Bodycam Video of Arizona Cop Philip Brailsford Executing Unarmed Man Daniel Shaver

Bodycam Video of Arizona Cop Philip Brailsford Executing Unarmed Man Daniel Shaver

As I reported back in May 2016, a Mesa, Arizona cop Philip Brailsford, who had “YOU’RE FUCKED” carved into his personal AR-15, used the weapon to execute in cold blood an unarmed, non-violent and crying man Daniel Shaver as he begged for his life. The judge blocked the release of the bodycam footage from being released until today.

Before I get further, let me address the bootlickers ready to line up to defend murderous pigs – licking the boot on the internet will not earn you sympathy with the badge ordained death squad when they come for you one day. When the cops are trained in Israel, all citizens become Palestinians.

The primary take away from the bodycam footage is that the cops never feel remorseful for executing an unarmed person. Look at the smug expressions on the cops’ faces – to them it was a “good kill“.

Philip Brailsford gave Daniel Shaver which are physically impossible to fulfill at the same time:

Keep your legs crossed! Your hands stay above your head. If you are going to fall, you fall on your face. Crawl towards me.

Why not also order him to balance a basketball on his nose while rubbing his belly and patting his head all the while reciting the alphabet backwards?

And yes, as I predicted, the citizen killer was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder and not guilty of aggravated manslaughter. The judge excluded the video from the jury as prejudicial, because apparently a video documenting without prejudice what precisely happened is prejudicial. This way, the jury only had the words of the cops as evidence, and the cops lied through their teeth as they always do.

Props to Best Gore member @A-Sick-Mind for the video:

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    1. Please Lord , let this man’s kids be raped by niggers and dissolved in acid, may this man’s mother fall inside out of her ass and may this man’s father die of bowel cancer. May his best friends all die in car wrecks and fires. May his wife be paralysed in fear as her skin is separated from the frame of her skull. May many, many truly horrible things happen to this man and every single thing he cares about. I will pray daily for all of the above.

  1. What a total asshole. This police guy has “little man” syndrome.
    He is just a retard who joined the force so he could get a gun and feel mighty big as there is no other way he could get that feeling from achieving anything positive.

    Look at the way Daniel Shaver was petrified when Brailsford went “If you make one false move, we will take it as a threat and shoot you” or words to that effect. Really? You are gonna consider an unarmed crying man, with his bare hands over his head, who might possibly and understandably misconstrue your hysterical, impatient and angry instructions out of mere panic, a THREAT? The man pointing a loaded machine at your brain is the biggest fucking threat on the planet as far your life is concerned.

    This cop wanted Shaver dead, that much is clear. I hope he gets his ass chewed for this. It’s outrageous that this photo-clip, assuming it was not tampered with, was withheld from court evidence. But I bet the Police would say the clip was tampered with. Anything to get off on a technicality.

  2. Just another psychopath doing what he does best, kill innocent people.
    Once again I thank my lucky stars that this cancer has remained firmly in the states.
    As for the judge. Corrupt, sick fuck. More crooked than a barrel of snakes.

  3. That’s the most fucked up piece of video I have ever seen. That cop should either be executed or spend the rest of his life in prison and all those with him should be doing sentences for being in support of this maniac. Does anyone know the circumstances surrounding this event?

    1. Wouldn’t you just love to set this guy up under an acid drip? Like one drip every 15 mins right on the forehead. That shit would make me hard as fuck. Or maybe make him watch his wife and kids go through it.. fuk. I just precum my pants.

  4. Clearly self defence. That brave police officer was lucky to survive this vicious attack. The way that badass sneaked up on him, clearly with the intend to kill the policeman, he was really lucky to recognize that foul play just mere seconds before the beast would have attacked him.

  5. No surprise yank’s are brought up on death movies,guns,war not the cop who is the problem but a nation with a history of violence it’s engrained in American men from an early age gunslinger cowboys’ bootlegging gangsters,Vietnam war,assassination of Kennedy if the Americans have a problem they shoot it…..

  6. He should of just laid there and went to sleep until they just gave up yelling instructions and just handcuffed him. From what I see the more he tried to follow instructions the more he kept messing up. They won’t kill you for taking a nap. They might end up singing you a Lullaby instead of filling you up with high caliber rounds.

  7. That was completely uncalled for. Whenever I see people get into trouble with cops it is usually because some people cannot comprehend do not talk back to the cop and do everything they say when guns are on you. Sure he did some movements he shouldn’t have but that was abnormally escalated from the start. That should have been at minimum manslaughter. I have never seen cops ask someone to get down then crawl to them. Once your down with legs crossed and hands interlaced on your head that is when cops move in to cuff you. That was 90% crappy cop tactics and 10% getting yourself shot moving your hands out of sight. So wrong.

  8. Please. This was a straight up execution but fuck SOME of these hypocrites. If he’d been a nigger, they’d be “That nigger shoulda followed his instructions and shouldn’t have reached behind his back. He’s a dindu nuffin, what was he doing in that hotel room anyway, the cop feared for his life and every other excuse to justify this bullshit. Go fuck yourselves. You know who you are.

    I have a LOT of fucking problems with BLM but it’s THIS hypocrisy in many hypocritical whites affording this poor WHITE soul so many excuses and so much compassion that causes groups like BLM to even exist in the first place. If you think the police can do this to a lone white boy in a hotel hallway (with the excuse that they got a call about someone waving a gun from his room…meanwhile it’s clear he was unarmed by the time he was shot….but the call in and of itself sealed his fate as the cop was afforded the prerogative of executioner), what makes you think they won’t and DON’T do this with abandon on the streets amongst those society has considered inferior since the birth of the nation??? You know, “niggers.”

    BLM crows about this but the bigger problem is police brutality in general…and if the same whites who whine about BLM would do so en masse about WHITES who are murdered in the same way and stop making excuses for police executions when it only happens to niggers, things might change. Mark my words: The longer this goes on, the higher the chances that cops aren’t going to give a fuck WHAT color you are: They’re just going to shoot first as a matter of course and soon, NONE of us will be safe.

    FUCK this pig and I hope he gets his.

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  11. It was a fair trial…. for a cop that killed an unarmed man in the USA. From all the other trials that found cops innocent of murdering their victims….. if he was found guilty then that would set a precedent and we can’t have an unfair free-for-all carnival like that ~ can we?

  12. At what point do you stop trying to get the suspect to make a mistake so you can kill him and just go ahead and put the cuffs on and arrest him. On A happy note, the civil trial will make the dead guy’s family rich, so there is that.

  13. Wow! It’s completely terrifying to think any one of us could be that dead man. I mean, when I’ve been pulled over by a cop I immediately feel fear. Even if pulled over because one headlight is out, it’s scary as shit!

  14. I have seen this video along time ago, The police officer on drugs has been known to be mentally unstable sense he was very young, He was institutionalized in the state hospital when he was 7 years of age and later in life he has gotten released by the staff that is completely incompetent, When this video and other made of the shooting the police chief had to do a background check on him and found the ugly truth, They hired a person with severe mental illness.

    I am not arguing with anyone or anything but I saw this along time ago and so many idiots out their made so many copy’s and altered them that their is no real time line when this video was made .

    As you notice this has taken place in a hotel room and a service maid noticed the insane police officer and ran to call for help.

  15. Idda shot him too, he was about to up his 9 and pop a cap in the pigs ass!! Lol, reminds me of that one guy got shot like that, cop told him to crawl like that on his stomach and his pants slid off and he went to grab his pants at the waist line and pull them up so he got shot. Idk why the bitch ass cops have to shoot multiple times, and they go for the kill. They coulda gave him a arm shot or something, Jeeze. I’m from the south side of Chicago and I have to deal w these dirty ass cops. Our block makes money and we have to pay some off. But we go to war with the police. If they come threwcon BS then we will shoot. We have niggaz on the roof w choppers. For u dumb ass white boys that mean ARs and AKs. Before u try some rasist shit w me I’m Italian!! So suck a fat black cock, ya fucking haters!!⭐️⭐️⭐️ , and no I’m not rasist, I fucks w everyone, but I see a lot of white cock riders on here on that rasist shit, knowing damn well they won’t say shit to a black guy in real life, so next time I leave a comment, just know your daughter is off in college doing big o black cocks!! And her nick name is snow bunny!!!

  16. If I lived in the USA – I would feel safe in the knowledge that the excellent training, combined with the fine mental stamina of the highly trained officer to remain calm under pressure ~ has give the country its finest law enforcement officers in the world. hahahaha NOT!

  17. Did anyone else see someone posted a number to this faggot? Who else is planning to make a call? In case his number is still up on the 25 of December, I’m going to entertain myself by reminding this fag who won’t be celebrating Christmas this year. That’s right, Daniel Shaver.

  18. I can’t believe that piece of fuckin worthless shit got away with that I’d like to think I’m not a hateful person but that fucken pissed me off so bad words can’t describe how fucken mad that made me that piece of shit better watch his back for the rest of his life

  19. Number 1, police got a report of someone waving around a gun from their hotel window, so the cops were expecting someone armed. Number 2. They CLEARLY told him that if he put his hands behind his back that they would shoot him. Number 3. He put his hands behind his back. So they shot him. As they warned him not to do. And he did it. And he got shot. Am I missing something? How is everyone jumping on the “fuck cops” train?

    1. He is clearly scared. Are you robot for fuck sake? Are you blind???
      HE DOESN’T WAN’T TO DIE and he does try to reach fucking weapon.
      I can’t believe what you wrote.
      -You’re perfect Orwellian citizent candidate.

  20. Put your hands on head,
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  21. With family members in various forms of law enforcement, I’m usually the first to say that cops get a raw deal. Also, without knowing the 2 people’s criminal history I cannot say if this was justified treatment before the trigger was pulled. What I did see/hear were instructions that were confusing under a high-stress situation for that young man (and I would have been equally scared/confused). It did somewhat seem to look like he may have possibly been going for a weapon right before the shot was taken. Having said all of that…the mannerism of the cop coupled with the instructions given…I personally call that a bloodthirsty murder.

  22. the only good thing about US cops is their high tech equipment
    other than that, they are the noobest, jumpy, trigger happy
    idiots. And i bet any 3rd world cop with the same equipment
    and training could do better than them in any competition
    and in this kind of situation. When incidents like this happen
    they always makes excuse that they fear for their lives lol.

  23. It is rare that cops kill an innocent man. You must remember that much of the shootings are stage such as Treyvon Martin and Walter Scott. However, the media still reports these shootings as real. Could this shooting been staged. It is possible. Rare do cops shoot someone without a reason.

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