Charlotte Man Standing with Hands Raised Executed by Cops After Calling 911

Charlotte Man Standing with Hands Raised Executed by Cops After Calling 911

On September 6, 2017, Charlotte-Mecklenburg cops executed 29 year old Rueben Galindo who stool outside the Hunters Pointe Apartments on Prospect Drive in Charlotte with his hands raised. It was Rueben Galindo himself who called 911 and through an interpreter, told the dispatcher that he had a weapon which he wished to surrender to police.

During the phone conversation, Rueben Galindo repeatedly stated that while he had the weapon, he did not have any bullets. Still, he wished to surrender the weapon because that was the wish of his family, and told the dispatcher that he’s calling so the officers could “help him“. Well, they helped him, all right. The only way the cops help.

Uncertain if Rueben Galindo was suicidal or having a mental health episode, the dispatcher asked him whether he needed police, fire or medic. Rueben Galindo replied: “Somebody who can speak Spanish.

Of course, this is what happens when you call the cops. The cops do not serve and protect the citizen. They serve the establishment and protect themselves. As was so poignantly stated in the movie The Wire: “When you’re at war, you need a fucking enemy.” The cops are at wat. They are armed with military grade equipment and guess who is the enemy they are fighting – you, including the sheep and the bootlickers among you. That is in particular the case under Dear Leader Trump, who hates the American people and straight up declared war on the Americans. See HERE or HERE or HERE.

Today, Charlotte-Mecklenburg released body cam videos of the fatal shooting of Rueben Galindo. Per usual, different cops on the scene shouted different commands to confuse the man. Some did it in English, even though it was apparent Rueben Galindo may not understand commands in English properly. Despite conflicting commands being thrown at the man, he raised his hands, providing the mobile execution squad with an easy kill shot, and the cops obliged without a second thought. In cold blood. It’s hard to tell from the video if he was holding any weapon at all:

After executing Rueben Galindo, a female cop went upstairs where she encountered a terrified child, who, despite his young age, knew that when the cops show up, they show up to kill, and kept his hands up. The female cops then acted like they’re there to save the world:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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120 thoughts on “Charlotte Man Standing with Hands Raised Executed by Cops After Calling 911”

  1. Don’t call the cops, from the moment you call them your chances of being shot to death go up significantly, i’m sure a lot of women use cops to top their boyfriends

    1. There are cops out there who are good people, have good judgement, take charge of the situation to do what’s morally right and then there are the ones that are often cited on this site for being what they are and they are the real menace to society, and they far outnumber the good cops. In America, #1 beware of the police, #2 beware of gangsters, juggalos, drug addicts, thief’s, liars, mentally unstable people with arsenals of weapons, and then look back over your shoulder one more time to make sure their isn’t any police following you.

      1. Cody There’s no such thing as “good cops”. There are cops who do their job. And bad cops. That’s it. Not beating someone up, or not shooting an unarmed person, does not make them good cops. It just means they are actually following their own rule book for a change. In my hometown, cops did something very similar to this video, to a man. He was in a car, and had stabbed himself a few times. In order to save him, the RCMP decided to shoot him 5 times. Then had the nerve to say the bullets didn’t kill him. So they all got off scott free.

        1. Maybe you’re right, its all about perspective. I had a k9 officer in my apartment one time showing me places to smoke so it wouldnt go into the ventilation and be smelled by the tenants in the next door apartment. They were called by my landlady who happened to be next door and smelled it. I would never be one to let cops in but they assured me they were not there to be dicks. I let them inside and they and seen that I was attempting to grow a couple seedlings and they told me its alright as long as I’m not selling it. It was a surreal experience to have cops in my apartment , I’m stoned I have plants in my house with lighting systems and the K9 officer and his partner are showing me where to smoke so my landlady don’t smell it. They told her I was not smoking and left. She gave me an eviction notice 3 days later because she said I had multiple personalities. (My head was shaved and the movie “Split” was in theaters) hmmmmmm

    2. Yea, fook that asshole. Sure he had his hands up, but he still had a gun in his hand, and they had told him repeatedly to put it down. The police don’t play games with criminals. Fook him, and if you’re down with criminals, then fook you too!

  2. Fucking pigs!! you can’t trust them to call cops even for protection!! They kill his daddy and they take kid by force wtf is gonna happen with this kid??I’ll tell you what he’s gonna end up in jail or dead with a.needle in his arm!

      1. Cops kill more people then Anyone… they kill just to kill and always say they were in danger… then they plant evidence too!!

        Fuck them, there might be 1 or 2 percent that are good but that’s way to low, even the good cops do bad shit, they might not kill but I’m sure they get off being aggressive and beating people

        I fucking wish the Vegas shooter should have been overlooking a police ball or get together than a civilian concert I hate cops that bad!!! Hate them

        1. Being in a position of power will corrupt and blow up the head of the the person in power…if the power is given to a person without actually earning it by the respect of the people and through gaining the hearts of people by leading in a way that people are willing to trust you and your decisions (this kind of trust is only gained through 1 on 1 sincere interaction)….n even then it could go to their heads…its like that prisoner/jailer experiment they did at that university…the only difference between the jailer/prisoner was a flip of the coin

    1. That’s probably why his wife cried her eyes out when they killed her husband, held a vigil and hired an attorney to sue the police for wrongfully killing him? You bootlickers are among the most pathetic losers under the sun.

      1. No, that’s what the whores always do. Husband or boyfriend pulls a gun or beats her up, she calls the police and then cries when they either arrest him, or shoot his ass for being a piece of shit dirt bag! Also, scroll down the comments and read the 911 call. The police had every right to execute him.

        1. you are totally correct. I dont understand why this is even a debate. the guy threatened his family, was armed with a gun, high on drugs and alcohol. when the police arrive and you are still holding that gun, guess what? you will be shot if you dont drop it. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Mark I think you shot yourself in the foot with this one badly. I would have at least taken the time to listen to the 911 call before writing this one way false article. Yes, sometimes cops are bad, but surely not here.

          1. I’d shoot myself in the foot if I turned a retarded bootlicker like you. Why is it hrd for you to understand that a man with hands raised cannot possibly surrender himself any more. A man who calls 911 himself, cannot possibly do more to surrender. And furthermore, cops who respond to a 911 with the sole goal to execute someone, which is evident from the fact that they yelled bullshit over each other in order to escalate the situation, instead of there being one person who issues clear commands so the person to whom these commands are addressed understand what it is that is expected of it, which one would have to be a bootlicker extraordinaire not to see, which is why I stand firmly behind what I said, and am glad I can see past the tip of my nose because the moment I stop, i become a retarded sheeple like you. I’d rather be hated by the herd, than bleat with the herd just because it’s popular. That is a different way of saying that I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees. Enjoy being the knee-bound bootlicker for the rest of your life.

          2. ….. “Sometimes” what cops are bad …. that’s bullshit they kill if they don’t get the powertrip they want just right!!

            They always use death instead of a taser, mace or stun gun… its always just to shoot cuz the person didn’t obey just right

        2. Well when its man against woman and the police are called…theres no hope for men… Bitch was probably monkey branching…fk it his troubles are no more…the kids will know what happened when they get older…if what ur saying happened really happened…it doesnt matter though…it never will n never does…let us see what they nasty of!

      2. Probably because now her child support check is out the window but she still wants to cash out…has nothing to do with her husband being killed…if anything shes pretending shes mad when shes really happy cuz now shes got a chance at a golden ticket!

    2. Redneck rick, are you retarded. He called 911 to ask them to come get a gun that he wanted to get rid of because he didn’t want anymore. He even explained to 911 that he had no bullets and wanted them to have the gun. He was even on the phone with 911 when he was shot. Stop being a big government bootlicker. The only violent aspect of this even were the cops who shoot first and ask questions later because there is no accountability.

      1. Why do trained cops always shot to kill instead of maim?? Put a bullet in the legs or arms if your that fucking good I don’t give a shit about the answer “center mass” if you can shot but not kill think of the lives they would or could save

  3. Did the killers face any type of justice I’m sure if you or me killed another human being we would be up in a court of law facing a life sentence at no time in the short clip was the guy not complying

      1. Off topic Mark another false flag incident has been staged here in the UK London once again a car driven into civilians a quick diversion to keep the sheep bleating…..Not terror related AGAIN

      2. Mark is right, cops are assassins, financed with the public’s taxes and property. All they do is kill, steal, lie, and accuse and wrongfully convict Innocent people. They are not working for you. They work against you, and if you disagree then “Fuck Your Boot Licking Ass”.

        1. being a cop is not a self-employed occupation. there are rules you follow that are made by the guys higher-up in the government. I see alot of blame put on cops but never… oh never on the guys in the government that actually should be criticized. yes there are bad cops, but please tell me an occupation where there are no bad apples and we can happily agree this is a cop only thing.

          1. Please tell me an occupation that leaves behind a trail of blood and suffering comparable to the police. There is a hell of a difference between bad apples in a lawn moving business and in police. Though logic doesn’t sound like bleating, so I don’t expect you to understand that.

  4. I don’t agree with the police killing this guy of course! But in there defence on this one it doesn’t take someone speaking good English to know never raise a gun to a police officer and not expect a tragic outcome. Cops are already so high strong from walking into life threatening situations almost daily that it doesn’t take much for them to fear for there own safety at times like this one and start shooting! You just don’t raise a gun to a police officer and watch him react to it by screaming at you no matter the language barrier. He just really should have dropped the gun the moment the cop started screaming and pointing his gun at him regardless if he understood what he was saying!

    1. The cops have one of the safest jobs there is. The incidents of a cop dying on the job are among the lowest of all jobs, and the few deaths that do happen are mostly caused by the cops themselves while driving and texting, or from pre-existing medical conditions. Being a garbage collector is more dangerous. The victim could not have been less threatening. He did not raise a gun to anyone. He raised his hands to show he’s surrendering.

      1. he was intoxicated, gun in hand. that is not the definition of surrendering even in third-world countries. You have got to be very naive as a cop to approach an unstable guy like this in this situation with risk of getting shot and having even more peoples lives put at risk. the cop acted correctly, no doubt about it.

          1. Yeah why not try to maim or injure him subdue see if that works be before killing … whythrow a fucking stun grenade that’s what they are designed to do … right

  5. First off, if you have a gun you want to be rid of, destroy it yourself with a ballpeen hammer. Smack the barrel and firing chamber to make it inoperable.
    Second, the child was right to cry. Female cops with guns will probably accidentally discharge them. At you.
    Third, now what happens to the gun Galindo called about and was killed over? It will be filed as evidence, lost, and end up as a plant on some other victim.
    Don’t call the police.

      1. Yes. Doesn’t mean my eyes are closed.

        BTW, remember the Salt Lake, Utah post where the cop was roughing up the nurse and tried to arrest her over the Idaho officer that was rammed head on by the suspect the cops were chasing? The officer died and is being buried right now just down the street from me.

          1. No, (confusing) the patient who the Salt Lake policeman and nurse were arguing about was in neuro intensive care in the hospital. That SL policeman wanted a blood sample from him, the nurse wouldn’t give it up. The patient was driving a Semi truck, hit head on by another guy who drove head on into the Semi. There was a BG page showing the accident. Turns out the Semi driver was an Idaho cop. The Idaho cop died and was buried about 1 mile from where I am now….

        1. Shit !!! the truck driver (off duty cop) died!!!, the fucking cops should have used a helicopter to track the speeding car to a safe place then go in and arrest him not causing danger to the public!!! The cops put civilians in danger which they actually caused this off duty cop doing his civilian job to DIE.. fucking pigs, I had a friend who was training to be a cop and he told me stories how cops would set up people and hurt them just cuz they can!!!

  6. I just went back to watch the video again and your right it does look like the guy had his hands up and not actually pointing the gun at him! He might have been holding a gun in his hand but it was clearly not pointing at the cop so there is no excuse for this cop to shoot him like that because he was displaying no immediate threat.

    1. I have 2 Glocks and don’t like them because they don’t have a safety. They need to be holstered if there’s a round in the chamber. Unholstered, they can fire as soon as you put finger to trigger. Just realized that is exactly what the cops want in a gun. Point, shoot, don’t have to think about it.

    1. If by “white movement” you are asking about the ‘Unite the Right’ rally that ended when that woman got run over and killed, no, that was Charlottesville, Virginia. This is Charlotte, North Carolina.

  7. He telling the fucken pig to put him down kid knew they just shot thier dad that’s why u don’t call them … and u see it’s not always a black life taken away from thier love ones also brown skin- white ppl and all other races …..cuz this ppl think they could kill anyone thier life’s wasent even in danger acting like pussys instead of helping the situation they made it worst …. FUCK THE COPS N U WONDER WHY PPL HATE THEM…

  8. mans desire to harm his own species seems insane when you think about it. i know other species do this but not on the scale we do, its almost like whoever designed us made us this way with a sadistic intent. we seem to be coded / hardwired into self destruction. makes you wonder about how bloodthirsty the ‘creator'(s) actually are.

    1. Yeah…it was annoying…they were trying to act like they wanted n cared for the best interests of the child…n that tgey were going to RISE ABOVE…they dont gaf about that kid they just killed his fucking dad…thats the annoying part how pretentiously they tried to rush in there and SAVE the kid n spare him from the harrowing situation…its a shame most people are this way…but its a learned trait (pretentious n superficial compassion) all for likes n a thumbs up on social media…i would have felt alot better for the situation if they would have just scraped the victim off the pavement n left the kid alone.

  9. Fuck that guy. He was a dick on e phone, only said “I have a gun, are you going to help me or not?” Gave nothing but smartass answers. Stupid drunk and high motherfucker asked for death by cop and got it.
    Good riddance asshole.

  10. Yankistan is definitely a fucked sick soceity. Only recently a somali yank cop killed a civic minded woman who actually called them out, because he was scared!
    Now a man who wants to five up a weapon because cops are too stupid to coordinate their actions and orders!
    Fucking keystone cops!
    Lord protect us from these imbeciles!

  11. The lesson learned here is not to hold a gun, or any other weapon, for that matter, when the cops are approaching you and shouting instructions at you. A lot of cops, and other people, have been killed when crazies high on something do not obey, or do not want to obey, instructions shouted at them by people who need to control the situation. Don’t be calling the cops racists, too, just because they shot a Spanish speaking person. There have been cases where they shoot at persons who speak and understand the English language perfectly, but who are also holding weapons, even something as innocuous as a steak knife, but cannot speak coherently because they are high on something. Also, learn to speak the language of the land where you plan to live, and apparently die, and don’t expect everyone else to come along with multiple translators speaking multiple languages so that they can understand what you are trying to say. Ain’t got time for that.

    1. I would disagree. The lesson to learn – do not call the cops. Whatever the problem you have, if you live in a police state and you call the cops, you are as good as dead. It doesn’t matter what you do. They are just itching to get a new notch on their belts. You can’t make yourself any less threatening than by raising your hands up high. The cops were not shouting instructions. They were yelling nonsense over one another. When instructions are to be obeyed, there is to be one person in charge who issues orders. Nobody else speaks, unless ordered to speak. These cops yelled over each other. There was no clear instruction, but confusion to be had. Consequently the only thing a citizen can do is never call the cops. And if the cops show up anyway, try to go out with a bang. You”re dead anyway, so at least try to take a few of them enemies of the people with you, so other people can live with less threat to their lives and well beings, and give the killer cops a actual reason to kill you. This man gave them none. That was his mistake.

          1. Technically: if the cops started to get killed off by people who knew they were about to die would create a vacancy which would have to be filled, when the new hires started working that would start decrease the unemployment rate in America, every loss creates an new person who gets paid … technically true!!

          2. It’s not about that. It’s about the fact that in police states, nowhere near enough cops are killed compared to the citizens killed by cops. A reasonable balance should be achieved and if cops are not willing to stop executing people for no reason, than citizens may need to step up and start doing what the cops claim they do – serve and protect, and began countering the threat so the safety of citizens can be restored.

          3. “Shut up, I’m talkin’ to you
            It’s on television so it can’t be true
            And I can’t play that game no more
            Wake up and see it through
            Kill the many to save the few
            I know what the blind man sees
            On your feet or on your knees”

        1. I don’t know that they’d go to the trouble of tracking down Mark. He’s a global kind of guy. Haha. People using their real names on Facebook go to police pages and curse and call them killers. Nothing happens to them.

          1. No…but sometimes when u get pulled over for a simple offense sometimes there’s a whole shot storm u find out about…but u never have a clue about it until ur in their hands…n then ur like wtf are u talking about. I’m sure some people here might have had this happen to them.

  12. All cops are pussy’s
    I have yet to see a cop/pigfucker, fight an opponent like an old school beat-down
    No, sadly they reach for they’re guns and start blasting
    I feel for that kid knowing his family member was murdered on the front steps of his house.
    Its Tragic.
    Hopefully the saying
    “You live by the gun, you die by the gun”
    Rings true for these assholes and their next of kin.

  13. Trump supporter doing a little dirty work for the man, all while on the job working for a Trumpman supporter. Nice 25 yard shooting. Pretty standard target distance with the aid of nice bright white shirt. This shooter knows how to work the system. Next 30 paid days off paid inorder to all some time to get over the trama of it all. Lol yea right. Free legal representation. Not that he will need any because as we all know the standard practice is to waste time it the court room for an illusion of fairness and send them on home for so more rest.

  14. Was he holding a gun or not? As Mark mentioned in the description, it’s hard to tell. But if he was holding a gun (in his right hand probably) while raising his arms to surrender, that would be unbelievably stupid. I’m not defending the police at all. But after having seen numerous videos where police offers get shot (Kyle Dinkheller being a well known case) I can understand why American cops are so trigger happy.

    1. It is extremely rare for an American cop to die on duty. Theirs is one of the safest jobs there is. Your claim of “numerous” videos of police getting shot is ridiculous. There are hardly a few more than a couple of them, and they are shoved into everyone’s face like “omg, it’s so dangerous being a cop, already one and a half got shot in the last decade.” Now compare it to the citizens, who get executed every few hours in America. Over 900 murdered by cop this year alone. it’s not the cops that should be trigger happy, but the citizens for statistically, cops face next to no danger from citizens, but citizens are in constant and realistic threat from police being executed for no reason. This one is no exception. He should have used that gun and made the world a safer place by taking out a few of those serial killers before being taken out himself.

      1. Let me say this before I criticise you.
        I read a lot of your statement’s on different
        ( BG ) typically in regards to Police.
        By, this statement you provided in which I’m replying to.
        Why,do you think Police, don’t fear the “Sheeple ” that massively out number them.
        Police don’t know who’s carrying weaponry.
        Plus, all it take’s for a human to visit the
        : gallows : gun shot or whatever fatal injury.
        Not a game humans have 1 chance to live.
        : Whoohoohowhoo :

    2. A military patrol in a enemy city has more danger than a cop driving in a city someplace in America. Yet, the USA government mandates that a soldier cannot fire upon someone, even armed, unless they are fired upon first. Each round of ammunition is accounted for and if turned in with less rounds, an explanation must be given provided with proof. If a young 19 year old soldier was patrolling and saw someone with a RPG about to fire on his buddy, he can’s shoot him. There’s a chance he’d get court martial if enough witnesses come forward with false stories that the soldier just shot a poor farmer. He’ll be dishonorably discharged and forever shunned.

      Yet a cop in America can shoot first, ask questions later. It’s perfectly acceptable in the police community that on a call they can shoot and kill everyone if the cop feels threatened or if he doesn’t know if someone has a gun or not. The tax payers foot the bill, and the cop is back on duty with little more than a slap on the wrist.

      You tell me why that would be considered acceptable? The way the media portrays cops is that everyday they leave home with a family behind wondering if daddy or mommy will come home tonight. They act as if a noble warrior is about to go on duty and that there are dangers everywhere at every corner. Warrior cops is what we celebrate as a community.

  15. I actually get pretty scared of calling the cops or asking them for help. When my house was broken into once, I caught the person red handed. I told the cop who came to my house that I got the person in the next street over and if she could come over. She told me no, she can’t come over and that it is someone’s else duty to come there. I didn’t understand it and luckily after waiting 20 more minutes for the next cop to show up, the person was apprehended.

    One time I was driving in a unknown city with high crime rate to visit a hospital for my mom. There was some sort of marathon going and a cop was redirecting traffic. I didn’t know where to go and I was afraid of asking the cop for directions reading stories about how they just blast people who drive up next to them or look at them funny. I instead asked a random person on the street for directions feeling safer knowing that if it is a criminal, he’d only take my wallet, not my life.

  16. This literally made my stomach turn to watch.. Especially that poor fatherless kid screaming.. So fucking disgusting what pigs can get away with. And the worst part is that they actually believe that they are ‘helping’. They believe in what they are doing, which is the scariest part of the whole mess.

  17. did the fags just tell the family to go back inside? Hahahaha what fucking pussies calling for fucking backup. I wish that woman would’ve opened fire at the fags who just killed her husband or whatever he was. Fucking faggot sissies. We need to start a real war between niggers and cops, open conflict right on the fucking street. It’d be so fucking good.
    Not that I’m American, I’m from Swedestan but really these kinds of videos makes me feel as if I’m actually there, and my emotions are real, fear, and anger.

  18. First of all, I have prayed for young Mark multiple times before this tragedy, may we all pray for him once more in memory of Mark’s old laptop ;_; That was a tragedy by itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, look for the light… DUMB ASS OFFICER had the LIGHTS ON!! BLINDED this DUDE!!! he had NO reaction time!


    THEN THE DOUBLE TAP! OHHHHHH WHYYYYYYY?! NO REASON? !!!I HATE WHITE PEOPLE!!! (nobody respects you until you do!)

    May we all pray for this guy too, Mark!!! We need prayer!

    Love, Marlon

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