Cops Shoot Woman by Firing Blindly Into Room, Make Her Crawl As She Bleeds

Cops Shoot Woman by Firing Blindly Into Room, Make Her Crawl As She Bleeds

Cops Shoot Woman by Firing Blindly Into Room, Make Her Crawl As She Bleeds

On June 14, 2019, a Tulare County (California) sheriff’s deputy fired blindly into a hotel room when allegedly looking for a drive-by suspect, shooting and wounding an innocent woman under the heart. In a manner eerily reminiscent of the killing of Daniel Shaver, the armed thugs then made the bleeding woman crawl down the hotel hallway toward them.

Alexis Resendez ended up with a bullet permanently lodged in her abdomen. Her boyfriend, Arturo Galvan, who like his girlfriend was also unarmed and innocent, was murdered in a hail of fire trying to escape through the window when he realized blood thirsty cops were seeking to score their kills for the day.

Evidence proved neither Resendez nor Gavlan were in any way involved in drive-by shooting the deputies were allegedly investigating.

The bodycam footage of the cops attempting to murder Alexis Resendez shows the woman following orders and opening the door. With the sound of a citizen killer outside the Delano hotel executing ​Arturo Galvan, the thugs with guns pointed at the unarmed woman shot her.

Knowing full well they executed an unarmed and innocent man, the cops gave Galvan’s family $2 million in a settlement before any lawsuit was filed. The 4 year old son of the couple also received a seven-figure settlement from the thugs who executed his father. The lawsuit against the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office filed by Alexis Resendez is still pending.

Based on available evidence, following cops’ commands gets you killed or wounded. So what’s the course of action, then? To barricade up and engage the thugs for at least some chance of survival?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Here love, have some tissues to stop yourself bleeding to death……what a fuck up. Like he couldn’t grab a towel from the ensuite? But what else do you expect from Murica’s biggest, most brutal and we’ll resources gang??

    1. I can picture it now, two bored cops with nothing better to do so one says “hey let’s dial 911 and call in a drive by, then we get to kill a couple of citizens, now let’s see, yes those two in room 218 will do”
      218 your number is up.

    2. I don’t think those cops could’ve been more of assholes in this situation. Idiotic. This is in the county I live in. At least the city cops here are decent. Why the fuck did he think she could move around like that after they shot her? WTF?

  2. If this woman would be a negress we would have heard about it everywhere for at least 2 years
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    1. I object to that comment! Pigs are highly intelligent animals, and also clean, contrary to the popular misconception. I have read that they can even be house-trained, so make excellent pets. That is more than can be said for many police officers.

      1. My dear SwordOfTheLord As an animal pigs are super delicious but when a human is compared to an animal I think that this human has a little problem.

        When the pigs roll up in the shit It’s ok because they are animals but when a human does the same thing it is a little bit more disgusting and this even if this human is very clean

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        This principle also applies to the negroes and the monkeys

          1. @coffindodger

            Living in their own shit…. Not at all but sometime they roll up in the shit and also in the mud. They don’t live and eat in their own shit and btw Pigs are still clean when compared to some animals

            The neighbor of one of my aunts had dozens of hectares and there were several farm animals including pigs. It’s a ”half-natural” environment if we can say so because Pigs live almost exclusively in captivity

  3. Even a decent lawyer would’ve got her at least $10 million just in the wrongful death department alone.
    She was probably afraid they’d come back and finish her off if she didn’t take that pathetic hush settlement, can’t blame her.

    1. TOO right!

      1. They heard “drive thru” and the hunger kicks in
      2 Address does not check out as a Wendys or Mickys
      3 “hanger” sets in as they smell room service trays in hallway
      4 Tastiest smells emanating from the 218
      5 Cops hunger gets the better of him, demands the pig doscount from said citizen
      6 Citizen rightly refuses
      7 Hanger pulls trigger
      8 PD pays out millions for porky pig’s rumbling guts

      Case closed, Dano

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      Great forum post. I’m glad that whole BG soap opera is over and things ended as they should have.
      When my oldest son died, I was devastated and realized that nobody knows shit no matter how smart they think they are. Stay with your family and hold on tight.
      Oh yeah, no homo here. Just helpful advise that you seem to already know.
      Also, you and @honkeykong are some flaming fag sacks!

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  4. If cops or would be robbers would even attempt to gain entry to my humble abode,,, they would instantly be met with a hail of gunfire, if they would happen to have their guns drawn, and pointed at my Wife,,, My Cat “Fucker”,,, or I Myself.

    Knowing darn well that we have done absolutely nothing wrong, and have committed no crime whatsoever,,, the minute that they would smash my door down & and stepped one Foot *1 Foot*
    Inside my home with again,,,(Guns Drawn) i would Rain Led On Them Like Never Before. And all done legally with one of my many completely legal & Registered Firearms.

      1. @AsylumFreaker
        If you had spent half your life attacking the Jews (like i have and continue to do more so then ever) and had spent decades uncovering/exposing their lies, and scams,,, you would sleep much better being armed, and ready.

        They have unsuccessfully tried to poison me,,, they poisoned & killed my dog! 🙁 They call me from untraceable phone numbers almost nightly at 3 Am, and much, much more, as they want me DEAD DUDE,,, DEAD!

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          2. @HambergerBob
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    1. I have a few points to make regarding your comment:
      1. How is she supposed to know what clothes Ted Bundy’s grandmother wore? That’s just unreasonable. Let’s keep things sensible, otherwise people will think we’re a bunch of idiots.
      2. You didn’t specify which of the two forms of Norwegian, Bokmål or Nynorsk, should be used for the Lord’s Prayer.
      3. As for the buffalo’s semen, I happen to have a pint of that in my fridge, so she could borrow that as long as she promised not to spill any: I need every drop of it.

  6. Nothing against tattoo’s, but an ugly bitch like that………… with those “gang”ish tattoos. AIN’T INNOCENT!
    Fuck her! Without a condom! And let her bleed out!

        1. Baretta! I knew that I forgot one. I only remember watching Baretta with my father but I don’t remember the actual program.

          The police in Wichita KS are mostly all young muscled up meat heads with a very poor attitude toward the public. Considering thier salary and where it comes from, they should be a lot more humble and willing to be a positive asset to the community.
          The suburb that I live in (directly adjacent to) is different. These guys can’t get to thier sidearm without first reaching across and lifting a giant slab of side fat that hangs completely over thier service belt. Fast gunslingers they are not. It’s like you can see the decision making process at work. Drop donut and shoot someone or enjoy donut??? Thier final decision is evident inside thier 6X uniform shirt.

  7. Illinois made grass legal a few months ago. I moved about 5 months ago, to a small town about 8 miles from the Illinois State Line.

    You could not believe how many (S)indiana State Pigs are pulling people over, (including myself) over stupid bullshit, based on the fear mongering over marijuana.

    One of my jobs is delivering newspapers. Shortly after Illinois made grass legal, there, on the front page was “Remember, Marijuana is Still Illegal in Indiana.”

    I sent an e-mail to the Publisher, explaining that wars based on lies, and without the approval of congress, is illegal too.

    …no response, as of yet

    1. Cops are employed to protect the interests of elites, so l seriously doubt that a Judge would put one of his own security guards to death. If cops were actually held accountable for their actions, no one would want to sign up and most would quit.

  8. I think that pig bastard was quite offside, but hey since every murrican has the right to defend themselves with firearms, even the para-militia, WTF are people surprised about when you see yellow-bellied pigs spraying lead in a confrontation.

    If only gangstars had guns, the police brutality would be a lot lower IMHO

    When you have an arms race going on in your society, my bet is on the ones with the badge, however unfair…

  9. These so called Authority figures some how thought by acting in a Violant Manner, just like the Drive by shooter behaved (the whole reason these Cops are at this Location), theyd get some kind of Moral justice but end up taking out not one, but two innocent people!
    I think these people needed alot more training and obviously education because theyre obviously some thing wrong with you that you Mistakenly kill two innocent people. I think the woman died aswell its very Sad and disappointing because whos next seriously?
    Nice Going Geniuses! Lol!

  10. Really people all these officer related accidental killings are fucking hits live recorded paid for executions . Doesn’t anyone find it strange it keeps happening . Don’t they train for situation like this ? Yet it happens why cause it’s supposed to . You hear story after story officers turning off their body cam During on duty . Yet their bosses do nothing because the officers are ordered to . Why else not fire officers who turn off the car cam and or the body cam . There’s only one reason to turn off recording devices that are supposed to be on to prove what the officer does . I truly believe the quote of when seeking an answer when all logical explanation is exhausted only the illogical remains no matter how impossible or improbable the illogical is your answer . So officers are trained for this exact situation yet they still did it . It’s a fucking hit . More than likely it had to do with some money making thing that the couple got into . So the enforcers got sent to correct the situation . Just because the story says the female and child got a settlement it doesn’t mean the actually got it .

  11. In Britain, before mass immigration started, there was almost a gentlemen’s agreement between the cops and the criminals: “We won’t use guns if you don’t.” That all changed when the Afro-Caribbean Yardies arrived and enriched us with their “culture” of guns and drugs. The parts of Britain they settled in, especially London, have been ruined and turned into shit-holes.

          1. OK, I see what you mean. Nevertheless, there’s honour among thieves, as the saying goes, so maybe they were not gentlemen, but it actually seemed to work: gun crime was very low in the UK. I suppose it still is relatively low, but it has definitely increased since Britain opened the floodgates to allow anyone in. And the immigrants didn’t know, or care, about the gentlemen’s agreement.

            I can’t really back that up with statistics, as it’s surprisingly difficult to find any such historical data, but I’m fairly sure I’m right. I remember the issue being discussed in the media a few decades ago. The Jamaican Yardies were mentioned specifically.

  12. And we only see a VERY small percentage of these citizen killers in action. This shit literally happens dozens of times everyday in America.
    Hell, it wasn’t even this bad during the crack rock surge of the 80’s. (And they were sprinkling crack on dead niggas back then, too. lol)

  13. I’ll tell you guys now. Non-whites are aggressive by nature. I hate pigs, but completely understand their fight for survival against people like this stupid cunt who feel superior for their colored race. She had weapons in the room; count on that.

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