Boys from Home for Troubled Kids in Norway Assaulted by Police

Boys from Home for Troubled Kids in Norway Assaulted by Police

This just happened in Norway. In the video, two teenage boys – one 14 and one 17 years old, get assaulted by the cops while their deeds are livestreamed on teh interwebz.

The incident reportedly took place in a home for troubled kids. At first they seem to talk about an earlier incident, but then one of the cops rises up to turn off the camera, triggering a fight. One of the boys gets beaten, while the other one tries to help him, but quickly gets a gun pointed at him.

Props to Best Gore member @darksea for the video:

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68 thoughts on “Boys from Home for Troubled Kids in Norway Assaulted by Police”

        1. Haha! Yes, indeed it is! Learn somethin’ new everyday on this site, lol.
          If I were your neighbor, I’d come do it for ya, hun. Right after I’m done shoveling off my 5 flights of stairs(I live on a huge hill)!

        1. even with video evidence they will deny it. people are beeing ignorant and pretty much just belive what fake news and propaganda journalism tells them. If they arent affected by bad situations they wont give a damn about the people that are.

  1. Police people are worst in the world but let’s be clear that this kids are far from being “Mother Theresa’s”.
    -They are incidental and problematic.
    In old times, in my country, police just bring problem kid to father, making sure that everyone in neighborhood see it. Father became highly irritated and pissed of by shame his son brings, beat him madly.
    Father was respected and if you have any problem with some kids as grown man, you just knock at the door of him saying that he did this and that. Father than call his son to hear and to listen what he will say: Lies were punishable by beating so kids were rare in it.
    Government was out of family things and kids behaved good.

    Unfortunately, that times are dead.

      1. Serbia. I’m speaking about 80’s times of former Yugoslavia.
        Yes bro, that times were good but today are like in America in 80’s. No solidarity among people, female rights and spoiled kids, chaos in schools. Gangs, insecure streets and constant wars out of US by US.

  2. This is why people should not knock up their sisters, You will have inbreed kids like this causing problems, Just to make a note of it the next time your going to knock up your sister use a condom so you will not have this problem.

  3. Watching the video makes me wonder who of the two is more troubled the teenage boys or the cops …I think it’s the latter who need through counselling and two beds in a psychiatry ward

  4. These are inbred muhammedan “guests” in Norway.
    Scandinavian homes for troubled kids are full of muhammedans, as they equally inbred parents can’t be bothered to raise their children, which they all have 7-8 of, to act like human beings.
    I’m sure they got what they deserved. This might save a Norwegian woman from an intercultural exchange later down the line.

    1. yes @goromk sometimes they even get born here as second generation 🙁 they also get rent free place to live, free education, healtcare and more government fundings than locals. They get so spoiled, yet they wont live by our traditions and laws and the adults wont learn our language. they will do as little as possible to integrate to the community.

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