Open Post #35 – Learned Helplessness

Threat from Dear Leader Trump

Threat from Dear Leader Trump

Unless you’re a complete sheep and NPC, then you should be able to see past the tip of your nose, which should also mean that you can also read between the lines. To an NPC, the recent tweet by Dear Leader Trump will mean what he wants them to see it as. But to those of us who live with our eyes open, the threat is clear: “The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!” WE, the hidden enemy I act as a front man for, WILL WIN! More and more of you, the people of the world, are waking up, but we got you by the balls and WE WILL WIN in the end.

I trust the majority of you are well familiar with the movie V for Vendetta. In light of the shit that hit the fan all over the world with the coronavirus claim, let us review the story about a virus that helped control a nation, because that type of scenario would also work in controlling the globe:

I have been learning the skills needed to survive in the event of a societal collapse, because I saw the signs that it was coming. After Dear Leader Trump was (s)elected the president of the United States, I said it several times that I believed the collapse would happen during his reign, because never in history of America has the country had a president who so openly did not give a rat’s ass about the Americans, and made it abundantly clear that his sole purpose was to serve a foreign nation exclusively and unconditionally. For his overmasters, he would wear it as a badge of honor if he was the one under whose rule the collapse happened.

Manufactured Consent

The most shocking revelation that came out of the coronavirus fiasco is how the sheeple are utterly begging to be locked in their houses. They drool for martial law, forced vaccination and getting chipped like animals. All it took was some fear mongering in the media and ta da…

Nobody better than us here at Best Gore know what’s up when a mass casualty event happens. But considering how much fear mongering goes on, and how we constantly hear about thousands of people dying from coronavirus, I can’t help but wonder why not a single video of the alleged thousands of corpses in body bags being buried has leaked. All kinds of shit eventually leaks, but the most major global event of the past few decades, and nothing? Not even some obviously staged shit?

Geez, them coronavirus victims are more elusive than the six million Jews. You hear about them everywhere, they just don’t seem to exist in the real world. And here at Best Gore I don’t like to play the hearsay game without some video/photo evidence.

During the Soviet Union, when the Jews committed the biggest mass murder in history of mankind by executing some 140 Million people, mostly Slavic Christians, the public was duped into ratting one another out. It sounds to me like history repeats itself because the coronavirus fearmongering is making people just wait for someone to violate their house arrest (cleverly called the “quarantine“) so they can rat them out because OMG, the coronavirus is gonna kill everybody if someone doesn’t stay locked up.

Even 9/11 didn’t lead to massive lockdowns and ceasing of business. NYC wasn’t in the shape it is now back in 2001, with people being essentially forced to stay in their homes.

Sure, the stock market was shut for a week and all airlines stopped flights, but no shutdowns on this grand of a scale as far as I can tell.

Evidence-Based Epidemiological Assessment

I found this video featuring German physician Wolfgang Wodarg rather intriguing. Given that he presents evidence-based assessments, I found it quite credible. In his own words:

The corona hype is not based on any extraordinary public health danger. However, it causes considerable damage to our freedom and personal rights through frivolous and unjustified quarantine measures and restrictions. The images in the media are frightening and the traffic in China’s cities seems to be regulated by the clinical thermometer.

If Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is correct, then the governments and the media are fabricating panic at a scale that is unprecedentedly disproportional to the threat that Coronavirus poses.

So the question is – won’t the economic devastation and the destroyed livelihoods of millions far outweigh the harm the virus could cause? I mean… business can’t make money if everyone is forbidden to leave home, nor if the government prohibits people from getting together.

Air travel companies are preparing workforce reductions of the magnitude of 50%. Tourism in general, including the hotel industry, the cruise line industry, etc are going to be decimated. Live entertainment will suffer too. Devastation is coming to the restaurant industry, consumer discretionary retail, the pet care industry and so on. Money will disappear from ordinary people’s pockets, small companies will start to suffer and will go out of business, and with them more people will be unemployed. We’re talking about unprecedented economic devastation in times of peace.

Yet I hear large corporations like McDonald’s are still allowed to serve food, but small local restaurants were forced to close their doors.

Learned Helplessness

Right now, I see people on social media begging to be quarantined. They are asking their local governments to shut entire districts down all because someone claims they may have come in contact with the virus. They are letting the government usher in martial law and take away all their rights.

At this stage, if governments around the world said everyone needs to be vaccinated and chipped, people would beg for it. In the pursuit of safety. Those rejecting the chipping would be rejected by society and reported by friends and family. The dissenters would be dragged off to quarantine camps and people would welcome it and applaud it while lining up to board a train to a FEMA camp.

And as the dissenters are dragged off to quarantine camps, they somehow get the coronavirus and die. Could you imagine a more convenient way for the powers that be to get rid of anyone they don’t like without stirring the pot?

Whether COVID19 was purposely introduced into the world for a reason or by accident, the powers that be are taking full advantage. I more or less expect there will be authoritarian policies introduced in the coming months. Not all of them will be rolled back once this thing settles. These policies have already been written. They just needed an emergency to put them in place. The right to assemble, which they have already quelled quite well, will definitely be a big part of it.

Toilet Paper

I spent a few months in the wilderness testing my survival skills and gaining new abilities, and can tell you from first hand experience that things like toilet paper don’t even make the list of anything resembling the essentials. When you go into the wild and know there are no shops where you can buy shit, you cannot build your life around things you need to constantly buy.

When I lived in hot climates (Dominica), getting my ass washed in the river after shitting was not only reasonable, it required no extra investment and because of sweltering hot days, I sought the refuge from the oppressive heat in the swift running streams a few times a day, so I just combined it with the ass wiping and that was it.

Because it’s not quite as simple in cold climates, when I first did my three months alone in the wild in Northern Alberta, I sacrificed a cotton shirt, cut it up into stripes and designated them my tail wipes. I used them the way you use a toilet paper, then immediately washed them after each use. I also used wet moss for this purpose with good results, but liked my rags better.

What Now?

The greatest counter to the panic is to not panic. Respect the virus, take necessary precautions, then stop. Stop consuming media pieces about it, stop panicking, stop letting it rule your thoughts, stop talking about it with everyone…

They want you to be afraid. Don’t let them. This is not the first crisis and will not be the last.

We look death in the eye every day here at Best Gore. So let’s be grateful for the brief but magnificent opportunities that life provides. The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

At the edge of extinction, only love remains.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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171 thoughts on “Open Post #35 – Learned Helplessness”

  1. Its’s hardly Ebola is it? I’m enjoying the panic (for now anyway)……..Rural/regional Australia is already so deserted, it doesn’t feel much different except for the dunny roll patrols………

    1. @Dutchy; it’s rather more problematic than Ebola which is a typically spread by close contact and/or bodily fluids.

      Covid-19 is a respiratory virus spread by aerosol and droplets.

      It appears to be able to ‘survive’ in the environment for up to several days e.g. 24 hours on cardboard, 4 days on surfaces.

      It’s also pretty easy for individuals to get infected so the number of viral particles required for transmission may be low or the virus may be extremely able to infiltrate human cells.

      The incubation period is variable (3 – 27 days) and it appears that the virus can be shed by an infected individual before they begin to show symptoms.

      There is no natural immunity in the human population and infection can result in mild to severe disease / death. individuals with pre-existing disease, immune supression, cancer etc. are at much higher risk of severe disease / death.

      There is, currently, no vaccine and no confirmed effective treatment.

      Management of severe disease is, essentially, life support as the lungs and other body organs (liver and kidneys) shut down. So you require artificial ventilation and dialysis until you recover, or die.

      This is the nastiest pathogen that I have ever come across and has the potential to make the 1918-20 influenza pandemic look tame.

      I was talking to a colleague last night and told him about my preference to attend the Remembrance Day Church services at Sutton Veny (Wiltshire), rather than the services at the Land Warfare Centre, as my wife was Australian.

      We would drive across to the village with members of the Australian armed forces who were attached to LWC for the Church service and then head back to LWC for the traditional Remembrance Day curry lunch.

      Sutton Veny was the location for one of the largest Imperial Australian Army training and convalescence depots in the UK.

      Unfortunately many of the Australian soldiers, and some Prisoners of War in local camps, who survived the fighting of WWI and made it back to the mainland became infected with influenza and died.

      The Church cemetery is full of grave stones commemorating the lives and deaths of the 143 troops that died; most were under the age of 40. It’s one of many similar military and civilian cemeteries across most of the world (20 -50 / 100 million deaths as the actual number is unknown).

      Trust me; Ebola is a walk in the park compared to Covid-19.

        1. @gav

          I just burned an effigy of the coronavirus in homage to the god Baal.

          I can sell the ashes to you in a magnetic box so that they don’t lose efficacy by being de-polarised by the powerful ley lines found in England.

          You get a free gift of tinted specs and a soft collar for this one time offer.

        2. Take it now, preemptive action!
          Please post pics when you turn blue. lol
          The larges benefit from the 1st amendment
          is that it makes it so much easier to identify the ignorant.

          To find the truth, one must do their best to disprove all info
          they come across. Even the evidence that disproves the things that seem to disprove other things.

      1. @nastypersuasions – like I said before, it’s hardly Ebola, is it?

        I understand and already was aware of most of your points explained above but as per *my own* individual set of circumstances if I had to choose between contracting Covid19 with it’s less than 1% mortality rate (and some sniffles and sore throat) or Ebola Hemorrhagic Virus with an average 60% mortality (from internal organs turning to jelly) I would pick Covid 19 hands down.

        Should the situation change and Ebola becomes an airborne exchanged virus then we would be up shit creek with no paddle.

        I’m not saying Covid19 won’t cause a mess, but it could always always be soooo much worse……..

        1. It’s hardly the Spanish flu, too. In 1919, around 2,500 people died over a weekend in Philadelphia, U.S, as direct result of a massive parade held for returned WW1 troops. Apparently most of these victims died only 2-3 days after being infected. I’d still rather this than ebola.

      2. “Spread by aerosol and droplets”
        Well that kinda supports my theory of them spraying us with that stuff from those chem-planes.
        Maybe it just took this long for it to take effect on certain people.

        Maybe it’s just another one of their lies and this is a smokescreen for their actual plan.
        Its sad that I actually hope this disease is real and spreading because after 9/11, I believe absolutely nothing they tell us.

        For now, I guess I’ll just be extra careful of all door handles, sneezers, rails, coughers, nail biters and nose pickers because those are all still high risk spreaders for illness anyway.

      3. you worthless, whinging jew. ebola has a far greater death rate than covid. Its bleating Semite filth like you that placed your grandparents in camps.

        Keep up with your lies. Let the rage build against your people. This century will take up the greatest cause of the previous one: to rid the planet of you parasites


        1. @deadvector – if you’re aiming that lil diatribe toward me, then you need to learn to READ – as I think I quite clearly state my stance………
          If not, apologies but either way indicate who the fuck you’re talking too………please

        2. @deadvector
          If your comment was directed at me then I forgive your ignorance as you, probably, didn’t complete 5th grade.

          Ebola may have a greater death rate but it isn’t a respiratory virus, requires close contact with a person or bodily fluids and doesn’t ‘survive’ outside the host for more than a few hours, and (the bonus) it has a vaccine (rVSV-ZEBOV) and at least two drugs that are effective against it (regeneron REGN-EB3 and mAb114).

          If you want to engage with me, through debate rather than insult, then let me know why Covid-19 is now a pandemic infection (worldwide, high rate of spread) and Ebola isn’t.

          ווי אַ באַזונדער, איך בין אַטהעיסט אַזוי ווינט דיין אַנטיסעמיטיק האַלדז אין

          1. I assume that I will catch Covid, and that I’m sure to survive. even though I’m old and have COPD. But I’m scared to death to get that ebola nigger leprosy.

            I don’t give a shit about a “pandemic” of the fucking FLU!! I DO give a shit about a sudden world Depression. With official Chinese spokesmen declaring that the US is responsible for a disease that started in Wuhan

            You need to realize that we are very close to war with China. All its going to take is for them to fire those missiles at a Navy ship going thru their “territorial waters” off the stolen Spratlys. and I’m telling you, these fuckers are crazy enough to do that

            You need to take one look at Trump and ask yourself if he would back down.

            You go ahead and have your little scientific debates… when you should be getting your hands on as much ammo as you can.

            you seem to dwell on principles and rhetoric… that shit is about to fly out the window.

            Get pragmatic. Stop the Jewshit. All their talking got them nowhere in nazi germany.

            stop relying upon the rule of law. wake the fuck up. ITS BEGINNING NOW.

          1. happily, the Jews of Europe last century didn’t fair as well with typhus. There’s a reason for the term “jewish filth”

        3. @deadvector
          Similar to MERS and SARS, Ebola is not easily transmittable. Infected people don’t spread the virus until they start showing symptoms, and even then the virus is hard to catch because it is spread through direct contact with the bodily fluid of an infected person, like blood, sweat, and urine, rather than through the kind of particles produced when someone sneezes or speaks. Unless you’re nursing patients (either at home or in a hospital setting) or tending to their body after they’ve died, it’s unlikely you’d acquire the infection of ebola.

          this is why the world has closed its open door policy now and not for ebola. yes it kills more people but infects far less people.

          i’ll just put these numbers right here:
          total deaths from ebola since 1976: 13,308
          total deaths from covid-19 since december: 298,000 plus and counting.

          do i want to get ebola no, do i want to get covid19 no… i work in a covid ward and watch people die from it every day and i will just say they are not having fun.
          now at this time please respond with calling me a nigger kik that loves getting fucked by a chink while wearing his turban. only for showing you some numbers

        4. @deadvector man you are the loudest most unbalanced mother fucker on this site. I mean, the loudest, obviously there may be psycho fuck nuts lurking and not commenting as I did for so long. But you are just funny, my personal favorite was your rant about DOGS and DOG OWNERS. Hell, thats a proper fucking comedy bit.

    2. INSANE by bad jonny

      People are insane
      It’s all Illuminati’s game

      When B Gates made the virus
      Lord Rothschild wanked and came

      He didn’t need no blue pill
      Just YOU fearing falling ill

      This was planned out long ago
      Lord Rothschild, Liz, and Bill

      Oh, you thought he couldn’t cum
      Just cause he’s o’er the hill?

      That old cunt’s part lizard
      Still see some of ‘gill’

      Then puppet leaders move in
      For the economic kill

      Every job that’s laid off
      Lord Rothschild has his thrill

      Cannot buy your meat & eggs?
      Rockefellers had their fill

      Maybe they’ll leave us working folk
      A cent each in their Will

      We go to jail for loaf of bread
      While they ‘tickle the till’

      Force you out to work
      For one cent in their mill

      Let us check the score, umpire
      Elite 1, people: Nil

      Parliament you call it?
      Just pigs at a swill

      How their greedy minds work
      It still gives me a chill

      (That’s a line from Dylan
      Bet that rich Jew’s chillin’ )

      Bar Mitzvah at Bob’s house
      All the wine is spillin’

      Fuck Jew scum like Dylan
      (Robert Zimmerman)

      1. @bad jonny
        i’ve heard that the illuminati have planted facial recognition cameras everywhere.
        only wearing a cloth face covering in public, can stop them from tracking you.
        down with the owl of minerva

        tell everyone, spread the truth, we will not be controlled

  2. Very well said. But I’m not sure whether the death toll of the virus is exaggerated or not. A country like Iran is quite outside the Jew/UN influence but they have reported many deaths and implemented similar policies as other countries due to the virus so idk. Though, I am sure that this virus is man-made not something that came out of a bat soup.

      1. French ,Jap and Taiwanese scientists said it could only have come from the US and has a lot of evidence of human manipulation. Is part snake corona ,part Aids part something else. It has also started in Italy and Iran with many cases nowhere coming to contact with China at all. Vaping pneumonal cases in the US ,a strange scenario, all peaked after Oct 2019 and finished just before a biowarfare lab was shut down in the US in Dec2019. Hmm

        1. hmm. who the fuck cares?

          how your ammo situation? Got much food? Made your bank run yet? filled some water bottles yet?

          better check your priorities. got a family?

          1. Got no ammo nor gun as I am Australian and guns are very tightly regulated but I have weapons due to me always having been prepared.
            Do have lots of water as I’m always prepared .plenty of flour to live off bread ,can kill birds ,possums ,cats and dogs for protein. Fruit will be hard as now it is autumn here.

            My opinion is that we will not need to use all the above but I could be wrong.

            I care because, if the shit does hit the fan I will be gunning for the real high -ups.

            If it is true then the US will lose lots of people because you’ve had it there since Oct 2019 insidiously infecting you all.

      2. It has been genetically identified as a strain of a corona family, type virus sometimes found in a bat species but much more likely to be found in the pangolin.
        Probably as a side effect of the illegal black market pangolin trade.
        The pangolin is almost extinct, so it kind of makes sense the viruses they carry would need to jump species just to survive when the pangolin goes.
        Also, hey China, enough with the “traditional” medicine. Rubbing armadillo piss on your face doesn’t make you “big strong happy boy”, it gives you leprosy. Please, pull your heads out.

  3. there will be a great reckoning. And you smarmy jews will bear the brunt for your perfidy.
    you had better start figuring out how you are going to get your families into israel.

    Because the cops aren’t going to show up for work, and the military is going to hunker down on their bases. And the Deplorables are going to do some much-needed house cleaning..

    You’ll be praying for those open borders you dream of….and that Mexico will allow you in.

    And, you expats living in the undeveloped world? How easily identifiable and exposed you are!

    You didn’t think things through very well, did you?

    tick tock… oh dear! look at that clock

  4. It’d be nice if a bunch of fuck-alls would die off. Leave the world to people who are quality and will contribute something productive or worthwhile to the world. Too many people these days.

  5. i m affected by it. get result of test today. positive, me, my gf and my mother.

    feel sleepy, coughing alots, headache, sometime even lost space visual.

    nothing seriously wrong yet, i m not old and doesnt suffer from health problems. but that shit still kick pretty hard , i tell ya. no joke. i m honestly more worried about my mom (70yo), but well… not much to do.

    as for how i get it, no fucking clue… same goes for my family, no clue where it come from. didnt get in contact with anybody for months.

    1. My sympathies go out to you and your family…

      Keep your immune system strong, by exercising and eating healthy. (if you haven’t pursued this already) Taking adequate doses of Vitamin C in a good daily supplement, is another defensive move against the virus.

      I’m almost 62, so I too, am faced with the aging problem, in relation to viruses and other illnesses. But I haven’t been sick for decades!

      It’s obvious, that we won’t have a vaccine for this anytime soon. (if at all) History has shown, this isn’t on our government’s priority list, in relation to keeping it’s people healthy. Safe yes, as long as you’re willing to sacrifice your freedom of speech.

      Personally, I have to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture, in relation to the damage that this virus may, or may not inflict.

      As stated before by Mark, the bigger damage originates, when our elected criminals hold us in a state of fear, incapable of thinking for themselves. This virus is no different than other viruses. Yet, the relatively small mortality rate is far less, than the economic, social and spiritual mortality rate that will be inflicted upon a society, that our government was suppose to represent.

      Again, we are collapsing as a nation economically, spiritually and socially. It’s no wonder why these street thugs, want to keep us apart as a people.

      My advice? Do the right thing, right up to the end, by living your life with joy and utter gratitude. Being semi retired, I spend a lot of time in the wilderness, enjoying the energy of living things all around me. Unfortunately, we have this “corporate mindset,” that we can change the course, on how we can make the earth more adaptable to our greedy lifestyle.

      Humans…200,000 years
      Earth…6.5 billion years

      …ain’t gonna happen

      By spending more time in nature, it has proven to be a personal act of “Utter Rebellion,” towards a society that lives their lives in utter isolation and denial.

      Whether you believe in climate change or not…

      War and a rising ocean, will set off a nuclear holocaust, that will make God cringe. Most of the nuclear rectors on earth, are literally feet from the ocean’s surface. It takes decades, to decommission a nuclear reactor. Look at Miami. Delaware? First in, when it comes to our first state in the union. Unfortunately first out, when it drops into the ocean first, as a result of a low sea level.

      But the sad part is the possibility, that we’ll deface this beautiful planet with so much radiation that she too, may not ever be able to recover.

      Living your life with dignity, and pursuing death with dignity as well. Don’t let an undignified government, tell you how to say goodbye to your family and friends, that mean so dear to you.

      I’m aware that’s an eye opening statement. However, it’s a more harsher decision, watching people suffer needlessly, simply because our corporate media and politicians want to sell you drugs, enabling your suffering to continue, to be alive and well.

      I just lost my mother. Thank God, us kids made a decision for her to meet her maker without any pain. Was it death with dignity? It sure was! The only difference, was her illness became the decision maker, for us to put her on medication, to ease the pain towards her death. A patient too, should be “entitled” to make that very same decision, when pain becomes inevitable down the road. The only difference was it’s sequence.

      Another act of defiance, towards an already sick society!

      p.s. I apologize for expanding on your original concerns about your health and others in your family. However, a lot of issues such as this, extend from other issues, that make life more difficult for us in the near (and short lived) future that is remaining. In short, there are things we have control of, and things we don’t. I have no control in other people’s ignorance. Only my inspirations!

      I wish you all the best! 🙂

        1. As far as “checking out” soon it is…

          However, I have learned more about life and a sense of gratitude during my last 5 years, than the first 57 years of my existence. This is a result of learning from people, much smarter than myself.

          …and I’m grateful for that 🙂

          1. We BOTH know that you won’t be alive in May. so go ahead and make BG your diary.

            i speak for the true Americans. The EuroAmericans.

          2. @pigsy – I always read your comments mate. Don’t listen to @DV (domestic violence?) he doesn’t know what the fuck he stands for and changes his mind on a daily basis. He certainly doesn’t speak for me!!

        1. “my condoleances” is maybe a bit rushed, my mom is not dead yet.. i m just scared for her because she is old and just came out of hospital ( soo pretty low on energy and everything).

          but thanks :D, for now, things goes not too bad. we continu to live normally, just adding more relaxing and care. i think it should be okay if we dont do anything stupid and be careful to keep the body healthy.

          1. There ya go!

            Best of luck and always remember, there’s never too many times to tell your mother that you love her. Regardless of the outcome which I hope goes well…

            Only love remains!

            …it’s death proof 🙂

      1. I have seen a lot of the evil in the world and as I get older the more things around me change, I notice that life was never really what it seemed to be.

        Even still I can not grasp the true nature of what is actually happening in the world or how things truly work and all I know is that it seems ugly.

        I am hoping that once my times comes my soul is not cursed to live another life here on this beautiful earth where the 1% of rich run the world and fight wars on the poor mans back .

      2. I enjoyed your comment.

        Being here helps me find a middle ground. It is nice to be here and be around people who look from all angles.

        I agree with you on a lot of what you were saying and I have been contemplating what life may look like on the other side of this ” deadly virus or not deadly virus ” . Each time i come to some sort of unfamiliar conclusion its just not something i can comprehend.

        Best wishes to you, take care of yourselves and have a great day, weekend month and years.

        As always,
        The One Who Watches~

    2. Order a few 60 pack boxes of Emergen-C. Overnight it to your house. Each pack contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C, electrolytes and B vitamins. It’s immunity boosting. Each of you take one dose in the morning and one dose in the evening.

  6. This is just another Coronavirus… we have already seen several, this is called …19.
    Perhaps another mutation as viruses do?
    Perhaps China chose to show the world just how dependent we all are on their production of products? Perhaps to show they can bring the world economy to a halt?
    The US markets, and any country intelligent enough will bring manufacturing back to their own countries….not be dependent on foreign goods.
    I am happy that my president will give actual cash money to those that earn less than 100k. I’m thrilled he is giving insensitive for companies to manufacture goods here, safe, secure, reliable and in the United States.
    This is the best time to go to Acorn, or Robin Hood- one of those sites for us poor folk to get into the stock market, it’s a beautiful time to make money.
    The world economy will come out of this, US market will come out like a bull…..

      1. I thought that one of the research papers I had read suggested ” along the lines of” that this virus was part Bat Coronavirus and Snake Coronavirus and had a certain insertion sequence that allowed the disease to hide from the immune system like HIV

        One never really truly knows

        He said she said

    1. It would be nice to see the USA bring its factories back over into the homeland and to see that the USA has their medicine back in their own hands but who knows, I definitely do not know how the world truly works yet..

      Its really difficult sometimes to imagine what life on the other side of this thing may look like .

      Is it truly a bad virus with a chip on its shoulder or is it all hype? How will the health care system fare with all the people who may become ill? Whats to come of the economy ? How will people fare?

  7. Most of the infections and deaths in Northern Italy are coming from the 110,000 flown-in Chinese factory workers, who live and work in filth, and MSM is hiding this crucial fact. Do the toilet roll hoarding slobs know or care about this? Nope. This simple cold virus has shown how capitalism and globalism corrupts and destroys people, and not just white people…

    1. Italy 12 462 confirmed cases on March 11 and 827 deaths.

      The mean age of those who died in Italy was 81 years and more than two-thirds of these patients had diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or cancer, or were former smokers.

      Of the 827 individuals who died:

      2·8% were aged 50–59 years
      8·4% were aged 60–69 years
      32·4% were aged 70–79 years
      42·2% were aged 80–89 years
      14.1% were aged >90 years

      Males accounted for 80% of deaths with a median age at death of 79.9 years (females 83.4 years).

      I don’t think that there are that many elderly Chinese workers in Italy.

      The greatest concentration of foreign nationals in Italy is in Lombardy; population ~11 million, ~1.2 million foreign nationals, #1/6th of the entire Italian population (2016 figures from the Italian National Institute of Statistics).

      More likely explanation is age, underlying disease, smoking, exposure to industrial pollution, family units spanning 2 – 3 generation living in the same house (younger adults have the infection but do not, generally, develop severe / fatal disease), social spread including Church communion, kissing, shaking hands etc.

      Source: published 13 March 2020.

      1. Good research report from Nasty.

        No extensive data here, but the Belt and Road Initiative projects in Iran, with the Chinese workers in the country and Iranian business contacts returning from China, apparently caused a hot spot in Qom which then spread rapidly.

  8. It’s fuckin sad walking around town. People sketching each other out like we’re enemies.
    This shit has actually made me more social in regards being boisterous in public.

    Communist China Virus is here !!! Sell your fucking granny, dead or alive !

    Wreck the Shop ! Fuck, drunk again !

  9. Pretty words @happy. I was gonna say something along the lines of “That virus can’t spread quick enough so I can sit back and laugh at humanity” like the nihilistic cunt that I am, but couldn’t be bothered this time.

    By the way, I heard the shops are all closing for 2 weeks straight where I live starting today and I’ve had a headache that’s lasted about 2 days now. If it turns out I have the virus, I know exactly what I’m doing. 😉

  10. Dangerous curtailing of freedom aside my favourite part about this whole thing is the complete 180 by libtards.

    Libtards spent years crying about how border controls are racist and calling everyone Nazis etc and yet the moment Mr Corona appears they start begging for border controls and start lambasting their own governments for not being quick enough about it, lol.

    What about all those poor grey haired, bearded child refugees currently stuck in limbo at the Greek border libtards. Why don’t you want them anymore, ha ha ha.

    1. @empty-soul

      It’s certainly gone quiet on the Turkey-Greece refugee front and, at the same time, the reporting on Northern Syria has disappeared completely; Assad, Putin and Erdogan can play happily without any interference.

      Back in London, the cases are multiplying.

      Another 4 – 11 days and the NHS will be swamped with very sick people and civil disorder will be kicking off.

      1. @nastypersuasions

        Yep. MSM only deals in narrative pushing, not actual news or the truth.

        Lesbos and the Greek border is still under attack by the invading hordes and the French yellow vests are still rioting in Paris. So on and so forth. When it comes to the pushing of the narrative the public gets given a complete blackout on the inconvenient stuff.

        I have also lived through a number of virus pandemics at this point, most of them far more deadlier than this flu-like Corona virus and yet never in my life have I seen the media go full panic mode over them. Telling us all non-stop all day long that we are all going to get it and that we should be scared. Very scared. They usually do the complete opposite in fact by playing everything down like immigrant sex attacks, Muslim grooming gangs and terrorism.

        Then there is our governments response. Full lockdown mode. Martial law etc. I have never seen the like of it before in my life and it all seems way out of character considering our governments have never given a shit about disease ridden people(immigrants) entering our countries without medical checks before. My country for example has seen all sorts of diseases once considered eradicated for good come back into public life due to mass uncontrolled immigration.

        The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier also made me laugh today when he came on the news and said that Brexit would have to be postponed because he has the Corona Virus and can no longer negotiate, lol. Sure, buddy. Pull the other one. Ha ha ha.

        This all Corona thing stinks to high heaven.

  11. CORONER part 5 by bad jonny

    Our leaders told us
    “Oh, cases are rare”

    “If society’s a shirt
    It’s just a little tear”

    Lying cunts
    The shelves are now bare?

    How do our leaders?
    Ever fucking dare?

    The answer is nowhere
    Old lady dying on the stair

    Infant is dying
    Strapped to a chair

    Once again we see
    The Thousand mile stare

    There’s Fighting in shops
    Punching, pulling hair

    What a co-incidence
    London’s Arab is Mayor

    While Bill Gates is funding
    Experiment* in his lair

    Soon there’s nothing to eat
    And nothing to wear

    Old people suffocate
    Can’t breathe the air

    Never kills elite
    Like Tony fucking Blair

    Our leaders have the hide
    To tell us it’s fair

    It shouldn’t get us here
    But it got them over there ..

  12. It’s certainly gotten to the point where Zionist wanted it to get but I doubt numbers of death are in fact covid-19 death related they can always manipulate the Death toll as they want in which creates fear for the mass’s. I work at hospital myself and we’ve yet have zero patience of Covid-19 so far, as oppose to larger scale numbers in other states in US obviously debunking this whole B’S epidemic hoax.

      1. I was also amazed.

        Also there are 150 confirmed cases of covid-19 in South Africa today.
        I’m kinda shitting myself. I have a runny nose bad chest and possibly a fever.
        I don’t get sick, only hungover.
        I’m not always at my workshop and I deal with people during the day.
        The last few days I have been in contact with a lot of people.

  13. Let me start off by saying yes! I am a nigger, porch monkey, coon, former alligator bait, and thug, that eat watermelon and fried chicken, while collecting my welfare check. But you racist sons of bitches is definitely some smart very awake ass holes. I mean that in the most respectful way. This virus is definitely a cover up for a more sinister plan that we must face in the up coming future. Now I know how you feel about me and the group of people I am a part of, but this is time to stand together more than ever. I have seen horrible people on both sides of the fence and I can tell you it’s not about race, it’s about personality and how they was brought up. I have been on this site for about as long as I can think of, I have always been infatuated with real news and gore even before this site was made, is one that comes to mind. I always read the comments, boy those comments. If I seen a video with a black persons doing something stupid I know you are going to let them have it, or any other minority for that matter, let’s just say I felt it was much safer to stay as quiet as possible and just enjoy the show. Mark thank you for a wonderful site and having some of the most intellectual, freedom of speech having, anti-sheep living, racist motherfuckers on the web. You all have kept me entertained and informed for years, and hope more years to come. Some those things I said about me may not be totally true, but I dam sure a nigger thanks for reading.

  14. Anyone follow Baba vanga’s predictions? I think all we are missing is trump losing his hearing due to a virus

    This world needs it, before we really destroy it. Maybe an awakening is possible after, or people will remain dumb sheep.

      1. Well you’re obviously not from Germany. Wodarg is a former member of the SPD – the german socialist party. Even they don’t want him. He is just angry because he lost his job as an public health officer. But you can still kiss his ring if you want to. I don’t care.

  15. At an AMA on Reddit, Bill Gates revealed the end game plan for TPTB are mandatory microchip implants to “mark the vaccinated”. Revealed the day after @happy made the post about it

    Mark of the beast, Bible’s revelations is becoming more and more of a reality.

  16. “The sheep being locked down inside their houses” that line was so true, I myself have no other option but to act as a pathetic sheep and stay inside. Amazing how they can control millions and millions with just some fear propaganda, not a single real evidence about a person infected with the virus, they want us to be scared, bunch of fucking cowards

    1. NPC comes from gaming community, where it’s used to address “Non Player Characters”, ie characters in RPG games that are not controlled by other players, but rather by a script and thus are coded to give pre-determined responses. In a game, you know you encountered an NPC, and not another player’s character, because an NPC will always say lines that it was programmed to say and never anything outside of what it was programmed to say.

      Later on, there was an article by some psychologist guy, who noted that some people lack “inner voice”. They consume news from the mainstream media and accept what the media tells them so much, they get molded precisely to the form the controlers want them to be and parrot the official line because the box told them to. They are incapable of thinking for themselves and act as drones for the system.

      So some of the aware noticed that the people who lack “inner voice” are very much like Non Player Characters in network games, because they lack critical and independent thought process, so they parrot what they were told by the perceived authority (ie mainstream media or the government) and never anything outside the official narrative. As a result, we started to refer to people on the internet who exhibit the lack of “inner voice” as NPCs, because there is little to no difference between interaction with an NPC in a computer game, and a real life individual lacking inner voice.

      In this instance, because the MSM programs the sheeple to worship Donald Trump as Dear Leader through reverse psychology, NPCs blindly worship him as Dear Leader because they are incapable of thinking for themselves and perceived authority tells them to worship Trump so that’s what they do. Thus, Trump worshipers are an epitome of NPCs – inner voice lacking zombified sheeple ready to attack anyone who challenges their programmed beliefs.

  17. I do realise, that indeed it is a serious situation, that requires now more than ever for us people 2 only keep our eyes more open.

    But after reading V for Vendetta I only thought of Natalie Portman in that schoolish girlie outfit, damn.

  18. Anyone who believes Trump is inserting hidden meanings in his messages are people who ate paint chips as kids. Really. Trump can barely communicate a regular message –let alone inserting hidden meanings. He is so transparently confused about the reality of everything in day to day life it makes me amazed his supporters don’t see the obvious. There is no hidden meaning here. Just a desperate failed politician trying to gain a few inches. People are so mentally bored they dreamt up this crazy thing about trump being part of some long-running master plan blah blah bullshit. Dude can barely tie his shoes. And NO ONE with real power or making master plans would ever intentionally involve a guy as weak and dumb as Trump. I’m sure there are conspiracies out there. There are none w DT at the center, tho. I can tell u that much.

      1. Trump is still smarter than his followers. That’s how he survives politically. Hopefully these ppl will wake up From their terminally stupid reveries but that would require spontaneous critical thinking. It’s like asking a rock to do calculus.

  19. @

    This post of yours hits the back of the net on every level Mark (that is a Scottish Football – soccer – term). Maybe an immaculate touchdown would be the phrase on your side of the big water.

    Thank you for this.

    Wise and considered words.

  20. On you can see details about where it is, how many confirmed cases there and all kinds of statistics. Coronavirus is waving in out and out exponential growth, the shut down is fighting it, but it is still exponentially growing at the movement although on a downward trend. That can change daily. I had doubts about this disease at first, I thought it was overblown, but I take that back. It isn’t, this is a real pandemic. In Italy there are 33,190 active cases, 30,692 are considered “mild” and 2498 are “critical,” but get this, here’s the disturbing part, there are 7845 closed cases in Italy as of now, 4,440 have recovered and 3405 dead. 57% have totally recovered and 43% have DIED. 43% of closed cases, dead. This is nothing like the flu, which it was compared to initially.

    1. The problem with this statistics is that it takes much more time to recover than to die. Plus the critical cases has more chances to get diagnosed while mild cases can sometime go even undiagnosed and not making into the stats.
      Give it some time, there will be much more recovers. Of course I’m lying because there’s no coronavirus and those numbers are generated by an algorithm.

  21. With respect to Dr Wodarg, asking a pulmonologist about covid19 is like asking a fireman why the city is ablaze. Only a published epidemiologist is qualified to make these claims.

    Also the societal symptoms are not a good example of learned helplessness, more a pragmatic estimation of the number of potential pneumonia cases vs. the number of mechanical ventilators available in the hospitals. People don’t generally like the idea of their Italian grandma being triaged down the list because the hospitals can’t contain the spread of a simple contagion the way they did in south korea.

  22. Look up Event 201. It was an exercise scenario of this manufactured pandemic that took place six weeks prior to it happening. Big surprise, funded by Bill Gates…. multiple top CEOs stepping down one being Bill Gates. Forced vaccinations on the way, vaccination made by Bill Gates. ID2020 a biometrics system combined with vaccinations made by Bill Gates. Covid-19 also patented by Bill Gates. We are about to be tied the fuck down hard. Military moving in everywhere in the United States and here in Canada. Trudouche is going to be cutting down movement even more by not allowing provincial border crossing.

    1. This and the number of times 33 is referenced in newspapers, articles, websites and other media from round the world, relating to different cities or countries figures with the virus, and it’s clearly a freemason psy op!

      Diarrhea kills more people per day round the world.

  23. I was waiting for this post on here and it didnt dissapoint!

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. The world truly is fucked and I genuinely dont think more people are waking up, as proven by them demanding to be shut away in their own martial law. Bell ends!

    Think the planet needs a reset. Here’s hoping some have the balls to riot before the impending martial law is implemented. I certainly wont be letting some government cunt put anything in my body, i’d rather die.

    All the Qanon tits are deluded if they think billionaire Donald Trump gives a fuck about them or any normal Dumb-erican. He’s a Zionist rat just like the rest.

  24. Am i the only one who just doesn’t care yet? Not saying i wont care in the future… But right now… Ive seen the news ive heard the theories and all that goes with it and i just could careless at this point.

    I am nearly out of hand sanitizer so this may change.

  25. Some facts about COVID19.
    COVID19, as well as MERS and SARS are all mutations of the naturally occuring Coronavirus.
    COVID19 has mutated twice in it’s spread.
    All three of these diseases started around the same area of China: Wuhan.
    Wuhan China is the home of The Institute of Virology, one of the largest infectious disease research facilities in China. – From Time Magazine and other sources.
    IMHO, COVID19 is a weaponized virus. Either accidentally, or intentionally released from this facility.
    It was the Democrats who started the panic by saying that millions will die. They are still spreading panic.
    Trump’s tweet meant just what it said. We, as in the world will win against this virus.
    As for myself and my family, we will shelter in place.

  26. Hopefully, the Trumptard supporters will listen to King Trumptard the Dickhead and continue to do stupid Trumptard things and contract the Trumptard Virus and DIE! The more the BETTER! The Trumptard is a DOMESTIC TERRORIST and they need to hang him on the White House lawn along with Ivanka and Jared Kushner, Don Jr., Erik, Rudy Guiliani, this entire cabinet and every fucking ReTrumplitard Senator and they need to do it NOW!!!

  27. “During the Soviet Union, when the Jews committed the biggest mass murder in history of mankind by executing some 140 Million people, mostly Slavic Christians” nice story! 799,455 executions during the Stalin period and theee years of Lenin! Face facts. To be Anti Stalin is to be a cuck

  28. 非常感谢美国网友的理解与支持,但是这种病毒并不是中国制造的,也许是中国的敌对国家制造的。
    Thank you very much for the understanding and support of us netizens. This virus is not made in China. It may be made in China’s hostile countries.

  29. I like this site because it takes me out of the bubble we are all in. But when I see stupid posts like this it makes me sick. Bunch of liberal race card having welfare loving pieces of shit that write posts like this.

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