Cops Violently Dragged Man from Plane Because United Overbooked Flight

Cops Violently Dragged Man from Plane Because United Overbooked Flight

On Sunday April 9, 2017, a passenger on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville was violently dragged from the plane because the company overbooked the flight and more people showed up than they thought.

United issued the following statement in relation to the incident:

Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate.

What absolute shit takes – they apologized for the overbook situation, but not for the uncalled for assault on a paying passenger who was assaulted for his seat.

Apparently, because everybody needed to get to their destination, there were no volunteers willing to accept a $400 voucher and a hotel stay until the next available flight that United was offering. The flight was overbooked by 4 people. United upped the voucher to $800, but still there were no takers.

United then picked four random people for removal. One of the men told them he was a doctor who needed to see patients at a hospital in the morning, and therefore was unable to leave the flight. So terrorist cops showed up to forcibly remove him.

BTW, the 4 seats United needed were for their employees whom they wanted to deliver to Kentucky for another flight. In other words, United scheduled their employees on an overbooked flight and expected paying passengers to give up their seats voluntarily. Even if the victim was not a doctor with patients waiting on him, this should not have happened. United’s corporate interest > needs of the American citizens.


Chicago Police issued the following statement regarding the incident. In fashion typical of a police state, the cops blame the victim of their excessive force:

A 69-year-old male Asian airline passenger became irate after he was asked to disembark from a flight that was oversold. Aviation officers arrived on scene attempted to carry the individual off of the flight when he fell. His head subsequently struck an armrest causing injuries to his face. The man was taken to Lutheran General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Ongoing investigation.

Videos show the cops slamming the victim’s face on the armrest, but these pigs state that he “fell“. Sure – it’s like when they claim that a victim’s is face fell on precious officer’s fist 32 times.

I also like how they state: “Ongoing investigation.” That’s cop talk for “We’re investigating every possibility to justify the brutality. And we will.

Different angle video of the brutality proves that police shills who claim that the gangsters were not cops but security wrong, because you can see them wearing the coats with POLICE written on the back:

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118 thoughts on “Cops Violently Dragged Man from Plane Because United Overbooked Flight”

    1. With the election of Führer Trump…all police in every city and town have the authority to act as the Trump Gestapo….all corporations include UA have been given this authority…this is what you voted for…this is what Fascism looks like folks.

      1. Wow. You’re really smart aren’t you? You can repeat what you hear and read on MSM all while coming across like a bigger dick than the millions before you who all spew this same kind of shit. Bravo independent thinker. Bravo.
        Btw, how long would it take to enact such a policy as you have described? Less than 4 months in office? No branch of Fed Gov’t acts so quickly. Sounds like a United Airlines policy blunder. What did CNN tell you?

      2. Yea, maybe,,, @PhillipDavis. But “Killary the Obtuse” would certainly not have been a better choice as a candidate. Cause either way, Jewmurica was Fucked to begin with, as both sides are, and have always been, completely controlled by The Zionist-Agenda Freaks, and their Ultimate Quest, & Pursuit of a One World Government, run by Isra-hell, for Decades now. And please don,t get me wrong, as Canada, and our new 100% Feminist Prime Minister, ( Justin “Master-Cucker” Trudeau ) is no better, as he is following right along, “Like a Good Little Goy-Sheep Himself” in their footsteps, sucking The Hungarian-Jew, George Soros,s Dick, and anyone that remotely resembles him.

      3. This isn’t a government airline, it is a commercial airline. Private corporation policies. What i enjoy the most are the shrieks and words said by the fellow passengers. If they were so concerned, why didnt any of them offer the doctor their seat? With that said, i take their concerns with a grain of salt. Life’s a bitch and it goes on. The man should have walked off the plane with dignity and saught legal counsel. If anyone has a problem with the policy, then don’t fly United. United won’t mind, the seats will fill regardless.

        1. I’m so sick of the mainstream media twisting stories. If you investigate what really happened here, the guy got very rude with the flight attendants. Reportedly even tried to take a swing at them. He was using profanity and making a big scene. Now it comes to light that he is a major fruitcake. Suspended medical license for sexual assault. Numerous felonies. Long history of mental illness. Airlines have very strict rules. You get unruly for any reason, you need to leave the airplane. No matter the reason. I’ve seen people escorted off for a lot less than this guy did. You are trapped in a flying aluminum tube with hundreds of other people for hours. Nobody wants to sit next to a fruitcake. UA did the right thing with this POS. Hopefully he gets put on all the no fly lists so I don’t ever have to worry about sitting next to him.

          As for the overbooking, that’s just the way it is. They can make the rules. You don’t like it, fly another airline. I personally am eager to grab those free tickets as long as I don’t have anything pressing the next day. I’ve done it a few times. Sit in the hotel bar and enjoy a cool one on the airline. ahhh.

          1. Clap…. ….. clap…. clap…. clap.. clap. Clap clap clap clapclapclapclapclap. Well said… i hope everyone boycotts united. I just flew united today…. make my next round trip cheap. I love it. Then offer me 800 and a hotel room to stay with a lady friend and an extra night because you overbooked. I’ll buy her surf and turf…. nobody gets hurt. Get lucky if anything.

      4. Well when I read this post I was thinking, “what a fucking idiot” then I saw others reply and was relieved to see the BG family stepped up to educate phillip the fucktard. Obviously he has sucked on the government tit for too long and needed a quick schooling.

      5. This has nothing to do with Trump. I don’t even like Trump, but go shoehorn your agenda into some random youtube video. This garbage has been happening for years and years. I’ve been witness to it. If you think it has anything to do with the current president, you’re out of your mind.
        I’m all for people talking trash about Trump, but for fucks sake, do it where it’s relevant.

      1. Who knows if he was telling the truth though. And out of all the concerned people, you would think one would reluctantly give up their seat in peace to avoid this. But it was the airlines fault and I agree that they should’ve let one of the attendants off before a paying customer. But that’s not what they did and he acted like a child towards the end so I don’t really feel bad for him at this point.

    1. I’d take the money without even hesitating! LOL

      I’m not trying to defend the pigs or the airline, but they didn’t intentionally knock him out.
      To me it looks like he got his faced smashed into another seat after they had pulled him out.
      The Chinese man screaming in panic probably made it sound worse, as they only pulled his arms at that point.

      Instead of pulling him out like he was a drunken sack of rubbish they should have given him medical care and checked if he was doing okey. After all, the knockout seemed like an accident caused by their own stupidity.

      Overbooking is shit. It shows that they choose money over customer satisfaction, and they would have lost even more money if they couldn’t have brought their crew to the other destination. It’s their own fault for not sorting out their own crew beforehand.

  1. Screamed like a little ole bitch …. yes is unfair but someone had to go! But do it with dignity not like a screaming bitch.

    I wonder if he still got the $800 voucher and hotel room even though he did not want to leave and was forced also bitch fuck your luggage it got ride to your destination without you HA!

  2. Unfucking Believable. If i did not see it on here first, i honestly would not have even considered this story to be truthful, as it is totally absurd, and all kinds of wrong for any Airline to do something so atrocious to one of their paying customers. Disgraceful Bastards should be Sued Big Time, and shut down for this crime. But being that United is probably Jew-Owned and Operated, Fuck-All will happen to them, except maybe for a small cash payout to be given by the Airline to the affected customers, and a light slap on the wrist, as usual.

    1. Yeah nothing on here has pissed me off before. It makes me sick that they dragged a doctor (important man who saves lives) instead of dealing with one flight attendant less or at least try and choose someone else. Seriously anyonwho who wants or needs to go that badly shouldn’t be forced out when there is like fucking 200 people there!? Good honest people being screwed over is why so many people hate the world now.

    1. Yep, big company only means that they’re gonna pay out big $$$! Now the doc can finally past off his medical college loans. Then go on one Hell of a vacation! Just NOT to Brazil, Mexico or any of the Philippine/Indonesian areas!

    1. Your ridiculous. If you don’t want the heavy hand to force you, than take the dignified way or fight back. Don’t scream like a little bitch. And are the cops are the bad guys for following orders? while the other passengers refused to give up their seats for a “doctor that needed to save a patient” (which is a weak argument by the chink). The outrage is astounding, it’s like being pissed off at the customer service rep for you buying a shitty product.

  3. United Airlines has been notorious for their arrogance and rude treatment of customers for years. I’m a pilot and know several guys who ended up working for United. Their personalities actually change when they get hired there – and not for the better.

  4. hmm first come first serve.
    i would not have go down this easy with or without cops they not in their rights to remove a person like this.
    This along again shows why citizens must have guns and never be disarmed.

    1. He’s on a plane, pretty sure the first thing they do at airports is check for weapons and explosives for the comfort and safety of there also wouldn’t have been that annoying chick talking the whole time.

    2. He’s on a plane, pretty sure the first thing they do at airports is check for weapons and explosives for the comfort and safety of other people. Fuck the annoying chick that was talking the whole time.

      1. I’m not fond of writing comments here since if i accidently press “done” it will all be published and won’t let me delete or edit it. my phone’s shit so it’s probs my fault but yeah. Annoying.

  5. There were A LOT of other ways they could’ve dealt with this situation. And don’t you think it would’ve been cheaper to just pay workers at the destination OT than making the flight overbooked and forcing four employees one, thus forcing four customers out and offering them compensation and a hotel room? The people running that airline are brute idiots.

    1. That may be true but I live for overbooked flights. I always run up to the counter to volunteer my seat. Lol I get a free roundtrip ticket, sometimes a meal voucher and I’ve never had to wait more than 7 hours for the next flight. I’ve flown free 7 or 8 times by giving up my seat. So, it may be messed up but it works for me personally. (I don’t have kids and stuff so my schedule is probably less important than some passengers.)

  6. Damn, what did they use on that guy, chloroform???

    And for those of you who have never flown or don’t fly regularly, you thought flying was glamorous? HA! Look at how they are packed in like sardines. You can barely get through the isle.

    I’d love to see what happens when United trys to pull this shit on 1st class passengers. They’re all rude and skanky now, Delta, United, American- It doesn’t matter. This country has gone down the tubes.

  7. If the airline rather offered those willing to give up their seats free stocks in the company and a free HJ by a flight attendant of their choice with a bottle of Dom Perignon White Gold for the rescheduled flight, perhaps they would have more than enough volunteer passengers needed to bring compromise to the situation…..

    1. I feel I’m settling after reading this. I’ve always been proud of my free roundtrip ticket and $15 meal voucher for giving up my seat. But this is a game-changer. Thank you, sir. I’ll take a foot rub in lieu of the HJ. 😉

  8. Everybody screamed and was horrified the way the policeman dragged that citizen, yet no one intervened. I wonder, if all the people around would have got up and saved that citizen, wouldn’t the situation be different?

  9. No it should not have happened, the entitled piece of shit doctor should have left the plane, but he didn’t, he waited for the police to arrive but not before hitting out at cabin crew then the police when they got there, he got a good smack and dragged off the plane and it served the cunt right, there are many news reports out there telling the true story, you only show people on this site what you want them to see Mark, because of your hatred for police, you’re quite pathetic tbh.
    So what if he’s a doctor, he’s only a GP (no disrespect to any and all doctors meant, but it’s not like he was a brain surgeon) so a lo-cum could have been arranged and/or appointments rescheduled, so again this should not of happened but if you throw a pissy fit, hit female cabin crew then the police you’re going to get fucked up and rightly so.
    The cunt got off lightly.

  10. First, if i where living in a country with knowingly triggerhappy lawenforcers and a shitty socialsystem, i rather took the fucking 800$ and spend it to a hooker and wiskey in that shit Hotel they give me for sure, knowing that i had a 1 to 4 chance to get cop fucked if i played the sitting Bull. Second that dude, as long as he is a real Doc and could affort it, should sue the Airline for comercial fraud, violation and if this vid goes public, violating his privat space as a comon citizen or so (dunno US Laws) to milk that assholes. And third, are you retards serious? better Trump than gett´n cut by muslims? You idiots know who has trained that Alahu Fuckbar yelling morons, destabilized the countrys so they could rise and even now payed them by buying their fucking Oil? I and the rest of the world are really hoping murica get in war with russia so they get a Bitchslap soon. The USA are historical like the liddle retrad sibling we all have who needs to flex the muscles and do all kind of ADSD shit (In this analogy doing War and shit) to prove his worth. The world is a shit hole, but when ever Team Musica goes in, its gett´n even worse. Just mind your own buisnes and try to establish a system what not desperatly depends on war and aggression… world is get´n annoyed bro

  11. Has anyone seen the update on this “doctor”?? Evidently he has had his license revoked in Kentucky I think for over prescribing narcotics. He has ALOT of pending charges. As well he had NO patients waiting for him because he can’t practice.

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