Chilean Protester with Facial Wound and Amputated Finger

Police Inflicted Facial Shot Wound

Chilean Protester with Facial Wound and Amputated Finger

I received the two pictures – one showing a man’s face with a wound in the cheek, and one showing a hand with an amputated finger – with a claim that they show a Chilean protester who had the wounds inflicted by the military:

Military kidnap and torture Chilean man.

This young man was kidnapped and tortured by soldiers during a peaceful march in Santiago, Chile.

In the photos you can see how he left a mark after authorities shot him in the face and how “old-fashioned” used a torture method to cut a finger.

In Chile, there are police and military abuses that the media and the state are censoring due to an economic crisis that is affecting the country.

Unfortunately, I have no means to verify the claim, not even if the two pictures are of the same person. So take this post primarily as a post showing a wounded man’s face and a hand with a cut off finger. There is a lot of police abuse going on in Chile, though. No question about that. I’ve heard Chile is the only country in the world with all water privately owned by bankers. Coming in the town near you…

Thanks a lot for the pics @gingerpelela:

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  1. I love Chile. I had a bad accident on narco-holiday in Colombia (fell down night club stairs pissed and wired) where I got a bleed on my brain. Had emergency surgery in Bogota where they removed a section of my skull to relieve pressure and then after 2 days in induced coma, I was flown to Santiago (with my skull piece) where I recovered for 2 weeks and had my skull piece reinserted before being medi-vac’d home to Australia in my own private jet. I don’t remember much of my adventure but I reckon you know you’ve had an awesome time when you can’t remember it !! Thanks universidad hospital in Santiago – you nursed me back to health and now 5 years later I’m still good with my rugged good looks survived after needing a bit of plastic surgery to fix a few features that were slightly skew-iff afterward……..

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