Open Post #36 – Reverse Psychology; Part 1: The Bible

The Great Illusion

The Great Illusion

In the Bible, Jesus referred to the Jews as the children of the devil, the father of lies:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

John 8:44, King James Version

Whether you are religious or not, believe in Satan or not, trust the Bible or not, – all that is irrelevant. What’s important is that the string-pullers of the world do. They are Satanists to the core and have manipulated the world as far as the recorded memory goes, all in the name of their father, Satan.

What the Bible also tells us is that Satan is the ruler of this world. Or as the King James version (the only version I trust) of the Bible calls him: Prince of This World:

Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

John 14:30, King James Version

Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

John 12:31, King James Version

The fact that Satan is the Ruler of This World is further corroborated in the Temptation of Christ, whereby Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights in the desert and the Devil came to tempt him, offering to give him his rule of the world in exchange for Jesus bowing down to him:

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

Matthew 4:8-9, King James Version

To sum up what the Bible tells us: Satan is the world’s utmost liar and trickster, but the world is under his rule and in our physical reality he’s represented by his children, the Jews.

In the movie The Usual Suspects, lead character Roger “Verbal” Kint, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, paraphrased French poet Charles Baudelaire by saying the famous line:

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Independent from the movie, my take has been similar since long before my arrest by the Canadian regime:

It matters not which religion or culture in the world you look at, in general terms everybody’s version of Satan as the ultimate evil, is described first as foremost as a trickster.

Naturally, the first and most important lie the ultimate trickster with superhuman intelligence would pull on the God’s children is to convince them that his children were God’s chosen.

It is now year 2020, and the fact that Satan is the Ruler of This World could not be any more evident than by seeing that his children rule by proxy pretty much every nation in the world.

Aside from I think two, at most three countries (Iran has quite clearly been compromised too, recently), Satan’s children have at their behest every single government, and every executive branch, judiciary, education system, major media, health care system, sports and entertainment industry of every nation on Earth.

But there is a kicker – just as pretty much every culture recognizes the ultimate evil as an ultimate trickster, they also recognize that to rule over the world, Satan must make his plans public, and must have God’s children’s consent in order to rule over them.

But he’s the world’s ultimate trickster, so he knows how to satisfy both by way of deception. And unfortunately, most people can’t see through his lies.

I think the first requirement – to make his plans public – is something Satan’s children grew to do with great joy, because not only does it fulfill their father’s command, it’s also a way to make mockery of God’s children, who despite having it thrown in their faces, mostly dismiss it as “conspiracy theories“.

So even though the contents of The Protocols of Zion have been the public knowledge for over a century, the Georgia Guidestones outlining the plan to wipe out the majority of mankind have been standing in a public place for decades, and dozens of popular culture media, including blockbuster movies bear subliminal references to the major false flag events, including the 9/11 WTC attacks and the COVID-19 plandemic, most people still dismiss it rather than opening their mind to the possibility of a grander plan taking its shape all around them. This phenomenon is commonly known as “Predictive Programming“.

I’ll get to needing your consent later.

By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War

It should come as no surprise that the official motto of the Mossad, the Israeli national intelligence agency, is first and foremost the utilization of Satan’s most potent weapon – deception.

Over the millennia of acting on their father’s orders, Satan’s children have become masters at hoodwinking the world. They even pulled off the Holocaust.

…to be continued.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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191 thoughts on “Open Post #36 – Reverse Psychology; Part 1: The Bible”

    1. More of this sub-gorilla IQ shit? All the jews who followed Christ ended up becoming what we know now as Christian. All the jews who rejected Christ substituted divine commandments with their own rabbinical traditions, and thus wrote the talmud, which claims that Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell and that Mary was a whore.

      So when you use the term “jew” what are you talking about? Are you referring to the ancient people who became Christian? Or are you referring to the Synagogue of Satan?

      1. I find it interesting when people claim things as true without actual knowledge behind said claims.
        The quotes from the Bible are taken out of context as is often the case. Any true Christian will confirm satan currently has dominion over the earth; however, if you truly study the Bible, you would know: 1. The passage from Matthew is when satan tried to tempt Jesus for the 2nd time (which obviously did not work) 2: Hell is empty until Jesus’s return when he will call up everyone from their graves to be judged. It is at this time satan & those whose name is not written in the Book of Life will be cast into hell for 1000 years. At the end of Christ’s 1000 year reign on earth, satan & crew will be destroyed by Jesus & his Angel Army. 3: The passages from John are out of context, but the one from John 12 is referring to Christ setting up his 1000 year reign. The one from 14 is explaining how satan will have free reign over the earth until Christ’s return. 4: The following explains nicely what John 8 is referring to, basically Jesus’s critics, although there is much more to it than that.
        Who knows! Maybe someone who makes claims about Jesus and the Bible will actually decide to partake of a Bible study to learn Jesus’s actual heritage as well as the context of quoted verses instead of just twisting them to fit an agenda. We’ll see if this site actually allows free speech or not!

        1. Ever since I’ve learned about the Israelite connection in my family, I’ve wanted to learn more. When I stumbled upon The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, this book blew my mind! I had to learn more about its authors, which led to my discovery of how eastern Europeans and Mongol-Turks had quite literally hijacked Judaism and began calling themselves Jews, even though they had no ties to the Blood-Covenant.
          That’s assuming the Promise to Abraham’s Seed was in regards to his actual semen, or of a future, singular seed…

          It’s interesting when you read Galatians, chapter 3, verse 16 of the King James Version reads, “16 Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.”

          Reading on in Galatians, you’ll discover that being a Jew actually affords you ZERO favor in God’s Eyes….

          Galatians, 3: 26-29 (KJV)
          ” 26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.
          27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
          28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
          29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

          We can certainly back track through the book of Matthew and see where Yeshua had warned the Jews of the their coming desolation, and He went as far as to even say,
          “For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” – Matthew 23:39 KJV

          According to modern Fake Jew (the Synagogue of Satan) teachings, ie the Babylonian Talmud, Yeshua is in boiling excrement.
          I’m fairly certain that’s quite the polar opposite of Blessed…

          It really is mind blowing to see how deep that rabbit hole goes.

          In fact, one might even say, they’ve pulled off the BIGGEST case of Identity Theft to date, throughout our world history!

      2. The Synagogue of Satan, I would surmise.

        “9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” – Revelation 2:9 (KJV)

          1. ^ I just had to zoom in on you as it occured to me I dont ever think I have seen retarded Asian before, like a diagnosed obvious one. Still havent

            But not disappointed cause that is that funny guy, made me chuckle. Thanks for memory

      1. @The Mystic
        HA HA HA HA So says the internet asshat LMAO, Yeshua is one of the worlds most proven historical figures in our history ! We even set our calendars to his very life IE BC “Before Christ” AC “After Christ” ! His name is the only name that Satan worshipers try and defile in their ceremonies, Etc. His name is the only name that sends evil spirits fleeing from their subjects ! Pontus pilot, Cesar , and other historical figures knew the Messiah and wrote about him, saying Jesus didn’t exist is like saying Cleopatra didn’t exist HA HA HA HA, where does your special kind of stupid come from anyhow ?

        1. For Rabbi Jesus there is no evidence outside of what some rabbis wrote in a book to fool the goyim that he ever lived. Can you find anything? No you can’t. BTW if people worshiped Sponge Bob it would have the same effect. Be healed in the mighty name of the sponge from under the sea! Also, we defile Muhammad’s name as well (Piss be upon him)! We hate all three Jewish programs: Pisslam, Judaism, and Xtianity. Oh no BC and AD there’s some hardcore proof right there.

          1. @einsatzhexe555 Actually there are quiet a few other sources besides rabbinic ones. Have you considered the pagan, roman accounts from people such as pliny the younger, suetonius, and tacitus? Maybe even early followers of Christ and their records such as Clement, Polycarp, and Ignatius? If you look into the field of critical manuscript studies you’ll soon find that the consensus view even among atheists and rabbinic new testament scholars was that Jesus existed. The Jesus myth movement is very much outdated, it’s kinda like an old internet meme at this point. The fact is that Jesus existed. The next question is in light of the evidence is He who He said He is or is He just a nut. That’s the most important question you’ll ever think about. The Resurrection of Christ is the crux of what’s referred to as “Christianity”, the new testament writers knew this well (1 Corinthians 15). If Jesus rose from the dead then it’s game over: He is who He said He was, “Christianity” is reliable, and the Bible is divinely inspired, if not then He and the new testament writers are nuts that went to their brutal deaths with nothing to gain but persecution all to progate a narrative they would’ve known was a lie.

      1. Re Cuba & Venezuela.
        Look what the devil’s
        Children are inflicting by proxy upon those said countries, and have for so long a time now, done.
        Iran is a mixed bag of confused Arab’s who can’t seem to decide.
        So when it comes down to IT.
        the resistance and eventual overthrow to, and of, the parasites has to be from within all countries affected by those Unholy circumcised one’s…

    2. @masterdolcett
      HA HA HA HA you’re hilarious you silly fucking moron, Yeshua was NOT a Jew ! (FUN FACT) Jew wasn’t even a word in his era ….. I curious , do you just spew this filth because you’ve heard it all your life or is it just a futile attempt to step in and say something “PROFOUND” when you really don’t know a single thing about ancient biblical text/history. I’m going to paste a link to a biblical scholar who runs it down for you kiddo, he’ll show you the lineage and how Yeshua was not from these cannanite parasites ! (FUN FACT #2) The Quran gives a description of The messiah IE Reddish hair, blue eyes, White skin ! This is NOT what your “so called” Jew looks like LMAO.
      Try and challenge yourself to better educate yourself bub before making ignorant remarks about the Messiah .

        1. Speaking of brainwashing it was the C.I.A. that came up with the Xtian Identity movement. Enjoy your white rabbi on a stick goy and don’t forget to pray to him so the Jews can harvest your prayer energy and return it as curses onto the gentiles!

    3. A Judahite, specifically. At least from what I know, unless corrected by wiser folks.
      Jesus is also the most lied about man in the history of humanity.
      Whether you believe in the divinity or not.
      Only Hitler comes close to Jesus Christ in how much the filthy Christ killing rats, sons of Satan – Jews – lie about a man.

    4. The true son of god is…
      The sun,
      We go to church on a ‘sun’day.
      He his the light within the dark.
      When he walks on water is the suns reflection. His disciples are the constellations.

    5. It’s called predictive programming.
      Before “tell a vision”
      They did it in books check out “wreck of the titan”. Basically a boat that’s ment to be unsinkable hits an iceberg. Or for a more recent one eyes of darkness references wuhan. People wonder why simpsons predict this it’s because the creator is a high level mason. Watch the simpsons movie Smithers tells mr burns there is allready a dome. Also mr burns is Jacob Rothschild.

    6. Believe it or not but the character Jesus is the work of the devil, he said the father of lies do you really think a man called Jesus had friends called John, paul Mark Luke etc.

      Read between then lines. The ‘Sun’ of god. The ‘light’ within the dark. When do people go,to church? ‘Sun’day.
      Jesus walking on water is sunlight reflecting off the water. The desiples are the constellations.

  1. The current anti-white shit and the BLM protests(riots) tie into this as well due to white libtards and niggers being, and acting, as the useful idiots to Zionism that they are.

    That George Soros amongst other rich Jews finances the above is further proof of this. How better to destabilise the white west then than to introduce competing factions, shame and guilt.

    Nobody ever talks about Israel’s treatment of blacks and non-Jews in general despite the fact that their actions on these matters have been terrible. Why won’t Israel let itself become “diverse” and “multicultural”?. If it is good enough for everyone else why is it not good enough for them as well. Go on Jews, take your share of niggers. Get diversified.

    Yep. The one-way direction of this shit tells me everything I need to know.

        1. woulda worse person doesn’t bother with all that race nonsense.
          I don’t let it run my life, and thanks to that, I’m happy.

          Unlike so many of the people on here who can’t comment without crying about ethnicity. As if you are ever going to see any of your opinions on the subject take hold in your lifetime. You won’t.

  2. Is it even possible to say that coincidence is to blame? I don’t understand how all these programs got “9-11” imagery before it happened. Why did all these programs “foretell” or “warn” us about this? What’s the point in this? What is the central theme here? All I have are endless questions and I have yet to receive a single answer. If we were “warned” and it came true, why no answers? Why did the story just end on September 11, 2001?

      1. Your comment made me think to “Pedogate” have you caught that yet on youtube? It is fairly well done and guys voice is not annoying . Mostly speaks to pizzagate, but with a strong nod to the manipulation and conditioning we are all force fed on the daily. All the symbolism and sly nods to cabal. It is hour and a half long. I am going to have to look for it. I will post in forum for those who may be interested

        1. I’d like to watch it if you could send the link.

          Being informed is really a fucking chore! Having to look past the shit they’re telling us and coming to your own conclusion really takes it out of a person. And on top of all that’s going on, I’m a middle aged white male but with no real wealth to speak of… So they’re goes any money that I could use to change the world, but I have my health for the time being. And apparently my skin color makes me racist which I never knew about myself.

          Anyways, please post. Thank you!

      2. Hate those guys. They say they’ll be there between 12 and 2 but they’re always late. I go for a pack of smokes at 5pm and find a Sorry We Missed You note on my God Damn door when I get home. I was gone for 3 minutes! Fuck me!

    1. It’s to make you believe the bible is true. They have to show you evil, so then you’ll run into daddy Jesus waiting arms. Then Jesus, king of the Jews can rule the world from Jerusalem for a thousand years.

      Personally, I don’t give two shits about the sandy desert in the middle east. Us Europeans have our own culture. We don’t need the immigrant culture called Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Abrahamic religions were all created by Jews. No thanks. I’ll read about Odin and Thor.

      1. @theprotocolsofzion
        OMG you again, spewing your extremely immature childlike rants. It’s evident from your description of the Messiah that you sorely lack understanding. FIRSTLY- let me tell you the Bible is one of the most provable and legitimate historical texts we have in our possession today. Remember when America was truly a great country ? Yeah- those days when observing our messiah and his laws and statutes only brought blessings and strength to this nation ! Now this nation has turned into a shit show of morons just like yourself who deny the only thing righteous and true, we’ve allowed pornography, transgenderism, homosexuals to infiltrate our schools and we’ve taken the Ten Commandments from the front of our courthouses , Etc, Etc need I continue ? I know I’m wasting my time when dealing with your type, the only reason I responded is because your post is so absurd I couldn’t resist telling you how incredibly ignorant and immature you sound. (FUN FACT) Europeans culture has always been Christianity idiot, look around you at all the white nations ! The only time we lost our way was when the Vikings were honoring Odin and other Norse mythological characters HA HA HA HA . In case you didn’t know let me give you a little history lesson and some info on migration. FACT#1 Migration has been going on since the foundation of this earth. #2 Archeologists are still digging up skeletal remains of the White Hebrew Israelite people in northern Israel, (yes that’s you and I bub) until we fled captivity from the Assyrians and made our way westward through the Caucasus mountains and into Europe . #3 Christianity wasn’t created by Jews , Judaism is a Jew thing and Jews don’t even believe in the one and only messiah, they are working tirelessly to destroy the White man and his God and working towards NWO. You keep reading your Norse mythology and see how far Odin goes in helping us out of the predicament the world is in right now. LOL As the old saying goes, if your god is a light bulb just don’t drop it.
        Here’s a safe tip for living little fella, hopefully you’ll realize it some day.
        The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.

        You’re going to be a hard nut to crack idiot, Darkness cannot possibly comprehend the light and you definitely have your blinders on.
        Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds

        1. @freeridesforgasmoney
          youre the most ridiculous shill ever…. A christian on bestgore, looking at murders, rapes and stuff…. really?
          Look how you talk to your fellow shill @theprotocolsofzion , calling him idiot and all that….i’m no expert but its not the way a hardcore christian like you should behave.

          “the Bible is one of the most provable and legitimate
          historical texts we have in our possession today”

          Go ahead, prove it!
          Then get the fuck out, you and Mr “blame it on zionists” both sellouts pieces of shit!

          1. @yandaone
            Hello asshat, it’s already been proven fucktard. It’s up to you to disprove it you mental retard. It’s hilarious listening to you cucksters talk about religion, God, Satan, Etc you all sound like a bunch of crack fiends talking amongst one another the intellect of Jacques Attali , if you even know who the fuck that is HA HA HA HA ohhhhh- lemme guess, you didn’t know him so by you and elders of Zion logic he didn’t exist ! YOU FUCKERS ARE NOTHING BUT PARASITES TO THIS WORLD.

        2. @freeridesforgasmoney Don’t try to condescend to me you stupid fuck. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You’re dumb. If you wanted to disagree with me, you could have done it respectfully, but it is you who is acting childish with your name calling. Trying to talk down to me, you’re a joker.

          The “Christian God” doesn’t exist. You’re a little sheep that can’t think for yourself. You need a leader. You’re not smart enough to understand psychology. You don’t need a sky daddy to create a decent culture. You can create a moral culture without Christianity. It just so happens that the “So called Jews” want morons like you to believe it’s the end times, so you’ll lick their balls when fake Jewish Jesus rules the world from Jerusalem.

          European culture has not always been Christianity you dumb fuck. When the Romans went into Egypt we were not Christian dumb dumb. The Romans took the religion of Egypt, the pyramid texts and the coffin texts, they also took the book of the dead and created Christianity. They sacked the library of Alexandria and stole all of the books and burned the library down. All of those books are in the basement of the Vatican right now. That’s why in St Peters Square there is an Egyptian Obelisk in the very middle of the square directly in front of the balcony where the pope waves to the people. When high ranking freemasons get buried, they get an Obelisk or a pyramid for a tomb stone. Freemasons even have Egyptian temples that they built as a big joke. There are no gods. They don’t exist. It’s fake buddy. It’s just us and whatever is out there in the far reaches of space.

          Do you want to know what religion is? It’s a building, a book, and a guy standing on stage in a costume telling stories to dummies like you.

          We’re the White Hebrew Israelite’s are we? No, that is 100% a laughable joke. You are suffering from an identity crisis. You don’t know who you are. You think you sound smart, but you actually sound dumb as hell. We are not a name stupid.

          We invented reading and writing, and then we started giving ourselves names. All names are inventions. We made them all up. Your mother gave you a made up name when you were born. I’ll bet you strongly identify with that made up name. You think that’s who you are. If you want to know who you are, go look in a mirror. So no matter what name you want to call yourself, it’s just a made up label. “We’re the White Hebrew Israelites” LOL. You’re dumb.

          “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” That actually applies to you. I’m the teacher and you’re the student. And you were so sure of yourself, HA! You should have known better than to try and debate me. You just made a fool of yourself.

          Now sit down and shut up little man.

          1. @theprotocolsofzion
            jews are scums and highly involved in this shit,i mean its well known and has been proven zillion times, we all agree.
            But its an ideology which has spread everywhere and will keep on going with or whitout jewish participation.
            So focusing only on israel and the jews is sign of vision issues, cataracts obviously are present in your eyes….
            if you’re too dumb and fall for distractions then shut the fuck up cause you’re misleading one and are part of the problem….
            either you’re dumb as fuck or your a shill
            Fix yourself or i’ll keep to call you out

          2. @yandaone You say I am a shill with cataracts in my eyes or I’m dumb as fuck. If you are going to throw around accusations like that then you have to back them up.

            So go ahead boss, tell me what I wrote that was bullshit. Let’s see my stupidity and shilling. And then you tell everyone what is correct.

            Go ahead, I’ll wait.

          3. @theprotocolsofzion
            do you believe you will achieve something in doing pointers at israel? What kind of results do you expect? Will pointers defeat the nwo?
            Even if you would nuke israel and get rid of every jews on earth…..
            we must act locally instead of
            doing pointers at the bad guy character which provides zero result at the end of the day. Anyway im done,the language barrier is a pain in the ass and im not in a trolling the troll mood

          4. @yandaone That’s your response? Just as I thought. You were talking out of your ass with nothing to back it up. You said I was a shill. You didn’t show anything that shows I’m a shill. Don’t go making stupid comments and think you’re not going to be called on it.

            You didn’t even show me what comments of mine you are talking about. LOL. Take the L buddy.

          5. @theprotocolsofzion
            Listen here bitch boy , you’ve been watching too much YouTube to get your doctrines on religions , Etc. FIRSTLY- Catholicism is a joke, PERIOD! the Roman Catholic Church has completely bastardized Christianity and the Christian church is but a remnant of what it once was. SECONDLY- God created man and “MAN” created religion Mr. Elder of a Do’ Do’ brain ! LMAO, Yeshua spoke heavily against religion and wether you want to believe it or not you do not possess the mental capacity to comprehend the very basic/simple fact you were created through Genetics, DNA, Etc, God is the grand designer of everyone on this planet and if you actually think we all came from a firecracker in the sky “THEORY” Then I have an M80 left over from the 4th of July, I will put it in your mouth and light it so you can hopefully WAKE YOU UP OUT OF YOUR IGNORANCE! LMAO Then post it on BG for all to enjoy HA HA HA HA, Hey kid beating up on you isn’t fair, I need someone with wit , not someone like you that sounds like a coward lol. LASTLY- (FUN FACT FOR DUMMIES) We are living in the end of this age and you little bitch boy are going to find out the hard way. Do you actually read or do you just watch YouTube videos and then run your gap in a futile attempt to sound intelligent? Go back to masturbating to mommies used tampons kiddo, it’s probably the only thing you know how to do, CHECKMATE!

    2. Predictive programming. Before ‘ tell a vision ‘ they did programming in books. Titanic was predicting in wreck of titan.
      Reason all these movies and tv shows like simpsons predict thing she is because they all Freemasons. They help shape our reality

        1. Well religion followed too strictly is certainly a slavery of sorts. It is fanaticism.
          My take ? Christianity is the least slave- like religion of all. To me and many others ,Islam is the worst ; wanting strict obedience ,then Judaism and then Christianity.

          Christianity is the only one that says “love one another and all others”. Now Christian Zionists will disagree with me ‘ cause they are very Judaic in their beliefs like Jews and Moslems.

          1. Christian Zionists and most protestant sects live by the doctrine of wealth philosophy, which is the opposite of what Jesus preached. They are the lowest of the low in my opinion.

          2. I couldn’t agree more ,my friend ..bravo! Our Prime Minister is one such fool. He is a Pentecostalist .

            The thing i hate about these Christian Zionist/ Evangelicals is that they believe God loves them simply because they believe in Him. A very important notion. They believe they can allow others to just starve and that They themselves don’t have to be GOOD or caring or sincere in life.

            I don’t want to go into Theology here but we can make a forum if you like another day. They disgust me and that is why most Christians believe they are heretics and not TRUE Christians. God for Smug Fucks! Yuck!

  3. It says in the Kol Hator which is probably the most loved of the rabbinical books that Satan is the enemy of the Jews. In the bible it also shows Satan the enemy of Israel in 1 Chronicles 21:1. The Jews like to fool the goyim into believing that they are Satanist so that their crimes get projected onto him. It’s like the Katyn massacre where the Soviets (Jews) tried to pin it on the Nazi’s (the good guys). Take Marina Abramović’s spirit cooking “art” where she desecrates Satan’s sacred animal the goat. Meanwhile the dumb goyim are calling her and her cohorts Satanist’s while she laughs. The Jews have a saying that goes: “The gentiles shit on their own God.” They are talking about Satan. Maybe one day we can all ditch the Jewish books and all return to our original gentile faith which was paganism.

          1. @hopingfornemesis I believe it is to soothe and comfort the human mind and also to let it ( religion) do all the hard work instead of doing it yourself. It’s so easy to say ‘ god told me to do it ‘ etc. It’s quite delusional. I think most people fear their very existence.

          1. Yes and by ‘being’
            Consciousness is my meaning and definition tho, lyrically being suited the way of the written as I speak,
            Perhaps I should change that to ‘Conscious Being’

            Also it is a part of something, that I took an excerpt from, maybe I’ll post the whole but, so many times people take
            and plagiarise my writing’s, to claim
            as their own.
            I tire of casting
            Pearl’s to Swine. So…

  4. The Quran says, “The Day of Judgement will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them”

    lol whoever created Islam and Christianity definitely had something against jews

    1. The Jews created Islam to destroy paganism in Arabia because they didn’t want the gentiles knowing any magick as that would pose a threat to (((their))) rule. They threw in the anti-Jew bits so as to throw the Arab’s off their trail as to who really wrote the Quran.

    2. People constantly quote the Quran saying it says to kill jews and christians, but that is only in the context of war since jews and christians are supposed to be allies. Jews are the original extremists and think anyone that isn’t a Jew isn’t human. Why this isn’t as mainstream is common sense. Read the scriptures and watch lectures on this!

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    “Africa is next you cunts
    Like Bishop Des TuTu”
    “We always hid the facts from whites
    What we knew was true”
    “We don’t trust each other, man
    So why would we trust you?”
    “Pouring COVID down you necks
    Forgetting to say ‘woo’ “
    “When Chinks take over, white man be
    Confined to Bejing Zoo”
    “Knock knock, who’s there? A Chingy cunt ..
    Who else, dick-face, who? ”

    I’m sick of all you Slant-eye cunts
    About time we ‘slew’
    I’ll rape your Chingy girlfriend, Wang
    Right in her yellow smoo
    Till she turn white as Euro cunts
    Like Casper ghost goes ‘boo’
    I’ll rape a thousand Chingys
    Then pour myself a brew
    Yellow rope round yellow neck
    Till Chingy face turns blue
    So nice to see a yellow face
    Change a different hue
    Want some Euro penis, Wang?
    Here, go have a chew ..
    You know what to do ..

    Death to the Chink !

    1. So funny you say that now as I am coming off monumental disaster fucking around with google accounts to act like 12 year old at other crib. Nightmare and it just happened lmao! and never done it before and this is why. Fucking mess. Lesson learned

      1. Despy.
        Because I use Orbot most often when connected to the web, it blocks the tracking and stops the adds from jewtube and anything joogle, plus I don’t use joogle server’s either, because of that I can’t access jewtube, without switching off some of my privacy.
        Because they can’t see me.
        Because they can’t track.
        Because they can’t advertise.
        They effectively block the tube, that’s why…

  6. nope its the romans that rule the world the spartans took over the usa. You guys still dont get it. there is no government. THe roman columns on the white house prove the romans rule the USA. THey just migrated. The forceful tough guy way didn’t work they learned when rome fell. What they did know is that most men 99% are simps for woman and turn into weak manginas over woman. They get softer and give out these fake faggot feelings for woman and become weak. So they gave woman the most power in the usa to control men and subdue them with so much debt they are slaves working until they die for that woman.

    Even when she leaves him she collects child support and bleed him dry. If a man has no money has no power. And they know this. If a man energy is drained by womans complaints they have no power. And a woman has the power to put any man in prison just by yelling rape. THe real devil is woman. We have the biggest debt ever in history of any country not cause of the fed. Its cause of the simps buying stuff for woman cause they want some nookie and to be held so they feel special.

    That is how soft men have gotten they need a hug and kiss from a woman to feel warm and giddy insideWoman become man in relationship and men are now the woman. When you make a man that soft he will fail his family name, his country and his own life. romans are laughing their asses off they don’t hae to go to war no more just promote woman and regulations built around them to control a man. And thats how you control the country. Where scarface went wrong he was right about money and power and respect but he was wrong about saying then you get the woman. that was his downfall soon as he saw elvira. Then instead of working he wanted to take over to get her cause he wanted elvira to realize she can’t even have a kid and was worthless creature that just consumed his drugs and got him hooked on them.

    1. It’s seems possible to me that the “money changing” Jews act as a parasite. An Anal Jew Squid, if you will. That feeds off it’s host until it collapses, and the parasite moves to the next host country. Egypt, Rome, etc. Now the west. The New World Order is a one world government ruled by the bankers. (AJS)

  7. The answer to all the worlds problem is very simple and obvious. But unfortunately, people will never know, or at the very least question the answer. Whether you believe in a bible, religion, or evolution, the common unspoken premises of all three is that the earth was created in a very simple way with a very simple goal. Man/humans, the cancer of this earth, has convoluted and complicated everything they ever touched. Through ‘knowledge’, humans are destroying this planet.

    If you look at what’s happening this year, last year, a decade ago, last century, ever since humans have been here, it can all be summoned up in one word – distraction!

    Distraction from what? From the simple answer that will fix everything. Do you think the bible has the answer? It’s only a distraction, just like everything else…wars, politics, television, schools, internet, facebook, this site, doctors, lawyers, stores, money, phones, jobs, schools, healthcare, police, laws, ordinances, policies, regulations, hierarchies, cars, insurance, gas, ‘you need this’and ‘you need that’, advertisements everywhere, houses, electricity, viruses, diseases, sickness, medicine, drugs, and everything else in this world that was created through the knowledge of humans!

    The answer is simple! There is a God, but it’s not the God that man has created in the paragraphs of every religious book in this world.

    God is real, and if you remove all the distractions of this world, you will see God.
    Once you do, the world will be completely different, and you will become part of the solution!

    Love TheAnswer

  8. I had to make an account to share my opinion. I’ve been a best gore fan since I was 17. I am currently 22.

    I had no idea the Jewish problem is as bad as it is. I have been aware of the Zionist’s that rule this world via their banking cartels for quite a number of years now. (Discovered some informative videos and message boards at a young age)

    The fact that 0.3% of my country Australia is Jewish yet they have so much swing here is foul. It stinks of corruption. After digging and digging , still to this day I find out more and more about this parasite of a religion. I’m an atheist even though I attended catholic schools most of my life.

    I just cannot comprehend how more people aren’t aware of what’s going on. I try to awaken the masses, especially about this Plandemic we find ourselves in.

    Sorry if this seems like a bunch of incoherent rambling. I just needed to get my opinion out there and show my support. At the moment I’m not a part of any religion or cult like entity. I’m simply against corrupt governments and tyranny. And quite frankly what’s going on now with the C19, it’s become more apparent that all of this shit we talk about isn’t some conspiracy theory. It’s facts.

    Take care guys, and stay safe in these troubling times. Don’t let the tyrants anywhere near you with a syringe. Peace.

    1. It literally makes no sense. They supposedly make up 0.02 % of the world population, yet 50% of the worlds billionaires are Jews. Although I don’t agree with Hitler’s views all the way, he said when you find out what I’ve been trying to fight for, WW3 would start, and I believe it!

  9. Why do people struggle to understand that God is both good AND evil. Satan didn’t create anything. He was setup to be the nemesis. Like if you play yourself in a game of chess. God can’t lose. There is no war waging between heaven and hell. It was over as soon as God scripted it to be. Don’t be swayed by the Jewish deception that we control our own destiny. Free will is the ultimate lie. Your will is God’s coding and he will reclaim you regardless of your unwillingness.

  10. I agree 100% with this article. The media divides us more than anything. I don’t think all Jews are bad, but there is a certain subset of them that is pulling all the strings and the Holocaust made it so that we can’t call them on their bullshit.

    1. @uli
      You do not like this one brother?? 🙁
      I Say this because it will end up, along with the upcoming open post being the most-important posts Mark has Ever Written. As a result,,, it will be a great tool in order for you’s, or (us all) to really see what is going-on behind our backs, and help you’s all understand how we can to fight-off this Evil ruler of our Earth, Satan.

      But the time has come for us to act quickly, and push back hard as we will have God’s Armor on our side. Have an open-mind and faith my good brother Uli. 🙂

  11. Mark, my dearest friend, thank you so much for writing this open post as it will help thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lost souls out there, who might have been on the fence about Jesus Christ, and Our God now know it to be the truth, and nothing but. What you have done is Epic Mark,,,Epic, as 172 comments so far speak for themselves as people want to know The Truth.
    I Love You Brother. 🙂

  12. When Satan/The Devil Took Jesus-Christ up on the highest Mountain on Earth and showeth him all of it’s Kingdoms in order to tempt him after 40 Days of fasting he still refused to bow at his feet.

    So I Have A Question,,,
    #1- How was it possible for them to see all of Earth’s Kingdoms if we were, and are on A Globe Earth???
    It was/is Because Our Earth If Flat, and Dome-Covered that is why.

    Now,,, i have another Question,,,
    #2- How can There Be A Dome/Firmament Covering The Earth if it is A Globe??
    The word “Firmament” appears 17 times in the King James Version (KJV).

    Again,,, It was/is Because Our Earth If Flat, and Dome-Covered Just like it states A Total of 17 Times in The King James Version.

    So when it states “And God said Let there be A Firmament” in the midst of the waters, let it divide the waters from the waters. This (Earth’s Creation) is only 1 of the 17 Times That The Word Firmament Appears, or is Mentioned in ‘KJV’

    *May God Continue To Bless Us All, and Protect Us During These Evil & Uncertain Times B G Siblings*

  13. @VincitOmniaVeritas
    This is the most-important Open-Post that you have Ever Produced Mark. And because it comes at a time where Satan Is About To Unleash It’s Full & Evil Potential against Humanity, we must act fast, if we are to have a fighting chance along With The Full Armor Of God on our side.

    So by spreading-it first, To Our Loyal 430 + Thousands of Best-Gore Members, and then to The Entire Worlds Population, we cannot/will not lose. Though many will continue scoffing at the mere mention of the Words Creator & God, we should not Ever let it bring us down, something that i have done now for almost a full decade. If i had not of had the experiences, or the many “close-calls with Death” that i have had,,, I Would have maybe looked at the words God/Creator with a different set of eyes Mark.

    But what happened instead, was that I truly believe that God has also chosen to keep myself safe, and out of harms way, in order for myself, (And Now Yourself Mark) to be able to be one of this Disciples, or Messengers of Truth, Love, And Righteousness. And as you are awakening to The Ultimate Truth that God really is, and has always Been Our Loving Creator, you will feel his love, and power as he helps you deliver your messages. 🙂

    And because I now know that *You Mark along with Myself* have both never been believers of coincidences, (How Else Can We Begin Explaining) all the hardships and close-calls with Death then that we have both repeatedly experienced then??

    Now again,,, because we were both close to death’s door on more than one occasion,
    (But Yourself Especially Mark) being that we are, and have always Been Non Believers in this “Coincidence” Lie and Evil Deception, There is no other logical way whatsoever to explain it than it having happened with A Loving God At Our Very Side. Gods Armor Is What Saved us both Brother. 🙂

    I Knew that it was only a matter of time before you would begin to see/realize that it was Our Lord And Savior that had stepped-in, when you had completely escaped, and relatively unharmed for that matter, from Hurricane Mary, and it’s ravaging effects. And that something else (and outside force) was at play here, seeing that just about the whole Entire Country had been completely demolished. But Among the rubble your apartment still stood there, & Like a Fortress, when all around you was nothing but complete and utter devastation.

    So Please Mark,,, Do not Ever let these Shills, Haters Of God, and the Members that you thought were good ones Get You Down, as you will see (their true-colors) in their comments to your upcoming follow-up Open-Post, which is B.T.W. of Such Paramount-Importance to get out there. 🙂

  14. Tom Coomes the anchor man/weather man and reporter for a Chicano Mainstream-Media news station is a messenger of Satan delivering all of his lies in one fell swoop. Listen carefully as he turns 100% proven results from a high zoom p-1000 camera, and says that what we are seeing is simply a mirage. One problem,,, Reflections/mirages over water always appear upside down. Satan’s messenger Lies.

  15. @VincitOmniaVeritas


    I Befriended a new Member a couple of months ago, and was elated to finally be able to speak/converse with a good man, a man who knows, and trusts God, as myself. That was only until a certain male Member Who has a forked tongue cut into our conversation, made me look like i was a Real bad man, and i liar, all because cause of my belief in God and the Dome-Firmament Flat-Earth Truth, that is BTW (mentioned 17 different times in the KJV Bible) and for my telling everyone The Good News that God Is Truth and the way.

    John 8:24 – I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am [he], ye shall die in your sins.

    After he (the wicked one) introduced him to the rest of his clan, This New Member that brought pure joy to my life in our previous many conversations unfriended me and joined their clan. 🙁

    *But God Will Have his way with People to convict the innocent and he will do so swiftly (see below)*

    Psalms 94:21,,,
    They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.

    Proverbs 1:11,,,
    If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause:

    #3- Proverbs 19:9 – OFFICIAL KING JAMES BIBLE,,,
    Proverbs 19:9. “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.”. King James Version (KJV) < Previous Verse.


    These God Haters are good liars, by Making themselves look like they are kind, caring, & sincere when instead they have spread lies related to my truthful comments & teachings about God, And the So Beautiful Dome-Covered Flat-Earth That he has created for us us all in order to thrive in it's glory. But these poor lost souls have instead mocked me, made me out to be a liar, and a cold person, when i have the biggest forgiving heart one could ever have. 🙁 But yes for years this has gone on, with them laughing in my & Gods face while Doing-So. All of this hate towards myself only because i have done nothing but spread Gods Truth Which i believe is my calling in life, along with a few other individuals, and you know(Who You Are), So please do not ever let them get the best of You Brother because by doing-so we are givig in to Satan Himself which i refuse to do, i would rather die.

    Proverbs 6:17,,,
    A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

    Deuteronomy 21:9,,,
    So shalt thou put away the guilt of innocent blood from among you, when thou shalt do that which is right in the sight of the LORD.

    Exodus 23:7,,,
    Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked.

    1 John 5:19 – [And] we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

    2 Thessalonians 3:2 – And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all [men] have not faith.

    1 Thessalonians 5:22 – Abstain from all appearance of evil.

    THE EVIL-ONES PART #3- (The Final Chapter)

    Proverbs 4:14,,,
    Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.

    Psalms 26:5,,,
    I have hated the congregation of evil doers; and will not sit with the wicked.

    Isaiah 32:7,,,
    The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

    Psalms 10:15,,,
    Break thou the arm of the wicked and the evil man: seek out his wickedness till thou find none.


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