Cop Slams Methadone Addict with Warrant on Pavement in Española, New Mexico

Close Up of Brotherly Love

Former Española police Chief Louis Carlos and Officer Cory Atencio arrest Española resident Cody Lee on March 6, 2019 for an outstanding warrant for missing court.

This doohickey of a story is sent it by @asixxm. I’ll let her explain it in her own words:

This is a video of a cop slamming this guy I know named Cody on the concrete floor for supposedly “banging his head on the grate against the window inside the cop car after arresting him”. I know this guy as I have helped him out with rides or change or other stuff like that, I even gave him the coat he’s wearing in the video, and he’s a good guy. He might be a heroin addict or whatever but i see that he’s trying to get his shit straight by enrolling in the methadone program… but anyway here’s the video of it and I’m sending some pictures of the newspaper story with info about the program they’re referring to in the video. Whether what he did to get arrested was right or wrong there is no need to pull someone out of the cruiser and slam their head on the fucking cement like that… Cody says it best in the video “You guys abuse your job”

Thank you for sharing this story @asixxm! It’s nice to understand in black and white that you should never ask a cop for help, especially when you have an outstanding warrant.

Here is the video:

Gallery of pics:

92 thoughts on “Cop Slams Methadone Addict with Warrant on Pavement in Española, New Mexico”

    1. Drug addiction is a choice. There is only one way to make that choice – willingly. I don’t think that many people were tied down and forcefully injected with heroin. Same goes for alcohol addiction.

      So, drug addicts get no pity from me.

      1. I’m with you here – drug addicts on that level get none of my sympathy.

        If you wilfully, and of your own accord, decide to inject heroin, you’re a fucking loser of epic proportions. If you’re in a position in life where doing heroin or crack seems like an alright idea, you should just kill yourself – it’ll save a lot of time and anguish.

        There are enough films, media, and cautionary tales, to tell absolutely everyone and anyone that it’s a fucking stupid idea.

        1. Such a simplistic, moronic view. You and Andrew are simpletons.

          Nobody goes and tries heroin ‘for a laugh’ – it’s usually due to some severe trauma and/or social pressure from equally lost and directionless people.

          1. Or extremely common here in the States at least is the level of over prescribed opiate based narcotics for big gains in pharma and private practice via over billing medicaid and getting people addicted to the opoids pharmaceuticals. When the docs finally cut them off due to investigations or fear of, they resort to heroin which is cheaper than street level opoids.

          2. Being a former addict, many many people get addicted threw prescription painkillers issued to them by there doctors.. Most people trust there doctor and don’t even know there hooked until they get cut off… Then they turn to heroin.

          3. Rightthis guy gets it… Heroine addiction comes after a horrible life and a suicidal mentality. Everyone knows the dangers of heroine so those who choose to pick it up for the first time are already goin thru some traumatic shit and they dont care what happens at that time atleast

          4. >social pressure from equally lost and directionless people.

            This, my friend, is the epitome of simpletonism.
            To bend under social pressure and go against your true goals (freedom, love… insert your view on success in life here), not to mention doing things that you KNOW has a high risk of ruining your life, is THE definition of mother fucking simpletonism.

            Many do it for the feeling of “being accepted” into a certain circle, not being left out/alone. But this is the primitive part of our brain talking, the fog that clouds our sight, and tell us “Avoid being laughed at. Avoid being ostracized. You must belong with this group”. A trait that fuels MANY other atrocities done by humans, not just drug addiction. This is a fine survival strategy for neanderthalic people, but we should be better than this. Young people are especially susceptible to this. They do not have a clear sight, or a will to understand it. They are the simpletons. Just look at any “school bully” who do terrible stuff to weaker individuals because he wants social acceptance and dominance. Is he not a simpleton? People like that has the most probability to try drugs at some point.

            I agree about drugs being the means to escape pain, this is a more complex matter, but I don’t think it’s a majority of drug addicts who tried it because they have PTSD or lost someone so dear to them they can’t go on without them, or has some birth defect that renders their life unbearable. Most just do it because they don’t know better.

            I don’t hate drug addicts, I don’t think they’re “fucking idiots”, as @rupert-pupkin said.
            I just stated that they made their choice, and that mistake (if they themself consider it a mistake), was too grave to be overlooked as a mere conjuncture.

            With respect, but without pity, Andrew

        2. Your comment is so stupid I hope it doesn’t reflect you in reality… But on seco,d though I’d really really like to stick my index finger up your rectum.. Then make your mom lick your shit off my fingers..she would get so wet

        3. I hope you or anyone you love ever has an injury or illness that comes with severe chronic pain, & the only remedy is a very powerful opioid or synthetic opioid. Because eventually the time will come where your doctor will no longer refill your prescription & if you think you can simply take an Advil & drink some herbal tea, well you’ve got another thing coming! You see, I once had this young female by the book probation officer, who had a similar outlook as you, & you could tell based on how she would treat me & other addicts! One day, I politely told her what I’m telling you, but she wouldn’t hear it, as she was set in her ways! It’s been years & I am no longer on probation, but she is also no longer a probation officer! Last I heard, she got let go after a dirty urine test! I hope she was able to get clean & get her life in order.
          Also, I had a Counselor/Assistant Director at one of my Methadone Clinics when I lived back in Colorado. One day for our counseling session, I ended asking him questions about himself, & found out that he wasn’t always an Addiction Counselor! As a matter of fact, he was a Detective with the Drug Unit at a Bay Area Police department for almost a decade, up until he go severely injured on a bust/raid gone bad, which got him desk duty as Sargent, but still with the same Drug Unit. It wasn’t until his own son became a heroin addict, despite a wonderful up bringing, married parents, suburban life! That truly gave him a completely different outlook on Addiction & Addicts! Before he thought of them as criminal & gave them NO pity! But seeing his own son, whom he knows is a kind, caring, loving person, who did well in school & sports, went to church, was raised right, but still ended up battling addiction. After that moment, was when he gave up his career & tenure as a Sargent & went back to school to become an Addiction Counselor, so that he could help addicts like his son instead of arrest them & look them away!
          I, myself, never thought I had an addiction problem as I was easily able to stop any drug I did. Never got busted. Everything was fun times for me, & I, too, thought I was better than addicts! Not until I got hooked on Hydrocodone, & then as my tolerance went up to over 100 750s per day, I not only was running out of money but where to get it. So I transitioned to heroin. A $10 balloon of brown (smoked) would get me way higher than the Vicodins ever did & would last me for 2 days. But it wasn’t long after when I was smoking $100 worth a day, which was 20-24 dime balloons, i.e. about 2g-2.4g! So before I knew it I began doing something I swore I would NEVER do, & that was shoot up! First came skin popping & muscling, until I had abscesses on both arms, then I began slamming IV. Hit rock bottom plenty of times, OD, Jail, Homeless on Skidrow, until I got on the Methadone program! But it didn’t stop me from continuing to slam or buy extra take homes & double or triple up on my Methadone dose to get high! Finally with the help of my parents, I went to Mexico & did the Ibogaine Treatment, which got me clean without any withdrawals! I was good for years, until I eventually relapsed due to life’s stress & problems! But one thing I learned, which took me a very long time to come to realize even though I was an addict for over a decade & that’s the fact that it is a Disease! You see, when I’m not doing & addicted to any drug, I still find myself addicted to something! Be it gambling, sex, porn, cigar collection, work, working out, etc! That’s the truth I had to realize, & what I’m trying to work on little by little. So I hope this teaches you something & maybe your outlook on drug addicts change, because it’s not always as black & white as just being dumb & trying heroin or crack even though we had an entire year of D.A.R.E. in 5th grade!

      2. Being a former addict, many many people get addicted threw prescription painkillers issued to them by there doctors.. Most people trust there doctor and don’t even know there hooked until they get cut off… Then they turn to heroin.

      3. You may think it’s a choice, but after the initial time of choosing to use it, that choice is made by the change in brain chemistry. If you ever felt opioid withdrawal, you would cave like a little bitch, too. I have felt it and it’s not a fun experience. Yeah, I was tougher and walked away from it cold turkey — after 10 years of use — some aren’t that lucky, though.

        1. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, please don’t chime in! Thank you!
          Methadone is a synthetic opioid! It is far stronger & harder to come off of than heroin! Heroin is a short-term opiate, while Methadone is a long-term synthetic opioid! Heroin kick is about a week or two depending on how you’ve been using, for how long, the amount, & its quality. Methadone kick can easily be from a few weeks to a couple of months, & feel 10x worse!
          And yes, you can use Methadone recreationally & get high off of it! You just won’t ever feel the rush of slamming dope, but then again, if you’re not slamming, you’re not feeling that rush anyways!

      4. no one is perfect, and I am sure you have you vices and failings too. if drugs were legal, as they were when this was still a free country, there would be no problems from drug addicts other than sporadic public intoxication issues, which are much less prevalent and destructive than the mess we have under this prohibition system. Yopu, however should think about whether you are so clean and immaculate that you can look with contempt on other people who have not harmed anyone but themselves.

    2. Listening to this two ‘other’ cops had let him off before for violating a court order before this. Now he does it again. The judge wanted to see him. He ignored/failed to show up AGAIN.. and now the arresting officer is pissed. He had previously stuck his neck out for the dude as well. I hear it as he’s been given enough chances to try not to be a dick and get clean. They also see he’sbeen shoplifting and he’s got a story. They ignore that as he has this story about free stuff in a trash can. They NICELY pop him in the car and then…… he’s BANGING his own nut on the mesh covering the window.

      I’d want to punch this dude as well!

  1. When drug addiction is seen as the health problem it is rather than a crime and the war on drugs is over, people will look back on these times as truly the dark ages. However, BG would have fark all Mexican gore content if that ever happens… so let us be careful of what we wish for.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Doc…

      As a recovering addict myself, I wouldn’t have received the professional support that I did, if I was rotting in jail.

      Sitting in jail’s a good thing if eventually, it enables you to hit bottom.

      However, it is a social/medical problem, and needs to be in the hands of professionals, with a little empathy and compassion.

      Of course, we here at Best Gore, should know by now, how much empathy and compassion, comes from these citizen bullies/killers with a badge.

      The War on Anything, is a minset that the corporate media lays on it’s people, to enable them to fight against each other.

      Instead of a war, how bout’ an awakening to facism?

      1. Hell yeah Pigs Full disclosure. I’ve never been a user of any illicit drug stronger than Mj and I even gave that away about 5 years ago after about40 or so years of fairly regular use. Not for any puritanical reason nor necessarily because the drugs were illegal and carried heavy penalties, it was more that I couldn’t really get interested enough in them to even experiment. Actually, come to think of it, I did once sample some cocaine at a student ‘dope show’ once but being bipolar, I think it had a paradoxical effect on me & sent me to crawl out to the car & snooze it off. At first I suspected that it could have been heroin or similar..but everybody assured me that they got the expected coke buzz of running around like chooks with their heads chopped off. Oh & once on Christmas eve 1984, I did try 100 mcg of acid on a Mickey Mouse blotter. That gave me a very pleasant cosmic experience of feeling one with the universe. I never had the desire to repeat it though.

        Having dais that about the illicit substances…in my younger foolish years I was a binge drinker of booze..any booze… I could go a whole week or more without the stuff, but once I had some it was all or nothing and usually meant drinking until very inebriated. That a;;stopped about 20 years or so ago…. now I might have 2 or 3 glasses of something in a social situation or for celebrating special occasions with my wife. I also took up smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes/day from the age of 15 to 20. So all in all I am no saint when it comes to taking drugs.

        My point is that there are no saints in this world when it comes to this area.. He thug -happy cops busting that methadone guy are probably feeling all superior at the low-life who had a weak personality or whatever the use to justify their brutality and ‘gung-ho’ approach towards sending people to the slammer for using drugs.

        Truth is…most of them if not all are probably users of the most dangerous and toxic drug on earth with the highest number of direct and indirect casualties…. ALCOHOL!!

        You might also enjoy this article about Portugal’s experience of decriminalising ALL drugs.

        1. Agree and agree…

          Today marks the 35th year of sobriety for me. It’s been a real shitty day so far, but none shittier than being a slave to the drugs I was under. Yes, looking back, my sobriety gives me some level of pride. However, most of that pride turns to a sense of humbleness, knowing that it’s still…

          ONE DAY AT A TIME!

          P.S. Speaking of smoking…

          Yes, it was a bitch to quit that as well. Nicotine is a powerful drug. Finally quit on February 1st, 1989.

          Now, I only see my priest, psychiatrist and Play Boy Bunny for moral support! 🙂

          1. Mad props to you for beating the demons Pigsley….I have a very good mate who lives in New Zealand who beat the drink back in the early 2000’s and he says basically the same thing. So don’t let those minions grind you down. Amazingly he let his father-in-law stock up the fridge in the garage full of booze while he was between buying a house. That must have taken some heavy duty self-control knowing there was a gold mine of booze always 30 feet from where he was sitting.

            So as far as your moral support team goes, as you unofficial medical adviser, it’s in my professional opinion that you have it all back to front. The team should be Play Boy Bunny, Play Boy Bunny, and errrr …………..Play Boy Bunny. Did I mention the bunnies?

          1. Yes the whole thing was initiated by Prez Nixon back in the 60s as a way to criminalise the hippies and the blacks as another way to force them into the military. War on drugs…the gift that keeps giving.

      2. @pigsonthewing

        I’m glad to hear that you were able to confront, and deal with your demons being alcohol, and coke brother. And i,m also happy to know that you continue to do well, and are able to help others by talking about it openly. For how long have you been sober now brother? And do you still go, or have ever been to a rehab? And if so, are you still, or have ever attended A.A. or N.A Meetings? And if so, are you still getting support from there in a form of sponsors or attending regular meetings? Sorry for all the questions brother, but this topic is so good, and important for anyone looking for help with substance abuse. So Thanks in Advance B G Bro. 🙂

        1. Thanks Dre…

          It’s been 35 years today, that I decided to confront my demons. I’m aware that you made your post here, before I posted my comment, so don’t feel bad.

          Yes, I went to AA with my mother, as a matter of fact. My (so called) friends, didn’t want to talk to me about my recovery for obvious reasons. I wanted my girlfiend at the time, to go to meetings with me. However, she didn’t want anything to do with me either.

          I love moms! They truly are there for you, through thick and thin.

          Yes, I speak about this with no fear. It’s been said, that knowing your enemy, is the first step towards defeating it. As with any subject, knowledge is power! It enables you to handle fear on a much more manageable level.

          Don’t go to meetings anymore. It’s been years, since I attended them. Some, were better than others. However, what you put in to it, is what you get out of it. Many who attended, were court instructed to do so, because of run ins with the law. (i.e. DUI’s and PI’s) Many, just wanted to get the damn thing out of their way, to please the court. I had to go twice myself, because I was nailed for two dui’s. 🙁

          I can go on and on but I won’t. But I will say this…

          It’s a personal choice that one has to make with themselves. One has to understand that making a decision to seek help, is a position of STRENGTH, and not out of weakness. It’s also imperative, that friends and loved ones seek counseling as well. Drug addiction doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, black or white or anything else. You have to educate yourself on drug addiction. If one doesn’t, the drug addict will eventually OWN YOUR LIFE, and that’s simply a fact. If one continues to enable them with money, food or housing, it will give them a reason to continue abusing drugs, until you don’t have anything else left. Including your SANITY!

          Had to throw my sister in jail five years ago, because she was ruining my mother’s life over drug addiction.

          She is now, drug free today! 🙂

          Again, one has to make their own decision regarding drug addiction and seeking help. If one decides to seek help and no one is there to support them…

          Shame on them!

          But one will only understand this if they too, seeked support as well.

          I choose my friends very wisely!

          1. @pigsonthewing
            *35* Years Man,,, holy- Jeez brother, good for you man! 🙂 You Should be so proud. 🙂

            As for your so-called Friends brother,,, mine did the Exact same except for 2 good ones which one unfortunately has passed a few years ago from what i am positive was drug related but his Mom Would Not Elaborate, blaming it on Diabetes that Peter Never Had to begin with, quite sad though so so young brother. So Out of all my so-called buddies one of my best childhood friends remained a good friend, as he also went to rehab but for booze & hash/pot only,,, no coke. And, he has been alcohol free for 25+ years now.

            Today two close and dear friends remain Mark Best-Gore And Yvan my childhood friend, and that’s enough as most other were only using me cause i was dealing in lotsa of hash way back then, in the late 80’s, and that’s all they wanted, not giving two fucks about myself, or my health once i was gone to rehab, for lie yourself Booze & Coke. But sad eh brother that everybody scatters and want nothing to do with you when you decide to do what’s best for your family, & self?? 🙁 So yea,,, you are very wise to choose your friends with caution after getting burned like that once already!

            I Was Also Addicted to the same as yourself, actually the exact same as yourself, when i entered rehab in 1989 for Coke, & Booze, lol. I Have the odd glass of wine, or a few beers/Ruy once in Awhile but went on a 2 week booze bender about 6 months-ago remember? lol, ?

            I Shouldn’t laugh, but looking back now at the obscenities, and the stupid insulting comments that i had posted, just trying to be funny makes me laugh now. And the last time that i drank before that was with Mark, And His Brother Last Summer in Slovakia where there locally made awesome liquor fucked-me up big-time waking up hours later on his brothers couch while the ladies were well into their 2nd. bottle of that potent, but so smooth and tasty liquor.

            And these girls,,, his brothers Wife, & her sister did not even look drunk at all. Man these Slovaks Cn put it back man,,, as they can put them back with relative ease, lol. But that’s it. As i will during 2 or 3 times a years without getting drunk, those 2 times that i mentioned were the only 2 times that i can remember getting so smashed in Years/Decades actually. You see Bud the hangovers are way too severe for me now, and with my heart condition, and all my other medical conditions, and the meds i take for pain do not mix very well, so i usually end-up sick for days, and feel off for a week

            So Again I Am So Happy For You Dude As 35 Years Is incredible story of inner strength, and the will to succeed at all costs,,, and you did, and continue to do so today bro! 🙂 Do you still get the odd craving once in awhile? or do you think that you are way past that stage now, being so Happy/Content with your new healthy lifestyle and serenity??

            And As for your Sister, you know that you did what was, and still is the best for all involved, even though i,m sure that it sent you mixed feelings, and was super hard to do for you, for quite some time afterwards. And even though i,m sure that that this was probably one the the hardest to things for yourself to do in your life,,, you did-it without relapsing, and that is awesome.

            Cause to throw your Sister in Jail for abusing Mom, is not, and could not have been easy for you to do, even though you knew it was the very best thing to do. And i,m sure that she will, (if she did not already) thank you for it later, & afterwards, lol. 🙂 **You Are One Hell Of A Good Man Bro**, I,m So Glad To Have Met You Here On Best-Gore Bro! 🙂
            *****So Rock-On My Good B G Brother,,,,,,,,,,,, Rock-On*****

            I Know (lotsa smiley-faces today), as i am happy lately as things are going relatively good for myself lately, and my surgery has finally been booked for the 16th. of this month my 3rd. on my right elbow, and hopefully my last for this arm.

          2. @pigsonthewing

            You Are So Welcome Brother!
            And Ditto for yours Also, and opening-up like that, cause it could help so many others do the same, and for some others, even give them the courage to seek help themselves. So Kudos Bro! 🙂

          1. After 5 stints in the good ol’ clink I finally go help, haven’t been sober nearly as long as any of you. Only about 4 months but life is already going much better and it is odd how people you thought you were friends before the issue bail, and then those you thought were your friends during your ‘using’ bail when you decide to cut the substance out of your life…

            People are so fickle, fuck em

          2. @Sphincterpiston #59535

            Good for you my good B G Brother,. i am so proud of you bud! 7 Years is a long time bud, keep-up the good work bro! 🙂 🙂

            I am so proud of all my B G Family having fought their demons and ending-up here, cause by telling our stories and putting them out there like this, i swear that out of The Hundreds Of Thousands Of Visitors that we get monthly, some will be affected by these true life stories and seek help themselves.

            I Say this with confidence because many, many young Men, and Women that i have spoke to on here over the years, Look-Up To Us B G Gore Brothers, & Sisters. And because we are fearless and watch beheadings, and stuff, these younger Kids Find Us Cool Oftentimes, and want to be like us. But Maybe Not Like Me Personally Because I Am an Old Crazy Fart,,, But You Guys/Gals.

            And i have personally (as i said) have had discussions with kids that were down, on drugs, and were thinking of committing suicide in the past. And just the fact that i spent lots of my time chatting with them, and giving them the love and attention that many never got growing-up in broken, violent homes, i helped change their lives. And looking back now, i can honestly say that because “Firstly” They looked-up to me,,, & “Secondly” because i have also been there,,, i was able to help change their lives around, And for the better.

            And This,,, Has Always Been one of the Major Reasons why i have always been so proud to be part of our Growing B G Family !

            So Fucking Kudos To All Of You Great Guys/Gals For Doing-so,, Kudos! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Ah ok bud, and Your Welcome man. 🙂
          Yea you’re right that is probably exactly what he meant, referring-it to Him being a Jail-Pigeon, lol. Well at least we know that we both use the same lingo as far as slammers are concerned in Australia, & Canada, lol, eh? 😉 Fuck Brother talking about Australia,,, i sure wish i was there right now Nemes, cause i am so, so sick of our, (what seems ta be, a never ending winter) this year. I Miss The Hot Summer Weather and swimming in The Warm Ocean Waters, as we did not end-Up Going To Cuba this Year because of my left leg Surgery, so i miss it so much. Can you please go for a swim for me in one of Australia’s thousands of beautiful sandy beaches for me, and send me the pictures, lol. 😉 Yea, but no,,, i just really miss the summer weather bro.

          Get This,,, Yesterday Afternoon, and into last evening, we were getting these Ice-Pellets, Freezing Rain/Drizzle, with a bit of snow all mixed-in and the Streets/Driving was horrible. I Cannot Believe that we are in May Man,,, “MAY”, and we just finally had the last snow remaining on our lawn melt late last week dude,,,, it,s crazy! 🙁

          1. @dre You need to get your arse over here to Thailand good sir. The weather’s been like about 40 C every day for over a month now. It’s unseasonably hot and the locals are even complaining about it. It also hasn’t rained for several months..something really weird going on with the El Nino this year I believe. Some people such as yourself love the heat…I’m the opposite and it can’t get cold enough for me.

          2. @Doc Undy

            Jeez brother do not tempt me, as i might take you up on that offer this fall for Sure. I Have never been there, but Mark has, and i think on more than one occasions. And i plan on going down south this Fall/And Next Winter. So i will probably go to Mexico with the Wife
            for a couple of weeks after returning from Europe, cause she wants to visit the mayan ruins, but after we get back, i might just go to thailand for a couple of weeks myself, as my wife is too busy to book more time off of work.

            Maybe i could even convince Mark to come along with me, and we’d leave in fall right from Slovakia together. So Don’t be shocked if we fly up on An All-Inclusive spot, and definitely get together for some good times in the sun with the ladies on Da- Beach, lol. 😉

            I Also want to squeeze-in a long weekend fishing trip with Brother Brokeback sometime between spring to fall time, and asking @Mouse to come along with us as that would be a blast, just being able to meet all of you guys this year which is on my bucket list of things i must do. And that is to meet as many of my B G Family as i can before this Old Dude Reaches His Expiry Date, sort of speak. 😉

    1. @hopingfornemesis

      He was retiring…. but get this, Cody made the front page of the paper again this week for saving someone else’s life with cpr so that asshat cop is now known as the asshole that slammed the hero’s head into the pavement lmfao. I still have the paper in my car I’ll send you pics of that article.

  2. Fucking Asshole just throws his stuff on the pavement, when it would have been easier for him to put it on the hood of his patrol van’s hood with his other stuff. This poor guy is very skinny, and obviously suffering, and sick with drug addiction, he did not need to be Man-Handled like that man. 🙁

    1. The second time I was pulled over for OMVWI I told the cops to just take me to jail I was drunk was no need for me to stand on one leg etc, the asshole cop cuffed me obviously which was fine, but proceeded to drive me to an abandoned parking lot off a country road. Drug me out of the car, told me I was resisting for not walking a straight line. So I attempted, he then continuously kicked my heel until I fell, mind you I am cuffed behind my back. I fell hit my head on a curb and started bleeding he panicked. When we finally arrived at the station for me to get booked I was bleeding and blood was on my shirt, the booking lady asked me what had happened I told her to ask her lil buddy he said I resisted. Luckily the lady did not add it to the charges and in court he was questioned as to why it took over an hour to transport me to booking after he had reported the arrest made. The booking lady said he was known to do things like this with people he arrested. I am a white male (the cop was as well), so it isn’t just a racial black issue. They harass everyone, its a small penis anger issue or something.


        1. @thedre

          nah it’s not even worth messing with man. and to deadvector the majority of deadly accidents aren’t due to having a buzz silly rabbit. it’s okay for the soccer moms to drive around on xanax, kaladapen, and oxycodone though right…

          and yes I lost my driving privileges, but this was years ago so watch out I am back on the roads all hopped up on coffee and cigarettes!!!

          1. @OG ZERP

            I Agree with you 100% brother, as there are no laws controlling narcotic prescription medication, and driving. And this is because the Jew-Owned Big-Pharma’s factories, would see there products, & production lines decrease in manufacturing these drugs by 50% or even more as they would have to purchase, & Consume much less of their products, *DRUGS* as i myself take for pain on a regular basis, but refuse to drive, if i feel even the slightest affect from them like dizziness, drowsiness, and so on.

            And i have never agreed with this type of blind eye bullshit that the establishments simply because their biggest campaign contributors are in fact these huge multi-billion dollar heavy-drug manufacturing corporations. or legal heavy drugs much less if they had to plan, and sober-up there outings if driving. So again,,, very well said and so, so true my good B G Bro! 🙂

  3. We are all second class citizens to America’s police force. Just look at the equipment law enforcement utilizes, from high powered firearms to tanks. America’s law enforcement has one motive, to “teach” every citizen to “learn” compliance. September 11 gave America’s law enforcement gang justification to treat us like second class citizens….. FUCK YOUR RIGHTS! GET USED TO IT!!!

    1. if you want to overthrow the MIC, it won’t be done with violence..

      the FSA had TOW missiles and tanks and still failed against Assad.

      push the Fed into insolvency.
      even dictatorships rely upon a budget

  4. Oh fuck me, that was nothing. God damn fucking cry baby bitch. You actually wasted my time with this shit! The cop didn’t violently toss him to the ground face first. He obviously said or did something he shouldn’t have and got an attitude adjustment. If it had happened years ago he wouldn’t be a fucking low life heroin addict now! Next.

  5. I like watching that show 60 Days in, and the soccer moms and retail managers saying prison is like a free hotel, free food, free this, free that. Then they get in there and they’re crying on camera and tap out within the first couple weeks.

    Don’t talk shit until you’ve been. That softy ass will be doing my dishes and making sure I have plenty of coffee and soups to play cards with when I am bored.

  6. these homeless junkie schizophrenics don’t realize that the cops are protecting them from true sociopaths.

    If i see this vagrant about in my neighborhood, he gets doused with a pint of gasoline and lit on fire.

    hotfoot it outta town, hobo

  7. No One can really Have a Valid Opinion about being a drug addict unless you yourself have been there.
    Any one knows thats been on herion or any other type of opioids, that it is very hard to come of. It takes many years sometimes to quit.
    Every time i hear some one talk down on another human that is struggling, guess i must speak up for the weak! Depending on what kind of ideas that are endoctrinated into your mind that gives you the negative attitude towards drug addiction, or think that one knows so much about ones struggle by a single video, i Doubt most watched all the way through, and not alot are very educated on the behaviour of codependency, its affects, and its origins. Psychologists have been studying behavior for not that long but what is know is that we are definately all habitual creatures!
    Anyways i myself am on methadone and ive been on the program for about 3 years total. Im not sure what laws and sanctions there are with methadone use in jail where this guy is, but where i live you are allowed to take your dose of methadone daily in jail here, as long as you pay cash, and as long as you have some one who cates enough for you to set it all up with the clinic where you dose. And if you think $40 in cash is cheap per day, well then youll really be excited once it all piles up on you. Went to jail for a couple of days and ended up only paying one dose since going one day with out it wont cause you any kind of with drawls. Which is very interesting how much they dope you up, daily, And with no kind of program to taper you off or down, its no wonder people stay on methadone for so long!
    I myself am depressed daily but i dont let it break my sobriety. I may still be on methadone with plans to one day come off, but i am no heroin addict! Heroin addiction has run through my family for so long i ended “catching” the desease and am now trying my hardest to get off stay off and completely away from all types of co codependencies. You have to create your own system to taper down. I had a system of 1 milligram per week going down. Went fro 120 to 85. One day i will be completely off if i can get myself there. It can be hard having to work and manage methadone. Its depressing but i make it through each day with strength! There are people who do go through times of ignorance but there are those who do desire change and want more out of life then to be a slave of co codependency!
    As far as this guy goes sounds like hes barely even trying to change! Saying is one thing but doing is another. Making excuses and justifying your bs will only make things worse keeping your sobriety stagnant. Better to make the decision to not want ot any more. That takes being in a place where enough becomes enough and it becomes time to change because being sick and tired of being sick and tired will make you stop and will make you change.
    They say if you want to change a personsbehavior you have to change the way they think well then it comes down to that individual wanylting to make that decision for themselves. I did and im doing great. This guy does have a chance he just has to want it bad enough. If not hell just keep on with his excuses and justifications.
    And if you ask me it sounds like the program is the one who set that one up (i.e. his warrant) unless its a basic bench warrant and then it was his reaponsibility to go to court so then its his fault.
    I think he just was really being a brat about having to go to jail because free loading at grandmas house by night and being a thief by day to support a horrible addictive world! It sucks so bad and i know that there is hope its up to that addict tho not every one else! Some dont even get the chance to make it out and end up dying or doing something too crazy!
    Im very glad to say that that part of me is over! Ive grown up amongst many addicts and very un educated and very poverished people but knowing and learning the level of ignorance amongst others has allowed myself to be aware of my own ignorance really! Really helping me to make positive changes and give back to what ive taken and give back to society as a whole! Not only that ive done my time and im doing great!
    Poor guy hope he gets the same chance! Every human needs to come to an understanding that it doesnt matter how rich or poor or what color you are. Iq is a very important factor in ones decision making but if you think about it we are all humans, NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS! JUST HUMANS!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, you’ve had a hard life and it may still be very tough for you but I get the strong sense that you’re on the right road to recovery, sobriety and an escape from all that has been before. You make some very good points with your insights. It’s a bit of a cliche that a person will only change when they want to and they make that decision, not some other party who calls the shots expecting somebody to follow through. You have internalised that most important aspect of beating the addiction. Nobody else can do the hard work for you.

      24 hours in a day can drag on for a long time when your body is begging for something it needs just to feel ‘normal’. I’m a former medico and I’ve seen colleagues who had easy access to opiates and were under pressure in their lives that they weren’t managing very well and turned out they became addicted. Many people think of heroin or opiate addicts as some down and out bum in the street…that stereotype exists for sure, yet there are also many others who are not in the same postcode of that experience. Many doctors and nurses are addicted, or they would probably prefer the term ‘dependent’ on opiates and other drugs they have access to within the pharmaceutical grade of known purity and does. As they know the purity and dose they are able to more or less, safely keep using the drugs sometimes for years, while staying under the radar of those who work with them.

      Some people have that inner strength and single-mindedness to forge ahead with their decision to finally escape the claws of addiction, once as you say, they’ve had enough of being sick of being sick of the slavery. They are the most fortunate ones, I think that Pigsonthewing, Sphincterpiston and Dre are probably in that category of individual who was able to beat their demons.

      Most other people may need some support from friends and family, A couple of people have shared their stories of finding out just who their real friends were when the push came to shove. So if you’re lucky enough to have some support from your friends and family, yet still have enough inner strength and inner voice to eke out that path towards sobriety, all the better for you and you will have a good chance of success reaching your goal.

      A few commenters here have thrown their ignorant and narrow minded attitudes at the guy in the video and other BG members. All I can say to them is to be careful in how they go through life, circumstances change and they may find themselves on the wrong end of a needle themselves one day. So yes there’s a stigma and there are people who’re going to look down on you as some kind of weaker or lesser human than they are… again that is more a reflection on their own personality than on the addict. We are all human. I wish you all the best with your withdrawal schedule. One day you might return to share your success story too of how you’re now a free human, no longer shackled to the juice of the poppy.


        1. .. Thanks Docsby and everybody… Many years ago I was injured pornograhpically(don’t fukn laugh, this is fukn serious) to make a long story short, I was prescribed Percocets for a week and everything was fine until I ran out… I’ve never been a hardcore drug addict until then and I honestly didn’t know how to handle it, for me it wasn’t necessarily the high that I was chasing, it was the painful withdrawls I was runnin
          from… I’ve always been an active, athletic and outgoing person, so when I found myself gripped by this and slowly withdrawin from friends and family… I got myself help and threw out whatever pride I had left, it was long and hard, but first you have to NOT WANT to be an addict!… That what helped me the most..

  8. I didn’t see his head, or even his body, being “slammed” into the ground.
    As for this kid being such a swell fellow, you left off that he is an aspiring rapper, he was just starting to turn his life around (oh yes, you did say that), he fell in with the wrong crowd, he is the victim of discrimination, he is just expressing “urban rage,” and he is in every other way a fine young man. Just ask his mother, she will tell you.

    And yes, anything that he “does” do is not his fault, since he was acting under the influence of drugs and alcohol, THEY are the culprits.

  9. I kept waiting to see them slam his head on the ground and abuse their powers I must have missed it when i went to the kitchen. When i came back the pretty much gently laid him on the ground, that wasn’t being slammed at all. If they let someone get out of hand like that it could turn deadly for the officers involved, so they do a take down and watch how fluid their actions are, if they would have slammed him it would have knocked the breath out of him and he was talking the whole way down and never lost breath. The only thing hurt on that guy is his pride. I’ve seen police shoot people for far less for example when he was digging in his coat.

  10. Addiction is a real bitch, my drug of choice was beer, I’d do the other stuff like coke, acid, pain pills what have you. I never could get whiskey to go pass the back of my throat, I,d vomit, so i stuck with beer. I’m not necessarily sure that i was addicted to it because i never had a problem walking away from it and not being bothered being sober around people drinking. I will admit though i have fond memories of getting fucked up like a chicken it’s been almost 9 years now since i drank anything. I will be honest I’ve been addicted to pussy for 50 years, I hope I OD on it!

  11. Oh boo hoo about your Intervention rejects with your substance abuse stories. With his meth filled mouthing off, the pigs should have just put this ass in an illegal chokehold to shut him the hell up. They are after all good at doing that.

  12. Looks like to me the cop had tried to help the guy many times and never got what he was promised. Cops deal with some real creeps every day. Don’t be one of them and you’ll have no trouble. It’s that simple.

  13. Don’t get me wrong, cops can be shitty and definitely take advantage of their positions, but these are true cops. You can tell they care and want dude to change. Drugs are fucked up and completely change who you are. Hopefully dude finds his way and props to real cops who really want to make a change.

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