Four Men Suspected of Raping and Killing Priyanka Reddy Killed by Police in Hyderabad

Four Men Suspected of Raping and Killing Priyanka Reddy Killed by Police in Hyderabad

Four Men Suspected of Raping and Killing Priyanka Reddy Killed by Police in Hyderabad

Priyanka Reddy was a veterinarian who was allegedly gang raped and murdered on November 27, 2019 in Shamshabad, state of Telangana, India. Her charred body was found the day after her murder.

On December 06, 2019, Hyderabad police killed four men in retaliatory action after the men allegedly attacked the police with sticks and stones. After killing the men, the police concluded that they were the rapists and killers of Priyanka Reddy, and that the same men were involved in similar cases of gang rape across three Indian states.

Makes sense, right? You got cops armed with firearms, so you attack them with sticks and stones, cause that makes all the fucking sense. And the cops in the second most gynocentric country in the world then declare you were a rapist because every woman is a victim by default, and every man a rapist by default.

Props to Best Gore member @vishal2deep for the video of corpses of men killed by the cops in India:

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      1. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but police will always shoot me. I swear, cops don’t even need a reason to shoot and kill people. “He was innocent? No problem! We’ll just lie and get off free!”

  1. Sticks and stones may brake some bones,
    But the pigs armed with firearms will easily kill me.

    1. The cops killed the men and then came up with the whole ‘sticks and stones’ story as a means to get away with it.
    2. The men were retarded enough to actually attack cops with sticks and stones, thinking they’d win the fight.
    3. The men (all four of them) wanted to die and therefore started attacking a bunch of cops with sticks and stones.

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  2. While I am no fan of the police taking the law unto themselves, delving deeper into this story it is quite apparent that these men did the deed.

    Indians are notorious rapists, so if not this girl specifically it was certainly others.

    They allegedly caught the girl by deflating her motorbike tire and offering assistance at a gas station from a truck they were riding in.

    However they confessed, took the police to the location and during the re-enacting of the rape the cops decided to end them.

    These four were not going to ever have their day in court, there were so many roving mobs out for blood that the police did it first to make themselves look good.

          1. WTF.. Who the hell told you that those guys were innocent.. They were the actual Rapists of Dr. Priyanka Reddy.. My brother is in Hyderabad Police..
            People wanted to kill the Rapists..
            Protest were going on, demanding death penalty for them..
            R u serious man…? @vishal2deep
            U r saying like those guys were innocent and police killed them..
            Yes the Police encountered them but they were the Rapists who killed priyanka Reddy.. So for God sake don’t bullshit here Atleast on this case..

    1. So, the men never attacked the cops with sticks and stones?

      Also – I wonder what the re-enactment of the rape looked like.. How do you re-enact something like that, since you don’t have the victim anymore? Were they just taking turns fucking thin air?

    2. Excellent take @rampagingnegro from Haiti or Highlands of Jamaica. I heard the rapists were caught. Now they fought back with stick and stones? After already being incarcerated ,days after being caught?
      Are we sure these guys are the initial rapists or just Fuckwit peasant rapey supporters?

      I’m happy they got chopped, as it about time the cops in Hindoostan, actually earned their salaries rather than just getting jobs via connections.

      One rapist had a Muslim name where’s the rest seemed to have standard Hindu names,so I can’t launch into my usual Anti -Muslim rant. Lucky them!

      Maybe a Hindoostani can tell us ?

  3. I hope the indians keep raping their whore women! Good job indians! If you see that dot head slut outside the house with her hair uncovered, or immodestly dressed in skanky western slut clothes, JUST GRAB HER AND RAPE THE SHIT OUT OF HER. That will teach her some modesty and prevent the disaster of women in the west from happening in india! Keep up the good fight against the cancer of westernization! DO NOT let the poison infect your country.

          1. It’s brave of you to admit that publicly. Most of us try to hide our defects.

            Just kidding. Please don’t hurt me. Anyway, can we believe you? You can’t trust anyone in this fucked up world.

  4. Muslims in India are known to rape Hindu women. These are not normal crimes, rape is a weapon of war so killing the enemy rapists is what must be done. Hindus’ should be raping muslim females, don’t let it be one sided, like in America where interracial rape goes only one way with niggers raping white females but never white males raping sheboons.

    1. India isn’t pussy whipped, not yet anyway. I do know that Indian and Asian women punch their carousel cards as soon as they land in the west, and their men generally don’t take that shit lying down. Can of worms for MSM and feminists…

  5. If its been quiet on the Railways do they take these 4 cheeky rapists to the nearest train station and throw them on the tracks for dismemberment? Just to liven things up a bit to let the Gupta population know that there is still ALWAYS the train tracks waiting for them to get comfy on should they be feeling a bit shitty any day.

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        1. Too true! Nearly every girl I’ve ever been with has expressed some sort of rape fantasy, indirectly of course. Any girl that goes back with multiple guys, whilst blind drunk or “tired”, is probably doing rape fantasy IRL.

          1. Primevally , all hetero women wish ” to be taken”. Of course ,by the man THEY want within the limits THEY want. However , that can involve quite a bit of roughplay depending on the woman’s needs and wants.

            Most women would rather die than admit the above to anyone -including their lovers- unless it has already happened and it went well. So men are left blind -should I do it ,should I not? It is a dicey situation unless you have a woman very direct with you because she trusts you or for other reasons.

            Yet this is all for consensual sex. I don’t condone what these rapey Indians have done and if it was my relative or good friend I’d be happy to do them quite a bit of harm for their troubles.

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  9. Over the past two days, I watched two documentaries that I would like to recommend. They are on NETFLIX. ” Confession Killer”, and “Dream/Killer”. Both show how fucked up the American “Justice” system are. None of it was surprising to me, but I like to be reminded of it as much as possible, so it stays at the forefront of my mind. When it comes to the people in power, corruption is rampant.

  10. Unfortunately incidents of rapping and killing s minor is an ongoing occurrences. Some people in that country are just a pig. Good to know that their worthless lives were forfeited in return. Hopefully it would serve as a deterrent.

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