Colorado Man Left Paralyzed from Chest Down After Police Arrest

Colorado Man Left Paralyzed from Chest Down After Police Arrest

24 year old Donovan Duran of La Junta, Colorado, who was training to be an MMA fighter, has been hospital bed ridden since December 7, 2015, when the police broke his spine, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down.

The cops responded to a call that Duran was drinking, and arrested him outside his father’s home in La Junta. Witnesses told the Denver Post that Mr. Duran was mouthing police off, but was otherwise cooperative and did not resist arrest, or otherwise interfere with police work. The last eye witnesses saw of him was when he walked to a cruiser in handcuffs on his own two feet.

The next thing you see, is the cruiser pulling up to the the Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center. The cops drag the limp man out, put him in a wheelchair, and tell a nurse he is intoxicated and hallucinating.

12 hours later, he is in a helicopter bound for a hospital in Aurora, Colorado. The medical staff received him with bruises and scrapes on his face, and with a broken, displaced neck.

When asked why exactly they arrested Mr. Duran, the La Junta Police Department responded that they had no comment on that. Fact is, no charges have been filed against him, so they entire arrest seems to have been false.

According to Mr. Duran’s family, he had been taken to the hospital twice by cops before. The family themselves called the cops on him because they say he was drinking too much Vodka. Don’t they know that if your family member needs help, cops should be the last institution to turn to, as all they care about is bullying and executing citizens?

6 months after the incident, La Junta PD released bodycam footage of the altercation that left Donovan Duran paralyzed, but it looks like they went through the exercise of pulling him out of the vehicle again after they had paralyzed him earlier.

When they yank him out of the car, he immediately slumps out. He was unable to resist, so they ragdoll him about to make it look like he is.

Just another day in police state America:

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  1. I’d like to shit talk the cops if I wasn’t familiar with amateur mma fighters who walk around with a chip on their shoulders. If this guy was one of the humble ones, I’d be on his side. But for all the times I’ve wanted to severely kill some UFC wannabe just cause he wants to put on a show for no reason, I applaud this man’s predicament.

      1. Yup. I live down the street from a gym. And notice I aid “UFC wannabes”. There are humble ones and then there are the unnecessarily ornery ones like you. Yes, I would applaud you being paralyzed from the chest down. Live with it. Your tough guy shit means nothing online so tone it down. Approach with something that proves contrary to the common bad attitude carried by a large portion of trained mma fighters and I’ll give a shit what happens to them. Otherwise, theyre trained to hurt people so they shouldn’t cry like babies when they get hurt themselves.

        1. your so smart siniko,your such a hero,my tough guy shit?i never act tough on here,if anyone does its you,wishing or applauding someone gets paralyzed,what kind of sick degenerate shit is that,i thought ye are all relaxed in huawi ,you should be giving out flowers and sucking the American accupyers cocks.

          1. That’s great Irish. Our interactions are always so fruitful, aren’t they? It seems our rivalry isnt even based in authenticity anymore. It seems we jaw at each other to maintain an image or persona. Im not interested in that.

            I’m an asshole who found enjoyment in someone getting seriously injured and you didn’t like that. Big deal. Neither of us was involved in the incident.
            And stop exposing your insecurities by constantly mentioning me being “so smart”. I speak how I would face to face. I speak that way because it comes naturally. I don’t force myself to sound “smart” and I don’t see why you think it cuts me down any notch’s to point it out. I don’t try to sound smart and I have no control over it if you choose to feel dumb.

          2. what the fuck man?i only pulled you because you said a young man of 24 that got drunk and started fighting with cops got fucking crippled from the chest down deserved it cause he might be a wannabe ass hole,no ass hole in the world deserves that fuckin shit man,fuckin crippled for the rest of his life on a bed,ya you have smart words and i cant spell,big fucking deal,ye are always saying i cant spell,haha,man i can count,and i bet my account adds up to more than yours…

        2. Give it to the dumb ass Siniko. He can’t spell, he can’t read what you wrote. FightingIrish is exactly the kind of person you were talking about. I get it. But then again…..I work at a convince store.

        1. I don’t support abuse. I support people who get what they deserve. I spoke on no established facts. I meant it hypothetically. If the dude was a prick, fuck ’em, I don’t feel bad for it happening. If he was a decent, level headed human being, I think what happened to him is totally fucked up. I’m fine with being called an asshole, but I will not tolerate being misinterpreted.

    1. Lol wow what a typical piece of shit you are. I guess that’s what happens when you are breastfed and fucked by your father. Man fuck you your ancestors and the god you worship. Man you’re sucking those cops dick so hard it’s like watching a fag porn. I feel sorry for you. Stop suppressing your faggot and just be free man. Look at the Orlando guy. He couldn’t get any dick so he killed a bunch of people. Do yourself a favor a get a big dick to sit on. It might make cure your insanity.

    2. You inbred piece of shit. Who the fuck says they applaud a man being paralyzed waist down…… Wtf is wrong with you. @siniko You should of been swallowed, you’re not even good enough to be a drunken mistake quite frankly.

    3. I never seen somebody say something so TASTELESS in my entire life. I hope to see you featured on one of these “best gore” videos. @siniko Congratulations biggest piece of shit I ever seen on the internet yet!

  2. Ugh. Scum of the fucking Earth. Shame on the family for calling the cops because he was “drinking too much”. I hope they bear the guilt for the rest of their lives. This man may have been trash having had the cops called on him before, but no one deserves this unless they are murders and pedophiles.

    1. This is what happens when you call the cops, never call them to help you as they’ll help by killing your loved ones; fuck deescalation just cripple they guy. I hate the CK’s each day. When it’s actual criminals I couldn’t give two fucks but civilians, really bitches?

      1. Been there twice. Parents called the cops on me because I drank too much and was suicidal. Cops do not know how to deal with intoxicated people. I was completely blacked out and was unaware of anything I was doing. Woke up with 3 cops holding me on the ground with a mouth full of dirt gasping for air. One big cop probably 250+ pounds had his knee pressed on my back. I’m a small guy 5’11 145 pounds if that.

        1. Don’t forgot mentally ill and homeless people too, they love to torture them as well and eventually kill them; they’re ill-equipped period and have the IQ of a paper clip. Nothing more than bullies with guns and immunity from the crimes they committ, the feared for our lives mantra.

        2. Don’t you go thinking being small kept them from enjoying and laughing afterwards all the same.

          When a device has too much power, at times a reset is necessary, or else you risk core contamination.

  3. Arrrr..thats so fucking typical…I know the cops will go home & sleep well after their fuck up..

    Would be nice to do a “wolf creek” on them..
    Slice their spine at s1 L5 ..shove a pole up their butt..
    Then they can be a head on a stick..

    Fucking assholes…I so hope the great consciousness plays with their families & brings pain & suffering & no relief.

    1. Everything’s OK……..
      When he get his check…….better know whom to give……to……!!!!!!
      Ps: yeah but now……..what if his family didn’t call the cops…..??????……then he would get no check…..$&#%@##$&
      Oh well, I need another Bailey’s and a reefer…….

  4. The worst crime of all – disrespecting a cop. These power tripping vermin need to be eradicated from the planet, not just their jobs. But of course, they always cover for each other, and as the assault of Bryce Masters showed, they have off-the-shelf excuses ready to bring to the moronic masters and the courts. “I smelled marijuana” “Resisting arrest” “I thought he was armed”.

    This bullshit has got to stop before society despises and mistrusts the police so much that it declares open season on them. And if it did, they’d have only themselves to blame.

    1. Oh come on man. Yes, they individually are pieces of trash, but this mentality comes from alot higher up. Don’t be so naive to think that this is simply a law enforcement issue. There is a core agenda to create chaos. They have us. There is no us vs. them, only survival. Be vigilant stay alive don’t do dumb shit and you might make it.. Hopefully I do, but who knows

  5. why don’t people just go around killing cops randomly?? instead of clueless civilians after using Uber or after first semester?? not that people who do those things are dumb. I’m just putting everyday life interruptions by unnecessary bullet give outs

    1. Well, basically if you feel you have the right to take the life of someone you know next to nothing about, there’s something seriously wrong with you and the one you should be killing is yourself. Vengeance is a different story.

  6. Now he has a good reason to drink for the rest of his life. Hopefully his family doesnt call the cops again, next time he might die. ..or maybe they should, being paralyzed and frustrated from unfair treatment must be a nightmare! And no consequences for those who did that would make me mad.

    1. I can imagine that after months or years of having a resentment building inside of his and depressive suicidal ideation JUST might give him the idea to track those cops down. I’m sure there’s been court cases or other shit where names & addresses became known to him.
      Take himself out with the cop who got lucky to answer the door.

      I know that if I was in that situation it would be fucking depressing and I’d want retribution.

  7. Its like a sceen from 1930’s Nazi Germany. The USA has become a fucking nasty police state hated by the rest of the world. It has no friends. I feel really sorry for the poor fuckers who live there.

  8. This is so heartbreaking…when will there finally be consequences for police brutalizing people here in America? What happened to serve and ‘protect’? I don’t understand what kind of training these guys are getting to become a cop.

  9. And here is a prime example, if only one of his family members had perused this site.
    If I lived in the US, the last, and I mean, the very last thing I’d do in a crisis/ emergency, is call the fucking cops.
    Nothing good will ever result from involving those wanton, psychotic pricks.

  10. He was clearly already injured before the video began. BTW, I thought this stuff only happened to black people. At least that’s what the propaganda channels tell us. Where’s Al Sharpton and the rest who were upset of the guy who got shot in the back and killed? Oh that’s right, this guy’s skin to white.

  11. I have nothing against police officers as individuals, until they do something stupid as FUCK. If this ever happens to someone close to me or if I witness it happening to anyone, I WILL kill the responsible officers. I will find a way and it WILL happen. If this ever happens to me, I’ll find and hire a credible guy to take them out. I’d then eventually kill myself because there’s no way I’d live like a vegetable. Or maybe I’d just cripple the officers, too, so they could also live like a vegetable. Hmmm..

    1. if that ever happened to you man and i hope it wouldnt,what you just said wouldnt happen,you would be stuck in a room in bed too busy thinking about who is going to change your nappy or feed you or change your bandages of your bed soars to worry about revenge,you would be watching and smelling yourself rot away slowly while life goes on around you,no1 would take you serious because your a cripple,you would live in your head untell your dead…worst thing ever to happen someone….

        1. One good man i use to know commit suicide after leg lost..

          Suicide is most fuck up decision ever: Man only kill BODY. Soul(conciousness, real us..Call it whatever) just leaves body, watching demonic entities grabbing and ripping him, drowning it down to be in realms without Goodness whitch sucks deeply.

          Suicide is deepest fail: It’s much worst after.

  12. There’s no empathy for fellow man.
    They were trained to abuse, abuse and only to abuse, sometimes to act as they care but they are just robotoids:
    Those that just look like people, drones in blue uniform, indoctrinated to obey and serve Satan and His lovable slaves(gov’s) are fully taken by demons. I am deadly serious.

  13. Fun fact: I actually grew up in La Junta and spent my first years there. And let me tell you, the cops there are fucking useless. They’ll pull you over just because they’re bored, I shit you not. Not to mention the fact that last I checked, most of them were all about three hundred pounds, so they’re in great shape too!

  14. You can tell he wasn’t paralyzed when they pulled him out guys, his cuffs were definitely below his ass, which kind of supports the officers claims that he was trying to slip them. By the way this is my first comment ever, I’ve lurked for years haha

  15. Drunk people are unpredictable, and police aren’t Superman. Do you expect them to have xray vision so they can see what’s broken or not? Are they supposed to know if he’s being a dick and refusing to cooperate because he’s drunk as hell? They are people, and these people where not acting out of anger or rage. Shit happens, and sometimes no one is to blame.

  16. this guy is resisting as they yank him outta the car……they throw him to the ground and you see him hit the pavement head first with the full weight of his own body following thru….now i dont condone that kind of behaviour but its been the norm in the U.S. for at least 30 years…..if you run…..yr gonna get shot……if you resist yr gonna get fucked up…..the rules over there are simple……if you dont want to comply… prepared to die

  17. I’m a bit confused as to when or if his neck is broken I see him slump but that can just be interpreted as forcing the cops to drag his ass around…. Ya see where I’m confused is after he slumps n the cops are talking to him n rough housing him telling him to stand up I see him shake his head, it’s shaken its not a wobble its a “no” shake like he’s telling the cops no, although I do think I see a weird spikey bone bump sticking out in the back of his neck above his shoulderblades.

    I dunno am I just misinterpreting it? Is his head really just flopping about on a broken neck? Wouldn’t that just kill him with all that rough housing with a broken neck?

    I’ve seen broken necks on animals n their necks flop about more limply, I swear I see his head move in a deliberate manner.

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