The French Take On Oppressive Police, Show the World How It’s Done

The French Take On Oppressive Police, Show the World How It's Done

The French Take On Oppressive Police, Show the World How Its Done

Fuck yeah, the French. How rare to see people with actual balls. You’d never see twinky faggot retards from pussy whipped countries waving their MAGA hats and spewing their “thank you for your service” NPC bullshit demonstrate this level of ballsiness, ever. Show the world what it’s like to rather die on your feet, than live on your knees, Frenchies. There’s precious little of that out there. The cowards who won’t shut their yaps about their precious guns don’t have half an crack the balls the French have sporting just rocks and the farming equipment.

I can’t imagine any of the Jew press would ever air footage like this, because showing the public at large that they do have the power to stand up to the oppressive regimes would seriously undermine the cozy position their in. That’s why we at Best Gore do our duty to put it out there.

The Story

The protests began over the new taxes imposed by Israel-firster Emmanuel Macron’s government on fuel, which heavily disadvantages those who use cars and those who can’t afford to buy newer ones. The law also requires every car in France to have two high visibility vests (gilets jaunes), so the protestors began wearing them while expressing their outrage.

Parts of France are also infested with unassimilated immigrants, who receive government assistance while the average French struggles to make ends meet with high taxes but stagnant wages.

All of this bubbled over in November with the gilets jaunes taking to the streets. Along with the protests, the French have begun demanding that Macron refuse to sign the UN Migration Act on December 10. While this has been purposefully suppressed by the Jewish press, it’s been spreading on social media and the real alternative sites.

So even though this started as a gas tax riot, it is about far more than that.

Vive La Révolution. I salute you mu French friends, and wish you all the strength to persevere until you have overthrown the Israel-firster who sold the country out.

At 4:58 in this BBC coverage, someone yells in French: “Macron is a Jewish whore“. The French are woke:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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105 thoughts on “The French Take On Oppressive Police, Show the World How It’s Done”

  1. Throwing rocks is ballsy? Yea, when they’ve already taken your guns what else are you going to do? All they can take at that point is your life. All the French former guns owners are using what weapons the government has allowed them to have left. Fucking rocks. That’s all they have left to defend themselves against the Jew and the Nigger/Muslim invaders. All niggers and muslims can go to hell!

    1. Yeah, but – remember – those useless French Froggers still cried to our USA & Commonwealth ass when uncle Adolph gang cruised down des Champs de Elysees. Marcel Marceau can suck my dick (silently)!

      1. Since when USA and Commonwealth saved France hahah
        Russians did all the works while Anglo Saxons were hidden… You can’t even defeat Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Cuba… please do not compare any Anglo Saxons coward to the immortal Great Nation

      1. The best rocks are those super smooth oval shaped racket ball size ya see used for nice manicured landscapes like in a shopping plaza or funeral home around trees. Man ya could do some serious damage hurling those….even more if used in a slingshot.

        Hope the yellow vests win. They’re absolutely in the right. i too wish Americans had the fuckin balls and weren’t brainwashed pussy sheeple. The way this countrys government has duped, raped/taxed and treated the average hardworking,honest, law abiding American is insulting. They keep us occupied and complacent with TV,games, social media, fast food and make us all racially agitated with each other’s cultures and classes’ to stop any sort of unity,while promoting and constantly drowning us in stop racism bullshit…and bully us all by having cops kill civilians and geting paid vacations….along with the corrupt slow dragging court system than runs solely on money.

    1. Most of the police, just like most military are just poor guys working a job to make a living. They say shit about police and other professions to try and divide the working class into camps. No one with any money wants to do anything as shitty as police work. Go after the muslim nigger fucks instead, they deserve your anger.

        1. Many/Most Of These Trouble Making Refugees, or “Niglims” ARE PAID By George Soros Himself To Help Create A False Illusion That We Need Strict Curfews, & More Militarized Cops On The Street To Help Protect “Us” From Them, Yea, Ok, lol, And Just Like They Are Doing Right Now With The Nice New Military Bullet proof Outfits, they are wearing.

          But As You Can See For Yourselves,,, The Necessary Funding That was Required, & Received through the French Parliament, For Extra Law-Enforcement Officers and Military Vehicles, was Obtained for the sole Purpose Of Putting A Stop To All Of These (Soros, & Co. Funded) False-Flag Attacks, Supposed Mobs Of Angry/Murdering NIGLIMS That Are Running Rampant & Reeking-Havoc All Over France.

          But It’s Easy to See What’s Really Going-On Behind The Scenes, Cause This Large, And Military Style, & Equipped Police Force has *POLICE STATE* Written All Over It, and easy to see that it was intended to be Used Against Their Very Own Citizens All Along, lol, Knowing Damn Well What Was To Come, as They Witnessed Their Population Starting to Awaken To All Bullshit!

          So Now Partly Because Of The Large, and Already Up And Running “Police State” That’s Been Created, The Government Needs the Extra Funding to Pay For All Of Their wages. And How Were They Planning On Paying For All Of These Extra Cops??? By Raising the Gas Taxes And Having The Public That Are (Getting Beat-Up By Them) Pay For Their Wages???

          I Don’t Think So,,, Cause These Frenchmen Woke-Up And Are Saying FUCK-YOU-JEW Loud, & Clear. And Can You Blame Them??? Not One Bit, Because they Are Fed-Up, and Never will Pay The Gas Tax, but instead,, they will Continue being A Huge Thorn In Their Fat Jew Sides Forever! Imagine Being Told You “WILL PAY’ This Huge Tax Increase when you know that it will partly or fully be used To Help Pay For The Assholes That Will Beat You, Imprison You, And Harass You The Tax-Payers,,, how Oronic, lol.

          Created Chaos was done behind the scenes (I’m Sure) with the help of That Ugly Old-Pig, & Hungarian Jew-Cunt, Goerge Soros yet again, cause it’s Got his name All Over-It, Just By The Slimy way that they Are,, (The French Cunt Macron) went, & Is Still Going About-it. Does It Not Remind you of The U.S. in The Not So Distant Past , with the (False-Flag, & Niglim Rage Incidents) There???

          Just By Paying-Off Shit Disturbers to scare the public, into believing The False Pretense/Assumption That These So-Called Niglims were going to completely take over France. But The French Have Awoken, and like i said earlier,,, they will not rest, and Continue Fighting THE DIRTY JEW til the Bitter End. So This Boys, And Girls Could Be Just The VERY START Of Something Huge, cause people are truly sick of the JEW$$$$. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. I live in France, and I can tell you :follow what will happen this week end, that is the 4th act of the gilets jaunes. That will be Massive. Government has already told 89000 police force will be deployed. Truckers will block every road on Sunday (starting 22 pm) following the gilets jaunes movement. I don’t have every detail but yet but I can tell you that it can turn into uprising.

      1. Although u might say normal ppl work as police thats true but nowadays they are working for a fucked up establishment of jew lovers, theres no real law any more its all corrupt, secretly ,” shhh nobody will know!”

      2. @coffindodger
        Great Deferment Juden!
        You condone these traitor cops / military that turn against their own civilians that are trying to protest unjust corruption? oh but it must be the niggers fault not the jewish elite whom actually control the country and import all the destabilzation nah surely not…

        1. When you work for the cops you take orders, when you are in the military you take orders. It’s not like you have a choice. Believe me, there are plenty in the military and police force everywhere that may disagree with the government, but can only do their best to prevent violence. Just because someone wears a certain uniform doesn’t mean they believe everything you think they believe. It’s good to have many like minded individuals on “the inside” so to speak.

          1. @coffindodger
            There was actually a study conducted on american soldiers a while back, they were asked if they would if ordered to, fire on their own unarmed civilians, it was somthing like 80% said they would without question. Now hows that sound to you? even if it were only 60% saying yes, thats still too much. Do you believe these mother fuckers can simply fall on the excuse of “ohh i was just following orders”… you are pathetic. There is such a thing as an indivdual that has enough pride to disobey a bullshit order, to have the ability to think for themselves, to make their own choice, what your saying is that its ok for them to be cowardly because they’re just following orders, they always have a choice, and they choose to make money and oppress their own people to do so.

          2. @coffindodger
            you know the word “police” is derived from the french language, its orignal / current meaning is “Policy Enforcer”, not per say to keep law and order but to enforce the governement / corrporate policies onto the populous.

          3. I didn’t say that at all. “A study”? LMFAO.

            How much do you think we all lie on all of our annual reviews and annual training? We all lie constantly. You have no idea what you are talking about.

          1. Let’s all just kill each other and be done with it for fuck sake ……..nuke every thing !!!!! We are all gonna die anyway when NUBURU Asteroid hits us soon.
            All you intellectuals and experts are so smart your fuckin stupid. F.T.W. !!!!

  2. I heard the only thing the French were good for is surrendering and kissing… but look at ‘em now. Shit I’m about to throw a damn riot at work over the ugly high vis shirts we gotta wear too… I fuckin hate wearing those things.

    1. Fucking Right Man, cause that would be hilarious to See Da-Filthy Jew Heads Being Launched With A Trebuchet, And Myself Having Flown There With My 12 Gauge Shotgun, Having A Blast Blowing Those Heads-Up In The Air As Quick As They Could Launch Them, Just Like Shooting At Clay Pigeons.

      Cause Those Slow Flying Jew-Heads Would Be Easy Pickings With Their Fucking Monstrous Snouts Catching The Wind, And All, And Slowing Their Momentum. Ohhhh-Mannn It’s Nice To Dream.

    2. just .. give french the right to vote for ban a president.

      problem will be solved instantly.

      if french citizens will get the right to make a national referendum to vote for kicking a president from his desk, then the fucking rpesident will be better choose, will choose a better government and minister and will be more careful about the citizens.

      that’s all we need, the power to kick the president.

      1. @jennij13
        I was thinking similarly while watching that video.
        In the U.S., if we surrounded a handful of cops in a large city with rocks in our hands, they’d mow us down to avoid a bruise.
        Thankfully, in small towns, cops know their roll. They know we all know them and where they live and wouldn’t be as quick to shoot unarmed (sans guns) people.

        1. I live in a small town, that was named best town in America 3 times. It’s a very affluent town.The cops are lying sacks of shit here. We just had a young 20 something old shot for trying to drive away from the cops. He wasn’t driving at them. They killed his dog. The video is sickening. 2 years ago I got pulled over for no reason. He literally lied and said I was speeding. He was right behind me, why the fuck would I speed with a cop behind me? Then he forgot to give me my id back. I still have the lying piece of schitt’s voicemail saying that a citizen found my id on the sidewalk and brought it to the cop station, for some reason, even though it has my address and I live 4 blocks away from there and the pig station is a good couple miles away. Anywho, that kind, sweet cop was nice enough to bring it to my work. Why lie? Just say sorry ma’am, i forgot to give you you id back. Every single one of them, inherently, is a narcissistic lying coward. That’s why they chose that position, to get the power that daddy/ mommy/ bullys from highschool/ ex girlfriend /whomever took from their sad empty souless selves

          1. I can understand your frustration.
            My town is less than 5k people. I own more gund than there are cops on the town and county police forces combined.
            Unless one egregiously breaks the law here, no one is calling the cops. People come to the “closest” ER routinely with gunshots in their legs (usually .22cal post-warning shots). Sometimes people get suicided or just disappear around here.

  3. Lmao stupid French, from Algeria, Indochina aka Vietnam to Mexico they get they’re asses handed to them. Even at home. When’s the next storming of the Bastille?

  4. Fucking Right, that’s how it’s done Bravo “Guys”,,, Bravo!!!! Mes Copainm done leux tous de la merde, et foutter le tous La Botte Au Cul, L’est Chien Salle De Putin. 🙂

    I Can Still See That Cunt At Burger King With A Grin On Her Feminist Face Filming But Staying Inside Safe, & Sound,,, CUNT!!!

  5. I Cannot Say Enough How Proud I Am Of Our Beloved Site Mark, And These So-Important “TRUTHS” That Keep-On Coming-Out When Others Are Too Chicken-Shit To Do So. Keep-On Showing The World How We At Best-Gore “Roll” Brother, And What Our Mission Has Always Been About My Man. Fuck-Yea! These Brave Frenchmen Remind Me Of The Pa;lestinians. Because They Fight Hard, & With With Heart, and Soul ,,, Using Only Rocks,,, And Big Tough Balls.
    Viva La France Libre, Viva Best-Gore Le Meuilleur Site Verity au Monde Entier,

    Vener, et Joigner Nous Comme Membre De Best-Gore Mes Bons Frere Francais, et Ensemble,, On Peux Changer Le Monde Entier, Un Pays A La Fois.
    Andre. 🙂

  6. That BBC Anchorman sounds like he’s about to have a fucking seizure not being used to report something truthful for once. Going AH,,, AH.,,, AH,,, AH,,, He Sounds Like A Fucken Ding-Bat!

    Lol, you are so right brother, as The Dumb-Ass BBC Reporter, and Their Jewish Buddies Back At The Station Did Not Understand What This Cool Frenchman Was Saying, cause they would have certainly tried to bleep it out afterwards before airing it Again, lol. Idiot Pokey Riding Freaks!

    1. Fucking Right Brother,,, Fucking Right! 🙂

      And Man,,, You Gotta Love Those Yellow Jackets With The Black Stripes, cause when looking From Above From “An Arial View” They Actually Look Like An Angry Bunch Of Large Wasps, That Just Had Their Nest Kicked, And Hard By A Stupid Jew That Tripped Over His Nose, Bending Over To Pick-Up A Penny.


      1. I live in France, and I can tell you :follow what will happen this week end, that is the 4th act of the gilets jaunes. That will be Massive. Government has already told 89000 police force will be deployed. Truckers will block every road on Sunday (starting 22 pm) following the gilets jaunes movement. I don’t have every detail but yet but I can tell you that it can turn into uprising.

  7. Man i hate the media in the Netherlands. The whole “yellow vest” thing is not even picked up by the media here. The only thing they make news about is how people with yellow vests are obstructing public places and that they cause riots. I totally understand why the people in France react this way. But the media probably doesn’t even want to acknowledge that there are millions of people reacting this way with a good reason.

  8. I know the French reasonably well, been there enough times. I can therefore tell you that the French national character is a bit schizophrenic to say the least.

    They do routinely protest and take a stand against the policies they don’t like, I will give them that. However they also have a nasty habit of always voting for the very people who tend to create and bring in such anti-working class policies.

    You could say then that the French are neo-liberals who hate neo-liberalism.

    They vote for pro-uncontrolled immigration parties and then complain about growing unemployment and the lack of available jobs. They vote for an ex Rothschild banker like Macron and then complain when he cuts taxes for the rich and increases taxes for the poor. So on and so forth.

    If you ask me the French are addicted to it. They are addicted to the pain and the misery and the vengeance a bit like how someone many times divorced still chooses to keep getting married.

    1. I live in France, and I can tell you :follow what will happen this week end, that is the 4th act of the gilets jaunes. That will be Massive. Government has already told 89000 police force will be deployed. Truckers will block every road on Sunday (starting 22 pm) following the gilets jaunes movement. I don’t have every detail but yet but I can tell you that it can turn into uprising.

  9. Socialism always crushes the working class. There has never been an exception anywhere ever. Obama crushed the working class in the United States. His socialist Obamacare continues to crush the working class with massive premiums and high deductibles. Keep an eye on Mexico. They have a new socialist president (Lopez Obrador). The working class will suffer. The Mexicans streamed out of the United States when socialist Obama killed the economy in the United States, and now they’ll try to stream back in as socialist Lopez Obrador kills the economy in Mexico.

  10. I’m gonna express an unpopular opinion, but fuck those rioters and cops well done. Why? Because fuck cars, that’s why. We should increase gas prices ten times, because the Earth gets more pollution then it can handle. People should look for a greener transportation, and gas companies who intentionally hinder progress to sell more gas should fuck right off.

    1. @ankun256

      You should try using public transport in England, it costs more than running a car.

      That’s capitalism in general for you. If more people rent than buy the rent ends up being more expensive than the mortgage and if more people use public transport than drive public transport ends up being more expensive than driving so on and so forth.

      You could make this planet the greenest place in the universe then and the greedy fuckers would still rape your wallet for it.

      Your argument isn’t up to much then because the working classes will always get fucked over by the wealthy ruling classes regardless of the circumstances therefore there will always be revolts and government stamp downs.

  11. The French often do this to themselves, always voting socialist and globalists into power. What do they expect?

    At least some of them have enough sense to be pissed off about third world migrants taking over their country.

    I have the feeling there’s a lot of anarchists there taking advantage of the situation, though.

  12. “Parts of France are also infested with unassimilated immigrants, who receive government assistance while the average French struggles to make ends meet with high taxes but stagnant wages” ….. Also Canada. Welcome all the immigrants is the new motto here, while the rest of us struggling to get by have to support them and smell them and tolerate their jibberish.

  13. “Israel-firster Emmanuel Macron’s government”

    that’s actually not correct.
    the government have nothing to do with isreal. They are just a bunch of fucking retards poping out from nowhere and dont know what their job is. and so of course, they do shit stuff.

    honestly.. they are just retarded, nothing else.

    most.. retarded government ever in france right now. french government always have been full of retards and that will never change. but this one is the worse for now.

    bring back Chirac, at least, he was decent (compared to all his successors XD )

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