Cops Beat Woman In Front of Her Kids to Retaliate Because She Complained to Department

Cops Beat Woman In Front of Her Kids to Retaliate Because She Complained to Department

In Carlsbad, California, Cindy Hahn – a mother of two asked a cop a question while the three stopped to use a restroom. The cop told her to mind her own business. Shocked by the conduct of the officer, Cindy Hahn picked up her phone and called the department to complain.

Minutes later, the cop who she complained about pulled her over, threw her to the ground and started to batter her in front of her kids. His cop buddies quickly joined the beating and added punches of their own, while yelling the mandatory “stop resisting” line.

The cops then arrested Cindy Hahn, and charged her with resisting arrest and battery. Apparently, they didn’t know their assault on the woman was being filmed. But once her attorney showed the DA the video, the charges were quickly dropped.

It’s the classic case of cops retaliating because you didn’t lick their boots, and coming to arrest you for no reason, to manufacture the reason to arrest you by claiming you resisted arrest. And of course, the “stop resisting” line is a must, as is lying in the report that the victim whom they battered, battered them.

This should be a lesson enough for her kids who watched their bother get beaten, that regardless of what mainstream media and cop shows tell them, the cops don’t serve and protect the citizens, but serve the system and protect themselves. In their eyes, you are the enemy.

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  1. Ahh once more the ‘muricahn people allow the system to do what they want of them… and then they call the french “cowards”… well the french rebelled and fought against a corrupt system once, and won. Why wouldnt you?

    1. Americans don’t rebel against the system because most of us are too ignorant and/or apathetic. I wish I could start a revolution, but there’s only one of me and millions of them, so I can’t do much more than stay aware and try not to get brainwashed by mainstream media. Maybe more people will wake the fuck up someday, and then we’ll be able to do something about it.

      1. How proud they must feel wailing the hell out of a mother in front of her children, reciting the tired line of “stop resisting”. These days if breathe funny, fart o sneeze in the general direction their lives are in danger. And as far as recording them goes, they truly don’t care, considering their department will back them up.

        It’s really no surprise that cops are hated with a passion and it’s the apologists and sympathizers who continue to feed into such bullshit. Violence is second nature for the CK’s as they most likely dream about killing civilians because they can.

        1. Living in Baltimore, we see it everyday. These “Hero’s” have a wicked sense of entitlement. I don’t understand how these videos and websites can be up and the mass amount of people are still clueless and think the Boys in Blue are the good guys. I’m not saying they all have no morals, but it’s only a very small percentage that are actually here to help the community… The other percent go looking for people to fuck with and want to start violence.

        1. I’d sue their fucking pig asses !!! I’m Canadian and unfortunately we have a system that has a statue of limitations but if I’m living in the States I’m suing the cops who pulled that shit and their superiors that backed them up !! What if 2 guys randomly attacked those cops wives like they did ? They’d be so mad that they’d want to kill the guys that did that !!! God I fucking hate cops ! Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good with pigs !!

        1. Tell you what you go outside find the first person you see living in the gutter and you do whatever you have to to stand him her back up on thier feet. And then another. You want people to follow you be someone worth following. If everyone on bg did this tommorrow we would have an army. I dont want to fight alongside strangers i want to stand alongside brothers. i want to look around at those i am surrounded by and know that i am loved. And the only way to do that is to show them first. Broken men fight like demons when it is the only person who cared that they fight for. Be that person show them you understand. Show them you forgive and show them thier redemption. show them we havnt forgot our humanity. You

    2. Wow this is terrible.
      They beat that broad senseless.
      And got away with it.
      I love when cops get killed.
      For this reason right here.
      Cause they are pieces of shit.
      Who are violent and corrupt.
      And deserve to get murdered.
      I wish people would fight back.
      But that likely won’t happen.
      Like have a civil war and shit.
      And overthrow the government.
      Make this shit unacceptable.
      This government don’t seem to care.
      It’s hard to be patriotic.
      Knowing my government wants me dead.

      1. I’m not saying all woman but for the most part men are stronger physically than women. Why the fuck every time it takes to pigs aka men. Hahaha. To take down one woman. Bullies. I hope the stare at the end of some welfare crackheads gun. Only after sucking his dick in hopes that will keep his ass alive.

      2. and people wonder why cops are dying left and right, they asked for it and now there getting it, i thought the black lives matter group was stupid at first but they are doing what we all want, to kill all these fucking tyrannical cops fuck em all

    3. So, this happened in Carlsbad, Calif., which is mostly upper white middle class families. Apparently, this woman was out walking her dog when she noticed the police at her neighbor’s house so she asked this cop ( the 1 beating her) what was going on to which he responded that it was none of her fuckin business..she got offended by the way he spoke to her so she called & complained to his supervisor. Within minutes, literally, she was pulled over & this is what happened. Side note: District Attorney dropped all charges & she hired a well known SoCal attorney, Mark Gallegos to rep her. She’s got contusions/lacerations & bruising of her brain so we’ll see what happens’s all over the news here. Sorry bout the long story my loves…

      1. I already said this earlier, @mamason, (see below) but I must say, you put together a better comment! Her father is a retired cop, so she is not used to being treated like this, from cops. I got my info from Daily Mail.

          1. No worries, mate. I was surprised this happened over 2 years ago too, something has put it back in the news – court dates, I would think? Even having that particular attorney could make sure it stays in the news.

    4. You cops out there ought to realize” who in the fuck is not going to resist when they’re being treated with abuse like this”? Sickening! One day you Mutha fuckers are be on the opposite end of those blows, one day.

    5. Maybe we’re just getting our blades sharpened and our scopes sighted in. Nah, more like watching american idol. We defeated the world’s strongest military once. Rouge cops (not all) but a large part, don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell against, what was it the British said we were, Ah yes I remember, “Peasants with pitchforks”. Those peasants back in the day tore up a lot of fucked up teeth, knobby kneed, tea drinking piffs. It’s been brewing in Americans for a while now. Hold on friend I’m sure BG would be happy to post the People’s fight back. 🙂

    6. Oh hi, @Der Kopfsammler 🙂
      How you doing, since all that time I have not been there for a while…I agree with you, we did rebel, once upon a time. Once more wouldn’t hurt, you know 😀
      Whatever, I love it when the cops tell the woman: “Well, sew, then, don’t fight…” When it was THEM, who beat her ass…lol
      And the girl filming is like: “I’m putting this on YouTube!”
      Even better: it landed here, on Best Gore 😀
      Love it…
      Good post, Acneska 🙂

      1. Doing well i suppose… o.O kinda surprised you asked so formally to be honest… Your lack of presence in here was clearly noted though. 🙂

        Anyways, its been more than 200 years when that happened if im not mistaken, alot of blood was shed, but it was made as an example to the rest… i just wish that the people didnt had too much of a short memory… let alone their rulers. 😐

    7. Well, for one it took them over two minutes to reload a gun back then, lack of automatic weapons, still on horseback.Numbers were all you needed back then , plus lack of morale, everyone either being too lazy or too stupid to retaliate. I could make piss poor excuses for this damned country all night.

    1. Judging by the things she’s saying and making the sounds of a dying animal its clear this woman was probably spoilt as a child ,and screeched like this in public on more than one occasion…

    2. Niggers and white women seem to corner the market in police beatings, they both don’t know how to shut up. On a similar topic, story here in LA, a guy threw his 40 ouncer bottle at the back window of a police car. Well they showed him when the crawled out and shot is unarmed ass. Even the police chief was struggling to defend their actions.

    1. I was thinking the same thing but they probably know there won’t be any consequences so they don’t give a shit who sees. Maybe they even do it so they can go on a paid vacation while their actions are ‘investigated’.

      1. 4 days of paid vacation, and $1 Million shelled out by the taxpayers? Why would they care about being filmed, I guess.

        Perhaps it’s really time to make it mandatory for cops to carry liability insurance the same way that doctors carry malpractice insurance. Let insurance companies dictate how high their premiums go based on how much their misconduct costs.

        And enough with vacation pay. They have “3 times and you;re out” rule for pot smokers, whom they put away for a long time even though they don’t cause any harm to anyone. This should be used with cops, but more strict – 2 times and you;re out. No ifs, no buts. You’re fucking out, and still liable for damages yourself.

        1. I think the insurance is a great idea. Nothing is going to change unless there are actually some consequences to their actions and maybe being required to carry insurance will motivate them. I also agree with the 2 strike rule depending on how severe the first strike is. Bottom line is these cops may have a tough job but they’re suppose to be properly trained to handle those types of situations, not lose their shit and handle things however they want.

          1. Better yet, if all police brutality and wrongful death settlements are taking out of police pension funds the good cops would police themselves by getting rid of theknown bad ones…fucking pigs i
            In video makes me sick…

        2. 1 time…..1. They are paid to defend us by us. Paid to uphold the law and they break it. Once is criminal and they should be charged and convicted plain and simple. As they are contributing to severe civil unrest they should be charged with treason.

  2. This is why you Americans need to tell your Kenyon coconut president to go fuck himself over his agenda to ban guns because your government and their police are getting more and more sinister and controlling everyday.

  3. Even that shove the cop gave to that woman bystander was uncalled for. You just can’t win cuz the second you say something against them you will end up on the ground with a knee on your head and your arms twisted behind your back while two other cops force handcuffs on you while telling you to stop resisting. Seeing shit like this really burns me up inside.
    I’m gonna go wank to let off some steam.

  4. This happened in July 2013, Cindy was pulled over for a seat-belt violation straight after she complained about a rude cop, her father is a retired cop. Her attorney is Mark Geragos (he takes on lots of infamous cases, usually celebrities like Chris Brown and Micheal Jackson) According to court documents Cindy Hahn suffered from permanent memory loss and brain trauma.

    1. Good point. The guy that shot up the school in Oregon was slumming around on 4chan as authorities have found. He was giving hints of what he was planning. His fellow slugs on that site were egging him on. We have a better class of people here on BG, even the worst trolls that have slithered in

  5. Carlsbad… Is that when the Carlsberg doesn’t taste nice? Joking aside this is the most pathetic cop video I think I’ve ever seen. Two police cars with sirens on I mean come on, you’d think there had been a murder! I’d be embarrassed if I was on of them cops. Poor excuses of human beings.

  6. Sorry guys, I tried to be on the womans side , but we dont know how drunk the woman was at the party and by watching cops show on tv for decades shows us that they do not like when you resist arrest. They take it to another level that hurts your wrists elbows and shoulders. There’s a reason that cop couldnt arrest her on her own and called for backup! The camera woman will keep saying she did nothing but we dont know what the disturbance call was. So I dont see anything the cops did was wrong. worst they can do is book her or just a citation. But sorry you guys and mr. bestgore himself cant say every video is about neonazi cops in U.S. I never have a problem with them and Ive seen them throw a person in the squad car because they dont like resistors of the arrest artistry.

    1. Just *google* her name like I did, she wasn’t even at a “party” let alone drunk. The cop who she complained about, pulled her over for a ‘seat-belt violation’, in a shitty mood because she complained, after he swore at her.

    2. I agree with Tom. If she was just respectful she wouldnt even have ended up in a position where she was being detained. Not to mention we have no idea how out of hand she became before being filmed. She obviously did SOMETHING otherwise backup wouldnt have been called. Is it so hard to be respectful sometimes?

  7. The beginning part of the video when the cop is laying on her from behind…reminds me of the first time I fucked a chick in the ass. I had taken a couple of Viagara and was stuck there for quite some time.

    1. I can do 4 hours standing on my head. It’s around 7 hours when the pain sets in. Anything after that and I’d be holding a cleaver with thoughts of chopping it off.
      Never take more than 2 Viagra at once.

      1. I only use Viagra when I want to my sexual encounter…like when I make a deal to pay a certain amount until I cum. The trick is to wank a few times the day of and then take a couple of Viagra right before. Last time I did that I went the whole night…almost put her in the hospital. The chick couldn’t sit or lift her right arm for a whole week.
        I got my money’s worth that night.

  8. I honestly don’t know how you guys put up with this!
    For a first world nation who claim to be the land of dreams, these recurring cases of extreme voilence by the police should have been dealt with long ago.
    If that was done to me or my family, I would have a life long vendetta against these pigs.
    One which I wouldn’t rest until I had my revenge!

    1. Judge…its turning into the private sector taxpayers vs the public sector leeching off us and bankrupting ocal, state and federal govts and will protect their fat bloated pensions at any cost…the state of IL cant pay bills and closing schools, musuems, health services because so much money is going to pensions with one guy receiving $427, 000 a year pension…

  9. I was just imagining a militia marching towards the police station and demanding the officer involved to be handed over. Then they take his ass to the family and force him to apologize before giving him a thorough beating and then tossing him and leaving him infront of the police station. Then they’ll think twice before fucking with us. We need a militia movement.

    1. There are several groups out there and all of them have paid informants and or federal undercover federal agent members…every usa protests have many under covers playing protestor as well….I am voting with my passport and moving out of country again….the house of cards will collapse its not if but when… 🙁

  10. “” the cops don?t serve and protect the citizens, but serve the system and protect themselves. In their eyes, you are the enemy. “”

    i guess for the cops, who dont give them money are considered as enemy .

  11. Jeez that was pretty fuckin rude and disgusting. Them pigs were being total thugs! Poor woman was truly scared for her life. I’m sure she’ll have some honest PTSD after that whenever she see a cop. fuck if that was a family member I think I’d hesitantly snap, run in swinging and kick them off or with a bat swinging for the fences ! BUT I know would be instantly killed/shot to death by about 20 rounds.

  12. c’mon americans the usa jew leaders and jewpolice has corrupted your country and also thay are destroying the world, are you gonna take action or will remain robotically sheeplerized ??

  13. Now its hard to tell if it’s bad acting or the real deal. Don’t get brainwashed into this shit either kids.
    A sausage fest in Israel, Palestine?
    Fuck ’em all. They need to feel pussy.
    Violence cum not when dick have clot.

  14. The police are not there to protect and serve. They are not there for you to ask questions and then they give you answers. They are there for only one reason; to make money; to make a living like everyone else in this world. My advice NEVER ask police questions they are not your buddies or friends.

  15. she was swearing like a trooper,perhaps as one would if they they were being violated,perhaps also as indicitive of the persons character especially as we see in some videos of the individual kicking.However a few witnesses said she done nothing.Interesting.

  16. I wish that some day while shit like this is being recorded that a group of concerned citizens intervene. Give the fucking pigs a taste of their own medicine, then handcuff them all together leaving them with a copy of the video so that they, the real criminals get charged. Fat chance of that happening though 🙁
    This is a shit world we live in.

  17. American cops are disgusting and psychotic. Spending alot of their time beating on or killing pregnant women, young girls, unarmed teens etc. Meanwhile victims of actual violence are ignored. Sure, there are a few nice ones, but I’m betting its 1\10. The cops where I live are so shit it’s unreal. In highschool I was targeted by 2 lowlifes, who had nothing better to do than patrol the hallways and pick on kids. Was harassed for 2 weeks being accused of gang affiliation and selling\doing drugs. Their “evidence” for this? I use my hands to express myself when I talk and they tried to claim I was “throwing signs”. Cops never did anything when I was being stalked and attacked. And one, was my fathers friend. Decided to harass and lecture me outside, trying to tell me I wasn’t allowed to smoke, and if my dad kept complained about me, he was going to arrest me. Upon stating I was 19, therefore, it was legal for me to smoke, and that you could not arrest someone without just cause, his response was, “I can throw you on this cement right now and beat the shit out of you, and no one would do anything about it”. Fuck the cops, we need a complete overhaul on this shitfest we call a justice system

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