Cops Fight with Young Man Instead of Killing Him in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Cops Fight with Young Man Instead of Killing Him in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Video from Jarabacoa in La Vega Province, Dominican Republic, shows two policeman fighting with a young man. The gist of on the ground’s perception of the cops’ action was that they resorted to police brutality, but that must be because Dominicans don’t know what it’s like to live in a real police state, whose cops are trained in citizen oppression and on the spot execution by Israel.

At 2:50, you can see one cop handing his service weapon to the other cop, so he can fight the guy like a man. The other cop responded by dragging the first cop away from the fight, because cops should conduct themselves in a professional manner and not resort to fights at the drop of a hat.

That’s something you’d never see in the USA or Canada, where cops would have long feared for their lives and killed the man, his dog, and his kid in a crib.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Cops Fight with Young Man Instead of Killing Him in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic”

          1. hi air. good input. you know what I get when I watch all this shit?? I want my DAH DAH
            these unruly kids (who never asked to be put in this world) don’t have a stable background. In RESPECT to the policeman who had a square go. I think the police should take a more liberal ‘FATHERLY’ role when back the jail. I know..bad IS bad, but most the time it aint. it might make a change. Nothing is imposiblein this life.

  1. Oh Noes, No “Brutal senseless Cop given right to kill”, video? – What has come of Gore these days? , – Glad he lived till they hanged him on trumped up charges. Happy Thursday (sorry I’ve been a hermit – stroke)(still not thinking right if I offended – only 5 yrs ago)

  2. One wonders if the guy had had a machete on him, if the cop would have taken him on with his own machete, if he’d had one.
    Agreed though, US cops would have squealed like the little pigs they are and popped at least four rounds into the fella for being a “major threat to Their lives”, Pathetic weasels they are, useless fucking soft arse poofs, the lot of ’em.
    The cops in the vid have decent sized bollacks as opposed to the little pea size nads of the average US pig.

  3. SJW around the world, only start their video after the issue becomes confrontational. So who really knows who is to blame or accuse. All witness testimony is flawed because each person sees it a little differently than the next. .. Kill them all, they’re just plant food in the end anyway.

  4. Back in the days the city of Compton.. if pig got called out by gang member. They had the balls back then to drop their gun belt and catch the fair one in an alley nowadays they’re just a bunch of scary weenies

    1. “Shoot the fair one”. I miss those days. Cops would bring you home if you were DUI, smack you in the fuckin’ mouth if you were being a punk. Real public servants. I feel like “servant” is a shitty testament to their oath, but those boys in blue back in our generation @pobre-gang were actual public servants. Not all, but some got my respect to this day.

  5. You can tell those cops were handling that shit tentatively because they were on their own in unfriendly territory. I dunno what the situation is like in the DR, but throughout most of the Caribbean folks in the ghetto have no love for cops and will gladly have a go at them if they feel like they have overstepped their authority.

    Those two held their own pretty well in the face of adversity. They definitely weren’t the only ones armed in that neighbourhood either. That one guy yelling in the background sounded like he was trying to rile everyone else up against em, but I’m sure they guy they tried to arrest was a piece of shit who deserved an ass kicking.

  6. Here it is, ladies and gents. The epitome of what things should be. A man in distress, and women backing him up. The men in power (authorities) pass off the gun, and throw hands. Holy Hell this sounds like Heaven to me. I may have to brush up on my machete skills, but shit… this seems like my kinda people.

  7. Quite commendable I have to say. Any fool can pull the trigger of a gun – but where’s the lesson in that? One-on-one physical fighting to settle the score with no one jumping in to save their buddy is rare these days. Especially with police. Against protocol – probably so. But each walk away with their life, albeit one defeated. Absolute truth in America if you resist or move the wrong way you’re fate is sealed.

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