Bolivian Man Shot in Face During Clashes Between Protesters and Military

Bolivian Man Shot in Face During Clashes Between Protesters and Military

Bolivian Man Shot in Face During Clashes Between Protesters and Military

On November 15, 2019, during clashes between protesters supporting couped president Evo Morales and military forces.a guy was shot in the face.

For the uninitiated, Evo Morales banned the DEA from Bolivia and read chapters from former DEA agent’s Michael Levine’s book “The Big White Lie” in front of the United Nations. The book is an expose of the CIA protecting the biggest drug traffickers in the world and using the drug war to overthrow governments.

During the Cold War, the US created the infamous “School of Americas”, which trained manipulable Latin American military generals on propaganda, psy ops, coup, torture, etc. People who overthrew Evo Morales, as well as other Latin American henchmen like The Zetas were trained by the School of America. To avoid being exposed, School of America has been renamed to Whinsec.

That the US military are the sworn enemies of the US people has been thoroughly documented on the pages of Best Gore. These twinky faggots trained ISIS in Jordan, just as they trained top Bolivia coup plotters.

Bolivia has some of the world’s largest lithium reserves, a key metal used in modern batteries that’s expected to have significantly increased demand as more electric cars get sold.

New Bolivian president Jeanine Añez is a woman, who is a feminist and a whore. A video of her nasty fake tits and underdeveloped cunt getting fucked by a guy recently leaked. Just like this whore, Bolivia is fucked.

Props to Best Gore member @frijhoto for the video:

President of Bolivia:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Che’s story is quite fascinating. He is a socialist adventurous soul with a dichotomy that cost him his life. There is no question he had cojones…..but was he truly a communist….he loved fine wine….luxurious cigars and could live equally comfortably in a 5 star suite or taking a shit in the jungle living in a rebel camp

        He almost reminds me of a Latino Otto Skorzeny….both were Gemini’s and both played adventure warrior to the point of death jumping to whatever allegiance suited them (SS Skorzeny was even on the Mossad payroll….riddle me that Batman)

        As far as this video goes? The only one topping it on a protest death was that “Red Shirt” dude that had his brain perfectly emptied from his skull in Bangkok by that Thai police sniper…..and I can’t find the link….

  1. Oh look, what a sook, I dunno what he’s whining about:

    Doesnt have to shave, tweeze his eyebrows, or get a nose-job or wear braces anymore

    Slightly harder to get a date when you have a face like a plate of Rhubarb !


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        1. Where’s jacobb??

          Well its certainly a case of underdeveloped breasts, that’s why she has those whackjob jellyfish with a mind of their own. The other end seems to be serving its intended purpose though, I give her 5/10 for that performance.

          Big girls don’t need no jellyfish…

        2. Where’s jacobb??

          Well its certainly a case of underdeveloped breasts, that’s why she has those whackjob jellyfish with a mind of their own. The other end seems to be serving its intended purpose though, I give her 5/10 for that performance.

          Big girls don’t need no jellyfish…

        1. OK, you win, Bad Jonny.

          I was going to Trump your BoJo, but this could go on for a long time. One of us has to admit defeat eventually, and I suppose it might as well be me. God knows I should be used to defeat by now: my whole life has been one long, slow defeat.

          1. Me too – everything I ever tried to do: profession, worker, music, writer, artist all failed
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  3. It would be glorious if the gunman who shot him was located, dragged by the scruff of the neck to the bleeding guy, by a couple of heavies who say:

    “Look asshole. This is the result of your handiwork. You happy now, dickhead? Huh? HUH?
    No! Don’t turn your head away, you worthless sack of shit. Look at the man’s face. LOOK at it. You gonna pay for his plastic surgery???
    Live with this, you fucker!”

    Unless the gunman is a psychopath, he’d be shitting his pants and wanting to throw himself off a cliff, lol.

  4. Regarding the president, I think she is quite hot, a very well-preserved 50 year old woman. However, I’m old, and the older you get the more you appreciate older women. She’s a passionate woman, and that’s probably a vote winner in South America, although strict Catholics might disapprove.

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  6. The fuck is up with that gal president ? Was she stoned or drunk on her porn video ? I mean could you imagine the next day like any other *okay next in the agenda .. every one looks at her differently and with semi frightened stares and low gossip remarks * we are going to clean up our act * like wtf lulz O.O

  7. It’s hard to believe that in this Day & Age that we still use so much violence against our own,,, For Simply Speaking-Up about Things, but mainly *Corruption* that runs rampant in All Worldwide Governments.

      1. Hola y bienvenido @mondraker .
        Desde hace algún tiempo, a los nuevos miembros se les han impuesto algunas restricciones en sus cuentas. Una de estas restricciones incluye no poder hacer solicitudes de amistad.
        Para tener su cuenta totalmente ‘verificada’ (y así poder hacer solicitudes de amistad, publicar temas del foro y otras cosas), intente comunicarse con el propietario, Mark, por correo electrónico a esta dirección
        [email protected] – y pídale que verifique completamente su cuenta.
        Espero que esta información te ayude, y (porque he usado un traductor en línea) ¡espero que entiendas mi mensaje!
        Buena suerte amigo y bienvenido.
        He escrito este mensaje en dos lugares, con la esperanza de que lo reciba.

  8. Now that the left is out of the government, the real insurrection will raise.
    Call it the “Latin spring”. They are preparing the “B” plan to fulfill Israel’s objectives if they are militarily overpassed in occupied Palestina.
    “B” plan stands for Patagonia.

  9. staring at this same post with no new one is a drag. reminds me when hurricane hit and we had to stare at that chick in rainbow hat 🙁

    I wish there was someone to step up and help Mark out. I would help if I had computer. but I will support whoever is willing, even that girl but that one write-up pissed me off was very feminist-y. how could you?

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