Open Post #37 – Reverse Psychology; Part 2: Useful Idiots

Cops Are Tool of Powers That Be That Protects Them from Plebs While Pretending to Protect Plebs

Cops Are Tool of Powers That Be That Protects Them from Plebs While Pretending to Protect Plebs

In Part 1 of the series, we dove into the Bible and quoted Jesus Christ who revealed that the Jew is of his father – Satan, and that Satan is the ruler of this world.

In my opinion, the manufactured coronavirus crisis of the past few months has proven that he rules the world more than any other event in history. Pretty much every government of every country in the world took his orders and obediently laid ruin on their land and people to prove their loyalty.

Even countries like Iran participated, and in the initial weeks, took the lead in playing the hoodwink. As such, there is no doubt Iran is compromised. Whatever tensions you see promoted in the Zio press, are as fake as the alleged rivalry between the Democratic and Republican government parties, or the police and the Black Lives Matter figureheads.

Granted, to make the tensions appear believable, sheeple tricked to support one side or the other, are routinely sacrificed. Real bombs are dropped, real bullets fired, and with carefully crafted propaganda a-la Edward Bernays (Jew) to beat the fear of the opposite side into the plebs’ skulls, your average Joe and Jane are sure to bleat along with raised fists.

But in the background, when cameras stop rolling, the leaders of both sides come together to have a laugh at the plebs, and to give the circumcised dicks of the overlords massage with their tonsils.

Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.

~ Josef Stalin

Iran is definitely compromised, and probably has been all along, but they need us all to think it’s the opposite. Yet still, even though the governments of the entire world proved they served those who trained them to serve them and installed them in power, one went rogue and refused to play along.

Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, failed to do as he was told and didn’t impose lockdown, oppression of citizens and whatever else was required to steamroll the economy, and with it, demonstrated to the world that the whole “corona crisis” is fake. He never shut down the football season either. And to top it off, he refused the loans from the IMF to participate in the scamdemic. As such, he’s subject to worldwide smear campaigns and attacks, including for-hire “protesters“.

The Protocols of Zion

Much to the horror of Satan’s children, a few days ago, the FBI released the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The release triggered a major Zionist media backlash who used all their power to damage control, forcing the FBI to apologize.

FBI Tweet About Release of Protocols of Zion

The Protocols outline the plan by Satan’s children to push liberalism, communism, race mixing, replacement migration, feminism and other socieltally destructive ideologies onto the God’s children in order to entrap them in perpetual conflict with each other until the Jew has gained complete control over every relevant aspect of our lives.

Since the original document was released, the Jew has spared no resource to label it a forgery, but with the benefit of decades of hindsight, the fact that he follows the guidelines to the dot cannot be denied.

In Protocol No. 7, the document sets out the use of the army and police as tools of populace control and oppression at their behest:

The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces—are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans. What we have to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers.

Evidence that the military is the sworn enemy of the people serving Satan’s children at the expense of us all is omnipresent and easy to access. Likewise the police, the evidence of what they are used for and why they receive training in Israel is bountiful on the pages of the very website you’re reading.

Useful Idiots

That Divide and Conquer is a time tested and thoroughly exploited tool of the enemy is clear to everyone but total sheep. Yet even if you get it, live with your eyes open and can add two and two, if you support either side of the sides the enemy gave you to choose from, you are still a sheep, and also their Useful Idiot.

Useful Idiots are turds who promote and defend the Zionist agendas without getting paid for it. The existence of large armies of Hasbara shills paid to join influential websites by pretending to be regular members even joining in normal discourse, but craftily and in an organized fashion swaying the discussion to always favor their agendas, is well known and documented. But Hasbaras at least get paid for it.

A useful idiot can’t see past the tip of his nose, so like an obedient sheep, he feels obliged to side with one of the approved options presented to him, and attacks fellow obedient sheep who sided with the approved option trained to play the role in opposition to the former.

Having demonstrated the inability to think for themselves, Useful Idiots can’t fathom the notion of the aware understanding that both sides serve the same master, and always and I mean ALWAYS draws conclusions that… for example, if you understand that Dear Leader Trump is globalists’ wet dream, they will instantly jump in to call you a liberal Clinton supporter. Or if you understand that the police are the “elite’s” tool of keeping the populace battered and helpless, they will jump in and call you an Antifa supporter.

An enlightened mind doesn’t bend over to pick one of two options presented to him to blindly worship everything that side does, while attacking everything the opposite side does. And sure as hell doesn’t assume that not subscribing to the left/right, police/BLM, or whatever similar such paradigm, suggests participation in enemy affairs.

A simple search on Best Gore can reveal that I have routinely exposed the teleprompter reading Kenyan when he was the US president, or that the phrase “Hillary the Obtuse” originated with me, but that doesn’t mean I will blindly worship Donald Trump as Dear Leader. Picking sides from the limited pool of options given to us by the enemy is not what I readily do.

Likewise, a search for “Antifa Fags” will reveal posts going years back where I exposed them for the shits that they are (usually paid for by Soros). But that doesn’t mean I will worship the police just because I know what Antifa are all about. Again, picking sides from the limited pool of options given to us is not what the aware readily do. That’s the domain of the sheeple.

So I challenge those who still have some sense in them, to rise above the level of the sheep, and stop being Useful Idiots for the parasites.

…to be continued.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

96 thoughts on “Open Post #37 – Reverse Psychology; Part 2: Useful Idiots”

  1. Excellent post. I see people fighting with one another right now over a bunch of shit that doesn’t have anything to do with them really. It’s fucking ridiculous. Stop letting the powers that be control your emotions. It’s pathetic.

          1. Yeah, my avatar looks like King Kong went to the salon to get his greys covered up, but the stylist didn’t speak Gorilla and ended up dying all his hair white. Even though it was an honest mistake, he isn’t taking it well.

    1. Mark is right. The police and military are the enemies of the people. There is essentially no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Both are bought and paid for. The civil war has already begun

  2. We stand behind you Mark,
    Stay strong, stay true to yourself,
    Even in incarceration you never backed down from the truth,
    Your a real inspiration a real backbone, what men should be made from.
    I Salute you brother

      1. That verse was just one rabbi flaming some other rabbi’s because they weren’t following the Torah. Read earlier in that book where he says that he is ultimately alright with them in Rev 2:6 because they too hate the Nicolaitans (gentiles).

    1. I believe God is real and can be worse then the devil, with everything in the universe and life on earth it would be much easier to explain how something made something else (like us) vs something coming from nothing, I do in fact believe God is interested in us but also very tired of us, as a result we live life the way we do now, divided, confused and fighting the wrong enemies.

        1. EinsatzHexe555, thank you for the link.
          I´ve download the 275 pages pdf and it´s a must read document.
          Once you remove the spiritual veil that covers your inner eyes and can see the Jew, ALL the MATRIX/Jew lies are permanently removed.
          We cannot have true freedom unless we remove the Jews from ALL dimensions, realms, domains, ALL timelines, past, present, future and those that still not have formed and never will be.
          If you want to ear from the serpent´s mouth just read the paragraph ´A REAL CASE AGAINST THE JEWS´ starting on page 39 in the pdf.

          I´ll take this post to SALUTE Mark Marek.
          I SALUTE you from my hearth, my true Brother.
          We are here in this timeline for a reason. Nothing happens by sheer chance.
 exists because we still remember who we are.
          Roxy´s post below says all.
          The Jews and their pets, the niggers and sand niggers cannot create – they are just destroyers, it´s their nature.
          Our nemesis if you prefer that way.
          Their time has come to fruition as expected, but without my consent either explicit or tacit.
          Their time will pass and they will be just a memory.
          We will be here long after they´re gone.
          Deep inside us the True Divine Spark awaits. We are Creators – never forget that. Never forget who you are.

    1. I believe life for the normal is to experience, grow and develop, to try and never be stuck or stagnant, the affairs that are here in this world are not meant for us, if we’re lucky to not get caught up in it and live a decent life, when we pass on, we will transcend to the next level of being, that is what I believe is meant for us

  3. Kikes like George Soros who is a major contributor (30 plus billion) to many of the most radical groups like antifa, and BLM. Typical leftist hypocrite who will never live in a city ruled by packs of roving niggers stealing the goods from hard working, honest, law abiding citizens. The closest he gets to the shit storms he’s stirred up is flying 25 thousand feet over head in his private jet with his security detail sitting in the back.

  4. “There will come to
    the people years of treachery, when the liar will be
    regarded as honest, and the honest man will be
    regarded as a liar. The traitor will be regarded as
    faithful, and the faithful man will be regarded as a
    And the Ruwaibidhah will speak.
    It was said: ‘Who are the Ruwaibidhah?’
    He said: ‘Insignificant
    people who will speak about matters concerning the
    common people”

  5. “Again, picking sides from the limited pool of options given to us is not what the aware readily do. That’s the domain of the sheeple.”

    Whereas I agree with what you’re saying as a broader statement, in reality you sometimes cannot help but pick a side when facing down what life is throwing at you at any given moment. Especially if it is something that poses a direct and present danger.

    For example. If Muslim men are roaming around gang raping 12 year old white girls like they did in many parts of England it doesn’t do to both-sides the issue. Particularly if you are a white man with a young white daughter living in one of those areas.

    Yes. It can and should be reasoned that the Muslims were brought in by the Jews in order to create chaos and so one should blame them and many do of course but it still stands that a side is often picked out of self-preservation more than anything else because there is protection in numbers. Ok. Granted. That is herd tactics and could be said to be sheep like but pretty much all animals group together with their own kind when facing off danger from outsiders because its an innate self protection mechanism for the most part.

    The above applies to this current situation we are at too.

    If you live in one of those cities being set on fire and destroyed by BLM and Antifa and niggers are marching down your street shouting at you “we are coming for you whitey”, like they have been doing, whilst you’re in your own home shitting yourself you are not going to be pondering the socio-political complexities of the situation as it relates and stands to the grand plan of the Jew and his desire for world domination. You’re going to be arming and bracing yourself for imminent attack by rampaging niggers and that’s the extent of where your thoughts on the matter are going to be in that situation.

    Of course the rest of us can and will ponder such things but we do so from a position of personal safety for the most part. Our priorities are not the same as the person living in one of those places under attack.

    To conclude. I agree that looking at the bigger picture is needed and one can’t and shouldn’t blindly follow one side at all times because that path leads to indoctrination and manipulation. History has shown this to be so. Sometimes however it can be a necessary and needed behaviour for survival. I guess the key is to exercise ones own mindset every now and then so as not to become trapped in thought.

      1. Still mad you got caught rocking your mother’s bra and sniffing her panties I see. Your mother is the only woman you have ever been inside I guess so your actions, though sinful, are understandable and God in his mercy will forgive so consider me your sin box for the day and vent away. Let it all out, my child.

  6. The “high trust” societies of overwhelmingly Adamic folks are gone…societies where children could play in and women could walk the street without fear. We now have low-trust “diverse” cesspools where the Rule of Biblical/Anglo-Saxon Law is ever diminishing. Soviet-style “law” is already here, and will get much worse. Call the cops on a Nigger? Soon to be illegal…actually, I think it is in Oregon now…or will be soon.

    The Jew only has one argument, and it is to accuse you of being what he is and doing what he is either already doing or planning on doing. And in that accusation is revealed the reality that, in their heart of hearts, the Jews know exactly who and what they are.

    That is why the Word of God does not tell us to look for physical tells, but rather to judge and seperate the wheat from the tares based upon behavior. Evil possesses a thousand faces and forms, but the Jews have changed their appearance countless times throughout history with miscegenation, rape, and kidnapping. And yet their behavior remains completely and utterly unchanged throughout time. The Jews of today are in no way different from the Edomites and Cannanites of six thousand years ago. They use the same tricks, act out in the same ways, foment the same revolutions, and use the same arguments and rhetoric to escape or shift the blame. The only thing they fear is the truth, and that people might remember from one generation to the next what they have done.

  7. Here’s the main point though. When given two options and only two, you have to pick the best one. Knowing or saying that you should be aware that both are run by the “Puppet Master” pulling the strings doesn’t solve anything. Like ok you are aware that crazy powerful people are running the show. Now what… you gonna start some revolution? America is not going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe one day.. but not in anyone’s lifetime who is alive right now. So enjoy your fucking life, fuck good looking woman, and try not to end up on this site. That’s it. All the gay conspiracy theories is clown talk. Enjoy being a clown

    1. Well bro The people today is very conformist with the technology and the lightings screens, i dont think any american wants to die they are too cowards a poor and miserable people like the yemen or the syrian ones doesnt haves anything to loose.

          1. This idiots opinions are about as logical as Throwing darts at a barn door. Guys a retard who thinks he is woke. Cannot blame him for trying to understand things, even though his comprehension and overall level of awareness is very weak. Valiant in his failure.

        1. The American military shits on American civilians and uses them as guinea pigs. That’s “BrutalReality” for you. But through the experiments they did with you, your brain is too fried to see the forest for the trees.

          1. The American Military “Shits” on American civilians . We barely ever encounter our military. If you have a little bit of money in this country you are a free man who can enjoy all the world has to offer. Great vacations, beautiful women, so many places to go and fun to be had. But I guess you know nothing about that… must suck for you. To shit in America is like being the loser in school who has no friends but he goes online after to complain with his Incels. That’s you hahahahahah

    2. I share your nihilism on the matter, but I think it’s important not to forget what’s going on and why. If you were to get blindsided by this bullshit and left wondering what the fuck happened, knowing that the info is out there, then you’d be the real clown.

      1. No bro, america has been around for 250 years bro. Thats like, so much time dude. Thats like, basically like forever man. Nothing that old could ever go away. Thats like, guaranteed to keep going brosef. Nothing bad will ever happen to this country. You are a dummy dumb dumb if you think this country is going to fuck itself over, anytime soon. lets ignore everything going on. #americaforever #250moreyears

        1. I never said it’s going to LAST forever. This is all about Trump. If Obama or Hillary were in office none of these protests would be going on. And yea 250 years is a very long time to be a world super power. We’ve been number 1 for about 100 years. You think we are going away in the next 10? I laugh at how you think you are some legend. You are a legend in your own mind and that is it

          1. What is your definition of “America,” you seem to think that theres going to be some huge event, where our government is dissolved and the country renames itself.
            What you fail to realize is, life as we know it, has already changed irreparably. Its obvious that you do not comprehend the intricacies of the powers at be. They do not need to rename America, in order to destory life as we known it, in order to own this country. They are almost there. Good thing for you, you will be old as fuck soon, and will have lived out most of your miserable years in ignorant bliss, by the time it all goes to shit.

        2. Literally is a very young country. Spain,france or Japan for example haves like 2000 years of existence as republics, USA is dying thanks to the jews, inmigration and racial crimes like the mixing and the LGBT groups.

          1. Donald Trump will tongue the anus of anyone who is more powerful than he is. He won’t be satisfied until he is sporting a grizzly beard of dingleberries. Not a very dignified look for the leader of our glorious former free world, albeit notably less free in every sense of the word these days.

          2. @agentukraine this is more for Agent Ukraine but I guess he has some cowardly feature where he doesn’t allow replies to his comments. America has been the same for the past 100 years. The civil rights movement has been ongoing for the last 60 to 70 years. This is not something new. There have been world wars.. riots.. protests.. all of this in the past 100 years. You make it seem like something so new has happened. This is a strange year for the entire world. The corona virus has rocked the globe.

            In some of our liberal cities yes the way of life is going to change. You literally can’t arrest Black people or use force against them unless they literally have fired a weapon at you and you have filmed it. It’s insanity. No cop is going to want to do his job in a ghetto rat infested shit hole like that. But where I live and where the majority of men like me and their families live nothing will change. We don’t allow people to disrespect our property or liberty. The core of this country your white.. American loving gun loving beer drinking sports watching HOT WOMEN fucking men of this country love it and we will always win. Because we are the baddest motherfuckers on earth. We have the strongest military and when push comes to shove out police force can eliminate the serious threats. We let the rats take over Seattle or Burn down a Wendy’s in Atlanta from time to time. Same way a lion can’t kill all the fleas buzzing around his head.

            But make no mistake about it. Not in my lifetime or your life time will America cease to be what I love about it and so many of my family and friends feel the same way.

            You call my life miserable. Hahahah I laugh in your face. That’s you trying to project all that on me. I laugh, fuck, eat, and enjoy family and my country all the way to the bank

      2. The why to what is happening is Trump and Corona Virus. This country has a long history of racial violence no doubt. We brought the blacks over here as slaves and while it helped build up the country in its infancy quicker I think in the long term it has been a disaster. Now we are left with these 40 to 50 million blacks to which I would say maybe 30 percent are law abiding and respectful citizens. But the rich black athletes and rich black movie stars want to make it seem like it’s more like 90 percent are good and productive people. So we have this problem and the Corona Virus was the perfect weapon to neutralize our normal daily lives and it gave all these jobless young frustrated morons an excuse to erupt. Make no mistake about it though if Hillary or Obama we’re president they don’t riot like this. But that’s ok… it’s all about the election. Once it’s over and Trump stays we win.

        1. Who wins? This country has become a giant toilet and A giant boil on the ass of what was once a pristine landscape full of endless possibility. Now we have whatever the fuck this society is supposed to be now. Garbage. No one wins because at the end of the day we are still surrounded by Turds in all directions.

          1. I can agree with a lot of what you said. But before Trump the 8 years of Obama were some of the worst days out country has ever seen. Not because he was black. Our country was so strong when he got in office that despite his horrible policies and liberal handouts we were able to ride out his utter mediocre two terms. If it were not for Trump and we had 8 years of Hillary maybe we wouldn’t have the riots but the economy and shady terrible deals would be astronomical. It was Trump or Hillary. Those were the only two options. Thank God it was Trump

          1. @crybaby You guys actually think Hillary and Trump are friends and everything we see is staged?? It must be terrible to be as stupid and brainwashed as you guys. I can’t even imagine what trolls lies behind your profiles in real life. The insanity and just plain laughable clown conspiracy guys. Hahahahaha haha I’m so glad you guys exist

  8. Has anyone read the PROJECT for a NEW AMERICAN CENTURY? A conservative think-tank figuring how the US will probably it’s military power throughout the world. They acknowledge needing a new “Pearl Harbor” to speed things up. This was written up in 1997. On 9/11 buildings 1,2 and 7 fell. 127. 12/7. December 7, 1941. It’s all a fucking ritual.

  9. Wow this is rather amazing. I do not want to go all fan girl but damn, I just love it when you write these!

    It is almost as though you know the answers and sit back and wait for us all to figure it out. Why you gotta be like that? 🙂 Fantastic Mark

  10. My entire life I knew that everything would go to shit (in America) within my lifetime. I just did not anticipate how rapidly the intensification of the bullshit would be. A few years ago, I truly believed that I had about 20-30 years before everything I knew as reality would collapse. Now, I know that I realistically only have about 5-10 years tops, before people around me (major city) start killing each other on the street. (Already happening) OFTEN.
    Buying guns, preparing hydroponic grow setups, not looking at buying rental properties anymore, purchasing land, stockpiling food, all of my priorities have changed. If you are still sitting inside your home, sipping wine, fucking bitches, acting like this will all pass, you are a fool. Read the protocols, understand how far the Jew have come. This is their moment, theres not much time left before the final phase of their plan comes to full fruition. Youve been warned, by a jew.

    1. This guy says if you are drinking alcohol and fucking women Then you are a fool.

      There is no other purpose to life then having fun and having sex to either have fun or have children. Your life must be so miserable. You don’t care for the two most important things in the world. You might as well end it now. Guy literally doesn’t enjoy the most natural of enjoyments. The purpose of life is to enjoy it and procreate. Unreal that a human could think like that. Have fun in your bunker all alone you fucking Incel

  11. So, just short of starting a new secret society and vowing to destroy the current puppeteers whilst absconding from the general populace, what are we to do from a position of no power? Especially in a sense that could be considered different from the former elitists. I don’t see a way out of the hole that is being a sheep by default on account of inaction. This is a frustrating topic to come to terms with. It seems all we can do is wait and prepare for the end game. Unless I’m missing something?

      1. I think we are too late in this century, the things could had been solved in 1938-1945 with A.H Now the “J” fellas haves an insane power in every aspect of the world. Im not from USA but here in my country the jews are hitting very hard.

  12. I’ve noticed alot of prominent white nationalists are supporting Trump 2020, even though all of these troubles happened under his watch and will continue to spiral. Also, you can bet your bottom dollar that every ‘leftist’ Jewish journalist will also vote for Trump, he’s their man, Biden to a lesser degree. It’s all a stage.

    Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

    1. They think themselves nationalists, but they hate America as much as their Dear Leader whom they worship. It’s same as with EDL in the UK. They paint themselves nationalists, but they are Israel firsters who hate the UK. Nobody who’s half sane and and supports the USA also supports Trump. Or Biden for that matter. They both serve the same master and have the same goal in mind. That’s the whole point. It doesn’t matter which side you fall for, if you fall for either, you are a useful idiot supporting the foreign interests seeking to tread on you like on a doormat.

  13. Me, I just come here for the gore, I just can’t figure out how most of you fuckers believe the covid 19 virus isn’t a real thing. I just wait in anticipation of your reaction to the next asteroid strike or mass solar ejection that will obviously be engineered by the Jews/New World Order. In my opinion the most sinister thing in the current world is this social media thing we’ve created. If you want to see the number of the Beast just look at all the social media apps, computers and mobile phones.

  14. 500 years ago the vatican had the role of the Actual jews, Playing with the people ignorance and stupidity of them, Now they got the control well the jews are very clever parasites They kill the hostages and after that they kill another one maybe in the next century they would destroy japan or the last advanced country on earth.

  15. I don’t always agree with Mark on all his talking points, but I def agree that this is nothing more than a “plandemic” to control the weak-minded sheeple of the world. It makes me wonder how long the idiots will go along with it before people lose their shit, rise up and take their lives back.
    I got an email from my kids’ school the other day to fill out a form on whether I will be sending them back for in-school learning or distance learning (home schooling). I made no bones about it. I told them this is nothing more than the seasonal flu, and that hell yes my kids will be going to school! Fucking lazy asked teachers.

  16. My favorite is when some jackass says “If you don’t vote, you can’t say anything about this country”
    They are programmed very well.
    Since when did you have to be a “useful idiot” to have a voice in this country?
    Voters crack me up.

  17. It says in the most cherished of rabbinical books like the Kol Hator that Satan is the enemy of the Jews. Beyond that it even says that Satan is the enemy of Israel in the bible just see 1 Chron 21:1. The goyim just love the book that the Jews wrote to spiritually enslave them. Now, kindly love your enemies, hate your families, and be a good slave like RABBI JEBOO said!

  18. The mask is killing me. My smile is who I am and how I connect with people and the world around me.

    For context: I’m a straight, white, 30 y/o American male, highly intelligent and very handsome, living just south of D.C. I work in a grocery store where the majority of my associates and customers are black. I started working there just as this ‘Plandemic’ started. I have prior military experience and exude tremendous leadership and work ethic. They hate me. They’re afraid of me. As all humans do, they fear the unknown. The only associate I have to work directly with, is a 21 y/o, black, super ghetto, very loud and obnoxious, very ‘alpha’ male (but not really). Young, naive, always interrupting me when I’m talking to other people, constantly saying “Ey man come here,’ ‘ey man go do dis for me,’ constantly testing me. Listening to music while working, singing stupid nigger rap, and overall just being a dumb nigger. He also didn’t have a father, is picking up every little nigger girl he can and repeating the endless cycle of his oppression.

    Given what I just wrote, you might be a bit confused. I made some mistakes in my late 20’s, which is how I ended up in a grocery store. People I work with ask me why I’m there, because they can all see that I don’t belong. It’s funny that none of them have ever seen a man looking for something to hold on to, looking for purpose in his life. What I tell them is that I have to live a life of service right now, that’s why I’m doing it. And if I do, maybe, just maybe, everything I need in this life will come to me when I need it, exactly on time.

    I also live alone in the woods on a bunch of land in the boonies, smoke and grow…things, have farm animals (that I don’t fuck, you perverts), guns, and all that awesome shit. You know which side I’ll be on when the War starts.

  19. Imagine knowing about the Jews and then worshipping one

    Worshipping their god and buying into their framework is part of the plan, getting gentiles worshipping their patron is what’s given them their power. Always disappointed when I see whites still trapped in this cage.

  20. You guys are so funny. The reason why your shitty lives are so bad is because most of you are thick as pig shit. Blame the Jews ha ha. Love it. Whilst they are getting on and making lives for themselves you lot are all chumps sitting at home, writing shit on this forum trying to sound like you are going to do shit. You ain’t going to do anything. You are all going to be here a year later wrting the same shit with the same shit jobs moaning why you all have no money and no prosepects. Get an education you mongs.
    Enjoy your day you guttersnipes. PS the rabbi send his regards.

  21. When you take a side, all you do is appear as the enemy in the eyes of the other “team”. That’s why they intentionally spotlight events that don’t allow for any creative takes, it’s just “leftist preestablished talking point”, or “conservative preestablished talking point”. Do you think you’ll ever change someone else’s mind on the other team? No dude, their herd mentality kicks in and they cling to whatever their team believes. The Jew knows this. That’s why they throw divisive points in our faces.

    The subject should be, “Hey, there’s a psychotic group of Jews that have formed a criminal enterprise and have enslaved humanity, what do we do now?”.

    With the happenings of the last few months, the Jew has suceeded in making previously aware people support the police and love the government? You allowed the Jew to influence you to take that position. Wake up, sheeple!

  22. Awesome, and So-True Writing Brother. I Could not wait for this, the 2nd part of your mini-series to come-out, but, as always,,, the wait was well worth-it as you did not disappoint. I Just Hope & Pray that our Members, Lurkers, and actually,,, all the good people on the face of our Earth learn something from this.

    I Say this because it is such of Paramount-Importance for them to finally come to realize, and to understand that we were, and still are, all created by this intelligent, loving, caring God. So hopefully many more hundreds of thousands, (or much more), if we factor in our good members alone, will
    finally let the proven-truth sink in that Evolution is, and has always been a huge Jewish-Lie.

    So for those of You who still Think/Believe with absolutely “Zero-Proof To Back It Up” that we evolved/came from Monkeys/Apes, after Two Big-Ass Rocks That Came-out from nowhere, from nobody, and for no reason, smashed together at an incredible speeds forming/creating everything that we see, live, and experience today,,,

    I Ask You’s This??? Where are all of these Supposed half Ape/Monkey’s Monkeys that should still be evolving??? And if we evolved from them, why do we still have an abundance of Monkey’s,,, Apes,,, and the like that supposedly changed into us??? Hidden in Government underground bases along with their hidden U.F.O.’s??? And as for the missing link that these Jewish-Liars keep using as an excuse,,, well i have the answer to that question, and have had it since Grade 2 He Is Called God There is your missing links, you lying Jew-Thugs,,, 🙂 GOD-HIMSELF. 🙂

  23. Wow man its been a while that i don’t hear this level of truth and enlightening post. Hey i know Iran bowed down does this mean Hezbolla is just a dog and pony show? And why would all the governments bow all at once? does this have anything to do with Putin and Russia finding anything in the Arctic? Did North Korea bow as well?

  24. …”drug abuse, self abuse, searching for the next high, sounds a lot like hell spreading all the time, im waiting for the day the hole world fucking dies”…i know why you all prayers wil never be answered, God hates us all

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