Dozens Killed During Protests Against Citizenship Amendment Act in India

Dozens Killed During Protests Against Citizenship Amendment Act in India

Dozens Killed During Protests Against Citizenship Amendment Act in India

Across many states of India, protests broke out in opposition of the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). As of this post, 25 people were killed during the protests.

The Indian police has a simple explanation – the protesters are killing themselves to frame the police. But as more and more videos pop up on the social media, the typical bullshitry of the police is exposed.

That’s what you get for sending the police to train in Israel. While Israeli police are trained to hate the native population of the land they illegally occupy, the police of other countries are trained by them to hate and kill their own citizens.

The Citizenship Amendment Act allows people from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to obtain Indian citizenship after 5 years of residing in the country, provided they are not of Muslim faith. Normally, by law foreigners can only apply for Indian citizenship after 11 years of living in the country.

The people protest because they either fear the flood of immigrants will alter their demographic, linguistic or cultural uniqueness, or because they see the exclusion of Muslims, as well as the people from countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka or Myanmar, as anti-constitutional.

The submitter of the videos alleging to show the encounters between the police and anti-CAA protesters asked to remain anonymous. This is understandable when police repression in developing police states is involved. ACAB:

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169 thoughts on “Dozens Killed During Protests Against Citizenship Amendment Act in India”

      1. As bad as those American cops as well. How in the HELL can you open fire on your own citizens? That’s fucked up. It would never happen here in Australia because we actually like each other and if you shoot your neighbour for having a whinge, there would be no one left to make up decent cricket teams for Saturday morning’s games…….

          1. I appreciate that you thought that I would know what you were talking about with that reference. I had to look that one up. Unfortunately I’m not as worldly as you are good sir. Props on managing to work Honda in there. That was good shit.

    1. Horse shit. You missed the lesson entirely.
      The lesson is that badge niggers are the same everywhere because they are trained by the most hateful, racist, murderous, criminal, terrorist race of creatures on earth, Jews.

      1. But at least India has got guts and commonsense in relation to its immigration laws – NO MUSLIM COCKROACHES. Every white western country in the world could learn a thing or 2 from India in how to stop and totally reject islamification………

      1. @hopingfornemesis

        Well…………..On one hand it denies entry to Muslims which of course is a very good thing but on the other hand it opens the floodgates because it grants fast entry to everybody else from the poorer neighbouring countries which of course will create a huge glut in the lower end of the labour market due to the fact that India already has a over-supply of workers as a result of having a overpopulation problem to begin with.

        Currently India doesn’t even have enough jobs to go around for the natives which is why they all desperately look for work in the bigger cities and in other countries. They don’t even have the state infrastructure to accommodate their current numbers which is why they’re all hanging off the sides of trains and riding the tops of them etc.

        In truth what we have then is the Indian government pretending to be acting against Muslims(very popular in India) whilst creating an open border for the purposes of keeping the wage levels artificially low by creating an over-supply of labour. You see, Indian business owners and the Indian government are getting a lot more cash nowadays thanks to white western countries offshoring their industries there.

        I can’t even call a home-based local company anymore nowadays without being put through to an Indian call centre for fucks sake and lets not start with the “David”, “Peter” and “John”s that greet you and can only work and speak from a script.

        Anyway. The point is that what with the Indian economy getting more and more richer every year(they now have a space programme) the Indian workers would normally be expecting to see an increase in wage and living standards and rightly so and that’s where this new law comes in because it makes the worker easily replaceable and therefore keeps them down.

        Of course, on paper, this new law states that it is focused on helping those who are in “fear of persecution” but all you have to do is look at Europe to see this same game being played over and over. In Europe you have banana boat riding fat lipped, smash nosed niggers from Bongo Bongo land and Mohammeds from kiddyrapestan all pretending to be “in fear of persecution” in order to get into the white mans land and no doubt this same backdoor is what is being used in India as well and for the same reasons via this new law because otherwise why would an already overpopulated country with a substandard and unsustainable infrastructure for the current numbers already living there be seeking out more.

        Its a complicated one that’s for sure because, again, on one hand you have the Muslims and libtards pissing and moaning in their usual fashion and on the other hand you have the lower skilled indigenous Indian workers shitting themselves that they will be competed out of existence by the newer arrivals willing to work for fuck all not to mention having their communities changed due to the poorer areas being the place of choice for these newer arrivals.

        To conclude. Had the Indian government been genuine in their new law they would have denied Muslims entry without speeding up the process for everybody else. This sounds to me like a sleight of hand trick in order to get away with keeping the wages down.

        1. Empty ,I agree with you in principle- of how these things work to dilute the power of the Working Man- but in this case the conclusion is wrong .

          The Indians had a stroke of genius! Those fearing persecution are only allowed to be specifically Buddhists and Christians etc in those overwhelmingly Moslem nations. It is a drop in the ocean and India ,Pakistan etc all know it. India wins ,because it is seen a champion of the oppressed “coreligionists” and the Muzzies lose as they lose prestige.If only America could do the same ,yet she organises and facilitates the butchering of Christians in the Near East and Europe.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            One of the examples of persecuted persons India gave was that of Hindus which sets the alarm bells ringing immediately because India still operates a fully functioning caste system and so could be said to be a persecutor of Hindus themselves.

            That’s the issue. India is not a kind loving country and in reality the Indian government does not care about persecuted peoples so this current burst of kindness is definitely suspicious.

            I guess all we can do is wait and see how they play their cards.

          1. Now that’s something worthy to spend my tax refund on! 110 feet????? WOW. I could light up a lot of brownish people with that!

    1. …and that sounds the deathknell of the Anglosphere… When we pay some cunts in another country to do a job our people can and should be doing. Not to mention the lack of accountability and lack of security in such transactions.

      But hey ,why worry right…our politicians don’t , so why should I?

      A pox on all pollie’s houses!

      Yet,you are right ,they definitely shot a few Tom,Dick and Harrys…

  1. A couple of points.

    Indian police love hitting people with lengths of wood.

    The first part of the film suggests that they are firing the good old short magazine Lee Enfield .303 (probably a Mark III). Not a rifle to be on the receiving end of.

  2. Basically Muslims and leftists are having a meltdown because said Muslims weren’t included. Indians don’t want India to be flooded with Muslims. That’s where some it doesn’t make sense. You see, Muslims have, if I’m correct, first rights to education and help even before the Hindu population. It’s all fucked up and hard to get your head around. Like all the dudes commiting suicide-by-train, their heads ain’t around anymore. Oh well.

  3. Thas rayciss yo! But really, a bit of multiculturalism might do the Indians some good cause when I think of India, the first thing that crosses my mind is feces. And out of all the videos from India I’ve seen, the only one that sticks out in my mind is someone posting a link where these people casually cross some train tracks, drop their pants and shit in a ditch on the other side.

    Get some public bathrooms up! It won’t hurt your “cultural uniqueness”!

  4. we have seen bigger crowds out in fields . where are all the people ?packed in the houses/sheds hiding. you know there is literally thousands of people within city block packed up in there . whole place really disgusting . I bet it smells really bad too. pretty interesting video though, crazy to see them march through the streets kicking ass. swinging hard for Indians

  5. THE DRONES .. by bad jonny

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      1. Thanks Nem, I wrote this a while back, just wanted to focus on the
        horrors of USA lead war on innocent niggers ’round the World
        Not that these wars had anything to do with Bush-Saudi Oil Ltd
        Of course, it was all “To protect da peeples of Amerwica, Son …”
        Yeah, right ….

  6. I like how they operate. Shoot a few, clean them off the street and move on. Beat some more, rinse and repeat. Now, if only the US did that to these Antifa fags we could have some peace and quiet.

    1. @boozer, this protest is part of their india’s tradition…….these wife-beating bisexual indian faggots are protesting because they do not want women into their shit-hole country, these faggots want more men.

      During the 200+ years British rule over india, the Brits already knew indian men were very violent sub-human as most of them were bisexual faggots, a law was in place in india sub-continent, Section 377, in the hope it would make it illegal for indian men to fuck each other and make them tamed so as to protect the women, but failed.

      The Brits should come into india once more and take over…..and should use a MG on bipod on these indian fags, and stabilze the region. OK to exterminate all these indian roaches and all those crawling around south-east asia and canada and usa and europe and africa and middle east.

  7. Indian way to lower the population using violence, the dumb retards think that killing 25 people in that shithole will lower it, better start using nuke bombs in india, like the hydrogen bomb or the tsar bomb, wipe those ugly cunts off this earth

  8. Was this the sequel to the The Irishman by Martin Scorcese, The Dirty Cunts?
    Excellent camera work, BG should consider employing this camera person for ALL events of terrible accidents, death, heartache, brutality, despair and misery….to be on standby to fly anywhere in the world at a moments notice to bring visual happiness to us BG disciples.
    And perhaps one day in the future the Gupta’s and Singh’s of that land will be educated throughout their school life sufficiently to understand that it is far more likely to benefit them if a key is used to start a motorcycle as a pose to a boulder.

  9. fuck your globalism, you marxist commie cunts..

    the global response is strong TRIBALISM
    india is Hindu . all non-Hindus GTFO
    USA is Anglo-Saxon. all others GTFO
    and so on..
    Europe is the next battlefield . to purge from all asians and africans.
    constant war against the global horde, all immigration is halted, you live where you are born

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  11. “That’s what you get for sending the police to train in Israel. While Israeli police are trained to hate the native population of the land they illegally occupy, the police of other countries are trained by them to hate and kill their own citizens”

    Shit, what stupid things you say, you are clearly anti-Israeli, you distill your hatred, if you can’t speak without being partial you shouldn’t do it.

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