FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Guy While Showing Off Drunk in Denver Bar

FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Guy While Showing Off Drunk in Denver Bar

FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Guy While Showing Off Drunk in Denver Bar

In a bar called Mile High Spirits in Denver, Colorado, an armed off-duty FBI agent was showing off on the dancefloor. He did a backflip, during which his loaded gun fell out of the holster. Since he was drunk, the agent picked it up with his finger on the trigger, discharging a round into a random guy.

According to a Denver police news release, the wounded guy was transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound in the leg. The doctors expect he will survive. The name of the agent wasn’t released because he hasn’t been charged.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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92 thoughts on “FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Guy While Showing Off Drunk in Denver Bar”

          1. @scaredforlife
            First of all… why carry a gun that has the safety off??!!
            Secondly, wear your gun holstered.

            So hell No….. this was not an accident!
            Drunk or sober, the above mentioned points should always be followed.
            Then this shit would have never taken place…

            Just my simple insight from Dutch man, where there are no such idiotic gun laws as in the US.

          1. Omg..we are going to hell in a hand basket. Whose going to protect us from idiots like this?

          1. @casualobserver Have you seen the one where the black cop is in the lift with a woman, he pulls his gun out for some odd reason (probably showing off) and shoots himself in the leg? That’s a funny one.

      1. Her point went way over your head. She doesn’t believe he did it on purpose, but that his training is such that he really had no choice but to shoot an innocent person. Come correct next time.

      2. I love quotes. Quotes encapsulate so much in so few words. Here are a few quotes from individuals from separate time frames.

        The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. ~ Thomas Jefferson

        I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

        A newspaper has three things to do. One is to amuse, another is to entertain and the rest is to mislead. ~ Ernest Bevin

        If You Don’t Read the Newspaper You Are Uninformed, If You Do Read the Newspaper You Are Misinformed. ~ Denzel Washington

        Newspapers are meant to tickle the funny bone but to take unhumorously is to affix fallacy to an already eroded understanding. ~ Mute

      1. A semiautomatic, most likely a Glock. There was a round in the chamber and he clearly picked it up by the trigger. A number of semiautos don’t have a conventional safety, rather it’s built into the trigger. The gun will never go off unless you pull the trigger.

        1. He definitely picked it up by the trigger, a no no. Hammerless semis like a Glock, etc, are striker fired so it requires less pressure on the trigger but he still had to have applied enough. Fucking moron!!

          To say a gun will never fire unless you pull the trigger is not always true however. Here in MA. guns have to pass a drop test. Guns can fire when dropped, but modern guns are less likely to. They’re still only a mechanical device and can fail.

      2. A lot of modern semi autos don’t have safeties per se. The trigger pull alone is the safety, like a revolver, so that is precisely why you don’t have a finger on the trigger til you’re ready to fire. Even when a gun is aimed look at where their finger is, it’s parallel to the frame of the gun, not in the trigger guard. That’s safe practice.

    1. You can tell the party animal was apprehensive about people knowing he had a firearm. He snatched it up really fast without much thought about his finger placement on the locked & loaded pistol. Unquestionably impulsive maybe out of fear that someone might grab it before him. It’s amusing how they try to seem like they’re so in control of everything. Blooper moment. He played it off horribly with his hand in the air with arrest me written all over his forehead.

      In regards to the safety on firearm if it was an Heckler & koch, Smith & Wesson or Beretta, e.g. then the safety would of been assembled on the upper portion of the handgun. For it to discharge under the similar circumstances there would of have to be a round loaded in the chamber and the safety disengaged showing red. I’d say it was a Glock as well.

    1. Not so fast Spincter. Perhaps to the untrained eye these were stupid ass dance moves. However, what I saw was the perfect execution of the Rubber Legs transitioning into a back handspring then right into the Active Shooter move. Finishing with the Slow Motion Running Man, this guy is obviously classically trained in dance.

  1. Saw this on the news last night. The idiot walks off after smirking like it’s funny the gun went off? Whether he knew at that point or not that someone was hit that’s fucking ignorant! I own guns, I’m pro gun, but I respect it and take it seriously. This guy is a fucking moron AND it’s worse that he wasn’t even arrested.

    I hope someone follows this story as it gets swept under the rug at the FBI and the guy who was hit files a civil suit!

  2. If I did that, I’d be in prison in no time. You can’t take a firearm in a bar for one… and accidentally shooting someone is still wreckless endangerment.
    Fuck The Police

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          1. You bastard-O…. I’ve only gone & pissed in my boxer shorts haven’t I.!
            Now that was funny.!!
            BTW.. What do you you think El Shifty’s point actually was.?
            That was an attempt at communication… Wasn’t it.?
            Or did El Hombre dos Shifty(??) just take a quick nap.. Shit, sorry.. a “SIESTA” on his keyboard – err- O??
            Look.. I’m all for “diversity” & “Integration” but what’s the fucking point if they’re not going to make the effort to be understood.??
            Ignorant savages.
            The best part is.. I know I’m being a cunt.!
            That’s why I like this site.. Cos’ I can say shite like this & not get banned.!

  3. >Police Brutality

    Well, guess that phrase now’s as meaningless as being called a “nazi”, a “nigger” or a “racist”.

    Gotta say the real victim here was the floor. Nobody deserves to be stepped on with shit moves liek those ones.

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