Cop Itching to Assault Someone Slams Driver on Curb, Turns Out Driver Is Internal Affairs Lieutenant

Cop Itching to Assault Someone Slams Driver on Curb, Turns Out Driver Is Internal Affairs Lieutenant

On his daily mission to assault someone, this Miami cop pulls over a vehicle for no reason. When the driver tries to exit the vehicle, the cop violently rips him out and slams him on the curb.

With half stiffy raging from nearly getting his rocks off, the cop’s fellow citizen killers arrive and each can’t wait to get their off too, only to realize seconds later that they are beating on a senior Lieutenant from the Internal Affairs department.

The chief abuser set up a personal GoPro camera in his service cruiser in order to expand his personal collection of brutality porn so he can get off to beating people up for no reason also after he had beaten them up. He tried to keep the footage from the investigation which ended up being the reason for his eventual boot.

The senior cop scored himself a front row seat to how cops treat citizens each and every day:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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163 thoughts on “Cop Itching to Assault Someone Slams Driver on Curb, Turns Out Driver Is Internal Affairs Lieutenant”

        1. A young nigga got it bad cause im brown. And not the other color so police think they have the authority to kill a minority. Fuck that shit cause i aint the one for a punk mothafucka with a badge and a gun to be beatin on, and thrown in jail we can go toe to toe in a middle of a cell. Fucking with me cause im a teenager, with a little bit of gold and a pager. Searchin my car, lookin for the product, thinkin every nigga is sellin narcota. You rather see me in the pen than me and lorenzo rollin in a benzo, Beat a police out of shape
          and when I’m finished, bring the yellow tape
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          Still getting swoll off bread and water
          I don’t know if they fags or what
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          And on the other hand, without a gun they can’t get none
          But don’t let it be a black and a white one
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        1. You think it is OK for a Police Officer to throw a member of the public to the ground because they have been stopped without cause and decide to get out of their own vehicle on a public road? Wow. Maybe you should go and live in China or South America.

    1. Lol biggest dumbass ever!! I’m surprised his fellow thugs didn’t whip his ass after they realized this cunt probably got them in deep shit also. The K-9 was the smartest of the officers he was smart enough to stay in car. How many cops does it take to show up for a simple traffic stop

  1. You need to seriously quit with the ridiculous anti-police crap. Do you really think that cops just drive around, looking for people to assault? You have a warped view of cops. 90% of them are good, decent people, who do their job respectably.

    1. Even if your stats were correct, then that is an unacceptable number. You are OK with ten percent of the people who are meant to protect you, being murderous maniacs? Wake the fuck up, or get woke the fuck up.

    2. @theimmortalpotato Like fuck 90% Police are good and decent people Im not sure where you got that statistic from but its clearly bullshit you love ramming far up your own ass. I think you need to go and check the “REAL” statistics on the cops Kill death ratio of just this year. Lets analyze the reality of your average cops mind. A cop is someone who was likely a beta scumbag during their teen years or a bullied beta during their teen years and is now an adult beta with the ability to bully anyone and everyone if not outright execute people then proceed to profusely lie and claim they feared for their lives and safety… A cop is someone who lives following a set of superficial image driven appraisal seeking motives. I didin’t just grab that from my own bias eitherb I’ve grabbed that idea from what I’ve seen the past 20years.

      1. Lmao your Assad avi gives me funnies. I can confirm your statistic. Two dudes I know used to get their asses kicked now they are cops. They were betas with social issues then and still betas now… But with authoritah.

          1. @honkeykong, HELL NO!!, but if you have cops performing surgery on you, or piloting your flight then have much bigger problems to worry about besides some cop roughing up some other cop in shitty Miami

          2. @Doc Undy; I’m just glad that I’ve managed to get above the second percentile. I’m looking to hire surgeons with experience in very expensive, yet completely unnecessary, procedures; get in touch if you’re interested.

      2. @Fuck_America_AndSoForth
        I’ve been saying that for years! That, and the low IQ factor.
        How fucking hard is it to NOT beat the shit out of a compliant motorist? Is it beyond a cops comprehension to NOT shoot someone in the face for a broken brake light? And what’s with the black gloves that they all wear, even in the summer heat? Are they shoving frozen donuts down their suck pipe all day?

    3. So only 1 out of 10 is bad you say…..fuck you that # is unacceptable for the people who pay the taxes that pay you fucks. To serve and protect bitch not fuck you I gotta badge so I’ll do as I please. 1 out of 100 is unacceptable.

    4. Michael I take your some how related to an officer . Come on now It’s to late to play oh ain’t nothing going on . You already this how the pledge their allegiance to the head office . Just that this time the officer screwed up . Your going to tell me 90% are good , really how come we aren’t hearing Anything from those 90 about hey we aren’t ok with this trend of violent incidents. What about all those videos of officer getting totally upset at people recording when something happens . If your 90 was true then the police wouldn’t get upset at the those people recording it would be the opposite they should be saying hell yes record so everyone can see we are in the right . But no every time an incident happens the police act weird especially towards the cameras trying to block the view or straight trying to intimidate . This a very big reason you have that anti police crap they caused it and they don’t seem to care about trying to change this . Also you get the videos that end bad . So your 90 I’m sure you have talk about or have heard conversations about target practice citizens talking about how good n accurate they are . Now take into account officers are trained to shoot right ? They get trained how to deal with stress n shooting and shooting accurately so they practice practice or train right ? I’m sure they do the look how badass I am . I’m so good and or accurate . so then why do we rarely hear of suspect wielding a non firearm weapon getting clipped in the shoulder or hand ending the situation non lethal . There’s countless videos of people holding a knife or something so faraway that there is zero chance of the officer getting hurt but it still ends in them getting multiple shots . No accuracy just spray of bullets . Yes I understand when it’s up close then it’s different .

    5. One day that statement is going to bite you in the ass!!! There are many Dirty Cops. There are more good ones…. However this COP (PIG) if you will is a BAD COP!!!! I know a few cops but i still HATE the PIGS they take their power beyond the law and lie to get out of things cause they are allowed to lie if it helps convict a criminal. Like two bros being interviewed and one cop saying to the other suspect your friend ratted you out!!!! That’s is lying unless the one actual does say that. With that said a bad cop does not belong on the force at all period!! Do not get me started on PIGS who shoot unarmed men and get away with it!!!!!

    6. 90%? Hardly. The 90% are giving the (maybe) 10% who are decent a bad name.

      These guys show the typical bully mentality associated with most cops, they are all gung- ho to beat this one guy’s ass, pull up screeching to the curb and jump out ready to murder, then when they find out he can do them in court, they are all “Oh, sorry sir, lemme wipe that dirt off your shirt sir, please don’t tell my boss sir”. Bullies, all of them, plain and simple.

    7. All the good decent cops that I know do exactly that, second to cruising around following chicks. Some cops that I know don’t even go to work. Fake injuries and shit, bad behavior (it’s difficult to get fired if you work for the government). Some cops that I know just chill in the office watching sports and internet. And all the other cops are creeps. Maybe 7% are truly good

    8. Is that right?
      It sounds like QUITE the opinion.
      I think 90% of the cops would get boners to beat peoples’ asses for shitzengiggles.
      Hugest gang on the planet and their is NO evidence or way to prove their evil most of the time.
      I have seen a video where a lady complained of having a cop force her into a private room and make her lift her shirt and show ass during a Civil matter, while the female judge ignored her cries of “injustice” and the pig arrested the mom for CLAIMING IT. they get away with murder….this video is refreshing.

  2. Oh dear – he clearly knew that his days in the execution squad were numbered once his mistake entered his tiny Neanderthal mind. Thus his aggression turned to verbally abusing the IA guy instead of the beat down that was coming.

  3. North Miami cops are mostly dicks! I’ve had my ass beat a little by them a couple times, but i honestly think I deserved it. I think that’s why this world is going to shit so fast ; parents are not allowed to beat their kids and cops aren’t allowed to beat criminals, some people just need a good ass whoopin sometimes!!

          1. Naw bro, no harm taken and also no harm given, good convo is great. I just respect most cops because it takes balls to do what they do and it’s got to be really hard to resist temptations like being a dirty cop. Another thing is there so many criminals and murderers, rapists, robbers, and most people aren’t built to deal with protecting themselves and their families.

    1. It’s $4.85 for a pack of Marlboro. I get coupons for them too. I smoke half a pack daily. Good ole ‘Murica. You’d think all the States would be on same page. Each State is basically it’s own divided country within a country. I’ve always thought that was weird

      1. Yep it’s all tax. Funny when a homeless person asked for one. Now I take his dollar. Lol. Come on can’t spare many at $14.50. Called loooseys. I am smoking half a pack. Quitting soon cause eventually it will kill me. Plus it’s a lot of dough. Just gonna stick to weed. These oil pens are the best invention. EVER!!

    2. Shit. I can remember in Buffalo when cigarettes were $0.25 per pack in vending machines, and that included a book of matches. And those were expensive compared to North Carolina, where they weren’t taxed.

      All I can say is, use home grown and roll your own.

  4. Honestly people how could you root for one cop over another if you hate them both? I think I hate the internal affairs guy worse because if anyone of us hit that cop with the car door while getting out of our vehicle when we weren’t supposed to we would’ve gotten an asswhoopn and been tossed in jail but this fucker says do you know who I am and he gets to go home to his wife and kids

    1. they do this shit all the time. you could be standing at the bus stop picking your nose, and maybe smoking a filtered cigar, and you’ll be lucky to just get arrested. damn near almost had the SWAT team called on me once. it really is pathetic. home of the free my ASS.

  5. Scums in blue trying to enter his ass deep to soften situation while black civilian abuser didn’t want to apologize and end non pleasant situation for their dirty careers.

    World would be much safer without this humanity traitors.

  6. All cops are shit eating PIGS worthy of a horrible violent death for the terror and pain they inflict on the public on a daily basis. We need more brave snipers like the heroes in Dallas who slaughtered those piggies in the street. Those sniper gun shots were sweet sweet music.

      1. Oh yes, we know the difference. But if you ever consulted a decent dictionary, you would know that “Yankee” is also a generic and derogatory term referring to Americans as such. I don’t think you are in a position to decide for others how they are to utilise a term.

        ˈ jaŋki

        noun informal
        an American.
        an inhabitant of New England or one of the northern states.

        1. I know it’s slang. I never thought of it as derogatory though because Americans use the term to describe the Northeast and the NY Yankees are a baseball team. It doesn’t hurt our feelings. But I always find it funny when non-Americans use it and think Southerners feel “included.” They’re more likely to join in poking fun at the “Yankees.” And you can utilize the word any way you please but I’m in the position to tell you it’s ineffective on most of the country. Trust me, you aren’t insulting us – just confusing the older Southern folks and letting younger people know that you have no real grasp of how we interact with each other. You’re not part of our dynamic. I’m sure where you live there are regional customs and the like. An American would probably utilize the terms incorrectly being an outsider. And you’d feel like I do about the Yankee thing – not insulted but laughing at our poor grasp of your home.

          1. Daamn, @itsplaster, you fuckin’ tell em girl! I’m a Red Sox fan from Maine and if someone oblivious to the term Yankee called me one as a means of an insult, I’d have a shit eatin’ grin on my face and get a good chuckle out of the irony.

          2. That’s not how it works. If you call an Indian a n*gger, he may well object that Indians are neither negroid nor from Africa. But the fact remains that the British would refer to the Indians as n*ggers. The Brits knew that the Indians are neither negroid nor from Africa; in other words, it has nothing to do with poor grasp of geography. Of importance are the connotations of the one who uses such a designation.

          1. not a clue about ‘the brits’

            calling indians niggers?

            you have no clue how diverse england is. and no doubt you are completely foreign to the concept of a piss take.

            fuck off.

          2. The elephant man wishes to have his say on the matter. During the British Raj it was commonplace for the Brits to refer to Indians as nigg*rs.

            ‘Aside from the contempt of the elite members of British society such as Churchill, the British regularly referred to the Indians as “niggers.”’

            (Mergers, Acquisitions and Global Empires, Ko Unoki, p. 24)


            Byebye, fuckface.

  7. This shit is old OP :/

    Ayinde Crespo says that in 2012, he had a hell of a time convincing anyone that a Miami cop named Marcel Jackson had attacked him outside a strip club. The way Crespo tells it, Jackson tackled him from behind, slammed his face into the ground, and beat him. Even after the independent Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP) sustained charges of “abusive treatment” against the officer, Crespo told NBC 6 it was tough to get people to believe his side of the story.

    That is, until Jackson filmed himself attacking a member of his own police force two years later. That video went viral online and led to Jackson’s suspension.

    And now Crespo is suing the City of Miami, the Miami Police Department, and Jackson for battery, negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    “I had a feeling one day the truth would come to light, and I’m glad that he’s showing people his real self,” Crespo told NBC 6 in 2014. “I’m sure there’s a whole lot more in the camera he’s trying to hide.”

    A Miami PD spokesperson declined to comment for this story because of the ongoing litigation.

    Crespo’s run-in with Jackson happened July 29, 2012, when Crespo and a friend took a cab to the Goldrush strip club on NE 11th Street. Around 6:30 a.m., Crespo says, he and his acquaintance began to argue about who would pay the cab fare. When Crespo started to walk away in frustration, the cab driver allegedly called over Jackson, a large cop with the physique of a powerlifter.

    According to the suit, Jackson responded by tackling Crespo, “causing Crespo’s face to strike the pavement.” The suit says the cop then jammed his knee into Crespo’s back and then began punching him. Crespo also maintains that Jackson screamed at him using the N-word and said, “You don’t want to pay for this cab, motherfucker?”

    Jackson then slapped cuffs on Crespo and clasped them tightly enough to leave marks on his wrists, according to photos the victim gave NBC 6. Crespo also told the news station the retina in his eye was torn, causing him to see “flashing lights.”

    “As a director result of the abusive treatment and use of excessive force from defendant Jackson, Crespo sustained injuries to his back, body, wrist, and face, including a permanent disfigurement to his lip,” the suit says.

    Crespo’s allegations were later backed up by the independent CIP, which investigates citizen complaints against the police. The CIP not only sustained Crespo’s abuse charges but also revealed that Jackson had been on the board’s “monitoring list” for officers with numerous complaints before he allegedly attacked Crespo. In all, 19 other people had filed complaints against Jackson prior to Crespo’s case.

    Though Miami Police didn’t discipline Jackson for the alleged beatdown, he was unable to keep himself out of trouble for long.

    Jackson had apparently kept his own GoPro camera on his police cruiser’s dashboard to record arrests — but that habit came back to bite him after he recorded himself pulling over a City of Miami internal affairs officer, yanking the high-ranking cop out of his car, and tossing him to the ground before the IA cop — Lt. David Ramras — stood up and screamed, “Do you know who the fuck I am?” The video later went viral on social media.

    For attacking one of his superiors, Jackson was suspended — with pay.

  8. USA Cops are retards. Also the majority are black so it completely disregard the usual morons who make it like it’s always white cops picking on black people, here is clear proof black cops do it too.

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