Galeburg Police Manufacture Excuse to Arrest Compliant Man by Assaulting Him

Galeburg Police Manufacture Excuse to Arrest Compliant Man by Assaulting Him

Galeburg Police Manufacture Excuse to Arrest Compliant Man by Assaulting Him

In Galeburg, Illinois, a pack of rabid cops wanted to desperately arrest a man, but he remained compliant and non threatening, so they manufactured the excuse to arrest him by assaulting him.

The driver was ordered out of his car, an order with which he complied, but the cop who ordered him out purposefully forced himself into the driver’s personal space to a point that it was impossible for him to get out without touching the cop’s precious uniform.

That was the excuse the cop was looking for. He instantly proceeded to assault the man, to which his fellow pigs responded by jumping on the victim, instead of arresting the aggressor.

At about 0:58, the victim is already restrained in handcuffs, yet that’s when the cops pepper spray him, proving their goal the whole time was to get their rocks off by resorting to brutality and causing pain and suffering to someone. And that’s as several cops jammed their knees into him and twisted back his cuffed armed.

At the end of the video, a pork says: “Get out of the street or you’re getting arrested!“, yet at that time the street is already blocked off and there is no traffic through it, proving the cop’s goal was to boost his ego and deny the citizens their rights.

You can also see the cops kept manufacturing the excuse to torture the man by making demands that are impossible to comply with, like demanding he put his hands behind his back while he supports his own weight and the weight of the cops from smashing his face to the ground.

It’s the textbook example of police state tactics – assault a man so you can arrest him for assaulting a cop, violently throw him down then cuff him so you can pepper spray him in the face, and beat him while he’s screaming in pain so you can make it look like he’s resisting arrest.

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  3. wtf

    cops cant expect a man or woman not to defend themselves if theyve been attacked.. by ANYONE. and thats what the cops did , they Attacked the seemingly innocent man, now innocent or not no one can just attack someone and not expect themselves to be attacked in retaliation or the person to defend themselves. thats human nature.

    fuck these fucking american cops… it wouldnt be chaos if they stopped acting like this, the cops are way out of line, and inhumane.. fuck em

    1. Not just american cops.. Every cop… Typical finnish cop is also the guy who comes from to home, takes a beer from fridge, chugs it and goes to beat his wife first, when the boy sees the situation, he knocks out the kid too.

  4. In Clearwater, FL a couple of weeks ago a man was legally shot and killed for pushing another man. Why is this any different? Simply because the attacker is an emotionally unstable “public servant.”

  5. Arrested man will get a complaint filed against the pigs, denied by internal affairs. He will file another against the city, denied again. Hopefully he will get a good lawyer to get the charges dropped or reduced and an undisclosed settlement. But since he’s not a nigger it won’t happen. This won’t be on the news 24-7, there will be no public outrage no protests no riots. He is fucked unless he find a jew that will take on the system but I doubt it.

  6. Giving contradictory orders is standard operating procedure for cops when they want an excuse to abuse you. It’s impossible to comply with both orders at the same time and they know it:

    Cop 1: “Get on the ground!”
    Cop 2: “Don’t move!”

  7. Sorry to say this guys and girls, But being a police officer is a privilege, The police can open fire on a suspect in a stolen car even if the suspect was armed or not the police have the authorization to shoot and kill for any reason or not

    If your caught doing or have something illegal, The police officer has the authorization to shoot you in the forehead with no questions asked.

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