Canadian Tyrant Cowardly Bodyslams Nonviolent White Man, Cracking His Skull

Canadian Tyrant Cowardly Bodyslams Nonviolent White Man, Cracking His Skull

Canadian Tyrant Cowardly Bodyslams Nonviolent White Man, Cracking His Skull

In Sherwood Park, just outside Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, a cop with the typical tyrant attitude of “crack skulls first, ask questions later” showed up to an unspecified altercation on the street.

Without finding out what really was going on, the cop cowardly blind-sided the non-violent, unarmed man, and bodyslammed him head first onto the concrete. The impact cracked the victim’s skull, resulting in a pool of blood spilling on the sidewalk.

Then, in the typically tyrant fashion, the cop knelt on the victim’s head to handcuff his lifeless body. Later, after realizing he’s being filmed, he bent the victim’s knee to simulate the recovery position, like that’s gonna help with rapid blood loss from the head, and checked time on his watch.

I’m trying to think what mental gymnastics the bootlickers pull off this time around. “The officer feared for his life? The guy shouldn’t have resisted? Do what they say and you won’t get hurt?” Imagine being a total disgrace to yourself, not worth the spit on your face.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

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117 thoughts on “Canadian Tyrant Cowardly Bodyslams Nonviolent White Man, Cracking His Skull”

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    1. Yup. All races get slammed to the ground by cops but if its a Black dude forget it, you’re a RACIST! Give me a Fucken break. Bet you won’t see this video on the news. They want it to be a Black guy to stir the witch’s pot.

    1. In civilized countries the cops dont just get to give people brain damage for committing crimes. The criminal should be given a fair punishment by the court. Its not like there was any reason to be violent.

    1. Shhhh, you can’t speak sense on the internet. Don’t you know that the minions of the Jewish right hand Donald Trump will jump at you the moment you speak sense instead of the police propaganda the way Jews want you to?

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            Barbara Specter just continued with the madness.

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  1. This is why they all get hurt for resisting arrest. First of all hes drunk and has the police called on him for harrassing people that some woman is filming him from her apartment. So he gets hurt bothering people and resisting arrest and snow flakes see some blood and think the cops in the wrong? They should just start shooting people resisting then will put a stop to it. Every time someone resists a cops life is in danger. They get shot and stabbed all the time by people resisting. The hand is much quicker then the eye and they don’t have time to wonder if they are next best gore victim. A lot of these snow flakes never been in a fight and never had someone pull a shank out of no where and stab them so fast they dont see it coming.

    1. Resisting arrest, huh? Where did you see that? The entire arrest is on video. So according to your logic, standing still and doing nothing is “resisting” and therefor worthy of summary execution? That’s how you radicalize people against the police. If you got your way, the amount of cops getting killed would skyrocket. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    1. i totally agree with you @urinedanger. I’m a canadian and got arrested 9 times….every arrestation was performed in a peaceful and appropriate way by the cops.
      Haters will call me a bootlicker…. they’re like niggers, a little too high on testosterone so cant think critically

      1. To be honest i think European people need their testosterone increased a little to match that of the brown people wee need to share our land with.The testosterone has been beaten out of the white population,by zio Jewish tactics,like feminism etc. This leading to eu having no balls.Our population are pussy wiped,i hate to say it but its true.So what do we need to do from here out ?

    2. Anyone who’s not a sheltered child like yourself knows that accusations of “resisting arrest” are almost always false. Police are low IQ buffoons, as barring high IQ applicants is commonplace, and 40% of them are reported domestic abusers. So a bunch of dumb shit lying wife beating apes should get to decide who gets executed or not? Hope it happens to you. You’d deserve it.

      You are an enemy of the people and of liberty.

    3. @urinedanger
      OMG you live a very sheltered life you dickless worm ! Anytime a cop is killed the fake news shows the presidential style funeral , flags waving, stretched limos for a mile an a half, Etc, Etc . Bottom line you sick puke is the cops that perish in the line of work deserve what they have coming ! They know when they enlist to the academy what the nature of the job is, please spare us your ignorance you piss on !

    4. That’s why handcuffs, pellets, and taser guns exist for a reason. No one should be deprived of liberty without due process of the law. Law enforcers have occupational hazards too, it’s what they expected, and that’s what they were taught. Only pussies resort to violence when they feel like it. Unless it’s a given order by a superior, they can’t. That’s basic common sense for people who actually read the law and understand the occupation enough.
      People like this just want an easy excuse to kill people out of satisfaction. If you lost someone who was a cop and was killed by this means, I can understand why you are angry, but that is not justifiable.

    5. Humans are unpredictable, not everyone convicted of a crime would have the same intentions and desperation to resist arrest. That’s why officers also have partners, so they could have witness and backup. Law Enforcers are built tough physically and mentally, they’re made to handle criticism and harassment in a well mannered fashion. They’re still under the law and nothing above it, they can avoid it with corruption and loopholes but not for long.

  2. how come you snow flakes never show the truth of how dangerous it is to be a cop and why they act so violently to anyone resisting arrest? Here is just another one that you will never see on cnn news. That is one of you snow flakes going in reverse shitting your pants realizing being a cop is actually dangerous job. Even on best gore I never see any of this. There is tons of these vids. Stop being a dumb ass resisting arrest. Every video you guys show cops reacting violently they are resisting arrest. And its so fast when someone has the mindset to kill a cop. You snow flakes need some education on how deadly it is every time they pull someone over.

    1. Hmm, sorry to burst your bubble, but facts are not supporting your mental gymnastics. Cops have one of the safest jobs there is. Farmers, taxi drivers, garbage collectors – those are dangerous jobs. And I purposefully left out real dangerous ones, like roofers, loggers or fishermen. Your mental gymnastics would work among the fellow braindead, on a Dear Leader worshiping website, but here we see what real life is about and we’re not esy to fool. I understand that it’s hard to see the real world when you spend your whole life bent over to take it up the ass while licking the boot. One would need to stay up right to see what’s beyond the tip of their nose.

      1. @happy
        Yeah right Mark…..
        I mean you must be a complete retard to blame our canadian cops and the justice system. Take a look to what happens in shitholes countries where people have to make their own justice….kids brutaly stoned to dead for allegedly stealing a loaf of bread,countless men brutally murdered on false rape accusations, bus drivers killed after giving free rides to pieces of shit etc….
        There is no perfect law enforcement system, but we live in a peacefull country and we can go out at night without fear of being killed by criminals or the police.
        get over the injustice you experienced in the past, and stop pushing that divide and conquer bullisht between the cops and the citizens, because we dont need to add a war against law enforcement to our pile of social issues….

        1. Let me open your eyes (if that’s even possible) – whether you like it or not, the cops have long been at war with us, so you don’t need to, nor have to add it to your social issues. It’s already there. Being too stuck to a boot to see it won’t make it go away, just as trying to ban Best Gore won’t make atrocities that are exposed here go away. War experts have long known that the easiest way to win a war is if you can trick the enemy to think they are not at war at all. So by the time they get it, you already have such an upper hand, they may never recover.

          The countries where you see atrocities happen absolutely have cops, and cops indeed are responsible for most of the atrocities. The kids that need to defend themselves there need to do it not because of the lack of police, but because of police in the first place. Remember all those old documentaries from Brazilian favelas from back in the day? The cops are the bad guys. The favelas are just using all they can to defend themselves when cops come to eliminate competition or racketeer the citizens.

          Still, the strongest aspect that contributes to the atrocities is culture, not police. Do you think the reason why there are pretty much no murders in Iceland is because they have a ton of cops everywhere? It’s the same as when you compare the Japanese to the Americans. When Japan was hit with a natural disaster in form of a tsunami, nobody went out looting. But when a natural disaster in form of a Hurricane Katrina truck the US, looting was encountered all over the affected areas. Do you think that had anything to do with presence or lack of police?

          I mean it takes a special kind of retard to not see what the cops are really used for and to lick their boots because the media is telling you to. What I’m really doing is breaking the divide and conquer spell on the sheeple. It’s not blacks vs whites. It’s not the left vs the right. It’s not Christians vs Muslims. It’s not the aware vs the sheeple. That’s what they want you to believe and they have the police at their service to ensure that’s indeed what you believe, or else.

          It’s always been about us vs them. Us the plebs are being exploited by the powers that be, and they have the police serving them in order to ensure we don’t get to realize we are being exploited. They want you to believe it’s other races, or religious creeds, or whatever who are the problem. Then you will be too focused on the wrong people to realize who the real enemy is. And I’m breaking that spell. I’m waking sheeple up and I have years of documented history to prove. So when you with nothing to show come at me bootlicking and playing into the agenda of those who exploit us, and try to blackmail me with your accusations to stop going against the enemy, and instead shill for him, you got another thing coming, kid. I know your agendas. I’ve been exposing them for a very long time and I won’t be intimidated to flip the script, or else. A bootlicker is the enemy too. Be aware of that!

          1. To open my eyes it will take more than someone who see Jews and cops as the main sources of all evil on earth
            And you can call me a bootlicker all you want, but as you can see I wont lick yours anytime soon.

  3. Look now, yes this was a bit of a bummer that pig did
    But ..
    On the other hand ..
    That guy was probably just a loud-mouth vile fuck
    Who ..
    Got what he fuckin’ deserved
    Anyway, he looked like a ‘ped’
    Fuck him!

  4. Definitely brain damage at least. What did he expect kicking the guys legs out and throwing him backwards while he controls his arm? I don’t care what happened before the guy wasn’t actively physically resisting.

  5. @hopingfornemesis

    Hey Nem
    I’ve been thinking about that Shapelle Corby bitch
    Where do you reckon she is, and what is she likely to do next?

    Dumb mole fooled 70% of people at first, but she never fooled Jonny
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    1. Yep. All scum and I have cops in the family and I was told early on her whole family are drug dealers. She may have been innocent however and her sister may have slipped it in her bag . That may explain why her sis was devastated she was caught and jailed. She was devoted to her and visited all the time. Guilt?

      Either way she was afforded concessions no other person with those charges would have been given. Pretty blue eyes ,black hair and a set of big boobs gets all the Aussie grandmas acryin’…

      1. I reckon the whole family (3 of ’em) were bringing it in to Bali (4kg) and they were
        gonna split the profits 3 ways – I bet they’d done it before on previous trips
        I mean, Shapelle was studying ‘beauty’ part time on the dole, yet she had trips
        ‘abroad’ quite regularly – Hmmm
        Where’d she get the money for all these trips, I wonder?

        The 4kg was shrink wrapped inside the brother’s boogie board bag, and when
        Shapelle saw the officer moving in to have a closer look, she rushed in and grabbed
        the boogie board and said
        “Oh, you don’t have to check it Mr Officer, it’s MINE, not HIS”
        Expecting instant ‘pussy pass’

        But the officer said he was gonna check it anyway, and that’s when Shapelle slapped his
        hand away from the zipper and said
        “What do ya wanna do that for ?”

        Then he KNEW something was being smuggled
        The rest is fuckin’ history
        Fuck her .. she looks like Rose now

  6. Yup the guy was obviously drunk and shit … sigh .. smh.. another one bites the dust .. it’s like dude if you’re gonna public intoxicate dang do it in a manner where it dosent turn into ringley brothers and opera Bailey like alone and such idk or just don’t drink .. ya ever thought about that ? .. fuck I feel bad for that guy made my ears hurt with that pro wrestling slam .. o.o

  7. Ha ha ha, Look at that cop goes!! After he realize that his “sneaky take down” somehow killed the man. He still try his best to “positioning” the corpse like…. ‘Oi, Can’t let you laid like that man, It would make me look bad, Gotta move your leg right here a little bit’ !!!

    1. Year to Date in Chicago
      Shot & Killed: 384
      Shot & Wounded: 1770
      Total Shot: 2154
      Total Homicides: 427

      Give a hungry nigger a fish, you’ve fed him for a day;
      Let him starve to death and you can forget about him forever.

  8. Just another reason why I dont call and/or avoid the ‘police’. Something similar happend to me by some fat cop whom probably didnt get some fat pussy from his wife, and wanted to take it out on someone half his size and innocent. Kind of makes me want to go full Nig-mode and kill that sardonic POS!!

  9. Oh wow… dude In blue knows he’s fu***d… it’s disturbing to see what they do when they think no one is watching… Abuse of power by psychopaths/sociopaths in full view on this one !!!

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