Cops Responding to Noise Complaint Illegally Enter Property and Assault Young Girl

Cops Responding to Noise Complaint Illegally Enter Property and Assault Young Girl

Cops responding to a noise complaint illegally forced their way into a property without a warrant, escalated the situation, and assaulted a young girl. If there was a dog around, I’m pretty sure they’d kill the poor pooch too.

This is what happens when you call the cops. You get your life violated, or you all get shot. It doesn’t matter how non violent, non threatening the situation is, the cops will find a way to escalate it and resort to violence.

The lesson to learn – never ever voluntarily open the door for the cops without a warrant. You wouldn’t open the door if there was a burglar trying to get it. So why do it for the cops, whose ethics, integrity and morals are beneath those of a burglar?

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  1. This was hilarious, the girl when she jokingly called out “call 911” Also @anceska, did you not see the small dog? Lucky it was friendly, it didn’t live in the house with the girls, it just ran in there! I wonder who called the cops (music/noise issue) they look like they ALL party at that apartment block.

      1. Your absolutely right, she was asking for trouble. They were lawfully there at her door because she was disturbing the peace. Then to go and get mouthy with them and interfere in their duties. Shit they had no choice but that take that stupid bitch to jail! Then to start fighting and resisting, she was DONE! Lol

  2. For a noise complaint call best advice like @Acneska said…don’t open the door…you can talk through it just fine and I don’t know where they lived but unless your invited in or they can see illegal activity from the doorway “see don’t the open door” they are not allowed to enter your home unless invited…this cop needed to tell them to keep it down and leave….maybe threaten them with a summons or arrest if they have to come back just so they know he’s the boss.

    1. Sounds easier said than done. Maybe if u have a screen door it’d be possible, but I would honestly think they would look at talking w the door closed would raise suspicion, and therefore give probable cause for them to enter. What you’re recommending sounds like common sense, but cops are so quick to play dumb especially in bad neighborhoods. Just saying, they always have excuses and ways around it, especially if you’re a minority

    2. Yeah….like that works. They would have been back over and over again. This dumb bitch had a mouth on her and an attitude and got what was coming g to her. Next time just say ” I’m sorry officer, we will keep it down”. They leave and everyone carries on. How difficult is that!

        1. I just hate cops and they even wrote a rhyme for cops !!!!! It goes like this ……This little piggy went to market ,this little piggy stayed home ,this little piggy had roast beef ,this little piggy etc etc … FUCK I HATE COPS

    1. indeed.
      And i noticed at 4.11 – the now infamous “knee in the throat” came into play (as detailed in every officers “how to deal with the public” briefing) – but then officer dibble must have remembered he was being filmed and removed the knee. DAMN those interfering innocent bystanders – holding brave officers to account with their pesky video recording devices?

      the US public must feel really assured of safety in their,country with such selfless heroes as these – ready to throw their lives on the line in dangerous situations like this

  3. Damn noisey bitches, shut the fuck up!!! I had two noisey college chicks living above me once, pissed me off with all their all night parties and their constant screaming. Some people have no respect for others.

  4. Funny? Don’t think so. Disturbing, yes. For the “witnesses” to be laughing they all should have their assets kicked then get the same treatment of having their rights violated! This could have been handled so much easier by the “disturbed” neighbor going and asking them to” turn it down a little ,please”?
    Losers, the whole lot! I M O

    1. Good idea….try to shoot a trained police officer then get fucking killed your dumbass self. And if you didn’t get shot and killed, like I think you should, now you face capital murder charges….boy your just full of educated suggestions arnt you…..damn what has this world come to with dumbass ignorant uneducated dumbfucks like you walking our streets!

  5. I must say that Bitch was quite a rabble-rouser, She was way too much and seemed to be some freaked out chick . I liked the way she was seen kicking her legs even while lying on the floor .But she gave those cops a real tough time. You could see that they found it hard to pin her down. I guess these guys are used to partying hard even at odd hours .
    And Wow! that Pooch was quite a smartie there .I think he must be used to moving around on the same floor from door to door . Good that he hadn’t had a brush with any of these dudes in blue or lest they would have given a vent to their anger by shooting at him if he only had to bark a little bit thereby catching their attention. Smart Pooch he knows those goddam cops .Doesn’t he?

  6. Is there a way on this site to see if someone replied to a comment you post? Instead of going through each post and seeing, I’m still new to this in a way(well commenting anyway). I’m starting to notice all the regulars and feeling the community love up in here, loving it

    1. if you are on a pc, and you bookmark page at place of your comment – then at least when you recall the bookmark it opens AT the place of your comment (in FF anyway)
      if youre on a phone i dont know.
      but as tas tiger said, their is no alert

  7. Shameful, smh, so shameful the schlemiel we the people hire and, I might add, those bitches and the majority of you, so it’s just easier to hire Jews, who we already know are responsible, than to waste time training the goyem.

  8. I guess if they were being loud, they totally deserved to be dragged out into the hall and pinned down on the ground. When a woman speaks, you listen. When a bitch gets to bitchin’, you gotta plug her mouth with something. Cops had it all wrong. How you gonna violate their privacy but suddenly decide to be a halfway crook and forego “copping” a good feel on those breasts? If I had the badge, I’d have fun with it

  9. Boys and Gore’s here are the golden rules if the Po Lice are givving you extra attention:

    1. Hands out of the pockets
    2. Address them as Sir/Maam
    3. You have nothing to prove
    4. Comply with their requests
    5. Do not hit back

    If you follow these simple rules you may live to talk about it.

    These douche bags have orders to escalate. These low lives are trying to find any good reason to beat the crap out of you.

  10. yes their nice girls kicking and swearing, and shouting.A police officer is entitled in general to enter a persons house to quell a disturbance,and this is being said from somebody who dosent like police systems.They should not have opened door and stayed quiet inside.An open door is an open invitation,and to start arguing with them is a sure fire way especially in a gun culture society like the states is to end up on bestgore possibly.

    1. cops don’t always need a warrant to enter. they could argue that she was drunk or acting in a manner that seemed like she was on drugs or mentally ill and out of control, and they had to enter to detain her. or they can enter if they have reason to believe someone may be in danger. If they just entered her house and started searching through her drawers looking for something illegal to convict her then she would have a case. this bitch was acting crazy and just asking for it.

      1. @Persian

        much of what you have commented is disagreeable for the reasons as under ;
        Cops do not have the right to barge in faking up an argument that they may find comforting to themselves to concoct with no one seconding sipping that faked up concoction .
        Entry to any household must carry permission from the owners be it a cop or anybody unless off course you are the type to let anything & everything in and keep believing that you won’t be hurt but protected no matter what. then I needn’t say there might exist a fools paradise which you may feel belonging to .
        And unless there is a history to being non civil by someone who’s seen pissing neighborhood off /regular offender /history sheeter. you will find cops peeing in their pants when they try violating norms which they often come to realize later but for that instinctive shit headed bravado and show off they lose it all for that moment dreaming medals and glory.
        Alright we know these folks went partying but there wasn’t any hint of violence nor anything that disturbing to have these scumbags come by . THE POLICE acted on impulse because one of the neighbor couldn’t take it no more .Acting crazy doesn’t tantamount to your being someday liable to be pinned down ,handcuffed and taken behind the bars .

      2. dont know about others country, but here. cops didnt have right to go inside home without owner autorisation. only firefighter have right to do that (even medic/paramedic/SMUR didnt have right to go in home). the only 3 options that allow cops to go inside any home without owner agreement is : 1- they have tribunal autorisation, 2- the owner is dangerous and armed (certified), 3- they are with firefigther who open the door first. but again, dat depend of others country i guess. thats how that work here

  11. i have no sympathy for this dumb girl. she was acting mental and screaming and yelling and i’m sure she was causing a disturbance and that is why the cops came. she seems like the type that would reach of the cops gun and then gets shot and killed.

  12. The day females can comprehend, they are thought that a man can not put there hands on them with out there consent. Makes wonder why women were suppress for tens of thousands of years before America came along?

  13. “She was asking for it”?? WTF… When an armed fatty wedges his foot in my doorway and refuses to leave despite repeated requests, I’d have a hard time keeping calm myself. Home is a place of emotional security and to have it disturbed is a tough thing to handle -like the time my house was burglarized. Cops should (and probably do) know this.

    But the pride of a pig is a big thing. The last thing he would do is “surrender” to this emotional girl’s request. That would signify defeat, weakness, little penis, etc… So he must continue to “show force”. This is a recipe for disaster each and every time.

    …Oh, and the “escalation of force” protocol? That’s when being confronted by a threat of some sort -not noisy bitches.

    Was she disrespectful? Sure. Human beings aren’t always the smartest when put in extreme circumstances they haven’t prepared for -like police are. Does being disrespectful automatically mean you deserve a beat down? You wonder why cops are so afraid of every encounter with the public? Why highway patrol officers get nervous with each and every traffic stop? Maybe it’s because the relationship between cops and the public is more adversarial than endearing these days…

  14. Not defending the cops’ actions by saying this, but these two girls do want the world to know how paranoid and emotionally irrational they are. Perhaps that’s why everyone is laughing at the end.

    “Oh no, your toenails are in my apartment! You violated my emotional space! I’m a chargin’ you with rape and harassment!”

  15. guys did you see that site went tizzy again for a while . scary as hell …
    I thought I was tipsy but hey I ‘m glad to see the site come over from its fitsy hangovers . Time and again it just keeps feeling that glitch , that twitch …………won’t let you in for a moment ..hell that itch to the site is pretty bad I just gotta say and not mince words …. not sway.

    not again any time soon .

  16. many of you agreed with this the bitch here the bitch there but you’re wrong, cops are violating private property, a house and that is sacred if there is any warrant they cannot enter, much less touch you or enter to get you outside, I think many of you are brainwashed by your government to think this is ok but is not.
    Stupid loser neighbors who laugh at this will soon have their rights violated by these OBESE PIGS.
    america you are in a downward spiral of social decadence with no visible escape

  17. Theses mighta been campus cops as that was a college filled apartment complex. But the 1st cop was a total creeper…he was getting off being annoying trying to enter home,then used small dog as excuse to invade space.that girl mighta been buzzed but she was right she should be scared and fearing for her life when the Merica Nazi come a knockin.

  18. Okay, few know a scene was cut from The Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra, he sit unflinching as comrade shoots his other comrade, like it didn’t happen and that’s how they became assassins.

    Well, it’s like the mainstream media is saying it’s okay for police to use citizens even Jason Mahe as target practice and, folks, if you look at that without flinching like Frank Sinatra, then you have become an assassin unto thyself by proxy.

  19. Shoot, lost reply, just saying like in Manchurian Candidate when the dude becomes a killer he has to watch his killer buddy kill his friend and it doesn’t phase him, so, like, if cops killing dudes and women and kids doesn’t phase you then, you, my friend are a Manchurian Candidate unto thyself.

  20. Oh so I guess we don’t need warrants anymore huh? Cops can just walk right on into my house while i’m banging my partner, hell they might as well join in! Fucking scumbags, I wish they told me they didn’t need a warrant.

  21. What the fuck are you writing you dick head ? That dumb bitch didnt listen and then she tryed to kick those cops… They were way too gentle with her… she deserved atlast few slaps.

  22. General rule of thumb, in America….IF you are disturbing others with loud music, and you know it…when the cops show up and inform you of it…just fucking comply and turn the damn music down.
    DO NOT turn into an idiot and ESCALATE the situation by being combative- verbally or physically….that is a DUMB move, in fact, it is beyond retarded…You KNOW that the cops are itching to exercise their authority, so WHY buck the odds when they are in favor of the tiger???

  23. I honestly don’t like the anti-police attitude most people are getting. Just cooperate. If they want access to your house, let them in. You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. The reason most people see the cops as “us against them” is because its mostly true.

  24. Oh please don’t fucking say bullshits everyone, that bitch deserved that….why is so fucking hard for you to not react that way? She started shouting like a jersey shore whore, “fuck you” several times to the cops and then start kicking everywhere. It’s so complicated to say: “sorry sir, i was making noise, you’re right….”? You want that. So now fuck you. Good job cops

  25. lol this is probably super old but I’m reviewing all of the amusing shit this sight has to offer.
    This fucking whore deserved whatever they did to her because she handled them in the poorest fucking manner ever seen.
    Not the brightest person on the block … or maybe she was, pretty sad.

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