French Cops Shoot Yellow Vest Protester in Back of Head with Flash Ball

French Cops Shoot Yellow Vest Protester in Back of Head with Flash Ball

French Cops Shoot Yellow Vest Protester in Back of Head with Flash Ball

A French fireman who joined Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) protest movement is in a coma after being shot in the back of the head by an enemy of the people using a controversial flash ball gun.

The incident took place in the city of Bordeaux. The victim was identified as Olivier Beziade, father of three. His wife said the cop shot Olivier like hunters shooting a rabbit.

According to the doctors tending to Mr. Beziade, the shot caused him a “very serious brain injury“. To prevent further disintegration of his brain, they put him into a medically induced coma.

Here’s also a video of French enemies of the people using a helicopter to spray protesters with chemical agents:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “French Cops Shoot Yellow Vest Protester in Back of Head with Flash Ball”

      1. gonna end like all president before.

        supposedly some years in prison but avoid them due to his immunity as old president. (untouchable actualy as president)

        its always the same shit, always. whatever the president choosed. we all know that, but what can we do ? not choosing a president is not an option as one can be “forced” by the governement to replace. ( a minister will take the place)

          1. Absolutely right. The Corporatocracy has gone too far. Those excesses need to be reined in .
            We need some good old Trustbusting to break up Koch,Waltons etc. Now a guy with balls was FDR’s cousin, the first Rooseveldt(?spelling)Theo or Ted. He busted Big Business wide -open and he was a Republican! In those days ,both parties still cared at least a token amount for the little guy. Now both are dismissive of the average citizen.

    1. This is the work of a bunch of psychopathic parasites called the government.
      How could one ever allow for politicians to form the government.
      These are the worst of shit eating degenerate fuckheads, The lowest forms of filth to walk this planet.
      And they are running the world into the ground everywhere.
      Europe is basically a failed continent because of these parasites along with their bankster crooks keep destroying the last bit of life there is.
      I say round them up, and execute them publically like that sack of shit Marie Antoinette.

    1. never.
      as long peoples think about money, they wont try anything like this , scared to not have money anymore.

      that’s the problem… if life in france wasnt that hard, we would have doing that long ago. But as difficult it is, if we try anything, we are the one who suffer by the money block by government and high CEO who suck president dick for money.

  1. The EU have recently put into motion plans for an EU army and no prizes for guessing who it will be used against.

    The EU are expecting EU wide protests within the near future as more and more people attempt to leave due to the Kalergi plan being forced upon them. The EU army will be well positioned then to deal with such dissent.

  2. Look at ‘em… still going at it. Say what you will about the French but I don’t think anyone can call them pansies or pussies after this… if only more people of more countries had the balls to do this.

    1. I agree. Our own government here in the states, operates this way as well. If you use your credit card enough to buy all the shit that our corporate media promotes, then you’ll fit right in.

      Fascism is just fine, for those who are dumbed down enough, to believe that their next smartphone, will give them the freedoms that they deserve.

  3. When people in this country realize we’re victims, we’ll end up in the streets as well. Victims of high healthcare costs, high college tuition, a shitty living wage and an energy policy, based on environmental and military destruction. Topping it off with a corporate media that marginalizes, instead of empowering it’s own citizens. The French have more than we have, and they’re still in the streets, as a result of empowered citizens, exposing the lies of their president. We haven’t had a president who has worked for us, since FDR.

    …something to ponder

      1. The difference between a protestor (in this case, the Yellow Jackets) and a standby, is the reality that not only are they aware that they are victims, but they won’t stand idly by, and play the FOOL either.

        …when you’re a fool, you’re OWNED!
        …when you’re owned, you’re OPPRESSED!

        Not a pair of attributes I want, hanging on top of my Bill of Rights!

  4. Their job is to restore and maintain order. People are violently protesting. What the fuck is a firefighter doing involved in this unrest? He should know better, fucking moron. Yeah…I’m a firefighter. I am not about to go and get involved in a violent protest for a host of legal, professional and personal reasons.

    1. What does his profession have to do with it? How violent was the protest? It doesn’t matter what kind of protest the people do. The power structure is going to respond with VIOLENCE. These fucks have such ultimate control that most of us, including myself, think it’s pointless to try to fight them. It’s sad. I support anyone who has the guts to fight the world mis-leaders. In the U.S., you need to get a permit to protest. That’s how fucked we are.

      1. that’s also a good thing to avoid skinnhead and fuckers to steal, destroy, agress and more more , burning cars and shit..

        that’s how 90% of protest in france end after a few days. the police didnt maintain the whole thing, and it can easily turn into shit. that’s why cops shoot lacrymo, flash ball and else.

        they are always shit peoples in middle of them , just doing shit and provoc the cops.

        as a french, i say, we need more control over protest. way more. because wthout the shitbags coming in just for doing their mess, the protest would be a normal correct one without violence

      2. I’ve been a firefighter for 30 years. You have to abide by certain standards of conduct on and off the job.

        Case in point. I wasn’t there, but a group of firefighters from several cities in the area were out drinking. One of them caused a scene in the bar. Police came and were dispersing the people as the bar was closing and he got beligerent with police. He pushed a couple of them then resisted arrest when they moved in to handcuff handcuff him.

        Once he was subdued he started with the whole “Hey I’m a fire lieutenant in X city man!! Also he spring out the PTSD card. Well, act like you’re a fucking fire lieutenant asshole, don’t get drunk and beligerent and resist arrest THEN expect professional courtesy.

        If this public servant was smart he would already know what is going on during these things and would not put himself in the situation to begin with.

        Now I don’t know where you live and what you have seen but by and large I see peaceful protests met only with police keeping an eye on things. When dozens or hundreds of people are out of control in many different areas at once and being unrully at least and violent at worst then they are going to get the full brunt of whatever law enforcement can bring to get the situation under control.

        There are two types of people on this shit hole planet…those who like to live in an orderly manner without having their hard earned property and lives destroyed and burned and those who prefer anarchy and see any little governmental intrusion as an excuse to loot and riot and burn and destroy OTHER PEOPLE’S property and livelihoods.

        I have seen some video of violent tactics used by French police and a couple times it was over the top but again, only an idiot would put himself in the middle of that shit voluntarily and then whine when they get their asses kicked and/or tear gassed. What else could you reasonably expect to happen?

    2. PusGeyser…

      For your information, it’s the job of these PROTESTORS, to maintain order. Not their Corporate Leaders. Macron, like O’bama, promised their people peace, prosperity and the restoration of the Bill of Rights. None, have they delivered on.

      Just remember my friend, all empires collapse. Below are two links. Please watch them, so you’ll understand not only why the Yellow Jackets are protesting, but how these same Neo-liberal policies, are bringing down the United States as well…

      …and it appears this bastard is listening

      1. In this country we have the ANTIFA assholes who are acting exactly like Fascists themselves as well as anarchists. Neo- Libtards are arming themselves in this country and they are recruiting for an armed revolution. Thing is, there are far more us law abiding citizens who want to live orderly, peaceful lives and who have been armed a lot longer than these nitwits. Personally, I am ready. This shit is not going to happen in my neighborhood. Myself and many others are able to protect the neighborhood.

        I have zero doubts in my mind that this shit is going to just get worse in this fading nation. Liberalism creates this. Trump was an extreme response to Obama. We’ll probably have a far Left extreme response to Trump next time around. The storm is on the horizon in this country and Obama got the stone rolling downhill and paved the way for it. One only look at his upbringing and current and former associates and mentors.

        Obammy stated clearly his goal to “fundamentally change America.” He did and he ruined it and we are on a downward spiral.

  5. I do love me some enthusiastic citzen killers doing a fine job at upholding policy enforcement for the zionist occupational government, its like crabs in a bucket, One subservient gentile beating down another gentile for the pursuit of his own paycheck.

  6. Fucking Zionist Boot-Licking Cocksuckers They Are, Shooting Unarmed, Off Duty, And Above That Accosting A *True Lifesaver Of The People* In Every Sense Of The Word, A Fireman For Fucks-Sake.

    I Hope This Enrages The Gilets Jaunes Even More, and Enough, to the point that they completely loose-it altogether And That They Burn Down The French Parliament, Eiffel Tower, Fuck-It, Burn Whole Cities Rite-Down to the ground while they are at it!

    Don’t *EVER* Let Them Win my Good French Brothers,,, *EVER* This is Your Time To Shine, and A Time For All Nations Of The World To Finally Put A Stop To Global-Jewry once and for All. We Must All Join Together And Support These Brave Men,,, while The French Women,,, They Work On Their Ass-Sizes, While Chowing Down On Double Whopper c/w Cheese Take Video’s inside Burger Kings!

    1. hear, hear to you brotha!
      What the world needs is war, only then through anarchy will we be able to claim back the reigns and eliminate those whom don’t deserve to live, that goes for a large portion of traitor / cowardly self imposed ignorant gentile that stand by and do nothing always only waiting for others to take action first, always sitting on the sidelines & Juden alike.

      1. FuckAmericaFuckIsraelFuckIgnorance

        You Got-it My Good Brother! Have I Ever Told You That I Really Love Your Avatar my B G Brother as, Bashar al-Assad & Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Are The 2 Top Leaders In The World, And if there ever was to be a one world government i would vote For Putin As President, And Assad As Vise President Any Day. And Then,,, Only Then Would We See Fairness & Justice. VIVA A FREE SYRIA VIVA A FREE RUSSIA VIVA LA FRANCE LIBRE AND VIVA A ZIONIST-FREE WORD **FUCK ISRAEL, & FUCK ZIONISM**

        1. Bashar al-Assad & Vladimir Putin are the only world leaders i’de hold faith in for a one world government, they’ve shown the world already that they’re men of Integrity & honor, enough so that it’d be the closest we could get to an equal society & fair Justice, i’de not only vote for it, i’de fight for it.
          They’ve not once stooped to the same lowly dishonoring level of their enemy counterparts in politics or warfare, when the american / Israeli & british zio leaders use underhanded tactics, The Russians & Syrians have stood their ground and chosen to prevail with Truth over propaganda & Shamelessness.

          Tho even then, im not sure the opportunity will ever arise for such an idealistic outcome, however i do see potential in the not so distant future for an anarchy as such, I will most certainly enjoy capitalizing on it myself.

          1. Theres allot of Evil Hasbarat out their hiding behind Police / Military protection that’d i’de like to get my hands on, once their walls of protection fall will be a good time rolling with Dr AK

    1. @Seraphim Serenata

      Yea,,, it’s too Bad That He Had To Be The One That Did Not Have One,,, Poor Lad.
      That’s What You Always Get For Fighting The Good Fight,,, Oftentimes Some Bad Results.
      And What Pisses Me Off Even More Is That He Chose His Career Because He Wanted To Save Lives, by Putting His Very Own Life At Risk Every single Time He Puts-On His Gear. And to me that is much more dangerous job that a cop any day.

      Just imagine being at the bottom of The World Trade Center after watching the first building collapse, and without even thinking twice about it, you cannot wait to run up the flights of stairs up the second one hoping to save lives when you are almost certain that although you will be able to free some barricaded residents with your ax to blow some walls open letting possibly hundreds go down the stairs safely.

      All the while you say a quick prayer to God-Himself, and continue running up some more, and more stairs blowing more walls open on the way up, (knowing deep down inside)that you are not ever coming back down, as you can hear too many screams coming from above, when all of a sudden You Hear-It,,,,,, & Then Complete Silence,,, For Thousands of Poor Souls, 🙁 🙁

      It Truly Takes Brave And Special Men To Become Firefighters,,, Men With A Calling From God, because no other job in the world asks you to run into hell hoping that you can get back-out. Will the roof cave-in on you??? Will the floors beneith collapse and have me free falling 50, 100 or 500 feet bellow on a hard concrete floor??? will i become trapped and burn to death myself??? Who Cares,,, just get me that burning hell and save a life. That’s How A Fireman Thinks Every time the alarm Goes-Off. And this is how we treat (The One Above) by shooting him in the head, Nice Eh?


      1. I really doubt whomever shot him with the pellet knew he was a firefighter so your entire rant is moot. Why would they think a firefighter would be down there in the first place? If there’s a riot in the city I work in the last thing I’m gonna do is be down in the middle of it causing problems for police I work with and escalating a situation. He put himself there so he reaps whatever consequences come his way.

        1. @PusGuyser
          Da-Fuck You Still Doing Here?? Didn’t @Pigsonthewing Not Tell You To Go Fuck Your Mother, instead of Your Cat Already???

          Da-Fuck,,, d’ya think, that i,m stupid enough to think that they knew, and knew all along that he was A Firefighter Out of All Those Thousands Of Brave Non-Jew-Boot-Licking-Cunts???

          And Where Da-Fuck did I Say that the cops knew, or that they said something like
          **Hey Guys,,, Their’s A Firefighter,,, Lets shoot The Firefighter in The Fucking Head**

          Ya Should Take Those (Dollar-Store/Walmart/K-Tel) Fucking Shades Off Of Your Pussy, And Get It Some Prescription Glasses Instead, Cause It’s Fucking Blind as A Jew When You Put A Nickel In Front Of Him.

          Cause If It Read Anywhere In My Comment that i was saying,,,, Yep, Them There Cops Were Great Detectives, Because They Knew by Putting The Pieces of The Puzzle Together That They Were Surely Shooting At A Firefighter. Why Blinded Pussy-Cat Asks??? Because He Refuses To Wear A Helmet Cause He Wears One At Work Everyday, And Every Single Time That He Has To Goes-Out On a Call. Ohhh My Goddd,,, Grrreat Job Detective Bozo-Columbo, lol.

          (And this is how we treat (The One Above) by shooting him in the head, Nice Eh?)

          1. Here’s what you said Pus Nuts:
            “Fucking Zionist Boot-Licking Cocksuckers They Are, Shooting Unarmed, Off Duty, And Above That Accosting A *True Lifesaver Of The People* In Every Sense Of The Word, A Fireman For Fucks-Sake.”

            Do you remember what you even fucking write idiot?

            “The Dre?” The real Dre would be disappointed that either an ignorant, irate nigger or white boy poser would sully his name by taking and posting ignorant drivel on here with it.

  7. what the fuck is a fireman doing with the gilet jaune ???

    that shit turn completly random and ridiculous now… the proof again that people didnt even know what they want … again… like always in this country.

    la honte 🙁

  8. grenade done this , not flashball , even thought there are plenty of flashball injuries as well in france actually , dont know if word press talk about it but it’s a fuking mess every satursday

    Cops are really doing rampage nowadays in france, good cops suicide when the others martyrize the population

    Even saw video of a dude in a wheelchair getting gauze or women getting beat with baton

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