Defiant Black Man in the Sticks of America Shot by Cop

Defiant Black Man in the Sticks of America Shot by Cop

A battle between wits and bronze is showcased in this dashcam footage from police cruiser. After several go arounds both parties are annoyed and ready to be over with altercation.

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          1. Haha , I love when people know their rights. Hate assholes who act like the cops are all reasonable good guys who’d never even think of abusing their authority and “higher position”.

          2. Dude. Telling you to simply lay down is not the same as that. People with mindsets like you are the ones who treat cops like shit, and then cry bloody murder when the cop applies more force.

          3. Yeah cause there’s no middle ground there? You can argue with the police and die in a ditch while others comply and get to go home…

        1. You idiot! And what’s the law?
          “Get down on your knees” and worship me, because I’m a cop?. The victim followed all the reasonable orders and they (just like you racist scum would) were just looking for an excuse to escalate the situation.

          Blacks know all too well it’s damn if they do and damn if they don’t. So he chose to die on his boots than on his knees. I call that bravery.

          Keep applauding as the black South Africans are watching and learning from you. I bet you’ll only start complaining when they start treating whites there exactly like you treat blacks here. We white people have proven ourselves over and over again to be NOT as intelligent as we think we are

          1. He had a weapon and was given orders per procedure. If the Idiot cannot listen and do what he was told then nothing would have happened. He was just trying to get yet another ghetto lottery, common place these day as if the welfare, free food and monthly checks were not enough. This is EXACTLY why they do not go back to Africa, they would actually have to work although all a lot of them talk about is heritage , pride, and mother Africa. If you look back into history it was the Black man that sold the white slavers to the white man, yep rounded their own people up for profit and trade even delivered them to the ships, better than Fed Ex …….now talk to me about slavery.

          2. @Goritian.. Who the fuck are you talking about !?! What do you mean “we white people?” I’m very smart…So go suck a black dick and keep your stupid raciest comments to yourself.

          3. @xcopper66 Couldn’t watch this video so Can’t fully comment on it, but agree if your given a reasonable command by police you should follow. Where you lost me is with this blacks should go back to Africa bullshit. You know maybe whites in South Africa should go back to Europe as they came as unwanted invaders and their the minority…no. It’s funny how idiots are always saying that. Ironic as fuck telling the Only people who the overwhelming majority were forced in America to not just leave, but Go Back. The Only people who trace the majority of their populations ancestry back and not just a small populace back to early even colonial America whereas the vast majority of other(except Native Americans shouldn’t have to say, but I will for the extra dunb fucks) races including whites came in bulk mid 19th century, early 20th century, and post ww2 as refugees the kind we hate today. Whereas most blacks where long in America with the last slaves ships except for a few legal ones stop arriving no later than mid 19th century. In other words the average random black person in America has a longer heritage in the country than the average white Go Back Right though. Add blacks yet again are the Only group to come from another land to have no ties(again excluding Native Americans for the last time for you stupid fucks) no languages, cultural connections, religious, Nothing. Everything good or bad about black Americans as much as you Hate it was made in America Nothing African most black people don’t even know where ancestors came from unlike whites, Asians etc, black people only know America. Have you also forgotten that the vast majority of social progress in nearly everything regarding constitutional rights For All was spearheaded by blacks. No not only black people, but overwhelming. Everything from being instruemental in ending segregation and Everything that came with it Too much too list, normalising non-white politicians, insuring minority representation in anything rights and benefits Every goddamned ungrateful racial minority today is benefiting from. While whites fought with every fiber of their souls to ensure the constitution was Not followed until black people forced your change kicking and screaming all the way. You want to talk about slavery sure. Yup Initially whites did buy slaves from Africans who sold their enemies as practice. But guess what tge Africans eventually begin to see how untrustworthy and honorless these foreigners were even after welcoming them in A way No Europeans would’ve welcomed Any weird looking foreigners. Then they stopped, but Europeans wouldn’t stop. No one forced whites nation after nation to invade, continue enslaving, committing genocides, to take over an entire continent and ship people like cattle around the world. Guess they were just buying huh. Then you act as if it wasn’t going to happen anyway. Every damn people who welcomed white people. Every people eventually was backstabbed, invaded, enslaved or, wiped out people who I’ll remind you usually welcomed white people more warmly than Europeans would’ve welcomed strange looking people in that time. Lets see how quick this comment is moderated away. While random off topic non replyI hate blacks and jew comments are allowed to stay on a site supposedly about free speech and open discussion.

          1. .. As long as she’s not a Honkeykong slayer!.. Then there would’ve been problems, no one’s takin out my twin except me!… Speaking of which, I’m thinkin of takin you out to the grand opening of this new strip bar.. You in or out..?

          2. because situations ARE different when blacks are the subject than they are when WHITES are the subject.
            That’s like saying ‘ the animal control acts different when they catchin’ an opossum than they do when they catching a stray dog’

          1. He had sex with a Rottweiler! Bahahaha! The unfunny thing is he killed it. He also liked his chickens bald? Was he performing cunninglingus on them and the feathers were in the way? So many questions.
            Did you google chicken fucker?

          2. I55, this guy’s story was unearthed about 25 years ago. My boss’s son was studying sexual disorders – I should say studying the subject of sexual disorders in medical school – when he came upon an unrelated, short article and mailed a photocopy.

            One thing led to another, and the hit was made. It turns out our hero scored the chick(en) in a hotel room.

            If anyone wants to google this shit, be my guest.

          3. Hey HonkeyKong? Guess what? Those asshole cops like to shoot redneck, peckerwood, neanderthug white boys too! And by the way, those three slurs I just used refer to you white trash or whatever race you are!

    1. If you mean the first bullet of the middle officier hitting the building which splatted, yea, this was nice but just a case of missing the target. I would be curious though if the non-compliant negro did survive. Would be a burden to society and could be used as lesson to the cops to always empty the whole clip. Just to make sure less paper-work, less costs for society, less work for everyone except the moratorium.

    1. Clear instructions, I totally agree. What did the black guy not understand?!
      In my few he had two serious options to exit.
      1. Grab gun and shoot himself in the brain (stem)
      2. Listen AND follow up to 1 of the several arbitrary cops instructions and pray for the best
      Of course, option 2 doesn’t guarantee shit, so he might end up like he did.
      But it’s like not having fucked a girl for a long time and ask random girls if they like to get laid – 99,93% will say no but if you don’t try you have already lost anyway.

      1. Your biggest mistake was thinking that niggers can follow simple instructions, they can’t.

        The reason why they are unemployable is the exact same reason why they resist arrest and get killed so often. Ego before action.

        Put simply, the nigger is always making cheques their body can’t cash.

  1. Most Ameristani pigs these days are failed low IQ high school jocks who never got into anything besides sports. My buddy is a pig and can confirm he’s retarded with mental issues like me.

  2. This video would be more interesting if the police used assault rifles and shoot the nigger until it exploded into fried chicken.

    Of course, we all know that the police are authorized to use deadly force regardless of the outcome.

  3. If an officer has a gun drawn on me, I’m going to do whatever the fuck they tell me to.
    It doesnt matter if you’ve done something illegal or not. Anything other than following orders will result in a bad situation. How stupid are these gum flappers? One needs to be REALLY FUCKING STUPID to not comprehend such a simple piece of common sense.

  4. I’ve watched it a couple times but honestly I can barely make out the chain of events.

    It seems like “Stupid stereotypical hood rat gangsta-wannabe is high and idiotically wandering aimlessly around a burnt-out convenience store parking lot (which is like a giant terrarium environment for these guys) while trying to talk shit about his defiance of an armed and high-tensioned bacon-barker holding a gun on him.

    Then there’s kind of a rather interesting bit about “back up you’re in a crossfire” which seems to suggest that first and foremost these Office McFistyfucks were already thinking in terms of firing their weapons and wanted to make sure none of their fellow swineshits in blue got hurt when lead was definitely going to be flying soon.

    Then there’s some hollering with a lot of language that really shows what fine examples of professionalism and courtesy these officers are. Then a tasing that seems to go straight to bullets like somehow the electrical charge what, set off the hood rat’s gun like Jiffy Pop on a campfire? I couldn’t honestly tell that the guy somehow still tried for his Tech-9 penis extension after getting a few volt-bolts up his hershey hole. Then boom-boom, cops do what cops do best and shoot a black guy even while lying on the ground because they want to make sure the weight of the bullets keeps them from floating away and escaping.

    Seriously, I can’t make a fucking bit of sense out of this chain of events.

  5. … “The niggrs brain, which is the size of a PEANUT, is disproportionately smaller in comparison to the size of the niggrs nog’n and accounts for only 5% of the niggrs brain capacity … However, the niggrs goregantuan cock which is disproportionately larger in comparison to the niggrs body… Accounts for 95% brain capacity… ”

    …. George Washington Carver…

  6. HAHAHA. This is how i see it….
    Dude got tazed moments after he pulled his gun out. Far cop pops him one i think, as he simultaneously reacts to the tazer- muscles constrict, causing him to fire off a first round, before falling to the ground from the tazer, still firing from the muscle seizure as well as then being given some extra orifice’s. Incidentally it may be he purposely released the gun, just from the way it seemed to ‘fling out’.
    It wouldn’t surprise me that this ‘genius on his way to mentor school’ did want to actually take his gun out to place on the ground all in a deluded way to take the power back and remain standing in his, no longer, upcoming arrest.
    HA-HA. Dumb is Dumb.

  7. What kind of an idiot does not do exactly what a person holding a loaded gun (which is pointed right at them) is telling them to do?

    The black dude clearly fancied himself as the alpha-male and is therefore reluctant to do what he is being ordered to do. The smart thing to do in this situation is to comply with the demands and seek revenge at a more appropriate time (when there are not multiple loaded guns pointed right at you).

    Good riddance to him.

    1. Cop should know basics of psychology for fuck sake. They don’t know to calm situation, they demand humiliation, they want total obedience. They don’t understand that this guy maybe won’t listen every fucking thing that pigs demand because he will look like sissy to his buddies. They just want to humiliate, that’s all.

      1. If a guy has a loaded gun pointed right at me then I will happily jump to any of his demands and I will get my revenge later. Do not give a trigger happy cop a reason to pull the trigger otherwise he will kill you & get away with it.

        Note: When you are playing Poker and you fold it does not mean you lost, there is a time to hold em’ and a time to fold em’. It is ridiculous to go all out on a losing hand. A smart player folds and wins at a later stage. All you can do in general is your best in any given scenario.

        He who laughs last laughs loudest.

        1. I am with you on this but please note that intelligent person, man who have control over his emotions will listen pigs because his reasoning and calculations are not disturbed by ego shit and emotions in general.
          Many times, cops give complicated(at the time of high level of stress) instructions to really disturbed people and later they kill them because they didn’t follow.
          USA cops are disgusting pieces of shit: They do not observe psyche of those they attend to arrest. They scaring the shit in them instead to reason with suspects and arrest them like cops in Europe do.
          -They clearly have dude who want to obey but don’t want to allow them to humiliate. He wanted descent arrest. I know, he was not wise&didn’t recognize high level of intolerance of not obeying but, cops should recognize that and approach on some other way like, reasoning with guy, not killing him like bug. Couple of warnings with few more words would not kill them for fuck sake.
          Just slightly different approach, not same on every fucking arrest.
          This people are constrained for real. System is completely wrong and fucked up.
          If you ask me, life without cops would be way better in all 4 sides on Earth.
          -People would organize, hang out and protect themselves. Not to mention free speech, masses on the streets and real friendships everywhere. Bonds would be stronger.

  8. Again again and again:
    Cops showing to the world how BIG cowards they are by killing man while he was already fucked by tazer.
    If you copers are to scared by fucking gun, just release more power from tazer and for fuck sake do not kill! Motherfuckers!!!

  9. All American’s get in terms of gore is nigger slayings, no different than the 50’s except they aren’t turned into pinatas anymore…
    Shut down all the popeyes’ chicken franchises and tell em to fuckkkkkkk off.

  10. The comments amaze me at times. The cop already knew he had the gun in his waistband in the back.

    how many times he told him get on your knees? Multiple times!

    The guy is steady refusing to get on his knees instead saying HE will put the gun on the ground himself AFTER the cop holsters his own weapon!

    How stupid do they think officers are?

    A cop tells you to get on your knees he isn’t playing games! He isn’t trying to be a bully. He is trying to keep you alive and disarm you! Why don’t they understand this shit? The fact is they must shoot until there is NO MORE THREAT! If his ass is moving he is STILL A THREAT so yeah 16 times shot is definitely a possibility!

    Thugs think oh I’ll get shot but I’ll be a millionaire after! Not too many ghetto lotteries end in the thug enjoying the cash the former DOJ used to give out prior to any investigation going on!

    I can’t believe the comments lol there are also more white people killed by cops than all other races combined! The thing is white people know their family member was a thug and rarely ever sue therefore its not newsworthy!

  11. I love how when the cop yells the last and loudest, “Are you good?!”, then the stupid mook answers, “NOO!! AARRGGHH!!”, as if the cop was asking him, instead of his fellow officers!! That right there just shows that this was no great loss to society.

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