Zionists Taking Heat in Germany During G20 Summit

Zionists Taking Heat in Germany During G20 Summit

It’s 7/7/17 and Germany’s Hamburg is on fire. All the Zionist big wigs from around the world meet up today to choose the future for the rest of us.

The most dedicated Shabbos Goy currently alive met for the first time with Vladimir Putin. I can imagine what Trump had to say to him: “Look Volodya, for 5,000 years we’ve been hoodwinking people, enslaving them in injustice, executed hundreds of millions of them, we’ve eve pulled off the greatest hoax in human history and perpetrated six million lies, and now we’re this close to establishing Eretz Israel. Don’t fuck it up for us now…

The international demonstrations against multinational legal structures that pervert the law and sovereignty for profit, dubbed “Welcome to Hell” started in Hamburg on Thursday, July 6, 2017. The G20 Summit is scheduled to run between July 7-8 in Hamburg.

The ones setting cars on fire are most likely paid agitators (agent provocateurs) and Soros sponsored antifa fags. The purpose is multi-fold – engender sympathy for the Zionists, inspire/provoke behavior that would give the police an excuse for escalation of force, give the legitimate protesters a bad name, etc.

Here are a few pics from Hamburg today. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media:

Also a video of smoke rising over Hamburg as protesters set fire to buildings and cars. Plenty more similar videos out there. Not posting them all:

Here’s a cool one filmed by a person driving through Hamburg. The video shows the many fires started by antifa fags. As is apparent, most fires were set to vehicles of private citizens. Sounds precisely like something scumbags on Soros’ payroll would be instructed to do:

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  1. these protestors and Antifa fags need to be dealt with harshly. they do not create or build anything. they DESTROY. unleash the full power of the state upon them. blood on the streets. i want to see it. KILL THE COCKROACHES. They are useless.

    1. To be fair Mouse there is a lot to protest about at a G20 summit such as mass uncontrolled immigration being forced on us and the continued offshoring of our industries and jobs to the third world however libtards and Antifa fags are the last group of people that should be protesting capitalism as they so feverishly support it with their constant and continued defence of all the above.

      Every libtard and Antifa fag on the planet has electrical products made by poorly paid sweatshop workers in the third world and yet they still rush out to buy the latest β€œI” fucking phone etc. At the exact same fucking time they also condemn and spit at decent hard working people in their own countries who dare to vote for people and policies that promise to put an end to that and bring the industries and jobs back. Fucking lol.

      Yeah, libtards and Antifa fags may have convinced themselves that they are anti-capitalist but they most certainly are not. You’ve got to love their willfully blind hypocrisy though, it’s what makes them so “special”.

  2. Saw the G20 “family” picture video on Youtube and a comment made me giggle: “Where’s a machine gun when you need one.”
    The world order really is infuriating. We deserve to go extinct ASAP.

      1. I hate those pantsuits or Clinton-style pantsuits older women are wearing… Clinton, May, Merkel …
        There’s plenty of dignified shit for older women to wear if they want to hide their saggy silhouette and look discrete.

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    1. Can’t say I am in favour of it personally. Comments pushed to the top because of β€œlikes” creates a scenario wherein certain behaviours are rewarded whilst others are punished.

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      I guess I just hate phoniness so please, lets be our true selves regardless of β€œlikes” because ultimately that is the only way for us to move forward.

      1. Yeah, I agree. I can be both flippant or aggressively argumentative. Either way I don’t want my thoughts or jokes qualified on a scoreboard.
        A great compromise would be to bring back the photo caption contests. Those were kinda fun.

  4. The funniest part is that they don’t care about your opinions and they do what they want. Just useless outcries of hopelessness here LOL

    But yeah I agree, it seems like a meeting of some old farts but I do respect Voldya Putin and Trump. If you ask me why, they don’t give a fuck about your opinions more than any of those gays in the picture and their house-momma in red in the middle LOL

  5. Wasn’t sure if the ‘hell’ referred to the protests or just being in immigrant flooded Germany, either way, few fires and masked faggots is hardly hell. We rained hell on Germany cities in WWII, now that was hell. Zionists protesting Zionists, fake news, city needs bombing again with these pussy’s in it.

  6. I’m praying to god – you know the one – I’m praying that when I wake up tomorrow morning all of Germany would have been burn to the ground. I’m praying to this “god” that he burns every person within the boundaries of Germany.

    There! I’ve solved the problem in Germany.

    What???? God doesn’t exist? What the fuck!!!!!!!!

  7. We all know trump and Merkel are Zionist Jew Arse Lickers,But Putin is a far more complicated fellow.I think the only person he loves is himself,I don’t know why leading a country with a smaller Economy than Italy. Plus Russia is full of aids vodka heroin and terrible cars.

    1. Hell yes! And looking at the list of whores of Zion lined up for photos above, most if not all of them need to be removed. Permanently.

  8. the militarized police force are the zionist that’s why they’re protesting, you people read too deeply into shit
    are you that daft in thinking that change was brought about from voting or from the oligarchy? shows how brainwashed you are that you think civil disobedience is terrorism… protest and riots are THE ONLY non-violent way to corner politicians into doing what they’re supposed to do, stop working for them and watch their country go into chaos. the MEDIA works for the politicians until you start doing shit like this

  9. These fucking cretins should be shot on sight!!

    No water cannons! No rubber bullets! No pepper spray or pepper pellets!

    Flat out right between the eyes with .308!

    They wouldn’t stick around long once that shit started!

    If this were my neighborhood and my property under threat I would need to restock my ammunition supplies the next day!

  10. Without the ‘Holohoax’, so-called Israel would never have got off the ground. Germany losing the war gave the Jews ‘carte-blanche’ to shove It down our throats In perpetuity. Not a day goes by without some Jewish bullshit In the ‘news’. Palestinians now live on a strip of land two miles wide and fifty miles long. The Jews have total control regarding any kind of commodities that cross ‘their’ border Into the Gaza strip. Protesting Arab children as young as nine are (assuming they aren’t killed by Israeli snipers) thrown Into Military prisons, without any contact with the outside world, for throwing fucking stones at tanks; tanks supplied by the USA of course. Why Is this blatant apartheid and ethnic cleansing allowed to continue? Because Jews are In high positions In every western Nation. Check out Just how many have ‘Anglicised’ their Hebrew names, allowing them to Infiltrate and therefore control our governmental policies.

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