Cop Slams Woman to Ground Outside Walmart in Fresno

Cop Slams Woman to Ground Outside Walmart in Fresno

Cop Slams Woman to Ground Outside Walmart in Fresno

Outside of Walmart in Fresno, California, a cop was filmed slamming a woman to the ground by a vertical cell phone holder speaking foreign language. Dear Leader Trump, who openly and expressly hates the American people and supports both the police state oppression and the open borders with the goal to flood the country with foreigners, approves this video.

As we know, one of the objectives of the police in police states is to enforce female privilege, but when female privilege clashes with the tyrants, the police state becomes a priority.

I don’t have any backinfo about the happenings behind the incident.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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194 thoughts on “Cop Slams Woman to Ground Outside Walmart in Fresno”

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    3. One thing that bothers me about police videos is the instant assumption that the one being arrested is being oppressed just because they are screaming and having an adult tantrum about it. Police can be dicks, but the average person that they are arresting is more likely to be the real piece of shit.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Too many sheeple automatically buy into the hands up don’t shoot bullshit narrative because that’s what’s plastered all over the news , er, spoon-fed propaganda hour.

    4. Thats not a human thats a pregnant animal that broke out of the zoo. I love how they clip the entire thing out to the point where he slams her cause she IS resisting while she says shes not resisting. All indications is this animal will be taken back to the zoo on well fare and child support from the snow flake white knights that voted for hilary.

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      1. they are called peasants. and they are the vast majority. and they voted for Trump.

        some loser bitch called ’em Deplorables, and fucked up her chance to be the pres.

        1. The homeless and/or unkept would never have voted fot trump. Not sure if thats what you meant.
          In PA there was one of those kind deliberately coughing on a ton of good food in a supermarket. People like that need to be dealt with swiftly.

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    1. I will be helping the cops, and kicking the shit out of any greaser that tries to stop the arrest. From behind, without warning.

      time to go back home…. RUN FOR THAT BORDER ESE

      my family, my country, my race


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    but in the mountains about an hours drive. Oh the joy of what I will be seeing.
    And you pink-haired freaks, you want attention? You’ll get it.

    soon? the police won’t be showing up for work..

    HAMMER TIME. mexicunts? better head for dat border PRONTO

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      1. i live in a BASTION of conservatism. There are MAGA hat sellers here at the intersection, doing so much business, traffic was stopped. the only trump haters around here are the homeless getting rousted by our sheriffs. You seem to believe all the Jew hype. How’s that working for you?

        Any day now, Trump will be gone. Mueller. Russia. Ukraine. Pelosi. Now China. Gettin’ any closer?

        Zappa died in 93.

        The Supremacy of the European race is BEYOND dispute and has been so for the past 6 centuries.

        There is no rhetoric. it is what it is. We run the world. we always have. China is having a moment, but their role is to make toothbrushes sold in the Dollar Store. They are still just cheap labor.

        1. You’re delusional if you consider CALIFORNIA a bastion of conservatism. I suppose you just don’t understand the concept of conservative politics. Also, remember when that crackhead faggot Jerry Brown (Democrat) ran your state for almost 2 decades? Lol.

          What does Trump have to do with this? I personally hope he is re-elected so this downward spiral will continue to accelerate. I hope this faggot country implodes in on itself, and you get eaten up in the process by all the niggers rising up. You can say you have guns, but so do they. And they’re mad and aggressive, and you’re scared and white and weak.

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          1. california has Stalin for a governor, who by the way is Nancy Pelosi’s NEPHEW by marriage. and yes, its full of liberals. but there are pockets, away from the coastline, that are more like Idaho. We have NO impact on the politics, and are truly downtrodden like a Rohingya. All I can do in protest is never pay taxes. since 1998. I pay property taxes, and I can’t figure a way out of that (takes solidarity),..but it gets offset by the student loans I will never repay, and those taxes go to the counties anyway.. not the state of california. i don’t pay any wetback or nigger welfare. I guarantee that. some other schmo does that. usually a jew.. or a EuroAmerican with a good job and a family…but they are leaving CA in DROVES

          1. Levent is a Turkish name but Levant means Near East which is Syria ,Turkey and Lebanon.
            Lebanon was Christian before the Mahometans came.
            I know Isil is ” sandnigger ” and mostly Arab but they are Mahometans Arabs (which is ninety nine percent of Arabs nowadays). However , there are still “arabs” in the Near East who have remained Christian. I believe that Zappa may have had such blood in part . He was mostly Italian however.
            Where are you from ?

      1. Ha !she probably was seen flicking away some stuff from the mart and while making good her leisurely escape she got caught by the cops because they were notified accordingly about her credentials for example what fucking see thru outfit she wore and what the heck does she look like and who the hell , has she got in tow …. and so and so forth .
        At the very first hint I knew here is a lady who got busted shoplifting

        1. the greasers think America owes them.

          Soon they will realize that Mexico ain’t that bad.

          Once the police go on strike, the National Guard will just park at intersections.

          ATTENTION: WETBACKS. the time to leave is NOW..

          the police are your only salvation. they keep me away from you…. only them…..


      1. man.. I would be behind you with an ice-pick… PRAYING you would mess with that cop….
        because that cop has rules he has to follow. I sure don’t. ever been pithed like a frog in Biology class? Are you armed?

        serious here. What’s your weapon, besides your tongue…?

    1. true. and virtually ALL are power trippers. and a good portion are outright sociopathic sadists.

      so? what is your point? other than grr grr it shouldn’t oughta be?

    1. really? you better be wearing a flak jacket. che.

      guess what? che was the biggest homophobe revolutionary that ever lived

      guess what happened to che?

  2. Close the boarders down and these mooches won’t be mooching! Whatever you may think about the police in this country is your deal. But I prefer to live along with law and order. Wtf these people don’t respect our laws from the boarder door. Fuck illegal aliens. Deport all illegals now.

      1. I disagree @dumbcunt. Most cops I’ve met tend to be of the conservative mindset ;order ,authority ,nochange etc. Not really a progressive mindset.
        Worryingly ,many now are just not up to it and really Hicks off the land. Fish out of water in the big city. No bond with us so easier to fuck is up when the shit hits the fan.

        Anyone remember all those manoevres in Europe and tanks and for the so-called European Army. Hmm?

        1. I think European armies are organised into operational zones, or whatever they’re called (?). So you could have German troops in Italy and vice versa etc. Seems kind of pointless, but elites know that young troops won’t give a fuck about killing people who aren’t their ‘own’. Easy way to crush rebellions and then pass the buck.

  3. I don’t know what kind of “Uncle Backwards” drugs you are on but Trump absolutely hates open borders & the foreign illegals invading…he has actively tried to build the wall since his first day.

  4. Ah, before she even said it, I predicted the “I’m or she’s pregnant” excuse, or some other victim Olympics statement. These high school drop out, drug addict, slum living troglodytes are so simplistically monolithic, that you know what they are going to say every single time, or close enough.

  5. I lived in Fresno from 1999-2012 with a two year vacation in the middle somewhere. And I grew up just down the freeway from Fresno, so I have years of experience either witnessing or being involved in situations with FPD. I have yet to meet an officer who didn’t immediately treat me like a violent criminal who was on the prowl. Even if I was in a nove car, wearing a suit. Doesn’t matter who you are in Fresno. White, black, brown, red, yellow, etc. Fresno Police Dept hires officers who are fresh from an academy that teaches with an extremely violent version of army boot camp mentality.
    Fresno police officers are trained as soldiers, ready for battle, not peace officers.

    1. they have to be. they deal with Hmong gangsters and the worst of the cartel gangs from Sinaloa. plus the chicano and nigger punks give them shit all day long. And all that fucking meth makes everyone so disgusting . Fresno is the armpit of CA and only the loser cops work there. you should have moved

      1. No, they dont have to be. They are PEACE officers, not Army troops. Big difference.

        And you can train people to deal with those overly violent situations without brainwashing them into being 24/7, trigger happy, battle beasts.

        Plus, not all of Fresno is ghetto. Most of it is actually pretty decent. It’s the west side and downtown that are ghetto, and meth infested. But that’s going to happen in any city with a population over a certain amount.

        But you’re right on the money about the “loser cops” working there. They work in Fresno when nobody else will hire them.

        1. you make me laugh “they are Peace Officers:” they are soldiers you dumb hippie. they are the front line. Its the niggers and greasers against the euroAmericans. they need to be TOUGHER, they need the right to shoot on sight anyone they feel is a threat

          this is MY country, not yours. Go back to mexico. or die here complaining that the SS officer who shot you wasn’t “gentle” and “peaceful” enough. fuck that shit

          give them machine guns and carte blanche to rub you out. Amen to Fresno cops. and jerry Dyer is now the MAYOR

  6. a true EuroAmerican will help that officer by mashing that fat greaser’s face to the asphalt so they can ratchet on those cuffs so tight her hands turn black. if you don’t like that treatment then get out of my country. can’t you see that you eses are UNWANTED here? idiota!

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