Black Man Brutally Beaten by Black Cop on Train Platform in Houston

Black Man Brutally Beaten by Black Cop on Train Platform in Houston

On September 27, 2016, the METRO police officer Jairus Warren brutally attacked and beat a man on the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County train platform in Houston, Texas. Whereas the CCTV video showed the officer kicking the victim to provoke the beatdown, the officer promptly resigned to avoid class action, and the police chief subsequently released the video.

Chief Vera Bumpers said an internal review board confirmed the excessive force allegations against Jairus Warren and recommended his termination.

The CCTV camera video shows officers J. Warren and D. Reynoso approaching Darrell Giles, who is slumped over on a platform bench. Warren then kicks Giles, draws his baton, and repeatedly strikes him with full force.

Giles appears in pain as he falls onto the bench, but the cop continues to hit him even after he falls and writhes helplessly on the ground.

Officer Reynoso, who failed to act upon his oath to serve and protect the public, and did not arrest the assailant, but instead participated in filing false charges against the victim, has been cleared of wrongdoing and remains on the force on full duty. The false charges against Darrell Giles were later dropped.

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125 thoughts on “Black Man Brutally Beaten by Black Cop on Train Platform in Houston”

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      1. @African Angel

        Yeah, i agree.
        I like Best Gore, but this white supremacist and racist shit is retarded.
        Buncha fuckin racist idiocy all ready.
        I have read Soledad Brother by George Jackson, and this illustrates his point perfectly: a black cop (prison guard, soldier etc) will be crueler and meaner to another black in order to rise above his black counterpart.
        They will beat the hell out of an inmate/suspect

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      2. There are dumb motherfucker in every race. If you do not realize this you are as simple minded and barbaric than the people ulyou mock, even more so actually…. so many racist cunts here at bg, but I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.

    2. Typical racist pussy.dude didnt do jack shit. Cops are pricks. All you pussies who wanna act tuff actually go out and commit hate crimes. Put in some fucking work and don’t just talk about it be about it. Especially the pussy Canadians who run is site. Canada is the last place to try and act like some hardcore racist fuck. Safest country in the world. Lmao

    3. cops don’t walk around with surgical gloves, they came knowing that the poor fella was was going to be beaten.
      10 % of cops are good people, they miss out on promotions,
      90 % are very sick in the head and needs removing from the
      make my week, kill 7 of the 90 %
      i will weep for his family but that’s the price we have to pay
      to live in a humane world.

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      1. Yesterday’s news is, being a grammar Nazi doesn’t disprove the other person’s statement, just exposes that you have no other grounds to attack them on.

        PS as ‘handsome’ as I am open to admit your face *might* be, there can truly be nothing “angelic” about either your appearance or your character. Poor choice of username in that case.

          1. don’t let them get to you about race but I will say (hopefully without sounding racist) that blacks here in the US are much different than anywhere else in the world I have been, many good blacks here so I’m not saying all blacks here are thugs but, when people lock the car door when a black guy is walking down the street near them, they aren’t doing it simply because the color of his skin, they do it from experience with dealing with them. I’ve met many blacks that came here from other countries and they’re totally different, very respectful in most cases. Blacks here have created their own sub culture, they want to be treated the same as the rest of society yet they don’t want to contribute to the society, only take. Again, I’m not saying all but many. If you were to visit the south side of Chicago & walk around I bet you would be ashamed to even associate yourself with them & I wouldn’t blame you

          2. @african-angel If you want to be taken seriously, avoid the cursing and name-calling. Your point will be overlooked when you speak that way. I think you’re totally capable of making a point in an intelligent way. I don’t doubt it at all.
            But I’ll also add that a little researching of this site would’ve forewarned you that there are some racist views -many times they are jokes. But if you can’t take it or don’t want to respond with intelligence, you probably won’t like it here. Fair or not, you might be held to a higher standard but you can handle it. I hope you stick around and hope you can express yourself differently.

          3. What a snarkastic wit you have! Welcome to BG, but really, a newb giving advice to an old member is hilarious. Sorry the sarcasm was lost on you. It’s just very amusing to me when new members think they’re the shit, and want to suggest how others should behave or comment. Good luck with that…

          4. @gordob Less than 95% of blacks were responsible for crime from 2014~2015. Check the data your self.It’s publicly available. Note there is no way to account for repeat offenders.

            I’m tired of people acting like there are criminal blacks everywhere. They act like there is an incredibly high number of criminal blacks, and this criminal element is responsible for the pervasive beliefs about blacks. It’s just not true. It’s bias. There is no excuse for belief in the stereotype. That goes for most stereotypes.

          5. Wow! Two years! Odd all that time spent on BG, by your own admission you never noticed AA, you “thought” she was new. If it talks like a newb and acts like a newb, well, you know the rest. I doubt your done here, little newb. Does my comment pass muster? Have I succeeded in responding in a manner you deem intelligent?
            *crosses fingers* 🙂

      2. You can be mad at the name calling. But you cant be mad when we bring up cold hard facts. Blacks in the US are responsible for over 50% of crime. Plus black and white, as well as Hispanic cops have been targeted and ambushed by black men. Me stating this doesn’t make me a racist. Now maybe people using derogatory racist epitaphs may make them racist. So don’t confuse the two different groups.

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  2. I feel sorry for that white cop, he was forced to deal with a coonundrum.

    If he had helped his black colleague attack that black man he would have been labelled a racist who hates coons, equally though had he helped the black man by stopping his black colleague he would have been labelled a racist who hates coons.

    Taking the above into consideration he chose door number 3 instead, he chose to do nothing and just observe…………wrong answer. By choosing door number 3 he showed a complete lack of empathy towards blacks in general and thus he was labelled a racist who hates coons.

    What a coonundrum.

  3. Why did they approach him to begin with. They looked as though it was a perposeful interaction, they directly approached him and had gloves on. I didn’t see the cop kick him, I see two cops talking to him, black cop takes the lead as the other officer stares out to the right. Then I see the guy jump up AT the cop. Again it looks like a noncompliant ass, thinking he is above the law, and that he doesn’t have to listen to the cops. He did jump at the cop, and that appeared as An intentional act, cop must of took it as that. Where are all the rhymes and reasons as to what started the incident and what made it go from zero to where it went, a tad over 100???

  4. To be fair, the orangutan should not have been sleeping on that bench. Everyone knows that these two cops go there every morning, eat donuts and make out. That black cop looked pretty horny. He probably got upset that the orangutan was asking him why he’s having a romance with a white cop.

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  5. Hmm, a lot of anger going on here. Who do we dislike first… the black man sitting on the bench, the white cop who is virtually worthless or the black cop who is beating the black man? A bit ridiculous to build up such contempt and vehemency over something none of you would do anything about if you were there anyway. Calling names wouldn’t have fixed the situation and you’d look pretty silly dancing around yelling “nigger” to either the cop or the man on the bench. Everyone has the right to their opinions on race, politics, religion and everything else but what I see happening on almost every post throughout the site is whining and bitching and blaming shit on everyone else. Don’t hide behind a label, i.e. racist, cop-hater, etc. Be the master of YOUR universe and have it plus or minus who you can tolerate or not. In this case, all three men here are not blameless. I am who I am without labels as I think they are an unnecessary shield and maybe you can find some freedom to be who you are without fearing being labeled.

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  7. I would assume that cops have the “us vs them” mentality.

    A lot of people focus on the race part but the bigger picture is the state control vs civilians. Sure everyone tends to stick and tend to their own. The media has their agenda at the end of the day. This whole black lives matter movement didn’t come “out of blue”. It is orchestrated and financed by elites and uses black lives matter riots as a perfect ‘excuse’ to declare possible martial law and introduce more strict laws that would squeeze out citizens’ rights inch by inch.

    How many white deaths by cops get ignored by the media? Many but they are pushed aside because it doesn’t serve the interest of globalist elites. Whenever black gets killed, it automatically makes a headline in the media and it infuriates the black crowds. These are all planned.

  8. Reading some of the comments here – oncidents like these transcend racism – the pigs beat the shit out of everyone, not just blacks and once they have dne that enough and everyone is desensitised, they will come after everyone else and noone will give a fuck.

    Make no mistake if its pigs v blacks or whoever – NEVER side with or give justification for those maggotts as they dont give a fuck about any cunt except those they protect – those that hold the money. You only have to look at how all tooled up they are now fucking about with protesters protesting about people they already put a few bullets in.

    On the other hand, those hicks who go calling ape etc will be the ones pulling their trousers down, wanting fucked in the arse and getting off on it once the police are looking for grasses and trustys

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  10. WTF is wrong with these cops? They KNOW there’s CCTV cams all over the place, and yet it’s just like they said “Fuck it! A cop’s gonna do what a cop WANTS to do.” Morons! For a couple of seconds I thought Warren was going to throw him off the platform.

    So – Warren quits to avoid a class action lawsuit, Reynoso is (of course) cleared of any wrongdoing & remains on full duty drawing that nice cheque and all the perks that come with it, and the charges against
    Giles were LATER dropped? The more things change, the more they
    stay the same. Giles should find himself the best lawyer Houston’s got
    to offer, and there are many, I understand, and sue the shit out of
    Jarius Warren,D. Reynoso, The City of Houston, & the Houston
    Police Dept. Chances are they’d end up settling out of court, now that
    the video has been released. Warren quitting is irrelevant as he was
    employed by the HPD, and indirectly the City of Houston at the time of
    the incident. And as for Warren – while the HPD cleared him of any
    wrongdoing, the fact that he failed to step up & do his job
    according to the oath he swore, makes it doubtful a judge or jury would be so forgiving, especially after viewing the video footage. (And what was his just cause for rifling through the pretty pink bag behind Giles’s back – the fact that he was catching some zzzs waiting for his train? Don’t think so.)

  11. Things are a little tense can’t we all just get along.The great Bob Marley once sung No woman no cry sit back and listen to one of the best songs he made you can feel the crowd in the back ground…Magic

  12. Why do blacks get so much hate like damn! This officer hates blacks, bestgore hate blacks, donald trump and hillary hate blacks but the main people causing problems are Brazilians and Syrians..and I guarantee if that white officer started it he would get a paid vacation.

    1. Try living in any of black infested inner cities within Detroit, Compton, Baltimore, Chicago and Memphis. There are a lot of other cities I left out.

      The violent theft, murder, rape, looting, and arson are higher in Black community compared to other race.

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