Open Post #35 – Learned Helplessness

Threat from Dear Leader Trump

Threat from Dear Leader Trump

Unless you’re a complete sheep and NPC, then you should be able to see past the tip of your nose, which should also mean that you can also read between the lines. To an NPC, the recent tweet by Dear Leader Trump will mean what he wants them to see it as. But to those of us who live with our eyes open, the threat is clear: “The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!” WE, the hidden enemy I act as a front man for, WILL WIN! More and more of you, the people of the world, are waking up, but we got you by the balls and WE WILL WIN in the end.

I trust the majority of you are well familiar with the movie V for Vendetta. In light of the shit that hit the fan all over the world with the coronavirus claim, let us review the story about a virus that helped control a nation, because that type of scenario would also work in controlling the globe:

I have been learning the skills needed to survive in the event of a societal collapse, because I saw the signs that it was coming. After Dear Leader Trump was (s)elected the president of the United States, I said it several times that I believed the collapse would happen during his reign, because never in history of America has the country had a president who so openly did not give a rat’s ass about the Americans, and made it abundantly clear that his sole purpose was to serve a foreign nation exclusively and unconditionally. For his overmasters, he would wear it as a badge of honor if he was the one under whose rule the collapse happened.

Manufactured Consent

The most shocking revelation that came out of the coronavirus fiasco is how the sheeple are utterly begging to be locked in their houses. They drool for martial law, forced vaccination and getting chipped like animals. All it took was some fear mongering in the media and ta da…

Nobody better than us here at Best Gore know what’s up when a mass casualty event happens. But considering how much fear mongering goes on, and how we constantly hear about thousands of people dying from coronavirus, I can’t help but wonder why not a single video of the alleged thousands of corpses in body bags being buried has leaked. All kinds of shit eventually leaks, but the most major global event of the past few decades, and nothing? Not even some obviously staged shit?

Geez, them coronavirus victims are more elusive than the six million Jews. You hear about them everywhere, they just don’t seem to exist in the real world. And here at Best Gore I don’t like to play the hearsay game without some video/photo evidence.

During the Soviet Union, when the Jews committed the biggest mass murder in history of mankind by executing some 140 Million people, mostly Slavic Christians, the public was duped into ratting one another out. It sounds to me like history repeats itself because the coronavirus fearmongering is making people just wait for someone to violate their house arrest (cleverly called the “quarantine“) so they can rat them out because OMG, the coronavirus is gonna kill everybody if someone doesn’t stay locked up.

Even 9/11 didn’t lead to massive lockdowns and ceasing of business. NYC wasn’t in the shape it is now back in 2001, with people being essentially forced to stay in their homes.

Sure, the stock market was shut for a week and all airlines stopped flights, but no shutdowns on this grand of a scale as far as I can tell.

Evidence-Based Epidemiological Assessment

I found this video featuring German physician Wolfgang Wodarg rather intriguing. Given that he presents evidence-based assessments, I found it quite credible. In his own words:

The corona hype is not based on any extraordinary public health danger. However, it causes considerable damage to our freedom and personal rights through frivolous and unjustified quarantine measures and restrictions. The images in the media are frightening and the traffic in China’s cities seems to be regulated by the clinical thermometer.

If Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is correct, then the governments and the media are fabricating panic at a scale that is unprecedentedly disproportional to the threat that Coronavirus poses.

So the question is – won’t the economic devastation and the destroyed livelihoods of millions far outweigh the harm the virus could cause? I mean… business can’t make money if everyone is forbidden to leave home, nor if the government prohibits people from getting together.

Air travel companies are preparing workforce reductions of the magnitude of 50%. Tourism in general, including the hotel industry, the cruise line industry, etc are going to be decimated. Live entertainment will suffer too. Devastation is coming to the restaurant industry, consumer discretionary retail, the pet care industry and so on. Money will disappear from ordinary people’s pockets, small companies will start to suffer and will go out of business, and with them more people will be unemployed. We’re talking about unprecedented economic devastation in times of peace.

Yet I hear large corporations like McDonald’s are still allowed to serve food, but small local restaurants were forced to close their doors.

Learned Helplessness

Right now, I see people on social media begging to be quarantined. They are asking their local governments to shut entire districts down all because someone claims they may have come in contact with the virus. They are letting the government usher in martial law and take away all their rights.

At this stage, if governments around the world said everyone needs to be vaccinated and chipped, people would beg for it. In the pursuit of safety. Those rejecting the chipping would be rejected by society and reported by friends and family. The dissenters would be dragged off to quarantine camps and people would welcome it and applaud it while lining up to board a train to a FEMA camp.

And as the dissenters are dragged off to quarantine camps, they somehow get the coronavirus and die. Could you imagine a more convenient way for the powers that be to get rid of anyone they don’t like without stirring the pot?

Whether COVID19 was purposely introduced into the world for a reason or by accident, the powers that be are taking full advantage. I more or less expect there will be authoritarian policies introduced in the coming months. Not all of them will be rolled back once this thing settles. These policies have already been written. They just needed an emergency to put them in place. The right to assemble, which they have already quelled quite well, will definitely be a big part of it.

Toilet Paper

I spent a few months in the wilderness testing my survival skills and gaining new abilities, and can tell you from first hand experience that things like toilet paper don’t even make the list of anything resembling the essentials. When you go into the wild and know there are no shops where you can buy shit, you cannot build your life around things you need to constantly buy.

When I lived in hot climates (Dominica), getting my ass washed in the river after shitting was not only reasonable, it required no extra investment and because of sweltering hot days, I sought the refuge from the oppressive heat in the swift running streams a few times a day, so I just combined it with the ass wiping and that was it.

Because it’s not quite as simple in cold climates, when I first did my three months alone in the wild in Northern Alberta, I sacrificed a cotton shirt, cut it up into stripes and designated them my tail wipes. I used them the way you use a toilet paper, then immediately washed them after each use. I also used wet moss for this purpose with good results, but liked my rags better.

What Now?

The greatest counter to the panic is to not panic. Respect the virus, take necessary precautions, then stop. Stop consuming media pieces about it, stop panicking, stop letting it rule your thoughts, stop talking about it with everyone…

They want you to be afraid. Don’t let them. This is not the first crisis and will not be the last.

We look death in the eye every day here at Best Gore. So let’s be grateful for the brief but magnificent opportunities that life provides. The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

At the edge of extinction, only love remains.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I like this site because it takes me out of the bubble we are all in. But when I see stupid posts like this it makes me sick. Bunch of liberal race card having welfare loving pieces of shit that write posts like this

  2. Double-speaking is how they roll. Peope are idiots, if you understand me, then you do…. I learned their language a long time ago, I tried to help the idiots learn it, but they’re simply too stupid waving their clan flags and fighting for everybody against everybody.

    Well, I suppose Mark and his people have a better plan for the world. A Vertias-type plan. Assuming they can bust the conspiracy open and attempt the “win” for his team.

    Power to ya, truth buster. Say hi to John Conner for me, and tell him that I’m a little too busy with life to help with the Resistance..


    Yep…. But even Mark’s Team Veritas would turn corrupt the moment they became of power. And the same fucking shit will play again.. More heroes will arise and knock Team Veritas off their High Horse, take over and go corrupt. Blah, blah fucking blah…

    Power does that to people.

    Fuck both your colors, the middle-guys, …and fuck whatever you pretend to stand for.

    They will win. I hope they do, too. Drop the fucking bombs and rid the Earth of us useless eaters.

    They’ll hide underground and come back when everything is settled. Don’t worry, guys. We’re all fucked! There is simply too many of us, although Earth is big enough…

  3. Good writting Mark. Good videos.

    Thank you for awakenings:
    Motherfuckers almost got me with fear.

    I wonder if we should already be in wild before total lockdown…

    I’ll rather die than taking chip, the signature of Satan.

  4. Frankly I see this as a planetary reset. The longer we are in lock down mode, the easier we will find living with less. Hopefully when this is over there will less international travel…which will make a difference in our carbon emissions. Maybe under a new president we can put more regulations on pollution control and bring the pharmaceutical makers to the US so we aren’t relying on China for our medication. Already the shut down of factories in China has had an effect that can be seen from space. Less pollution…of course we could all rush back to life as it was. But one can hope.

    As far as getting chipped and vaccinated… all I want is a fucking test. If they can’t even pull that out of their asses… there is no fucking way they are going to get a vaccine made. My husband is an MD and he can’t even get a fucking test, and he was having to see patients until this last week. Now everything has gone to conference calls. They don’t even have enough masks for the doctors, so if you do go into the hospital for an appointment… the doctor is out in the hall and the nurse who is on the front line deals with you.

    Anyways we both have symptoms, cough, weirdness in our chests and runny noses. Chills, but no fever… are we immune, have we had it? When are they going to be able to test for antibodies?

    Seeing a mountain of corpses to prove there is a virus that is deadly isn’t necessary for me, seeing Trump’s orange puss on the TV every fucking day is more than enough. Seeing all of europe in lock down is enough.

    No doubt the pictures are on their way though. A friend was just called back to Brasil because it’s getting bad there too.

    Ebola sounded much worse than this maybe not in the way covid 19 has run rampant all around the globe… but in it’s nature, lots more liquids, puke, shit, bleeding out… it seems you just suffocate or stroke out with covid 19.

    Can’t wait to see the mountains of corpses though, cause if anyone is going to post them it will be here on BG!

  5. sorry to break it to you, but this virus is a big deal. Doesn’t mean people will not try to use it to their advantage. But it is way worse than most infections we’ve come across this century. Stop linking loose theories with stuff like the holohoax. You only help destroy the more solid argument. The fact that you have been doing survival training and what not could also be playing into your bias.

  6. You’re wrong. Mom and pops diner where I live still operates. Every store and restaurants still operates daily despite of the pandemic. People are out and about doing their daily routine whether it’s going for a walk , bike riding , or spending time with their family in the park. I believe you deslike Trump. But some of the things you’ve said are completely falls. you want evidence then go to New York , video it then show it to everyone bc right now you have no idea what you’re talking about. You sound very ignorant and stupid. You should stick to the original contents instead of mixing yourself into politics. Are you doing anything to help the community? Or just sitting around collecting revenue. Smh.

    1. The death toll from Influenza on the link provided has been lower by aprox. 90000 deaths, today it reads at 61,099, when posted it read 150K+, the site page clause “* All estimates from the 2017-2018 influenza season are preliminary and may change as data from the season are cleaned and finalized. ” 2-3 years after to have it lowered by more than 60-70% should ring an alarm bell, peace.

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