Female Prison Guard Beats Up Handcuffed Male Inmate

Female Prison Guard Beats Up Handcuffed Male Inmate

Privileged by societal misandry, female prison guard violently assaulted handcuffed male prisoner after he was ordered to get down on his knees. The so called “good cops”, who didn’t directly participate in beating of handcuffed prisoner, didn’t even flinch as the dike kept assaulting the helpless and humiliated man.

Shift commander Edmond Cooper, in whose office the attack took place, concealed that it had taken place. Juanice Cole, the attacker, knew she was being videotaped, but didn’t care, because she knew her buddies would cover up for her. Which is precisely what they did, and the attack went unreported for months.

The incident happened on December 11, 2014 in Alabama. The third cop, who supported the attack by failing to arrest the attacker resigned to avoid dismissal. The other two were fired when the video made its way to the Alabama State Personnel Board in June 2015.

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    1. The only thing the cops protect are their tight little asses; I find it amazing despite all the evidence posted here that they are outright intrusive and make things hundreds of times worse, we still have that need to hold them to a “sworn to protect” construct, as if words seal a deal, so to speak.

      And seriously, on top of being a cop this person is a combination of two demographics which have tremendous difficulty restraining their emotions; women and blacks. I’d be surprised if this didn’t end in violence.

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          2. @blucon, the above biological statistics I used are from empirical evidence recorded in many medical journals by respected scientists; University of Cambridge being one of the main ones I used.

            I compared these findings with numerous (average) academic scores throughout many countries comparing the results between races (of which settings, tests and level were all equal for empirical procedure). I then compared crime levels, anti-social behaviour, prison statistics ect between races.

            As you can see my comment wasn?t based upon personal opinion but upon empirical evidence and scientific proof.

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    1. These days, its so easy to claim a special aggrieved status if you fall under the category of people with delicate sensibilities. So basically, telling people to deal with the reality of being a human being is not allowed anymore. We have to pussyfoot around the subject to avoid being called intolerant while fucked up things like this are slowly being added on to the list of shit we will pardon, just because she happens to be a black female working around dangerous make criminals. Yeah, she sure as hell is too delicate to deal with those things as this video shows us. I guess the report was that he repeatedly slammed his own head into her hands and all she did was try to calm the situation down in the most peaceful manner. Hopefully they don’t fire her, because we don’t need another monkeys mouth nuzzling on the teat of our welfare system.

  7. Just another day of “law-enforcement” abusing helpless citizens! It doesn’t matter what the inmate was in prison for. He’s there paying his “debt” to society! I really hoped all 3 asshole officers got fired, put in prison for Felony Assault, and a Civil Lawsuit against all involved!

  8. I’m not racist, homophobic, nor could I be considered a bigot of any kind. However, I do have one prejudice that I’d like to bring up. I cannot stand fucking pigs! People like to argue that there are good police. As if being a “good” police officer (one who treats an individual with respect and does their job in order to help people) actually exists. There’s not supposed to be a difference. There should be no pronoun to police officer. The title “police officer” is supposed to be the very definition of “good police” in the first place. The fact that we have to distinguish them suggests that there’s s flaw with the idea from the start.

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