Dominican Cop Executes Man Defending Victim of Police Brutality with Shotgun to Face

Dominican Cop Executes Man Defending Victim of Police Brutality with Shotgun to Face

Dominican Cop Executes Man Defending Victim of Police Brutality with Shotgun to Face

On the corner of Abraham Lincoln Avenue with John F. Kennedy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a man was executed by a cop with a shotgun blast in the head for defending a victim of police brutality.

The victim was identified only as “Mariao“. The sergeant who shot him is Ángel Ogando Ogando. He was reportedly taken to custody and when questioned about the incident, said he was conducting the operation for clearing up peddlers from the area when supposedly a group approached him and at that moment he fired a shot.

Props to Best Gore meber @momox for the updated video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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145 thoughts on “Dominican Cop Executes Man Defending Victim of Police Brutality with Shotgun to Face”

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          5. @empty-soul, I need a good reason to hate somebody personally, an entire race of people? I just don’t see that happening in my case. I hear what you’re sayin’ but I don’t hate ‘niggers’, I just dislike them. Hate is a strong word, which in a way gives them a little power over you ‘cus they realize you dwell on it and will take advantage of it… trust me, I’d rather see less of them in my country, especially my state. We’ve recently had a wave of both Somalis and Pakis within the past 5-10 years which sucks, but I really don’t see it changing any time soon. Trump is trying his best but it’s not like he can deport all those that are already here, and keeping the future ones out is gonna take a long time, I fear.

          6. .. Now this is a thread I am TOTALLY in agreement with… At first I thought you guys were fukn assholes, butt after reading this thread… You guys are just assholes! … Like me… Awesome..!

          7. @carnage-2

            For me it’s a simple choice. Look up blacks and London England and you will get the picture.

            I don’t want the rest of England to become like London.

            The above is enough reason for me to hate all blacks in much the same way as some people hate all Nazis, others hate all Jews and some hate all communists etc.

            Commonality with past danger is more than enough to warrant a current level of distrust and anger.

            I don’t have any problem with East-Asians etc you will have noticed. This is because the black bastards have given me reason to hate them over the course of my lifetime and others have not.

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  3. What the actual fuck? He wasnt holding a weapon. There wasnt even one on the floor near him afterward. When are we gonna start treating people like people and not like livestock? Because he’s not obeying police commands, he gets to paint the street with his brains. He’s interfering, sure, but all the other cops have nightsticks and they know they’re on camera because they keep glancing over to see where the cameraman is. Why not just work him over with a full body massage? I hope one of those guys finds his ass on the street one day and give him a lead shower. Or some machete butterfly kisses. And Baby Hitler should keep the dick in his mouth. If I can hear you talking, you’re doing it wrong.

  4. I don’t give a fuck what some other people say about this being unjustified shooting, I’d say fuckem you mess with a cop with a shotgun well we know the result, I’d say this clarifies it as justified shooting of a perp interfering with an arrest of an invidual, with a probably long criminal rep sheet.

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