Airport Protester Wounded by Anti Riot Grenade at Notre Dame des Landes in France

Airport Protester Wounded by Anti Riot Grenade at Notre Dame des Landes in France

Airport Protester Wounded by Anti Riot Grenade at Notre Dame des Landes in France

Best Gore member @mouloudo explains the backstory thus:

This is a photo from Notre Dame des Landes in France, where some black bloc idiot thought it was a smart move to pick up a grenade thrown by the gendarmerie mobile ( anti riot force) to throw it back. Photo taken this Monday.

Some people are settling in the french country to protest against the building of a new airport, the french cops are currently trying to expel them.

Also the take on the story by Best Gore member @nalul:

This happened in “Notre Dame des Landes” near NANTES in FRANCE where rioters (unemployed antifa public money sucker) fight against an airport project. They already won, and the French government abandoned the project a few month ago. But rioters think because they defend the construction place, they own the land.

Rioters were reported using Molotov cocktails, gas bombs, nails traps, acid filled bottles, etc and throwing them at the French gendarmerie, who defended themselves with teargas grenades.

One of the rioters thought he was some kind of superhuman invincible to the detonation of the grenade. A cop sent a teargas grenade their way to break up the rioters. This one picked it up to hurl it back to the cops. Best idea ever.

Many thanks to @mouloudo and @nalul for the pic and for explaining what is going on as seen through their eyes.

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57 thoughts on “Airport Protester Wounded by Anti Riot Grenade at Notre Dame des Landes in France”

  1. I don’t think he knew it would explode, he probably plays too many video games or watches too many movies and think they just lay there and blow out tear gas without exploding. Still kind of dumb to take any grenade like objects into your hand. I’d say he’ll probably regret it, losing your hand over a fucking airport protest, why are they protesting anyway? Noises? Pollution?

    1. at the begining, they protested for nature and some believed the airport wasnt necessary because there is already one at NANTES. Well, project was aborted few month ago but now, they claim the land as their propriety and refuse to leave.

    2. Their initial protest was a legitimate one, there’s no need for an airport there, as MethodNA said. And preservation of nature is a good thing, unfortunately it has been monopolised by leftists.

      But yeah… He sure does regret it. But hey, natural selection.

      1. I see, thanks for the explanation guys. Of course airports are mostly unnecessary but they offer some good job opportunities and expand the infrastructure. On the other hand, if there is an airport “right” next to it, there is absolutely no need for it, I agree. I just don’t get why one would get so aggravated over that, to a point where they throw lethal objects at cops.

  2. If these snail eaters wanted to protest somewhere worthwhile, it should have been Charles De Gaulle Airport.

    I flew in and out that piece of shit five times, 1990-2008. The last time was a connecting flight, and if it weren’t for my previous experiences through that hellhole of a labyrinth, I would have missed it. To board the plane to join my boss, with 40 minutes to go, I had to get the ticket bitch’s adjacent colleague to open the fucking gate. My destination? Tel Aviv-Yafo.

  3. Why are protesters around the world devaluing the right to protest? When something actually needs to be protested, nobody will take it seriously… France is a fucking joke. They love shitting on their people just like any other ‘democratic’ country. For a country with the most strict gun laws, they got our largest mass shooting beat by almost 50%. Fucking losers…

  4. Muslims in Clermont-Ferrand near Notre Dame Cathedral recently managed to have the name of the forecourt (square in front of the Cathedral) changed to “Nakba Place” from Victory Square.
    This is the place where Pope Urban the II launched the first Crusade in 1095, to liberate the former Christian Levant, from the koranimals.

  5. At finally, this airport hasn’t been built. He has won this fight and lost his hand. At this price, I hope he doesn’t use all the highways, airports, parkings who belong to Vinci company…
    Au final, l’aéroport ne sera pas construit. Il a gagné ce combat et perdu sa main. A ce prix, j’espère qu’il n’utilise pas les autoroutes, aéroports, aires de stationnement qui appartiennent à l’entreprise Vinci…

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