Colombian Cop Knocks Out Man with Machete by Clubbing Him on Head from Behind

Colombian Cop Knocks Out Man with Machete by Clubbing Him on Head from Behind

Colombian Cop Knocks Out Man with Machete by Clubbing Him on Head from Behind

The incident happened in the city of Ituango, Antioquia, Colombia. An unidentified man reportedly tried to attack an old man with a machete. When the police arrived, the man confronted them so a cop sneaked up on him from behind and clubbed him on the back of his head with a stick or a rod of sorts.

The case has generated controversy in Colombia between bootlickers who say that the police acted in self-defense, and those who say the cops used unnecessary force. Indeed, we have seen a case of cops neutralizing a man with a machete without going all murderous on his ass.

The man was arrested and is now in a hospital. Props to Best Gore member @existenceispain for the video:

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48 thoughts on “Colombian Cop Knocks Out Man with Machete by Clubbing Him on Head from Behind”

  1. well, imho cop did good.

    maybe didnt wanted to hit him too hard tok illh im lol… but did a good move and definitly fixed the problem.

    they always could simply shot him dead on the spot and move on.

        1. @vileness

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  2. One colombian shitbag less to worry about, only a miracle could save that fucker.
    The cop was a low resource cop lol… a poor one…. but he knew how to do is job… he knew how to murder a monkey in cold blood

  3. Very Well Done Man,,, as this Lunatic could have quite literally killed a few dozen people, besides his intended Victim, if he had not been Stopped. Great Job Senor,


    I’m Sure That You Would Have Hands-Down Agreed with Da-Cop am i right My Good Veteran Bro? 🙂


        Fuck i hate when i do that (type) without looking at the screen.
        I hope that you are doing well my good man, as you now lurk, instead of converse or comment.

  4. Fucking cops with their power tripping.

    The moment human apply to wear piggy uniform he is not human for me. He is fucking traitor of humanity. Slimy, amoral scumbag.

    -No wonder nobody wan’t to hang out with them but only other disgusting pigs in blue like them.

  5. I love how some dumbfuck in the crowd hollars to the guy to let him know a cop was sneaking up on him. Then just as he turned to look behind him he ate the end of that pole. What a beautiful sound it made. Im going to watch it again just for fun.

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