1. I love this place. I do. I’ve the utmost respect for Mark and the people who keep it running. I was trying to think of a way to word my comment but @Taterface pretty much did it for me. I was never any good with words unless talking to women. Very well said @Taterface.

  4. I just like Bestgore as it’s a good community.

    Only news, no bullshit.

    Also, any chance we’ll see Mark Marek back someday? There was an artist that was accused for the same bullshit in Canada i think and he won the damm fight.

  5. “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” – A. C. Edmunds, “Pen Sketches Of Nebraskans, With Photographs” (1871)

  6. This is why the media destroys lives. They make an accusation of someone being a thief, murderer, paedophile, sex offender etc. and everyone reading that newspaper or watching that news channel will automatically assume that their accusation is entirely true. People will even go as far to say, “Yeah, he does look like a rapist.” It’s ridiculous how some people will just hop on the band wagon without using their brain and just thinking a little bit.

  7. you guys seriously have no idea. Acneska and ate probably get more hate mail than anyone. but they take it in stride. me, i come right back at you, and that’s why im hated and feared so much. Ska has better people skills than me.

    These are our articles, they are our art. yes, anyone these days can make a blog and rant until cows come home, so let us have our slice of the internet. no one forces you to believe what we say or to stay here at all. share your opinion as we share ours. but many on the net can only debate by making threats and name calling. that’s why we have no choice but to wrap our arms tighter around our baby.

    1. I can only imagine the amount of shit you all put up with to keep best gore up and running and even then my imagination is probably falling short of the mark , with all respect I love you guys for all that you do and endure.

  8. Fuck what the “mass heard of sheep” like, I come here simple because there are no sheep here.. And when they are, they quickly get outcast. Only thing I would change is the immature comments(not all of them!), and if u could edit all the goddamned ISIS yapping they do on their videos. Its pretty fucking useless, I wouldnt care to read what they’re(ISIS) saying even if it was all translated..but otherwise, this is my first news site I come to. I don’t rely on yahoo n CNN anymore..

  9. One does not have to go back to the ?Holocaust? to see and understand brainwashing because a prime example is right there in modern times, I bid you to know it, the ?refugee?.

    The so called refugee, as European modern history world have it, is a male between the ages of 20 and 35 who travels through many perfectly safe EU countries before entering your country because they ?feared for their lives?.

    Your media will show you nothing but pictures of women with crying children despite them making up less than two per cent of the entire demographic of economic immigrants arriving. They even broadcasted around the world the little Syrian boy who washed ashore dead and his upset Syrian father despite the fact that his father is now proved to have been a people smuggler who had lived in Turkey, a perfectly safe country for Muslims, for many years before he had set off for ?social benefits land? Germany due to social/economic reasons.

    So there you have it, your government and media broadcasts stories of ?female refugees with children? and tells you that most of your peers want to help them and that is why your country will let them all in despite the fact that the majority of your countrymen actually oppose it.

    The above is just one example of propaganda thrust upon the people but it is an important one because it is easy to see through and thus gives you an understanding of propaganda in general and how it is used daily against you.

    If you dare to speak against the above on most public forums, to voice an opinion opposite to the official line, you will get called a racist, a bigot, an unfeeling monster so on and so forth. You may even lose your job if you go public with your opposition to the above.

    Therein lies Best Gore, a public forum that will not ruin your life for speaking against something, that will not enforce the status quo government policy, that will not call you a racist, a bigot, an unfeeling monster for your opposition etc.

    This is how I personally view Best Gore, a website dedicated to open discussion without external social/political policy forced upon you. Sure, the BG authors have their own points of view and they put that across in their posts but at no point do they ruin lives and prosecute people for their opposition.

    Best Gore is called many things by the media, an extremist website, a sick website, a website where demented people gather etc but in truth BG is a website where people can voice their opinion free from such labels being thrust upon them.

    It is a sad tale of our times that truly open forums are called sick despite ?democracy? being used as the gospel truth by those who actually stand against such notions.

    1. O man, don’t get me started … Over here, in Belgium, our politicians are telling us that these “new Belgians” will give a boost to our economy. And our media are demonizing anyone who criticizes the decision to let them in. I’m so glad I’m already forty, ’cause shit is bound to hit the fan soon. Most people seem to be against it, but they are bullied into silence and submission. Vent your opinion on social media and you risk losing your job. We even have a new tv show in which a reporter visits people who vented their ‘conservative, islamophobic’ opinion and then tells them (on camera!) to behave better in the future. These social justice warriors are the worst disease I’ve ever seen and it’s spreading like cancer. Thank gawd I was smart enough to remain childless. The future is islamic and thus it will look like the past.

      1. @Aleck,

        ?in Belgium, our politicians are telling us that these ?new Belgians? will give a boost to our economy?.

        What the politicians mean by the above is that the immigrants will boost the profit margins of private enterprise due to a large influx of low skilled, low waged people increasing the demand for employment opportunities whilst simultaneously reducing the overall supply and when you have an employment market where demand far exceeds supply all the power belongs to the employers who will then collectively drive the wage levels down across the board in order to take on more people.

        Does the above boost the economy?, does it fuck because less pay means less consumerism, less income tax due to lower band structure and more welfare support which lowers the GDP and increases the deficit.

        The politicians are just trying to feather their own nests again and make their rich business owning friends richer and the media will always spread whatever political messages their masters tell them to.

        It is the social justice warriors who anger me the most because I expect the above lot to shit on us however we shouldn?t be seeing our own shitting on us too and the fact that they do just shows how brainwashed some of us truly are.

        1. @Empty soul, can I just say these 2 comments of yours are the best I’ve ever read on BG (also the most worrying). I have had to turn off the radio because I can no longer tolerate the ‘poor refugee’ rubbish. (I don’t read anything online about it either) I could never have put it together in a comment like you, but what you said is the truth.

      1. Like some the leader of some religious cult told his followers to sell all of their possessoins and go to a mountain to await the end. Imaging the awkwardness the following day when they were still here.

    1. If I knew for sure the world was gonna end in a few days I’d be knocking on my sexy neighbour’s door and sweet talk her into allowing me to fuck her brains out. I’d probably have to kill her husband first but who cares…we’re all gonna die in a few days anyway.

      1. @Brokeback Ha-ha, leave it to you to want to go out with bang. I have enjoyed your humorous and enlightened comments. I always wondered if the end was upon us, if people would be fucking the one’s they always wanted or just cowering in fear.

    1. You could always step up to the plate and help us publish new posts. We’re doing the best we can. Two days ago, the site was under attack. It took all of our time and resources to isolate the attack and mitigate it. The sheep hate thrown at the site is multifold. During the attack, there were no new posts made, yet we were all running with our butts on fire, with no sleep for 2 days, just to keep the site on line. It’s a thankless job, and it’s not encouraging to hear people bitch that we don’t post enough.

        1. Thanks guys. And you know – before becoming authors, each of us was the same lurker turned commenter as everyone else. We now dedicate our spare time to publishing new posts. The site does not print money. The ads barely pay for the server and related services. We each have normal jobs and other things to take care of. But we still strive to put new posts up as often as we can. This option to publish posts on BG is and has been open to any member. The only difference is that we responded to the call. Every day I have on my puter content that I wish I had the time to publish, but I don’t. And that’s after giving the site every spare minute I have.

          1. When you say normal jobs just how “normie” can any of you/us really be?

            Normie are Calgary and Edmonton sun reading retards.
            Or the Herald. Post. Star.

            All the same ZIO garbage .

  10. I will always appreciate what Best Gore has brought to the public, especially the reliably unedited (by BestGore) footage that is posted.
    I will also say that I like being able to post a reply stating my own thoughts when I disagree with an author’s interpretation of the content material, in a respectable manner. That’s the beauty of the community here.
    However, I don’t like hearing that people actually send hate mail to an author when they disagree with the interpretation. Those are the individuals who are weak minded and seek to impose their mindset onto others. I have no respect for them.

    1. It’s just like the little bastards that troll YouTube. They have the nerve to complain about upload quality, etc. It’s free. Someone took the time to upload for you. I think I was taught to not be an ungrateful person before I hit first grade.

  11. I’ll keep this short and sweet. Thanks Aknesca, Obli, Ate and Mctreblar for the work you all put in to this site. It’s very true that this is just a small glimpse of the craziness that happens on this planet and that we as people need to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you guys can even get one person to think outside the box and open their eyes to the injustices and evils of this world then I would consider it a win. We will never get everyone to wake up but hopefully at the end of the day the work done here and the insight given will make an impact.

    I truly appreciate the time and dedication you all give. Keep up the good work and fuck the naysayers.

    1. @DeadOhioSky I completely agree with your points. If some out of this world being was ever to beam down and ask me to explain human history, I wouldn’t take them t o the Smithsonian. I would sit them down, tell them to log on to dub dub dub, After scrolling through the articles and comments, I think they say, “I’m outta’ here!”

  12. Ackneska. Ive always had a bit of a problem with some of your posts, but thats beside the point. I think this is the best post I’ve seen since Mark left. He was always clear on letting people know that what he said was his opinion based on what he had researched and seen and that you always had to search for the answers yourself. I feel that this day and age, especially on the comments I see sometimes here, that people will just believe what anyone says and people who speak out against such things are shut down immediately. I’ve seen it on many posts here, where the information given isn’t correct and someone brings it up and they are called a sheep. But I thank you for bringing it up that this website shows reality, raw and uncut ( unless ISIS makes it ha) and that we dont know all the truth, we know what we see. The entirety of the situations we see isn’t documeted, the only things that are real are things you can prove. So thank you, I have very much respect for you for this post, it was much needed.

    1. I really can’t thank you enough for this. I’m not good at expressing my feelings through words but this post was very much needed and it meant alot. I don’t post much on here but best gore has been a big part of my life ( on the internet) since 2009 amd I’ve watched it grow and change from the few followers to the thousands or how ever many it has now. I remember when the host started to not be able to keep up with the traffic the site started receiving and i was worried that it wouldn’t be the same. I’ve got so much to say but im drunk and theres no need to ramble on i just am glad you clarified what so many people seem to neglect.

  13. But you still can’t deny that BestGore is hella more reliable than Fox News. Motherfuckers can’t even spell Illinois for fuck’s sake. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even have made that comparison. Fox isn’t worthy enough to be compared to BG 😀

    Anyway, my point is, I personally think this website is a reliable news website than the mainstream press but you are right, ska. It is always best to give everything the benefit of the doubt but I find it hard to doubt bestgore because of two things – which are incredibly important to me as a person – honesty and integrity; where I, genuinely, respond to with loyalty. Sometimes an unquestionable one. I might not agree with what you say sometimes but I still do listen and I respect you guys for being honest.

    And, as for the slowness of the post, I would not lie that I do miss the really fast posting but I do more than understand the issues that the site is facing. It might be a thankless job but, I am 100% sincere in telling you guys that I appreciate the effort. I appreciate the mere fact that you guys take a whole lot of time from your busy lives to keep the site going, despite the absence of whatever material gain. That says more than a lot. So, thank you, Acneska, Obli, Vasily, Ate and McTreblar. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be here. I would also like to thank the long time members on the site. You guys and gals are what keeps the site alive for a lot of years. 😀

  14. BestGore and the unknown universe aka the night sky is always keeping my mind thinking! I am very grateful for both. Cheers to everyones hard work and lets keep our minds wandering as they should be instead of locked and bound by the chains of societal pre judgement and media conditioning!

  15. @Obli, I can attest to what you said about all your spare time being used to write these articles. At one time you had invited me to write for this site. Man, I didn’t even manage to get one article in! My job keeps me hopping all the time and I’m on call 24/7. So, in short, you all do a fine job getting articles out for us to read and observe. Thank you for that. And, thank you for the dedication and work you do… “Thank you for your service”? Hahaha!

    While I didn’t get to work with your team like i wanted to, I still make it a point to read and comment when I can. Keep up the good work!

    1. @blason I was interested in posting an article. Then I read the instructions and was like holy crap, you almost need a degree in HTML programming and video engineering. I’m thankful the admins give of their time to keep us thinking and exchanging information.

      1. Lol @BornToRun. That was another problem I had as well. But, you’re right. The admins did show a lot of patience and were helpful. If you are able to you should write for BG. It was a proud moment for me when they decided to let me try. Though it is difficult for me at the moment I am going to apply again but only when I know I’ll be able to give the time it deserves.

  16. Hi, i just read the article and i totally agree. What they do in school to our kids is brainwash, i had the same problem when i was young. My problems with authorities began in sunday school, i was sent home because i had too many questions. Asking questions brought me in trouble as long as i went to school until they finally kicked me out of high school. Questions undesirable, different oppinion means no respect. No discussion, what is written in the book is the fucking truth. Never got used to that, i like to see the facts and make my own oppinion.
    I really like this site, it opened my eyes and let me see how fragile life is and how the media and the gouvernments manipulate us. I visit BG for years, even though i dont agree with everything.
    Thank you very much for your time and the things you have to take to keep this going.

  17. Excellent article, very well said. If naysayers would read this before attacking the site/authors, they would think differently about it, even though they wouldn’t admit it, for reasons written here. “the sheep live to impress” really covers it perfectly.
    I would be a different, far more naive person if i had never stumbled across this site, so thank you for your work and dedication to keep it going. And for what it’s worth, I think you guys do a great job keeping the articles as unbiased as you can.

  18. And this is why I love best gore. I came here many moons ago looking for beheadings and stumbled upon a community of like minded individuals. This is what world news really is. This shows the ugly truth with no sugar coated brainwash bullshit. This right here is what wakes people up. And that’s why our father Mark has been under scrutiny, because he wakes up the sheeple. Going back to Socrates’ quote, that’s exactly what this site does. Makes you think. I am enlightened

    1. an observation ive made….. Mark marek is attacked and imprisoned and condemned for hate speech apparently over comments and videos articles posted here at bg……… So if they can illeagally imprison mark for excercising his freedom of speech WHY is it that they simply have not shut off the service to bgs ip adress. Legality clearly is not thier concern. Even so they could go ahead shut them down and no matter what is said the mass media doesnt have to cover it. If they did “repeat rhetoric”. As you say the mass of sheeple are the only ones who have to be convinced if bestgore was destroyed in the court of public opinion it would be shut down illegally or otherwise. So again WHY.

      1. With that being said I’ll give you a hint…. To understand what Mark is truly being prosecuted for ( the hidden agenda) start by researching the prosecutions of histories great philosophers such as Socrates and the reasons stated plus why would those in power want these great minds silenced start there, then move to Canadian laws, followed by current political agenda, and Marks situation might make a little more since to you. Read their information and see what YOU can come up with but try to take in as much information and knowledge before finalizing your results.

        1. Did you know that like Mark, Socrates too was persecuted for essentially the same “crime” (if it can be called that): Corrupting the Minds of the Youth.

          Two and a half millennia later, and we still prosecute great thinkers for allegedly corrupting morals.

          1. That’s the exact reason I suggested to @Acrimsonlie to start researching the persecution of Socrates before moving up to Mark’s case. It’s such a shame these great minds keep getting attacked in an attempt ( sometimes successfully) to silence them and rob the world of all the potential they still had/have left to give they are to far and few.

      2. the site is not the problem to them. we are inconsequential. they want Mark because he is the master and he dare reveal too much too publicly. Best Gore was investigated after Magnotta was caught. they found the Holohoax revealed and then used Magnotta’s video to snag Mark for “corrupting morals”. sharing this “anti semetic” information from Canada made Mark public enemy number one.

        location of server and the laws of that location determine the fate of this site. were we based in Russia, this site would have died as soon as Mark was arrested.

        1. Yeah! Thank to the United States constitution!!! And fuck you all retards who bitch constantly about the US on this site!! And FUCK YOU all who wanna change even one of the US constitutions’ amendments. Fuck you straight to fucking hell!

        2. How ironic that the so call land of free has fewer freedoms than in Russia now…oh the irony of it…talking of Russia, I have come to the conclusion Putin is a crypto jew or lenin and stalin corpse would be in the landfill and interest rates wouldnt be 30 percent set by the greedy jew central bank in russia..

      1. AND he sat there so calmly! He wasn’t beheaded with the chainsaw after his uncle, though. No, he had his head chopped off with a big knife which is slower and therefor worse. But yes, I would think that guy got to experience sheer ‘terror’.

        1. Hey @tas Now THAT’S a knife! Interesting last few weeks here. When I first saw the headline for this post of what Bestgore is and isn’t, I was saying to myself, Uh-oh. But it looks like the gaps have been filled in. Life goes on.

          1. @tas That was my Aussie reference just for you. Being a product of public schools here in the US, I don’t know much about your country other than Dingo ate my baby, Aborigines and Ayers Rock.

  19. I’ve only been coming here for a few months, but during that time, I’ve learned so much. This site scared the shit out of me the first time I came here, but instead of acting like a little bitch, I took the time to understand what I was seeing and why. Now I’m questioning everything more than ever, all thanks to BG. It might sound weird, but this site (and everything it stands for) has changed my life. A few times I’ve felt like this site is making me some kind of hateful lunatic, but I guess that’s just what the sheep want people to think when they’re becoming more aware of what the world is truly like. Thank you to everyone who’s contributed. People who think for themselves always get so much hate from the sheeple, but I’d rather know the truth and be hated for it than lie to be accepted by others. All my life I’ve been too shy and afraid to speak up (hell, I’m a little nervous just commenting), but I’m tired of being silent. Fuck the sheep, long live BG!

  20. Verify and double verify, words of wisdom indeed. Rather than just flashing pictures and videos, Best Gore authors are descriptive. Even the few posts where not a lot of information is available, they make the subject interesting, get the wheels turning and primed for discussion. Then, I feel, it is our duty as SOB’s to give back with sincere views and some humor. o.O
    Thank You all for your hard work and dedication.

  21. Well somethings clear to see; The founder(s) and many so called ‘SOB’s of Best Gore take themselves far too seriously!
    Verify? And verify again? Who the fuck has the time for all that.
    For many the internet and visiting BG is just a casual source of info and entertainment.
    Keep your mind open and take it all with a pinch of salt I say. I doesn’t make you a ‘sheep’, but hey, that’s the stock insult bleated within Best Gore for any dissent.

    However, credit where it’s due, the fact this is a free to access website with a small team of dedicated people who put up with all kinds of shit to keep it going is to be applauded, and I am thankful that due to that effort I can read through interesting posts and ocassionally have a laugh.
    Oh and I don’t have to type 5h!t instead of shit, or count how many ‘likes’ I got, or get an e-mail telling me I’m bashing another member etc. etc.
    Thanks for being mature and grown up.

    1. @Grendel,

      ?Verify? And verify again? Who the fuck has the time for all that?.

      It?s the story of our times Grendel, because we work long hours we?re always looking for the convenient option but is convenience seeking a good habit to have?

      The supermarket was created to fit the convenience model and because of their success the suppliers got squeezed and bullied and the community driven sole traders were decimated.

      Internet shopping serves the convenience model and as a result the high street lost much business turning many streets into areas with nothing but coffee shops and fast-food brands.

      The convenience of staying with the same insurance companies long term pushes prices up and the convenience of voting for the same political parties increases corruption etc.

      If we insist on being creatures of habit we leave ourselves open to being exploited and in the animal kingdom those animals who act habitually rather than sensibly get eaten by the predators.

      1. @Empty soul I’ve admired your informed comments you make on this site. I agree with your examples about being creatures of habit. Being fat, dumb and lazy lulls people into a sense of security, then something always smashes them into reality.

  22. Props to mark that’s a given. Mark would have been upset with the sinior members here the way they act, they should get off there high horses. No offense intended thats just my perspective & experience so far, makes for a less favorable site to comment on I’d say.

    1. Feel free to fuck off then douchebag. “Get off their high horses”… That’s fuckin hilarious coming from you. Hopefully the zero tolerance policy against idiots like you will kick in sooner rather than later. Oh no offence intended.

          1. Don’t get too worked up highly…these comments are coming from people who like to poke fun at dead women’s private parts and comment on how its such a waste of good pussy…

          2. Not a surprising comment from someone so full of hate such as yourself, I’m gonna guess that the so called policy on personal attacks only applies to the members who don’t have thier tounges deeply shoved up the admins asses.

  23. Thank you to the writers, contributors, and commenters. I’m newer here within the past couple months and haven’t posted much, but I gotta say I love the site. The writers have done so much to keep this site going and that’s all I care about, I mean, I care about the lives they have and that everyone here has an opinion on everything said amongst posts, but the main thing is that this site stays up and running. Thank you very much for pouring your blood, sweat, and tears out to keep this going.

  24. My, how quickly time goes by. It?s been almost three years since I was directed to this site on a search for the Jenni Rivera plane crash photos. I heard the stories that photos of her remains were ?up on the internet?. Well this site was nothing like I ever saw before to view gory pictures. It viewed more like a news site, but not your father?s MSM news. The layout and comment section were nothing like the other gore sites, very professional. I lurked for a few years and recently opened an account. I have calmed down so much since then and don?t have as much desire to stab cute little characters like at the top of this post. Thanks to Mark for founding this site and for those admins that are contributing and keeping in up, always informing us.

  25. i have always cherished bestgore as alternative media first and foremost. there are others out there doing the same and thank goodness for them as well. i feel mr marek is being unjustly prosecuted to fulfill some sense of propriety

  26. i have always cherished bestgore as alternative media , first and foremost. there are others out there trying to do the same and thank goodness for them as well.
    it was the community here that really drew me in, though. i met a lot of awesome people who thought beyond the mainstream – and beyond.
    it grieves me that the prosecution of mr marek continues. given his resolve for what is right, it doesn’t bode well for his defence.
    the video can still be seen by anyone, even now. that bg watermark though… it will remain a testament to one persons quest for the truth and a perpetual thorn in his side

  27. “…When old age shall this generation waste,
    Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
    Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou sayst,
    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” ? that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

    John Keats

  28. I come to bestgore Officially under my own free will and find my Thoughts to be of Mine … But yes the Site does influence certain behavior …. esp ” cutters self harmers and body modifications ” … is there a way perhaps we can separate some of the vids that are of them sort of vids there own section ? but hard to say one could separate a suicide from a cutter so on …. just mental on certain end ” Peace out War in ! “

  29. What I don’t get is why people who log on to this site don’t read the statements in the homepage and the about page. That’s what I did when I first found this website to find out what it was about aside from the obvious gore content. Reading both pages gave me more or less of an idea of what it was and wasn’t about. On one hand, yes we do have to ask questions given the perception of our own opinions on everything we read, to not only form our own ideas, but also to not let anyone fluff anything up with others narratives as if it were the whole truth. On the other hand, the need to weave out the potential users who appreciate the time authors spend providing content even though they don’t trust the information provided as the absolute truth from the non potential users who use their time to leave a comment on how disgusted, offended, (fill in the blank) they are. They don’t ever follow the rules, sheep often need the acceptance from their peers to make a decision, even if the decision they make is ridiculously stupid, they often flock to what everyone else is doing, what they can or can’t do according to sheep logic, when they could of spent all that time using the resources to their advantage and reading a simple fucking statement that’s provided in the homepage.

  30. I’ve been a long time observer of BG. I have read through the comments section on videos and photos like a creeper. What I have seen is a community coming together to share information and ideas, and then sprinkle it with some conclusion jumping and outright racism. I enjoy this website, it has allowed me to follow the situation in the Middle East with a clearer perspective. To Mark and the other Admins for this website thank you for your hard work and your vast tolerance of stupidity.

  31. This is such a great post and beautifully written, Acneska. This answers so many questions to those seeking to understand Best Gore.
    Might be worth considering adding a section in the “About” page titled “Important Links/Information” or something along those lines, and plugging the URL to this post (and/or similar posts) so folks can read this. It’s just too good of a source of information and deserves to be easily accessed, in my opinion.
    Excellent job!
    And as always, a very special thank you to Mark and all the Admins for your dedication and sacrifices!

  32. I’ve come to the realization that this website holds a lot of truth. The Holocaust for example, I found the Holohoax directory and have studied it, left and studied the truth. I understand that the Holocaust is not how I have learned it in public schools. I’m twenty two and just now getting away from the herd of sheep. One thing puzzles me though, and if I can ask this without getting crap for it. Best Gore is used as a nexus into the truth, but what path does seeing a head smashed lead us? Is that more for news purpose or is there a deeper meaning into those posts? I can see the meaning behind the wars in Syria or whatever countries are in war in the Middle East. The main question is this, what is the purpose of the normal posts we see of someone in Thailand who can’t ride a bike, or someone in the Middle East not knowing how to handle and clean a weapon, compared to eye opening posts found in the Holohoax directory? Also, I’ve been browsing through this site for many years, since 2008 I believe. I watched as this site grew into something big. Glad the family has grown very large and supportive of one another, I’m also glad we’re upholding the English language to high standards too lol I’m tired of people not using the correct spelling and grammar. I just found out how to create an account too, haha this is my first post. Glad to finally come out and share my thoughts with you all

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