Citizens Knock Over Tyrant on Motorcycle, Gang of Tyrants Catches and Beats One

Citizens Knock Over Tyrant on Motorcycle, Gang of Tyrants Catches and Beats One

Citizens Knock Over Tyrant on Motorcycle, Gang of Tyrants Catches and Beats One

In Brazil, a group of citizens took on a gang of tyrants on motorcycles. Oppressed, stripped off the means to earn a living, and deprived of food due to the COVID-19 quarantine, the citizens went with bare hands against the well fed, armed to their teeth thugs with jobs paid for by taxes from people whose misery they enforce.

As is typical of cop tyrants, they go around in packs so once the citizens brought down one, the rest regrouped and went into the full oppression mode. One of the citizens tripped, the tyrants caught him, beat him up and dragged him down the street. ACAB!

Props to Best Gore member @zebool for the video:

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72 thoughts on “Citizens Knock Over Tyrant on Motorcycle, Gang of Tyrants Catches and Beats One”

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      The imperfect tense is dragged, not drug. A drug is something people like you inject into your arm.

      Americans should be banned from speaking English and forced to learn Esperanto or something similar.

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          1. Ha!

            I agree with your first statement, but if you think free universal healthcare doesnt cost you one way or another (especially if you take care of yourself) you are dreaming

  1. It was funny how the guy on the bike fell then people started surrounding him like a bunch of savages. I think maybe they were trying to rob him or something. Plus the guy with the red shirt and the white backwards hat in the crowd was throwing a helmet around like a mad man maybe he beat one up already and claimed his helmet

  2. Clearly the herd on the road was seen going chaotic like blood hounds running mad every where foraging for anything they could lay their hands on . If its the lock down that’s in effect cops are not to be blamed . People seem to be losing their heads as the situation has them believing that every fucking misery is the result of cops being there on the scene .
    What the fuck COPS have gotta do is to bring the law and order in control and that’s what ya see them doing here very effectively . Some folks innately seem scared of the men in uniform because their past must have kept veering towards wrong end of the law and often times its revisits leaves them half paralyzed or jittered .

      1. I wouldn’t know what ya meant by true nature of the police . Does that mean to imply any interaction with them turns out to be in a bad taste ? Unless someone tries being on the wrong end of the law no situation within the well defined ambits of laws will have them harass you .
        As for me buddy I will survive as I am cut out to be that way .

  3. All you cop haters go jump off a bridge if you want eternal utopia. It is the only ultimate power you will ever have in this world, but most of you ain’t got the balls to seize it. Otherwise, you will eternally be the useless worm you always have been.

      1. Cops were probably more corrupt when it was a working class job, but they were more than fair to the working man. Now, they are just a bunch of bureaucratic ZOG bots, sourced from god knows where. Fuck ‘em all.

    1. Johnny Blade is a moron that “copies & pastes” the exact same comments on multiple conversations to get a “rise” out of members…He’s nothing but a troll and gives this site a bad taste…. Preposterous!

  4. Was only a matter of time before 1 nation began to revolt against its fucking government. Hats OFF to Brazil. A Portuguese-coon infested nation that is WELL-KNOWN for this type of crime whether it’s a fuckin’ global pandemic or NOT!

      1. believe me or not… I have TONS more understanding of police tactics and the “nature of police” than most likely anyone on this site…. When did you acquire your P.O.S.T. Certificate (look the term up idiot)? Keep your idiot troll comments to yourself and your butt buddies….!
        “Copy & paste” your comments elsewhere, dumb ass!

  5. The only way to end with those fucking gangsters in uniform is by taking the guns, whoever have more guns wins, simple as that, they let the state took every single weapon and they let politicians stole their money via taxes so that money can go to the pockets of the serial killers in uniform, so they can blatantly abuse their authority and kill whoever they want

  6. “citizens”
    Yeah, you probably don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about
    Those “citizens”, are crackheads that fill up the downtown streets doing shit and making the place smell like ass
    good thing no one got excessively hurt in this footage

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