American Man Gets Head Split by Police in Siargao, Philippines

Large Gash on Forehead Presumably from Police Nightstick

American Man Gets Head Split by Police in Siargao, Philippines

Best Gore member @chowdog has the backstory:

This American man is a tourist in Siargao, an island in southern Tacloban in Surigao Del Norte, the Philippines. Based on the news, he was just chilling out there and there’s a Brgy. Tanod (its like a police, I don’t know the term in English) beating a teenager kid. He protected the kid and yeah, he got hit by a tyrant officer in the head.

As can be seen from the pics, the man got his forehead split, presumably with a baton.

Many thanks for the pics, @chowdog:

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87 thoughts on “American Man Gets Head Split by Police in Siargao, Philippines”

    1. Tourism has nothing to do with it, anywhere in the world you interfere with police you’re going to get a friendly reminder to mind your own fucking business! In fact he probably got off easy as an American, if he’d done that where I’m from he would of got a good bump on the noggin AND arrested and charged. This guy just got a bump and they probably cut him loose afterwards.

  1. Down in the Philippines to take in the sights and culture during the wu-flu are we? Let’s just look at this guy…liberal hipster wristbands, shaved chest, 5 o’clock douche beard. Yea, he got hit in the head trying to protect his transgender teenage prostitute. Nurse in flips and no mask this guy is just asking to die.

    1. You are spot on Captain. What an asshole, too bad his head wasn’t caved in.
      Bet he’s the “Muscle Beach” type asshole who pumps up and struts around glancing side to side to see if anyone is looking.

      1. You are a dildo aren’t you. Do you look at yourself and realize how fucking retarded you sound with all that wild guessing about this guy ? If you’re jealous because he’s better looking than you just man the fuck up and say it ! You only reveal yourself as a coward talking like you do. Tsk Tsk ignorance abounds

  2. yes ,the first rule ever….

    when you are in another country… do NEVER put yourself in a beating.
    a child was beat by someone ? dont interact at all, let it be. because you dont know why this happen. the only thing you’ll got in return is troubles, or a beat. maybe that kid was a mother fucker killer from a cartel or soemthing… never know.

    first rule ever, if something bad happen, stay away from it. and if this happen specificcaly in another country than your own country, just get the fuck out of here quickly and dont interact in that.

    that guy learn this lesson good. trying to help others peoples you dont know for reasons that you dont know will never make things good to you.

      1. allow to avoid alots of troubles tho…

        i saw many time a men fighting with a woman in the street. i never interact on that, because i dont know wtf is going on, who’s fault and so on…
        if i decide to play white knight and go in, trying to not defend anybody but simply make them stop, it always end up with one or another trying to fight with me.

        now i just dont fucking care anymore, at best just call the cops and let the shit goes. its their job, not mine lol.

        i mean, someone beating a child ? yeah, a child isnt always innocent. so fuck this XD

    1. Agreed 100% ! I tried helping a woman in a parking lot that was getting beat by her boyfriend, when I tried to step in and help THEY BOTH turned on me and were going to attack me ! If I hadn’t been a big strong dude I probably would of gotten my ass kicked but I managed to get to my car and leave quickly. I WILL NEVER try and be the hero again.

  3. Oh please spare me the fucking white savior last samurai sap story. The fuckin cracker jack probably went there looking to stick his dick in some 5 year old cooch and got his head split when somebody caught him. Let’s call a spade a spade!

        1. Blacks HA HA HA HA the parasite of every country they step foot in. Just imagine how different America would have been had Abraham Lincoln succeeded in shipping back the slaves ! The Jews killed him before he could get the second ship off shore , they know when you try to integrate niggers into other nations what a nation wrecker they are !

  4. All the hallmarks of a “sicko peado holiday experience of a lifetime” mentioned in story and pics……
    *Overweight single westerner
    * SE Asian country with high poverty
    * Just chillin (well he can’t exactly say he was having a 3 some with 2 x 13 yo can he?)
    * Teenager getting beaten by cops (not)
    * Stepped in to save this poor kid from terrible injustice (not)
    * Local ex-teen pro steps in to bandage him up (good payment without having to also suck his cock)
    * Case solved. Need I say more ?

      1. Have to say I fully agree with @Dutchy here – and I’m a white anglo-saxon. You just have to follow the trail of waymarkers to find a paedo who doesn’t think they’re a paedo – probably thinks of himself as a saint, giving poor kids money – of course whilst sticking his noodle where it shouldn’t. But that’s just religion eh!

        Oh, should I SCOOT too?

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    1. Hey…

      Let’s try to understand why it’s necessary to be “locked down,” okay!

      173,445 deaths
      7.8 billion people

      …1 Chicken Little’s, “The sky is falling” narrative


      I guess I showed you now, didn’t I?

  5. Looks like the douche bag version of Harry Potter got a taste of what happens when you visit the Philippines. Like the COVID virus. You visit a middle eastern nation, most likely you are to suffer the same injuries as they do! Incredible.

  6. In Phillipines the police can shoot you because you take drugs. You can be shooted if go in the streets during the coronavirus. This American bitch don’t know where he is. Just continue to fuck young Phillipines boys but don’t fuck whit the cops.

  7. This is why those expandable batons the western police are so in love with are useless toys

    Law enforcement needs the old fashioned tonfa, which will fuck the good citizen up enough to disable, and bleed, bruise or break enough to get the fuck down, and a gun

    I laff so hard when cops wield those things

    Oh yeah, even in the Philippines ACAB

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