Full Video of San Antonio Deputies Executing Man with Hands Up

Full Video of San Antonio Deputies Executing Man with Hands Up

Initially, KSAT 12 News elected to support the pro-establishment propaganda and released the video of citizen murder by San Antonio cops with the moment of the execution censored out. Due to the pressure from the public after the video went viral, KSAT 12 grew some balls and released the full, unedited footage. Well, almost unedited, as foul language was beeped out.

41 year old Gilbert Flores was executed in cold blood while standing outside a home in the 24400 block of Walnut Pass shirtless, and with his hands up. Bexar County sheriff deputies Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez are on paid administrative leave (vacation on the taxpayer’s dime) pending the outcome of the investigation.

Notice how Gilbert Flores was not a threat to any of the officers at any point during the encounter. He was standing there with his hands raised, and collapsed after they fatally shot him. The echo of the gunshots took a fraction of a second to reach the camera’s microphone.

Watch the citizen killer on the left. At the 58th second they execute the guy. The guy drops dead to the ground. Citizen killer on the left then stands straight up and walks over to the other cop to have a chat. He then glances over his shoulder, notices the other cop car approaching, and goes full recon mode taking cover behind his truck, like he’s still facing a threat.

As far as cold blooded executions are concerned, this one is even more brutal than that of the guy who was shot in the back while running away. And yet there are still sheeple supporting these murderers and justifying the shooting.

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      1. That’s fleckin messed up Jack. Their life was in no immediate danger and not even a warning shot would have being correct in that case as he was no threat to them. At least life with no option of parole.

      2. I was a deputy sheriff in a rural county for several years. All the good cops are gone. Quit, went on to other lines of work. What the nation is left with are criminal gangs with guns and badges.

        1. Biggest reason why I left. Cause if you speak out about something that is wrong you get false statements made against you that made you wish you kept your mouth shut. They will do everything to protect their own kind.

          1. Its sad if you speak out that something could be pinned against you or even worse killed, thats the reason why our countries are getting so corrupt as we have murderous police and murderous government controlling everything. It doesnt surprise me in the middle/far east but in the west its still shocking.

      3. I concur with @jayymi and @xizang, was a police officer for little over 5 years, also left because of bullshit, politics, and what not. Absolutely no reason for what happened here. I’m curious to see what their reason will be, you need to have the imminent danger. Can’t say, my life was in danger because the large shirtless man wasn’t obeying my commands. That’s why there’s numerous “tools” on an officers belt. Smh.

        1. Well shit I wasn’t aware we had a few ex cops here. But either way you’re not cops now so all good.

          @Jayymi apologies if I came off like an asshole a couple times before, I just had a few bad experiences with cops is all. Good to have you with us

          1. Jack there is absolutely no reason to apologize but thank you! Really appreciate it. I think most of us is here for similar reasons and i want no special “treatment/attention” just cause i am female. I can absolutely understand why you feel like you do. Thanks again, it is nice to feel welcomed between like minded people.

            PS: Bet the next attack against me will be my language that sucks but i’m not english lol.

  1. Something doesnt make sense, why would 2 seasoned cops with families to feed shoot in this day of age knowing cameras are everywhere and put thier careers in danger? besides the thinking they can get away with it, why? why put yourself thru this? unless they hate the job so much this is an easy retirement if it goes viral? something is behind this shit and im gonna get down to the bottom of……yawn. tired goodnight LOL

    1. @toms:

      that’s the whole point of this shitfight aka The USA .

      Their careers AREN’T at risk mate. When was the last time you saw one of these scum pond cops pay for the innocent life they just snuffed out ?

      1. Well,shit ,@ Dutch..i live here in San Antonio..i can’t believe I actually. Missed this on the news..BGs been off line for awhile.but the bx county sheriffs’ are a bunch of fags ,I’ve dealt with these shit -bags for years….the SAPD is alot nicer and better. Police..

    2. Ever since they came up with the mantra no more hesitation( on practice targets for training with everyday Americans on them )for law enforcement across the country I’ve noticed a increase deaths by police,feel free to google that mantra ‘no more hesitation’ as see what pops up……

    1. What more could he have done? He was standing there with hands raised.

      Showing your hands and putting them straight to the sky clearly isn’t enough when interacting with police.

      You raise your arms, they kill you. You walk away, they kill you. You contemplate suicide, they kill you. You are mentally ill, they kill you. You have a dog, they kill you and kill the dog too.

      1. Let’s just face it, brainwashed idiots who support this kind of behavior will never admit nor own up to such hypocrisy and propaganda. Everybody is fair game as I don’t find it shocking, crimes like this goes unpunished with the rare exception, albeit very rare. The Police state has such a death grip on society that suffocates any kind of personal security and well-being for citizens period. No matter how many times you try to reason with Lemmings, they’ll always fall(jump) off a cliff.

        With each video I view where it concerns police encounters, the result is always the same; once on camera they instantly revert to aggressive tactics. Naturally these bleaters come to their “heroes” defense which is still revolting but what can you do with indoctrinated fucks. The apologists and sympathizers will never ever get it…..all cops lie and won’t hesitate to put you down like a docile pet.

        So yes, go ahead and praise you badge wearing killers, if for some inexplicable reason something like that should befall you, then see if that changes your tune.

  2. Is that “Fat Bastard” from the “Austin Powers” movie? “I want my baby back, baby back…”, “I’m rich and I’m dead sexy”, ” I’m bigger than you, i”m higher in the food chain! Get in my belly”. Fat Bastard will be miss. How are they going to make another Austin Powers movie without him? The world needs more fat bastards. Speaking of food, I’m going to eat some vulva now. It’s what Fat Bastard would have want me to do!

    1. Absolutely sickening. They executed a guy with his hands up in the air, but say not a word about regretting snuffing out his life. Instead, they divert attention by lashing out at the station. Apparently, between executing an unarmed, unthreatening citizen, and exposing cold blooded, unjustified murder, the latter is the evil deed.

  3. Everybody I know says they need to fire these cops. I tell them “well I think I need tell you something, that citizen killers get paid on administrative leave. They go on vacation and get paid and then come back and do the same thing. Kill”

    I wish I could kill these bitches, but that would be stooping to their level. We need throw these faggots in prison. I wish they all get assfucked!

    1. Thats Beautiful., i had some more sinister plans for these manslayers., but ithink I’d best etch in stone with a clearer head, I do really like your view, throw them in Jail for life, and leave them with the General Population where those bitches belong.

  4. Well…our man didn’t just lay down and DIE right away…or the citizen killer will say he didn’t turn around or he refused to follow orders didn’t put hands on his head ………..I’m sure they will
    Think of some good shitass excuse to murder another person in cold blood. …” Well he refused to just lay down and DIE…. Justsifiable homicide !!!

  5. “Yeah, write whatever you want in the report, I’ll back you up. Just let me see it first”

    Meanwhile three individuals successfully elude a dragnet in Illinois after cold blooded murder.

    Who says there’s no balance in the world ? ?

  6. This is just what they do. Killer knew approaching vehicles dashcam was recording and got back in character of durress to complete the charade. You’re exactly right, Acneska.

    Thankfully a judge will not outright believe any story the cops come up with after the fact — oh, wait a minute, this is America. Nevermind. Justice Denied.

  7. Maybe the cops planted a bloody knife on this poor innocent man
    and told his wife to stab herself multiple times after beating her child half to death. then the cops could justify this murder by saying he had a large knife tucked in the back of his pants ?

    1. Nah. It isn’t that simple.

      The cops stabbed themselves, to make the knife bloody. Then they told him to tell his wife to stab herself, and beat their child half to death. Then they told him to /not/ comply with orders to lie face down. All because they needed a couple of weeks vacation, see.

      But the fat freak wouldn’t listen. So they had to shoot him for not /not/ complying.

      The wife is going to sue the police for lost income during her hospital stay.

      The kid is going to sue the police for lost mum during her hospital stay.

      The sheriff is is going to sue the police for lost nookie during her hospital stay.

  8. Note all parties involved are hispanic? I’m thinking this was personal. The guy must have done something to one of their family members, or was involved in shady “bad cop” dealings, and had to be silenced. They were just too casual and methodical about it for it to be much else.

  9. Not even raising your hands will save you now in ‘muricah… you guys are fecked. Ohh well, i bet no one will shout “Eh cabron! Mexican lives matter ese… ay ay ay mexican lives matter ese!” 😆

    But yeah i already had seen it from another memeber in here when he posted the link on the previous video. But as far as i know, theres another video from closer to the scene that was not been made public yet…

    1. Its all a show for the sheep. You never see a cop render assistance after they shoot someone. To many veterans become cops and they act like its a war zone and they wonder why they are getting killed. I think its three dead cops in a week But if you check out Killedbypolice.net they have killed around 800 citizens through August. Maybe those numbers need to be levelled out.

  10. I’ve seen people attempt to justify this murder.

    “Oh, he beat his kid and sliced his wife! Good riddance!”

    Judge, jury and executioner are not held by one officer. This is murder and I hope the murderers are taken down.

  11. I think Im on the cops side today just to piss you all off because im having a bad fucking day. You guys dont really give a fuck anyways, next video that pops up you’ll be discussing that. Ya all need to be thrown out of a 10 story high rise in brazil “tourist style”.

    1. I just find it odd. Every time I had a police encounter, I ALWAYS treated them with respect. I guess I was raised to treat others with respect, if I wanted it in return. In turn, the police never once went out of line or was even rude. We were involved in a wreck Saturday and the officers that responded were professional. Yes, I know there are bad cops out there. I guess that it depends on people’s attitudes.

  12. No one is going to defend that. Ultimately, the cop will likely only be convicted of manslaughter just because hes a cop, but damn, that was almost as bad as that South Carolina cop unloading his clip on that old guy running away from him.

  13. I really hope those 2 civilian killers get shot to death infront of their own families. Or perhaps sent to prison for the rest of their lives and get brutally ass raped everyday until they die! This shit needs to stop!! You cops that are the good ones, who stay silent and protect the bad ones are just as guilty! I guess the only way this shit is going to end is when all cops start being used for target practice by fed up American citizens!!

    The cruel, evil, bully, law-breaking cops need to be exterminated first! Then some shit will change! The “Police” refuse to police themselves?? No problem! Fed up, angry American citizens who are constantly the victim of ill-trained, evil, bully cops, will square you all away, you mother-fuckers!!!

  14. Do cops have a monthly quota of people to kill, or they’re are just getting rid of the ammo surplus? Yeah ,”let’s use a few bullets and make a sappy excuse of why I feared for me life. ” type of statement. Bang!Bang !You got promoted to Sargent

  15. I never defend cops, but please read this comment.

    The guy moves his right hand .5 seconds before the bullet is shot, and that is what the cops reacted to. If you pause the video a couple of seconds before the shooting and press play/pause really fast a few times, you’ll see the guy in the white shirt reach down with his right hand really fast. Before it goes more than 5 inches he gets shot. Cops shouldn’t pull out their guns unnecessarily, and in my opinion cops should never shoot to kill, and that is what is wrong with this video.

    I registered just to post this. I hope it helps the discussion, thanks.

  16. I feel as though the human race is about to face its next great extinction, though this time it will probably be by ourselves. Especially here in the US where we can’t even control our government.

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