Brussels Police Chief Knocked Out During Anti-Austerity Clashes

Brussels Police Chief Knocked Out During Anti-Austerity Clashes

During anti-austerity protests in Belgium, Brussels police chief Pierre Vandersmissen figured he was invincible because he had a gang of cops in riot gear behind his back, and decided go commando and chase after protesters with a can of pepper spray.

He was knocked out cold with a single sucker punch from a protester who didn’t find his game of cat and mouse all that funny.

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    1. In nearby Amsterdam they are smarter…police in pairs patrol the city ON HORSEBACK….everyday….many people are intimidated by a horse and a horse with a cop on it more so….Belgians need to consider this.

      1. Austerity is a set of economic policies implemented with the aim of reducing government budget deficits. Policies grouped under the term ‘austerity measures’ may include spending cuts, tax increases, or a mixture of both, and may be undertaken to demonstrate the government’s fiscal discipline to creditors and credit rating agencies by bringing revenues closer to expenditures.

        Taken from wiki. so cant take credit

        1. austerity is a bullsh1t phrase coined by such lieing deceitful scumbag mothefuckers such as george osbourne. this is where they fabricate that debt is so bad that the only way to claw money back and save the nation is to take even more money off the poorest people, austerity is always about making cuts to the poorest people, i’e – bedroom tax, raising council tax, charging 5 pence for every shopping bag you use, closing library’s and other public places that are usually free to go to. theres all sorts of ways they do it but they spread it out and people dont even realise how much on the whole they have taken off them. europe has become corrupt as fuck and all europeans are suffering ‘austerity’ because the E.U has failed and failed miserably. but people have had enough of how things are and its time to raise hell once again in europe, and trust me the whole continent is collapsing and there will be lots more trouble yet. this shit hasnt even started proper yet believe me

          1. Is the additional revenue going to discharge debts? It is hard to argue that austerity has anything to do with fiscal responsibility when these states are maintaining a rapidly expanding public sector.

            I do not believe the EU has failed in anyway. It is a gullible populace that believed an unaccountable centralized authority has their interests in mind. Generations of tit heads sucking on entitlements are as much to blame for the Spengleresque decline of the West we see unfolding today as anyone else. I don’t know what to call what we see growing in the marble chambers of our lords and masters, International Fascism, maybe? But what I do know is we have no hope as long as a growing number of individuals think that governments should exist so they can live at the expense someone else.

          2. @haydolf_hittler Right on pal.
            All this scaremongering going on around the EU and whether we should (stay) or go is absolutely scandalous.
            Its all propaganda for the stay vote and its down right criminal of them to force feed us bullshit.
            The sad thing is though is that more than half this nation are brainwashed faggots who believe anything they are told. i suppose thats their plan though right, to target the weak minded.

          3. And Now i think Even more about that Worst Case (Europe). And i Live in Germany!
            When i whant really Serios at that Point… than i must say i’m really really Sad every Day and Night . Hope everyone can Read That xD

          4. I mean anyone .
            Oh Boy i can Perfekly read all that Stuff in the Best Site of Web…all that Kind of Stuff is the True about that World and Ther Living People on that Planat !

          5. Thank you. I know. America too, have you seen whos running for president? We are FUCKED..

            We are either just going to be a bunch of liberals.
            Or build a wall (or not build a wall, because it’s just not going to happen.)

          6. @haydolf_h1ttler.
            I like your definition. Dont forget to mention that the burden of proof for the need to raise taxes and cut domestic spending does not exist. Their excuse is simple. “Hey, you guys voted for these cocksuckers. Deal with it.”

        2. it can also mean a % cut in savings, IRA’s, checking accounts. Example, you have $100 in the bank. A bank holiday can be set up and take 10% of everyone’s money who has money in a bank. The next day you wake up and check you bank account to find you only have $90. not good. They should have given him one swift kick in the nuts before the gaggle of pigs showed up.

        3. Important fact to mention: According to most economists, austerity doesn’t work and in fact can worsen the economic situations of nations. Austerity was what broke Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. It is mostly a device to guarantee that wealthy foreign investors get paid what they own from a government even if said government goes into a crisis, all at the backs of the working class.

          1. No need to for that @Brandi_Wall. In short austerity mean bend over, grab your ankles and think happy thoughts. Lol.

    1. It’s when you go dutch on a first date. It’s when Bill Clinton put time limits on food stamps. It’s when you go hungry, sick and homeless with no just cause. It’s also known as eugenics, ethnic cleansing, gentrification, population control, and genocide.

    1. To kopf …….in the US
      The police chief is behind his people (the cops!!!!!)
      And pretty soon american cops will be able to bring their baseball bats
      To the game.!!!!!
      PS: just Kidding…… they’ve got combat weapons and geAr…..
      And they kill the shit out of you…..just for fun.!!!!!
      Viva America …….
      We are in a big shit here too……(I mean the mainland)
      Because in Hawaii we don’t give a fuck.
      PS: in mainland America that would be a death sentence
      For the boxer.!!!!!! Or at least paraplegic……

  1. Pierre Vandersmissen your monkeying and dancing around the way you did wasn’t fascinating to say the least .
    Just about that moment when the police chief thought the Pepper spray he’s with is gonna control the outrageous mob but he didn’t know what it felt like biting the dust.
    However that cross was a power-punch landing where it was supposed to ; knocking him out and cold . He saw night stars
    I’d call this packing a real punch .

  2. There’s as many police agent provocateurs as there are protesters at this demonstration.
    Those right at the beginning of the video are obvious, and then the guy in the white hoodie, and black/red backpack who bumps the guy away from the police chief, and then points him out to the advancing cops is also obvious.

  3. I’m not gonna claim to know what any of this was about but I laughed when that police chief was trying to trip the protesters over, he did a little jiggy and failed! He got a bit far from his protectors and a bit far up himself.

    1. its called the most beautiful continent on the planet being turned to shit (literally) by corrupt as fuck politicians and their disgusting policies right across the board, mainly jews may i add, and the indiginous people of each nation being shit on and shit on and shit on. not only is each country losing its identity to mass immigration but there is mass unemployment, ghettos everywhere and poverty and crime on the increase everywhere. was not like this 25/30 years ago. its gone downhill so fast i dread to see what the next 10 years holds in store. im predicting something will kick off similar to what ahappened with the arab spring, people across europe have had enough of all the shit.

      1. @haydolf_hittler that’s exactly what it is like here in England. This country is a shithole but because the majority are brainwashed the chances are we will be staying in the EU after the vote. I’m lucky as I live on the coast in a village 20 odd miles from the nearest city and there are few muslims/pakis/blacks here, mainly because there is nothing for them. Go to London or any general city and its like spot the white person.. Go deeper to places like Bradford and fuck me you’re lucky if you’re even allowed in some areas, Mosques left right and centre, shops with ‘no white people allowed’ etc.

        As for the EU matter.. The ‘impartial’ EU referendum voting guide is a joke.. The writing style, font etc is decidedly bias against the leave campaign. The remain section has Bold buzzword titles, short snappy paragraphs and even has a couple of smiling families in it. The leave section however is basically a wall of text and has no pictures whatsoever. Impartial what a load of shit, just more propaganda and rhetoric. Unfortunately people will see this and actually be swayed by it.

        The fact is this country has already been turned to shit. Its just a case of being shat on more and more until there is nothing but shit. People like to brag how this is a great country whilst they cosy down and drink their cup of cocoa, spoon fed news watered down to make it more palataable, living in the suburbs where the craziest thing that happens is their semi skimmed milk being replaced by full fat.. But go to the nearest town riddled with immigration and they would soon think differently once their son had been stabbed and their daughter raped.. The only good thing is more and more people have just had enough and eventually something will give..

    2. @tas.
      You’re right on this one. The Chief here forgot his training from civilian beating 101. He got an erection and took off without his backup. He probably reprimanded all the other piglets for not covering his back while he went on his little rampage.

  4. It’s funny that the very people who demand a big oppressive government so that wealth can be stolen and redistributed, is also the same people who attack police and the police state that’s the direct result of a big oppressive government that’s needed for wealth redistribution.

    People seem to be confused. They want it both ways. They want government to ONLY oppress the wealthy, while redistributing that wealth to the poor. When that oppression leads to the inevitable government spending austerity, suddenly the poor don’t like the power of that government.

    It is so much simpler to not invite government into our lives than it is to expel them or make due with their oppression when they run out of other people’s money.

    1. @obnoxious-bitch Either a shot on the chin or at the perfect angle on the jaw. During my 11 year boxing career I learned that it doesn’t matter how bad ass you are if you take a hard shot on the chin you’re done. The equilibrium part of the brain is located directly behind the ear. So a violation shot to the chin or jaw will literally knock you silly. That being said any blow to the head that can violently cause the brain to bounce around inside the skull can cause unconsciousness (concussion). Some people have better chins than other’s, however any human being no matter how tough can be knocked out with the right punch, especially with a bare hand. Hopefully that short version helps unless you were wanting a more detailed anatomical explanation.

  5. oh it are happy times again in Belgium. It’s strike season again. In this case it were the Prison guards. but right now we also have the trains on strike and the Unions too. Pretty normal for this time of the year I guess.

    Also the police man who got hit was the ‘Sherrif’ or comissioner or whatever. And in the past he has already demonstrated to love spraying pepperspray onto people who are striking. now the roles are reversed and someone took him out. The person who delivered the puch has already turned himself in however.

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