Crazed Machete Wielding Man Safely Neutralized by Police with Net

Crazed Machete Wielding Man Safely Neutralized by Police with Net

What sorcery is this? Police that face crazed, armed man who appears to actually threaten them (as opposed to the cops assuming he’s a threat), and they neutralize him without each present cop unloading their handgun into him, throwing a grenade into a crib with an infant, and executing every puppy in sight? You mean to tell me threats can be eliminated without cops getting a new notch on their belt? WTF?

I don’t know where the video is from, but it very well could be from Thailand. It shows a machete wielding man swing his blade around and even fake a charge at a group of cops facing him. But while the group keeps him distracted, another policeman sneaks close enough from behind and throws what looks like a specially designed fishnet over the machete man. Ta da – threat neutralized and nobody got killed.

Not getting police training in Israel has its perks, it seems.

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    1. Draw a comparison Bud @thedre and ye see these Thai Cops are just a bunch of good old Hush Puppies .
      Another twist around shift and we have the mauling hounds ………… …………did I hear someone say …….. the Zionist Pitbulls ??!!
      oh C’mon ye know it already !

    2. Amen. I had to clap on that. Finally a police action I can feel good about. That had to have been outside the United States. Cops finally using there brains and not just mowing everybody down when someone looks at them funny. Bravo!

    1. @ulises, Well, than i guess Die-Land does not fit, in this situation bro! It’s pretty sad when Western Police Forces cannot even learn from a third world Country, on how to apprehend a sick man without unloading full clips of hollow-points into him.

  1. I wonder why cops don’t shoot people with tranquilizer darts like they do with animals. I guess people scan just pull them out. but yes there are a lot of ways to arrest someone without filling them up with led. doing this in Canada or the U.S would get him killed for sure. cops would have already shot him before he even did the fake charges.

    1. Too much of a risk to do that. If someone had a drug interaction or allergic (or high on PCP, which would require a LOT of it) the person could stop breathing. Could you imagine the number of lawsuits?

      I know we need more non-lethal methods, but if we had cops who don’t get them confused with their actual weapon (ahem…the cop who “accidentally” confused his gun for his taser–PA shooting of unarmed man in the back) then there might be 3% less shootings. #eyeroll

    2. After shooting him the k-9 would be allowed to check him out and leave the proper amount of bite wounds on the body before moving in and handcuffing the man before waiting ten minutes to secure the area only to then request a medical unit be dispatched.

  2. A cool catch indeed these sorta machete wielding fish are rare to find and seem to have been declared as Endangered fucked up Species but now since its already netted they might as well eat it up and leave the rest to be fried up later .
    BTW who that stunning chick with a lovely ponytail was ? .
    A different nationality maybe a tourist ; but blazing quick on the camera icon .

  3. It is Thailand because, after the man charges the cops, the police say “deo deo.”

    In Thai language, that means “wait, wait.”

    Source: Me (Caucasian American living in Thailand who speaks Thai)

      1. No way! What a shithole. I’m in the suburbs of Bangkok.

        Happily married to a middle class Thai lady for 9 years, with two sons, so I don’t exactly fit the stereotype of a “sexpat”… But good guess though.


  4. Somethings fishy about this. The guy curls straight up in to the fetal position. I don’t buy it. Using nets to catch people is just ridiculous. These guys have seen to many reruns of the 1960’s batman tv show.

  5. Two thousand years ago, there was a great man by the name of “The Vulva Eater” who said

    “Give a cop a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a cop to fish and he’ll catch a bunch of machete wielding loonies for a lifetime.”

    There was also another guy that said “give a cop one gun and he’ll only shoot one person, give a cop a machine gun and he’ll shoot a whole lot of people.”

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  7. Well that guy gave up rather easily. They didn’t even really have to force him down.
    It would appear that he realized his mistake right before it would’ve been too late. Good for him.

  8. –And yet, in the US, we see people with butter knife in their hand get gunned down by the police and all they say in the report “The Officer feared for his life” …bunch of Horse Shxt.

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