13 People Die as Cops Show Up in Riot Gear to Enforce Plandemic Curfew in Peru

13 People Die as Cops Show Up in Riot Gear to Enforce Plandemic Curfew in Peru

13 People Die as Cops Show Up in Riot Gear to Enforce Plandemic Curfew in Peru

At least 13 people died and another six were injured in a stampede inside a nightclub in Lima, Peru after a police in riot gear raided a club in order to enforce the COVID-19 plandemic curfew.

The Peruvian ZOG forbade social gatherings, so the enforcers of tyranny were sent out to the Thomas Restobar in the Los Olivos area, where about 120 people attended a party.

According to the statement from the police, the partygoers tried to escape through the only entrance door, running over themselves and being trapped between the entrance and a staircase of the premises.

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48 thoughts on “13 People Die as Cops Show Up in Riot Gear to Enforce Plandemic Curfew in Peru”

    1. Fuck ’em. These are the same cunts that walk past my window at 4am talking loud and waking everyone up. Glad they’re fucking dead, they deserved it.
      Imagine all the std’s that won’t happen now, the unwanted babies, the fights, stabbings, etc etc that have been prevented.

        1. You sound like a beta male. Let me tell you, any of those bitches would rather open their legs to me than you, you know why? because i got money and tons of it. But i wouldn’t give them the time of day. You’re one of those sissies they see coming and rip you off. I can tell because you’re all offended by what i said like a pussy white knight. Fuck you…and them.

    2. I spent some time in Peru when I lived in Brazil. I went up to Cusco in the mountains and the street vendors sold me a traditional Pan flute cd. I bought it to make those Indios stop hanging things over my arm to make me buy their stuff like their hand made shit etc. Anyway I got back to the hotel turned the cd over to read the back and it said ‘Recorded by the London philharmonic orchestra ‘- cunts.

    1. Yep those fools wear face masks because they have a lack of confidence in their own immune systems to deal with any other virus as such (Not Covid), Covid’s just a sideshow the only reason the US has alot of cases of this covid shit is so it gives the democrats the advantage during the up coming election to make pedophile Joe Biden president of the U.S Of A.

      1. This mask bullshit is coming to an end, I personally won’t wear one and go wherever I want without repercussions, when asked to wear a mask I just say “ medical waiver” and keep walking ! Part of it is I’m a fairly big dude 6’ 1” @ 240 and typically nobody will fuck with me, bottom line is folks have been starting to talk openly about their disdain for this “mask mandate” bullshit , we walk into stores and pure and utter lies are posted in black and white, signs saying that “STATE LAW REQUIRES YOU TO WEAR A MASK”! That is a total BULLSHIT FUCKING LIE ! There is no state law but they just say it and the sheep believe it and regurgitate it as fact . Enough is enough it’s due time to say FUCK YOU ! If you are afraid of the big bad boogeyman invisible covid then how about you stay in your fucking house while the rest of us keep the country running . This this is so ass backwards I could punch every one of you pro maskers in the throats! And trust me -I CAN DO IT !

          1. @firstinline
            Well I guess you could say I do ! My issue I about wearing your face diaper that you and hundreds of millions globally wear without question , you fo as you’re told like a good little bitch HA HA HA HA There have been zero studies on wether your face diaper is actually effective in preventing the transfer of this flu strain that has a 97% recovery rate !
            So let’s talk about your issue now kiddo ! Do you always believe everything your told when it comes out of your TV set ? It’s evident you do and you’ve got some very deep seated issues that will probably never be addressed . Just do us all a favor Dutchy “the dumbass”, please don’t have children, the world doesn’t need more of your issues bub… Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds

  1. Half of the people in the crowd look and move like they have a turd in their pants. The guy in tight grey pants who was arguing with a cop had a lump in the rear, he totally shit himself lmao! Nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of dropping a deuce in your panties when you are scared lol.

  2. My city is under a 8pm-5am curfew, even though everything is closed anyway. Most people are wearing masks in their cars and front yards. The powers that be are laughing at these compliant dickheads. There is no fight left in people.

  3. 13, unlucky for some I suppose. With only one way in or out, it was going to happen sooner or later.

    I have to wonder how there’s anyone left alive in South America. The amount of dead South Americans you see on this site, the death toll has to be up there with a small war. When they’re not chopping each other to pieces or dying in horrible road accidents they’re being shot or electrocuted or burnt or catching an evil disease or falling off of tall buildings or being stabbed or drowned or…. you get the idea.

    I think God just hates South America.

  4. Hard to believe that so many people could be killed by being trampled and deprived of oxygen when there was only 120 people in the joint. It’s not as if they were running from a fire or being chased by a lone gunman with a machine gun. I don’t get it………

    1. aver si 120 personas intentan salir por una escalera de 1×1 metro que crees que pasara? y todavia la puerta estaba cerrada se formo una estampida cayeron por las escaleras y solo algunos sobrevivieron los demás fueron pisoteados listo mas que estaban borrachos

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