French Police Throw Blast Ball Grenade at Journalist’s Face

French Police Throw Blast Ball Grenade at Journalists Face

During May the 1st anti-capitalist protests in France, the anti people, establishment protecting police threw a blast ball grenade at a journalist’s face. The guy wore a helmet, which prevented more severe damage, and despite significant bruising, he hasn’t lost his eye.

Indiscriminate use of explosive devices against non violent protesters is exactly what I’d expect from Israel trained police, using the same indiscriminate weapons Israel uses to spread terror among the Palestinians.

I was told that pursuant to a French statute, the only legal means to use blast ball grenades for crowd control, is by rolling them toward the crowd on the ground. However since police enjoy impunity in police states, and their role is to serve the establishment and protect themselves, the abuse of power against citizens, such as throwing grenades like rocks directly at the people and their camera equipment, is never meaningfully punished.

The May Day protests took place all over the world. In our new Forums we have the video of a similar police brutality incident from the protest in Seattle.

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  1. Dissent isn’t very popular with the ruling class, is it? That’s too bad. As long as they keep up these illegal police states and their collective illegal conduct, they will continue to get more of the same dissent and more of the same exposure. One need only see a new precinct building to see how afraid they really are.

  2. Most of the worlds journalist?s are fucking scumbags anyway lying and cheating there way through life.
    There only their to assist governments brain washing of the masses.
    Fuck him id of sent him home with two of them, lucky cunt.

    1. I agree @steak ~ this journo is no doubt being paid by some French or other country’s federal police (can you think of any suspects USA?) to promote their bull shit agenda by spreading propaganda etc so no doubt this douche bag deserved a nasty facial…….

    2. I totally agree ! Journalists only report whatever zionist bullshit they are told to. I guess freedom of the press nowadays means write what your told to,not what really happened,you know……..the truth!? But that I’m sure would way too inconvenient for whomever is running the show and want all the fucking sheeple blind to whatever bullshit they pull ! As many have already found out, none of the major networks news channels can be trusted…….Ever,…….None of them ! Its tough. We the people have to sort through all the lies,the half truths and the not so to fucked up to believe and find out what’s true and what smells like bullshit! Time to wake up America and find out all the truths out there . Time to start thinking for your own Goddamn self and stop following the rest of the sheeple

  3. There is little point in protesting against capitalist society because we don?t live in one, we are more like a oligarchy I would think or a plutocracy even.

    A capitalist society is based upon profit making on a wider scale because large scale consumerism fuels it whereas an oligarchy/plutocracy is run for the benefit of few at the expense of the many, It is all about control and control nowadays is achieved through debt.

    Our leaders over burdened our state infrastructure with mass uncontrolled immigration and they outsourced much needed jobs to the third world which created a much higher demand for work than available supply which of course stagnated wages and increased debt per person per household.

    With wealth from the lower levels of society being sucked up and concentrated towards the top at alarming speed and laws being put in place to protect the rich and hurt the poor and police brutality being used to stamp down on and control the angry masses we are most definitely an oligarchy.

    In the above sense then the police are just a private army in the employ of the elite class and are deployed for smaller skirmishes where otherwise sending in the main army would be pointless.

    ?Know thy place? is the rule they want us to live by it would seem.

    1. just wait until turkey is a fully fledged member of the EU. its clear and is becoming clearer every year that this a purpose made design to turn europe as brown as possible. the only way left now is to revolt. this disease, this madness has to end and only violent uprising and anarchy is now the only way out.

      1. Turkey are having their right to free movement within the EU fast tracked to take effect from July this year so we are really truly fucked.

        You just have to look at how these Turks behave in Germany to understand how much of a shit-storm we have coming. 75 million of them and all with the right to free movement, hell on Earth doesn?t even begin to express it.

        With any luck our people will get so angry and desperate for change that they will create and vote in another Hitler type character because extreme situations require extreme actions.

    2. @Empty soul yep every thing that you state is correct here in the UK the situation is the same and has been for 100s of years Kings and greedy land Barron’s using soldiers to tax rape and beat there citizens nowadays they just beat and stealth tax with their speed cameras ..In the UK you will see more mobile speed cameras recently as the police prepare to foot the bill for the Hillsborough disaster ……Justice for the 96 the ….biggest act of murder and unlawful killing by the UK police

      1. Definitely Arab..and a mean one I can see it in his eyes…..
        .sorry ( in his eye!!!!)..I should know they were all around me
        When I was a kid…..
        Later in life they build 2 mosques in my neighborhood
        I had hidden the police station already from my view by growing
        Pot on my balcony……
        But the mosques……those were to big ass..I mean HUGE.
        So I immigrated (wtf$&#&#@@$&!!??!?)
        To Hawaii… the green grows like weed it’s everywhere in my yard…..and yet no mosque on the
        Life is good….
        The wisdom word of the day would be:
        If you don’t like where you live just get outta here
        Even if its home……to be a foreigner abroad.!!!
        Better be a happy immigrant who don’t give a shit than a sorry ass sad fucker patriot at home.!!!

  4. Boom! What ah bunch of fuck ups…..I saw a guy in the national guard throw a concussion grenade in a ditch next to some guys standing around as a joke…….afterwards they beat the shit out of the moron…..that was classic ass kicking.

    1. To magicravaillac……Of course but I’m a gentleman…… So you go first……
      Plus you just say that…..because we get all the chicks with our
      Stupid accent……plus we invented zeeeeee french kiss…..
      So what did you invent…….??????…… gray matter.??????

        1. To deadohioshy:
          In a slick french accent: Bing boom bang…..
          And you …….
          .why did you do that for !???!??!!?
          Bouahahahahaha …’r funny kind.
          Big mouth with shit in it.

  5. Maybe it’s just me but this dude looks like a French duech bag lol. All jokes aside, I think the cops should not have done that to this man. So much other deterrents such as OC gas/bear mase, flash bang, even smoke bomb. The crowds will disperse if they see anything that seems dangerous lol.

  6. I really do hate the French ever since they test detonated nuclear bombs in the south pacific. Those fuckers didn’t do it off their own country, they decided to do it on the other side of the planet, in my back yard…..despite MASSIVE protests by my countries people and government. But they just did it anyway in a beautiful coral atoll. As per usual, everyone has forgotten about it now but the French are still just as arrogant. I will never forget what those arse holes did……..

    1. @firstinline, what about the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior. The Greenpeace ship bombed and sunk by 2 members of the French foreign intelligence service, in direct response to Greenpeace protesting against an upcoming French nuclear test in Moruroa. The Rainbow Warrior was docked in Auckland at the time and one person on board was killed.

  7. No such thing as an innocent bystander in situations such as those. He knew that going in. Got what he deserves. Hopefully the blast knocked some sense into his tiny head. Or, at the very least, burned off some of the ‘Frenchy-foo, Fag-nasties’. Perhaps he won’t be such a pathetic cunt anymore.

        1. Personally, I reek of disobedience..

          And you may see me tonight,
          With an illegal smile
          It don’t cost very much,
          But it lasts a long while
          Won’t you please tell the man
          I didn’t kill anyone,
          No, I’m just trying to have me some fun

          John Prine

    1. It’s to the point to ask yourself…..
      What these wars were all about….
      Millions and millions of lives destroyed.!!!!
      Over centuries……for land….(generating money and power).
      I say Europe as we knew it is gone…..
      It’s just that many do not understand how pernicious
      Islam is…….not to offend anyone…..
      Any religion is just another rich guy’s trick to subjugate
      Masses……and milk them
      How much can you afford to be fleeced.!???!?!….
      For the constant hate of some members…….I would say this:
      No matter where you come from and where you go….
      You are no better than anyone else….
      You can spew your poison about skin color and shit
      You are the lonely one with a dry heart…….and cold eyes…..
      The shit is hitting the fan ……and the guy just had spaghettis
      A la bolognaise……
      Hit the road Jack……..and don’t look back no more….!!!!
      PS: I would not worry in a million years about the future
      Of the white man ……at all.

        1. Pakalolo…..with the little red hair and greenish braun tiny icy
          A happy place and a little reefer…..and voila
          Kinda weird you’r asking ….
          My girl just got me a Corona with a lime…..
          I’m in heaven……and since I know her for quiet a while
          Her body language is telling me…….that…….
          Something is simering and it’s not on the stove…..
          So tchao everybody and see ya manana …..

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