Open Post #5 – Everything You Do Is Illegal

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I rented a car a couple months ago. Then I bought a few bananas on sale but didn’t get a chance to eat them on time and a few went bad on me. It was Sunday afternoon and as I drove, I noticed one of those huge dumpsters on the side of an empty parking lot. I pulled over, got off the vehicle, grabbed those bad bananas and threw them into the dumpster.

As my type of luck would have it, a police car went by and pulled next to me just as I was throwing the bananas into the dumpster. The cop asks me: “What did you throw in that dumpster?” I says: “A couple of spoiled bananas.” He says: “Did you know it’s illegal to waste food even if it’s spoiled?” And I says: “No shit! Just about everything a guy does these days is illegal. My sole existence is probably illegal in your eyes.”

Luckily for me, I had a knowledge of what the cop was basing his reference on and could stand up for myself with said knowledge. The fact is – there is such law which prohibits waste of edibles but is primarily targeted at harvesters of wilderness resources. You can’t for example catch a fish and then throw it away to rot. If you don’t intend to eat the fish, you should release it back where you took it from. It’s the same with hunting or trapping and it makes perfect sense. But if you pay money for a commercially produced edibles, cops shouldn’t harass you even if you waste it.

Since I showed the cop that I wasn’t completely disconnected, he immediately pulled a backup trick at me and said that the dumpster into which I threw my bananas belonged to a nearby college that pays fees for its use. Because I wasn’t the payer of fees, it meant that I was using their dumpster illegally. This argument was much more difficult to counter so I told the cop that because the dumpster was in no way marked as a private property, nor were there any signs anywhere near it telling me not to use it, I couldn’t have known that I’d be breaking the law if I used it. Further, I told him I would be willing to return the following day, which was a workweek day (Monday) and speak with someone from the college if they would retrospectively grant me the permission to use their dumpster for disposal of my spoiled bananas. Cause if they gave me permission, this whole argument would be moot.

I got off with just verbal warning, but the thing is – it would have been much easier for me to throw the bananas out of a moving vehicle and be done with it, but no… I decided to do the right thing and look for a dumpster to throw them into instead. And for that I was chastised. It simply seems that in today’s society, even if you genuinely go out of your way to do the right thing, you will still be in the wrong. Worse yet, it seems that in today’s society, everything you do is illegal. And cops enjoy knowing it’s that way:

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  1. I feel your pain there’s a lot of ridiculous laws out there if you don’t know your shit you are fucked but like i used to say back in the day “fools follow rules” as long as it’s not killing somebody you’re good to do anything you want as long as the cops don’t catch you doing it you just had bad luck when that cop car saw you throwing the bananas next time do it till you are home so you don’t have to deal with cop’s bullshit i bet you were annoyed inside you and just wanted to punch the asshole + gtfo the place asap ~

        1. Oh, I dunno….probably not too many people. It looks more like something along the lines of a movie prop, lol, I sincerely doubt the “corpse” is real. Really.
          I may be wrong, but if you click on ctrl and the + sign, it enlarges the screen pictures and the writing, quite clearly, and you’ll also notice that the zombie/corpse has one leg, looks more like a mermaid corpse, lol. It’s rubber, if isn’t, I wonder why the mono leg…

    1. I know what to say! These officers like the officers in your home town are the biggest gang in our country. We have become a police state & crimes pays bigtime really REALLY BIGTIME..The $$Billions of tax dollars spent on homeland security forces all over the nation is one example. The most disturbing truth is our nation will never be the same after 9/11 & the soul-stunting actions of BUSH JR. How bad is this fact! In my own state over 225 state police make over 180k a year YES TRUE STORY. The money aka tax dollars being paid to city and town employees in my state is outrageous. Pension,Paid Sick Days,Paid Holidays, the list is huge..Public unions are effecting every single state in our nation. A corrupt cancer that will never be fixed because the people making the laws and changing the laws are calling all the shots. And it all comes down to GREED..In my state lawyers and judges own some of the jails! Imagine the costs of 1 year for a ghetto defendant to be confined is around $40$ Thousand Dollars $ Yep YEP true story..We have over 2 million people in our prison systems & its a $Billion Dollar Industry$ How ugly does that make americans feel and look like & we still have children in the thousands going hungry everyday..Police & Theives? HHHMMMMmmmm & over 75% get back out and commit the same crimes. “There is alot of Violence In Truth”

  2. looks like Canada is the latest new world heaven for retarded PROGRESSIVE legislation (or “LIBERAL”, for USA dwellers) . Funny that the copper shifted from trying to fuck up your property rights (you can’t throw away YOUR bananas) to supposedly upholding like a champ the college’s (you can’t throw away bananas in THEIR dumpster).
    All in all, another case of police retardedness. But hell, what do you expected, they wouldn’t be cops if not a little retarded….

    1. In the netherlands there was a quota installed for giving tickets, for every cop. Which meant as much that they had a minimum a tickets to write. (This rule was banned recently)
      So if they have the same ideas over in Canada thisdoesn’t surprise me at all.

  3. Your story doesn’t suprise me. I was once fined for ”verbally assaulting a police officer” in Los Angeles, because I used a curse word during our conversation. Remember that the police can murder you and get away with it.

    1. This reminds me of a story I saw on the news. Some guy was asked to perform a sobriety test by the police but they decided to arrest him cause he farted on the cop lol. The cop said he arrested the guy cause the fart was “very ordorus”

  4. The coppers can Always pin something on you.
    My mate got caught pissing on a tree in a surburban park years ago and, was taken to the station put into lock up and worst of all had his prints taken and stored. ridiculous.

          1. Oh stop it you…
            is it getting hot in here?!

            I haven’t seen you around these parts before Mickey, are you a newcomer or am I just myopic?

    1. the whole pic made me go wtf o.o i was staring at those shoes for a long time…

      that story is one of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever heard. i’m glad that mark is quite knowledgable about a lot of things and was able to get off lightly.

  5. As many of you know i am a supervisor for a big home builder in the ottawa area . We have many huge red garbage bins on our many sites. I personally have no problem with people throwing small items in our bins . but that being said , we in kanata (suburb of ottawa) have a huge amount of chinese purchasing homes on our site because of the high tech industry being in kanata. Because they purchase one of our homes they think they own those fuckin bins . fuck man ,we cant keep those fuckers out of them.They either fill them up with their personal garbage I.E. fridges, couches , or general trash. The other problem we have is the dumpster divers. These short little chinks dive HEAD FIRST into these fuckin things & only their flip flops are sticking out of them. Crazy little fucks, we have to check them before we can crush them down in case , as before , we find one in there. I dont know ….. fuck man , i have to find another job . Dealing with them on a daily basis is a real treat. I never in my life found any race as argumentative in my entire pathetic life….IT SUCKS.

    1. The gooks in the U.S. are no different. Numerous times have I witnessed them dropping off couches, fridges, and other large home appliances in my apartment complex. They do what they please, with no regard to you or anyone else.

      1. First let me say welcome to BG, and second YOU’RE FUCKING RIGHT. I hate American asians (and I mean like first generation immigrant asian). They’re wasteful as fuck and don’t give a shit what you see them do until you do something about it or confront them in which case you get yelled at in gook language which just pisses me off to the point of wanting to destroy them and end their useless zipperhead lives.

        1. the second generation gooks tend to be totally opposite to their parents, at least in Banana Republic: they usually go EMO or with whatever reclusive tribe they can get into. Both parents and sons need a good beating if you ask me.

        1. Actually i do need a job, I fly me over baby and I’m all yours, but there is a catch, i expect a house, a car, $200,000 o per year, expensive jewellery, not much to ask for and i won’t let you down, I’ll even shoot the little gook bastards for ya, with pleasure.

          1. i will give you all that and more but first ya gots to give up da poosay to da mouse, recieve DEMON SEED, become RAT IMPREGNATED, and agree to have my PINKIES. still interested?

    2. Awhile back an asian-mailman was caught by a neighbor taking a dump in the side yard of a house in my neck-of -the-woods(Portland, Oregon). It was all over the news. After everything was over he got a slap on the wrist and got to keep his job!

      **what a country**

  6. Ha! That might be the best picture I’ve ever seen!

    A few years ago, I was taking my usual nightly stroll around my apartment complex. I cop started following me from behind very slowly. Made me nervous. Finally, he pulls up to me with a flashlight and asks me where I got my shoes ( I have no frickin’ idea why he wanted to know that) I told him in a shoe store. He told me not to get smart with him. He pulled the car over. He asked me a bunch of questions and checked out my identification. I guess he thought I was the local shoe thief. Well,,,,that’s the end of my story. It’s all I got.

  7. Reminds me of the time I got chased 5 blocks by 2 police men just for running past them – because obviously if you run past them you’ve done something wrong, right? Once I got fed up with the fat bastards chasing me I stopped and ask them what the fuck they were playing at and they told me that I had suspiciously ran past them and then attempted to flee.
    The funny thing is though that I was once chased across a field for over an hour by 2 men on quad bikes who were trying to run me over, when someone spotted me running for my life with them chasing me they rung the police and they never turned up. Probably too busy chasing people who aren’t actually doing anything.

  8. Here’ a good cop story for you cause goodness knows we don’t have enough of them….

    I was in my car sitting in a left turn lane waiting for the light to turn green, I was the second car in the lane. When the light turned green the car in front of me proceeded to move forward and so did I. I took a split second look up at the light again confirming that it was still green, but when I looked back at the car in front of me, he had stopped and there was no time for me to so BANG I rear end him.
    We both got out of our cars and I immediately said “why did you stop, the light was still green?”… he was arguing that it was not.
    Then, he literally started to do the ‘oh, my neck, oh my back’ bullshit routine and I knew I had been duped and was totally fucked.
    I was 17 and barely had my license… this old fart had to be at least 70.
    It was then that I heard this voice from behind saying “The young lady is right, the light was still green”, then the gentleman pulled out his badge showing he was a police officer (off duty and in his truck behind me).
    I then went back to my car and let them do the talking.
    Needless to say the old man didn’t get away with his attempted scam.
    When he got back in his car he looked in his rear view mirror and gave me a ‘if looks could kill’ look… I blew him a kiss ~ that REALLY pissed him off.
    Happy ending.

    1. In Montreal we have no fault insurance it’s called, even if it is your fault, all the insurance companies pay is the cost to repair your vehicle, if you want to pull one of those “ooh my sore neck” thingies, they’ve got to prove they are hurt. Running into someones’ arse end is one of those things that is considered your fault, but it only serves to increase your insurance for the following year.

      1. Well that is certainly understandable my friend.
        I have been to Montreal and took my life in my hands being a pedestrian there.
        The drivers reminded me a lot of the drivers in Paris – they probably have a ‘no fault’ insurance clause there too.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think Montreal is a beautiful city with lovely people but the drivers scared the bejeebers out of me!

        1. It has its’ share of mental cases though, I don’t take that personally, lol. I AM the epitome of mental cases, I cross in the middle of the roads, with trucks/cars/buses going both directions, and stand on the middle line. I am crazy and trying to be on BG eventually, hehe. But there are a few rules to remember here, while driving. A green light means go, a red means stop,unless it’s still yellow,and just .5 of a second from turning red. And yellow means rush as quick as you can, pity the pedestrian like me, doing the stupid in the middle of the road. If you have an out of province/country plate, you will never receive any courtesy, especially if you come from Ontario, haha, we’re political rivals, so you definitely won’t get any extra love here. LOL. I don’t feel differently, although bilingual in both official languages I take everyone at face value, but yes, we are different here, very different as far as drivers.

  9. Cops are a walking, talking, FLESHY fucking VIRUS of a DILDO!!!! I guess I shouldn’t single them all out but just take that as a rounded estimation on my part. I have a cop story as I expect most of EVERYONE to have one. I just am not getting into mine AGAIN…!

    Bananas are biodegradable, even though the peeling breaks down relatively slow, so I would have just took the option of throwing out the window of the moving car.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the cop wouldn’t have fucked with you for that one, either. Just them fucking with you, wasting YOUR time is completely outrageous! They expect you to get worked up and take swings or something just so they can handcuff you.

    The ENTIRE police force should be monitored way better SOMEHOW. They think they can get away with anything, and they end up getting away with everything most of the time!

    Cops are living PROOF of typical human behavior.

    1. In all fairness Nicole.

      I think the sheer amount of regulation and ‘independent’ Police Monitoring organisations are counter- productive and actually worsen the problem.

      The MASSIVE amount of paperwork… Combined with the ‘compensation’ culture has left many Officers alienated and disillusioned with the system.

      This Politically correct culture that surrounds the authorities means that as Criminals become harder and harder to prosecute, police often turn their attention to ‘nit picking’ and ‘pettiness’ against the law abiding.

      So you see. When Police ‘Power trip’ by persecuting the righteous… It is only to compensate against their inabilities to prosecute the wrong.

      It is a shit system. But not one that rests solely on the shoulders of the Police.

      It is the lawmakers/ Executive that are in the wrong.

      1. Tom, I can understand with what you are saying. Trying to control something often times makes matters worse. For example, banning guns NOW after we have had them basically at the ready for so many years. You can’t just take away something cold turkey like that and not expect shit to smear across your tongue and back out your asshole.

        I am a bit stubborn when it comes to cops and guns.

        Two of the most devastating factors of why humans are the way they are, if that makes sense.

        When you combine them, you have chaos. Its simple. Like I have said before, if guns were to have never been legal in the states, the crime rate wouldn’t be shot out of control like it is today and we wouldn’t be dealing with MOST of ANY of these corrupted cops. IN MY OPINION, anyways.

        More crimes, which is usually fucking firearm related, means more cops, which most are corrupted.

        Sure do hope I have made sense of myself. Its rare that it happens you know. I seem to be having eye problems all of the sudden. They are shaking back and forth like I am dizzy, but I have not done anything that would make me dizzy. I also feel nauseous.

        1. You make a good point about ‘if guns were never legal…’.

          True, gun crime would be a fraction of what it is now.

          What is also true… Is that you would likely be a Crown Dominion within the British Commonwealth, and only a fraction as powerful and influential as you are today.

          As what would have the American revolutionaries have fought with?

          The weapons they used were the tools of Pioneers. They were the family rifles. Your nation was born out the barrel of a gun.

          It is an integral part of your culture, which many foreigners can’t seem to grasp… That without civilian ownership of firearms… Their is no America.

          I disagree with your belief that most Coppers are corrupt… Many are lazy, too many.

          Many are also firm… But trust me, a firm copper is as rare as a Golden sheep in this part of the world.

          Law and Order MUST be maintained, even if it involves pissing people off. Else you get the sort of Civil disobedience like the world witnessed in the UK last Summer.

          As for your eyes… That would be the sheer amount of ‘pizza sauce’ that your boyfriend Lunatic blows into them..

          Have a rest dolly!

          1. Sorry Tom, have to use this one…

            @Marek- kinda took my words out of context. I didn’t mean throw all the food out the window. Once in a while wouldn’t cause MUCH harm.

            My point was that in Mark’s situation, it may have prevented him with dealing with the stress if he did throw the banana out the window.

      2. The police force is a boys club. They’re condescending to anyone that doesn’t bend over and let them fuck em in the ass. If a cop fuck up, the other cop would defend and/or lie to save his ass. They never have to answer for their actions. They are manipulators and Benders of truth.

    2. @ Nicole
      You might want to think twice about throwing those “biodegradable” bananas out the window of a moving vehicle . In many places, it is against the law to dispose of ANYTHING in that manner. You might additionally want to consider that doing so will undoubtedly attract all sorts of wildlife closer to the roads … thus putting both the wildlife & motorists at risk of being involved in an accident & sustaining injury or perhaps even causing their death. Also…if that isn’t enough to sway you …..let me ask how you would feel if every passing motorist on any given day decided to throw their biodegradable leftovers on your property? Not a very pretty picture…is it?

      1. @Nicole
        Thank you for the explanation. Am truly sorry to hear you are not feeling well today. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to enjoy the luxury of any “me” time….especially with two little boys to care for….hope you can manage to get some rest & feel better soon!

  10. Yep, sounds like the cop was just looking to use mundane,retarded excuse to give you a ticket. Fuckers. How many people would know that, I sure as shit didn’t. Unless you have a degree in law, the can probably find some stupid law to fine you. It’s a good thing you knew what you were talking about.

  11. Really happened to me, cop put a lil sack of coke in my car after he came up with nothing in his initial’s the kicker, I don’t even like yay! Not my kinda high! I perfer Trees.. judge dropped charges after my attorney pointed out the fact I was willing to do a drug test the night in question to prove blow wasn’t mine, but the officer denied me that.. FUCK THE POLICE!

    1. Yeah that’s all I could come up with as well lol

      I remember getting handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car because I walking with my hoodie on (it was winter and about -4 degrees Celsius, hence why I was hooded) and told if I were to be found doing that again, I would be put into overnight lock-up… I’ll walk around naked next time and tell them “I’M NOT WEARING A HOODIE YOU STEREOTYPING FOOLS!”

        1. When I start my new job at the mines I will be purchasing a Fuck-tonne of BG gear 😀

          I reckon 1 of the shirts should’ve had Budd Dwyer on it saying “Please leave if this will offend you” lol 😛

        2. I sent Mark a $50 donation about 3 weeks ago and apparently it never made it. I guess a fearless citizen dove in front of Mark’s mailbox as the mailman delivered it. Hey Mark, if you see a hero covered in chunky blood and paper cuts, he’s got your money.

        3. * fixed income here, waiting for pension to arrive, even made a paypal account to get my stuff. But Mark must sign it too…..hear that, Mr Mark? lol. Actually it will be the first thing I will buy online, this is why I have only briefly gone through the articles, I don’t want to get too eager….The one you chose, @ Tom(hi by the way)is probably one that I’ll get. Or something similar.

          1. I have had my eye on that hoody for a while…

            I will use it as a running hoody when the weather takes a turn for a worst.

            Might buy a thing as well…

  12. This sort of shit makes me sick.
    I used to be a cop in a small town, and I never saw any kind of crap like this. Us cops there were respected and respectable earned it. We never harassed people or wasted their time.
    We did welfare checks on the elderly who lived alone (they gave us a set of keys to their houses), if someone got stranded in town we gave them gas vouchers and a room at one of the motels in town, shit like that. The only 2 kinds of people we came down hard on were drunk drivers and drug dealers (a lot of big-time Meth labs in Oregon).
    I’m sorry about what happened to you, Mark, that cheeseball ought be smacked upside his head with his own nightsticks. But please, don’t let one or two assholes make you forget that there are people out here who became cops because we really do care and want to make our towns a better and safer place.
    I hope someday you can meet a cop like the ones I worked with-maybe it would restore your belief that cops can be kind and decent people.
    Once again, I’m m sorry for the shit that idiot gave you.

    1. Here, here Chris!

      Not all Coppers are arseholes. And in all fairness, given the amount of shit they deal with… From the fucking wanking Lawyers shitting on them from above.

      And the Criminal scum getting off precisely because of the scummy Lawyers and Politicians…

      One can accept why the Police are so jaded.

    1. Usually to check out what’s going on inside the car and how many people are in it. One evening we spotted a car with expired tags and broken tail light, but something just didn’t feel right, so we followed closely for a bit.
      There were 3 people in the car, that let us know how many we had to deal with. They were passing a pipe around, that let us know we were gonna be dealing with dudes who were in a different frame of mind. And most frighteningly, the guy in the passenger seat was flashing what turned out to be a .45 around.
      Every piece of information you can gather helps you to deal with the situation in a better and safer manner.
      I hate prick cops, just as most decent cops do. They are a disgrace to the uniform and cast us all in a bad light.

  13. This reminds me of a time at the super market.

    Had to go shopping and bring the little bro with me, had all the groceries, bread, fruit blah blah, the usual.

    I decided to grab a 6 pack of beer also, once at the counter, I was asked for ID, and then my younger brother was also.. to which lead the ENTIRE sale forbidden.

    First I’ve heard of “double buying” in Australia

  14. I used to work nights at a warehouse, the last store I pass on the way home (3am in the morning) was a Dunkin Donuts on the corner with a drive-thru thats 24 hours. I could bet money that not only a cop would be there at the window while I drove by, but 2 or 3 more in the parking lot conversing about their doughnut ingesting while a block away some dude is gettin shanked (I lived in downtown Schenectady). I was basicly living in Africa so there was a cop on my street for a call like every day (and there were only 6 homes on each side) but I could sit on my porch smoking blunts while talking to ’em and they would thank me for being so forthcoming while completely ignoring the marijuana I was smoking. Basicly my skin was the wrong color to be arrested. Reminder though this WAS the ghetto, no joke.
    Another white buddy of mine was driving all coked out and drunk in my old ghetto neighborhood, a cop pulls him over and asks where he’s going, he replies (loudly): “I’m going right up here sir!!”. The cop says “Where you comin from?” in which he replies “Right over there sir!”. The cop thinks for a sec and then says “Where are you from?”. His answer (loudest of all) “I’M FROM RIGHT HERE SIR!!”… the cop told him to drive striaight home, so he came over to my place and we did more drugs…. lol

  15. Get this…. You are allowed to grow papaver somniferum (opium poppy) But you can’t cut the pods as that will get you drug charges,trafficking & distribution.
    The law is so confusing, Soon everything will be illegal, condoms & morning after pills, alcohol, coffee,cars,big tits,slutty women.
    When all that is complete, A new president will take over and he will fist rape everyone, american or not, & that will be the end of the new world.

    It’s illegal for you to stand in a corner for more than a while… It’s like the government is a paranoid cocaine addict..

    1. ha, when in BR judiciary I wrote a project of acquittal for my judge (that he later signed without corrections) declaring a procedure null an void of a guy who was stopped by the police, revised and they found on him a bunch of illegal stuff not to be undiscoled here. The reason of the detention stated in the police record was that “he was standing on a corner without going anywhere”.
      Now if you tell me that in AMERICA cops no longer require a reasonable PROBABLE CAUSE to detain people, I must say that your country is kinda going Soviet Union or Nazi Germany….
      I remember another awesome Banana Republic detention where the reason stated in the detention act was that “the detainee looked bolivian” 😀
      BR fuck yea

  16. You tackled that cop situation skillfully, Mark.

    These days we better have knowledge about:
    – psychology
    -how to deal with the mentally challenged

    in order to srategy our way through weird society.

    (I think i’m gonna marry an attorney just to be on the safe side.)

  17. cops are just govt asshole stormtroopers on power trips. i’ve had a lot of encounters with them, mostly traffic stops when they need to make their monthly ticket quotas. don’t argue with them cause you will ALWAYS be wrong. take the ticket and pay it cause you will lose in court if you fight. all part of the revenue generating govt machine. i’m sure they have smaller dicks than even me and thus why they need to be on power trips all the time. civilians are at their mercy and that is exactly what makes their pricks hard.

    1. Go on Youtube, there are plenty of vids showing police brutality. All it does is piss me off and make me wanna go shoot a cop.

      There are decent cops though, they’re just like the 1%, 99% are crooked pieces of shit. You could blame the job getting to them day after day of almost being killed by worthless crackheads without a life worth living… but if thats the case then they should just quit.

  18. The absolute best thing about living in the United States or any other country(I cite the U.S., because it’s the closest border to Canada)is that you can kill anyone, and be facing the death penalty in the US and come to Canada, and we keep you here unless the US agrees to not seek the death penalty. We will not deport anyone who faces death for whatever reason. I think these “still on the books”laws are full of shit. I can’t believe Mark was almost nailed for either of those things. He should have said he was “donating” the bananas to the college in the name of science, lol. But it’s obvious the pig was looking for a reason to give him a ticket, plain and simple. We still have lots’ of laws here in Quebec, that haven’t been removed or altered, like it’s illegal to tie your horse up in Old Montreal, or the Vieux Port of Montreal. This was a law from the 1800’s and actually can still be used, because the Old Port has horse and carriage rides. A cop can come up with a million and one excuses to hand out tickets. And some of them do. But don’t get the false image that our cops are gentle, and decent folk with bleeding hearts, I’ve had some prior experience with them, that wasn’t exactly pleasant. I’ve tasted a few mouthfuls of pepper spray, been involved in the Oka Crisis, where they shot at us with rubber bullets, percussion grenades and tear gas. They aren’t saints, google the montreal student strikes, the cops were beating the shit out of bystanders, pepper spraying terraces, because a couple of students ran into a bar, instead of looking for the students, they decided to just empty the cans of spray at everyone on the balcony(can’t smoke in any bars here, so they are always packed with smokers) Anyhow, they aren’t saints, and they had run of the city since the beginning of the student protests here. A pig is a pig, there are few people who become police officers, that do it to uphold the law, there are, however a few, I must admit, I’ve run into a few decent cop. I was driving without a license, no insurance, and a van load of junk, with my four year old son. The driver, my ex, was baked, so I had him pull over, and took over. Going up north, the highway is constantly changing speed limits, and I was doing 80 in a 30 zone. I got stopped in a radar trap. “Licence,registration and insurance” (typical question)I told him, I don’t have a license, no registration, etc, my idiot here, took his medication and we were past half the way to my fathers’ place, so I had to take over. The cop asked a few more questions, and said I could leave you and your kid on the side of the road, with a bunch of tickets, or I could tell you to go on your way, but be very careful, because the next cop may not be as nice….hehe, he let me go. No ticket, knowing full well I wasn’t licensed or insured, but knew I was between a rock and a hard place, and had a real decent heart. So, there are the good ones, but the bad ones always seem to negate the decent guys/gals. By the way, the worst cops I’ve run into, the butchest beyattches I’ve run into are those teeny little women cops. They have to prove something….They seem to be the worst. Phew, I hope this book

  19. Mark.. you should’ve just given him the spoiled bananas. They’re healthier than doughnuts. And then you wouldn’t have been wasting. Therefore, his entire argument would’ve been voided. Bet you would’ve peeked in on him right after you left, he would’ve been throwing the same spoiled bananas into the same dumpster. Sounds like he just wanted to fuck with someone, and who better than you? I love society!

  20. Blimey how many cops does it take to arrest 2 people, no wonder there’s never a cop around when you need one. They are all enjoying flashing their lights, waving their guns, and barking orders.

  21. I will prove that you are wrong, Mark.
    First, let me change a little your header to: “Everything one does is wrong”.
    Now, applying this statement to your anecdote we see:
    1) You were wrong when you threw the bananas in a private dumpster,
    2) The school concierge was wrong because he didn’t put an advice on the dumpster to prevent illegal bananas throwings,
    3) The cop was wrong spending his devoted-to-society time in useless imbroglio,
    4) Well, it seems that (1), (2) & (3) led to the conclusion that you were right, so, I’m wrong.

  22. Power tripping pigs you pry looked like a guy who picked on him on high-school. That’s why I feel a dead cop is the only good cop and I applaud every time I see a dead one on the news! Protect and serve my ass more like oppress and harass!

    1. Well I can’t speak for places like Detroit but I am from South Bend Indiana right by Notre Dame and theres been 5 cops and 1 k9 killed in the past 3 years. So I’m sure several are killed in Detroit every year

    2. pff. Banana Republic capital and its huge suburban extrarradius (some 12 million people in total) reportedly broke a world record with 6 coppers killed in 20 days back this summer. It is still classified as considerably safer than DETROIT by a guy I knew who spent many years in both places.
      Most cops down in BR die off duty when being robbed themselves, or trying to frustrate a robbery they witness.

  23. I believe that there is also a law that allows you to choose the lesser of two evils. Since the bananas were spoiled and therefore refuse and not edible food, it was proper to dispose of them.
    Your choice to put them in a dumpster that may not have been for your expressed use, was far better than throwing them on the side of the road, as litter. Either way is wrong but the lesser evil was the dumpster.

  24. I love this picture!!!
    There are very few cops I like. Period. Seems most of them simply wonder around trying to ticket the public with bs like you just described. I contribute to their paycheck and I think that gets lost on so many. Serve and protect. That’s what should be happening.

    1. Serve and protect?.. i think a lot of them don’t even know how to spell that.
      Just last week i was in the copshop to report something ( long story, property repeatedly been harrassed by someon and i decided not to lay a lead pipe in his neck but to go to the police instead.) But the cop said they don’t write that sort of thing down ( ..? surprising, i still don’t understand,it, it used to be normal to report that sort of thing, they’d write it down, you’d get a copy of it), he said i just had to wait for another attack and call them then. Right… Copper nearly chased me out of the station. He was so high on steroids, i could tell, his eyes were all wild and bulging like his inflated biceps . I hope cop gets cancer. I really don’t trust the police anymore.

  25. This reminds me of a time I stood in the road and pointed one of thoes red circle cap guns at an incoming car. I noticed only after he turned on his flashers that it was a police car. They were actually very nice about telling me that they almost shot me. You never know who your going to deal with and what type of day they are having. One thing is for sure though the older you get the less you can get away with.

  26. Cops are nothing but bullies. They have to make their “quota” every month, so they harass the hell out of you and give you a ticket or fine you for something petty, so their sergeant doesn’t ram their club up their ass at the end of every month (then again, they’d probably enjoy it). I don’t even know all the laws in my state and I’m sure the idiot pig doesn’t either. The worst are the State Troopers and Detectives. Both known for being total pricks.

    I remember a few years ago, I came out of a Dunkin Donuts and was about to get into my friend’s car and I started getting screamed and cussed at to “move the car” … I wasn’t even driving nor was I in the car yet, so I start yelling back and telling him to fuck off and next thing you know, the crazy passenger practically leaps out of the car and runs right up to me, pissed as all hell and grabs his police badge which was hanging around his neck and puts it in my face and said “IF YOU SAY 1 MORE FUCKING WORD, I’LL ARREST YOU, NOW MOVE THE CAR” he said all this and puts 1 hand on his cuffs. I was fucking LIVID. I wanted to shove that badge down his throat.. but instead my friend is yelling at me to just get in the car. So I did..but it really killed me to stay quiet. That badge holds so much crooked power, it’s ridiculous. :/

    1. Its not crooked power, its just power. The crooked comes in when these little endowed fuckers don’t get the respect they thought would get. I don’t think they join law enforcement knowing they will become asbolute pricks. Its more dealing with the public(assholes) that this transformation occurs.

  27. I know I’m gonna get hate for this, but not all cops are bad. when i was younger i snuck out of my house at 12am and a cop pulled beside me and asked what i was doing, i said i was walking to blow off some steam and he just told me to go home. he couldve took me to my house and woke up my parents and i wouldve been in some shit, but he let me go home and no one was woken up. most of the cops in my town are cool, but in the surrounding towns theyre ass holes. did you know that cops dont legally have to protect you?? and if a known unstable cop shoots and kills yu, yu cant sue them?? wtf, if i was a cop, id be the coolest cop ever.

  28. Cops love being dicks where else would you get to power trip out over pretty much anyone you see. I live in a smallish town with very little crime and a month or so back had a cop knock on my door at 3 30 in the morning to inform me my garage door was open and my car was still inside but I was risking it not being at some point. Asshole was just bored on his night shift driving around I’m sure he did not knock on anyone elses door too inform them that their car parked on the street was at risk of not being there in the morning because they hadn’t driven it through the fence and hid it in the back yard.

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