Cop Gets Taste of His Own Medicine, Snowflakes Step In

Cop Gets Taste of His Own Medicine, Snowflakes Step In

Cop Gets Taste of His Own Medicine, Snowflakes Step In

While I don’t have any backinfo on the video, you can tell it’s from the USA because the vocabulary of Karen consists of 3 words. That’s an upgrade though. The vocabulary of an American cop consists of only two words: “Stop resisting“.

The video shows a cop getting the taste of his own medicine, when a Tyrone he’s trying to arrest launches punches on his mug. Unfortunately, the fucking snowflakes, molded by the media to worship tyrants, step in and interrupt the righteous beatdown.

If the roles were reversed and there were other cops in their shoes, never in a million years would they stop the beatdown. Instead, they would throw punches of their own, so they don’t waste a day in the uniform without murdering or at least battering a civilian for no reason other than to scratch the psychopathic itch.

The snowflakes should have jumped the cop while yelling “stop resisting” at him, beat him to death, put handcuffs on his limp corpse and announce that they will investigate themselves before finding no wrongdoing and declaring that all procedures were followed. Bootlickers should then approve of that behavior. The streets would be one tyrant safer. And Tyrone would then get a well deserved paid vacation leave.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video.

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68 thoughts on “Cop Gets Taste of His Own Medicine, Snowflakes Step In”

  1. You really have a strange problem with the police in america … In Europe we are WITH the police, not against it, because they don’t annoy normal peaceful citizens. They defend us generally. WTF ?

          1. Look at you feeling free using the N-word on this website, you love that word don’t you. It’s all fun and game until you choke and die on a nigger dick or have it far up your ass and you find yourself on a hospital bed haha

          2. I do agree..that is 90% correct.. those Niggors are the worse kind, even their own spokeman of black community knows it!

    1. Respect is earned, not enforced. You don’t earn citizen respect by murdering a citizen once every 8 hours. That’s why American cops be like “you respect muh autoritah or I kill you”. And the sheeple be like “permit me to get on my knees and lick your boots, oh great archangel”

    2. M.napoli…

      There are several problems with the police in America…

      1) Most police officers were bullies, or had been bullied during their civilian years. Pent up frustration becomes justified, when weapons are issued to them.

      2) Most of them have a relatively low I.Q. This is essential, when it involves social challenges, such as de-escalating tensions among the masses.

      3) The police are there to protect THE RICH. Many are lawyers, judges and politicians that quite frankly, want to keep you away from any kind of confrontation/communication whatsoever. Most of our “Neighborhood Watch” signs are posted in neighborhoods, where residents make well over a six/seven figured income.

      4) The police have become all three branches of our government. Street thugs create their own legislation. They decide who lives and who dies and many times, carry out their decision through violence.

      5) The police have the military’s blessing. Many newer weapons are issued to the police, to be used by the police for their annual, “Carnage Count” results.

      These (5) reasons alone, will guarantee no courage or integrity within the department itself. As a result in general, you will be looked at as their victim. Many of these street thugs, come from areas well outside of the neighborhoods, they were sworn to protect and serve.

      If anyone thinks that “Social Distancing” is a pro-active measure for social benefit, one may want to think again.

      …viruses (police) included

      1. Well, we don’t have the same culture. You may be right i never went to America. I can simply tell you that in normal countries cops are more or less accepted by white people in white homogeneous countries, i speak for what i know

      2. Good god your a real fucking fuck wit .. so you know every cop and they told you they been bullied or bullys .
        From your list you dont even score on the IQ list your brain cells run down the inside your mothers legs the night she got fucked .

        So your a bum with no money so why should they protect you all you do is crime to pay for your shit .
        Aaawwwww you dont own A gun you poor twat..

        Keep close to your other scum covid-19 waiting

        Have a few beers go for a drive find tree .

        1. highlander 1…

          Good god your a real fucking fuck wit



          Bullies say this a lot (#1)

          From your list you dont even score on the IQ list your brain cells run down the inside your mothers legs the night she got fucked .


          By the looks of your comment, doesn’t look like we need a list at all on this one. (#2)

          So your a bum with no money so why should they protect you all you do is crime to pay for your shit .



          Aaawwwww you dont own A gun you poor twat..



          Have a few beers go for a drive find tree .




          Nice meeting you officer!

          …and supporting my post 🙂

          btw: if you lived in my neighborhood, you’d already know I have a job, and a clean criminal record

        2. So your a bum with no money so why should they protect you all you do is crime to pay for your shit .


          In the deviant mind of a police officer you’re right HL-1. After all, anyone making under a six figure income, can’t afford a lawyer to lock you up.

          …let’s go ahead and place a (#3) on this one as well

    3. Thats utter bullshit. I live in the Netherlands and the police beat the crap out of people who protest against the goverment. But when BLM is protesting the police gets on their knees and make a fascist greeting to support marxists.
      Same goes for other countrys in Europe, if you are against social distancing the police will beat you to a pulp. Check out the latest protests in Belgrade. The police in Europe are fucking scumbags, and are hated alot atm. Many cant cope with that and resign.
      Im sick of BLM and Antifa and those scumbags that support those commie bastards.

    1. Sideboob lady i dont know who are. But i know what you are, and what are apart of (white supremacy). You guys love outlets like these say you can state your true feelings towards black people meanwhile smiling in our faces all day acting like you understand our struggle. And then come on sites like this and talk nonsense behind our backs. Black people are not only people who break the law and do things they shouldnt when it comes to do law. White people do dumb shit all the time the only difference their lives are spared. Meanwhile black people get killed everyday for what? Let you tell it its because they are being stupid. I guess it is stupid to comply with the law when all they are going to do 99.90% of the time is kill us anyway. Whats the point? You need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why do you hate black people. Because at the end of the day we are all human and we all bleed and we are all american. But we are the race that created you so if you hate us you hate yourself. FACTS……

  2. This is actually about an hour away from me. This happened in Alexandria, Louisiana. The one beating the shit out of the cop and his buddy were refused entry into a hospital where they were trying to visit a sick relative. When they were refused entry the cops were called. When officer dickhead arrived he immediately wanted to handcuff both guys, but the second old boy wasn’t having none of that shit (Probably since he hadn’t done anything wrong) and retaliated.

  3. Fellow Best Gore members,

    I’d be careful of how much you align with Antifa/Left ideology because the lines are close.

    The Left ideology stands for group think unlike being one’s own moral/individual authority.

  4. Time for the final option.
    1- Herd all the niggers into “Nigger Freedom Zones”
    2- Round up all their white race traitor friends go with them
    3- Maintain multiple live streams for those outside of the NFZs
    4- Air drop crack and fentanyl into each zone
    5- Grab your popcorn

  5. Well well all the big hard macho men saying ACAB. an keep the noses out
    glad he got attacked
    Well you see that these two scum bags was outside a hosptial who are working hard to try and save lives these scum bags had they been attacking the medical staff the cop was doing his job trying to protect ppl . It’s quite easy to follow the law and dont brake it . All this bullshite about cops picking on niggers and snowflakes because the cops are bored or racists .if you do as your fucking told by a cop you live there are millions a day arrested by cops they are alive WHY as they dont go I’m black leave me alone fucking pig .they do as there told
    Look at NYC crime gone thro the fucking roof due to all the criminal scumbags yeaa let’s do away with all the cops and see how long you big hard wankers hiding behind your lap tops star screaming we want the cops back help me .
    BLM has been taken over by commie cunts hell bent on destroying Americans and america do away with the cops that’s the start

    WELL FUCKING DONE YOU PRICKS .. If you dont like the american flag fuck off to another country then no ones holding you back apart from your warfare checks ..

  6. Police are meant to arrest the guilty but instead they are arresting the inoccent.
    There is pure proof which is caught on camera that they are breaking the law.
    But even then the white man will always be seen as the innocent one.
    It’s how this world is.
    If burning down a city wont stop racism you think a war could do it?
    Probably not…
    Laws only tell you what’s right and what is wrong it’s the people’s decision if they want to break it or not.

  7. ur wrong about the media they aren’t very pro cop. Only 9 unarmed black men with cops died in 2019 which is 9 to many but it’s such an overblown issue they should be doing things to actually help the black community. Blacks commit like half the crime in the US so its not surprising there’s more run in with police. and karen is becoming a racial slur

  8. More niggers doing nigger shit, and more clueless white people on the opposite end of the world pretending to understand what’s going on. I’m ready for the race war whenever y’all are

    Stupid spear chucking apes

  9. This is all Americans deserve.
    Come on America! More please!
    I would really appreciate seeing some race wars, you know, nothing too big, but I’d really like to see hundreds of thousands in the US killing each other.
    Can’t wait for the day, hope the states burn in hell 🙂

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