Girl Beaten Black and Blue by Cops in Victoria, Australia

Girl Beaten Black and Blue by Cops in Victoria, Australia

In Frankston, a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, 6 units of police (12 police officers) allegedly assaulted and beat a young woman black and blue.

Girl’s name is Elisha (Leash) Sherwood. She’s 34 year old. According to her boyfriend, the assault started with an unwarranted car search, and lasted approximately 30 minutes. During the assault, the cops allegedly laughed at the woman.

Police say Elisha Sherwood injured herself while she was resisting arrest, and charged her with 9 offenses, including resisting police, hindering police, and assaulting police.

Here’s a news report:

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        1. I’ve always defended cops here in Australia. I’ve not heard anything about this and honestly, it is a load of bullshit. what are the details?

          Sorry, but I do not believe a word of it. I hope you all do some research before you start comparing Australia to the USA in terms of police brutality because our
          cops are nothing like USA and do a very
          good job. Cops here DO NOT beat people especially women and if they did this country would go into meltdown. Believe me, I would have heard about it. Us Aussies are THE most laid back non violent mob on the planet

          Two photos of a girl with some marks on
          her face? That’s all there is ? Seriously?

          I call FUGAZI……..

          1. @acneska

            ?Have you just edited the post?

            Because when I made my comments there was :

            1. No third paragraph in the intro
            2. There was no video containing the news report
            3. Her name was Leesh Sherwood ( not Elisha Sherwood as your post NOW says).

            So not sure what happened there, but this post is very different to the one I read and commented on. ?And of course my apologies if you didn’t edit the post, but it is different to the version I saw just an hour ago.

            So if I didnt have all the details, or incorrect details, then of course I wasn’t going to find anything about it on the Internet??

            But what I said is still correct – ” If this did happen in Australia, the country would go into meltdown over it ” and hence the news report that has just been added and I’m sure it will be all over the media in the next hours. ?I also stand behind my comment that Aussie cops are not unlawful – if this bitch is injured then it’s because she deserved it. ?There is no way in the world that 12 dishonest cops can all be deployed together and then get their story straight in a country that has what I believe to be an excellent police force.

          2. I however find it difficult to believe that she would self inflict the injuries we see in the pictures. Especially given that she would have at least 3 policemen having a hold on her.

          3. There’s always two sides to every coin, you know. Same goes with anything and everything. With all due respect, I, however, would refuse to believe that Australia has the perfect law enforcement agents without the tendency to abuse their power or do something they ideally shall not do.

          4. i agree with dutchy, this is the best country in the world for police softness there are no consquences here for anything african gangs roam the streets at night doing whatever they want a victorian cop friend of mine told me in his own words woman cops lock themselves back in their police cars when a blue starts, im going with bogan antaganising the poor cops to death fugazi as well

          5. cops do their job and its a tough job that nobody wants to do, yes, but watch out, some of them are like bouncers, waiting for that opportunity to jump on somebody just because they can…it happened to a friend of mine in WA some years ago…but Oz is not the USA yet..

          6. I’m from Melbourne and I really find this very hard to believe.She lives in bayside suburb of Frankston known for dole bludgers, to be that manhandled and no other bruises on the rest of her body? Our police force is nothing like cops in the US.

          7. She most likely was smashing her face on the ground whilst the cops held her down arresting her. If she was so innocent why wasn’t her boyfriend injured too? He was there…

          8. There was also another girl a few years back who didn’t pay her train fare, and when she tried to run away from the cops and evade arrest, she broke one of her legs. She then successfully sued for more than a quarter of a million dollars. Now compare that to victims of crime compensation, which includes all types of crimes against a person, and which until 2013 was up to $50,000. It’s now up to $10,000. Get raped and half murdered and that’s all you’re entitled to, yet a criminal can sue for injuring themselves avoiding arrest. That means a precedent has been set and anybody injuring themselves during an arrest will be richly awarded in compensation. Criminals always get more rights than victims do, and it’s not bloody right!

  1. Seriously if a cop cannot subdue a single, weak woman then he/she has no business on being a cop at all. They have no need to beat a person, at all, for any reason whatsoever unless that person is overly aggressive, bigger, stronger, or in drugs.

    In this case, based on what I’ve read, the purpose of beating this woman to that level was no other than to simply just beat her.

    It’s maddening to see countries fall into such tyrannical states, especially if you live in one. But ho ho hoyety ho! Look at this progressivism, look at this diversity, this all-inclusive shit people have let into their nations by tyrants.

    On a side note has anyone seen how Europe is dying with the massive influx of illegal immigrants? Have you seen Germany?? Hitler’s demon must be turning in whatever tomb he may lie in.

    1. that first paragraph has everything that needs to be said about these sort of incidents. its not so much the shit they do while wearing the badge that bothers me. its what they can get away with while wearing it that really fucks me up. like stopping and searching cars with no legit reason to do so.

    2. @Rivelyn

      “Based on what I’ve read”

      Mate that is exactly the point – what have you read? There are NO details about this anywhere.

      Do a search on your computers – do some research people. Don’t believe this because it simply is not true.

      This is a load of BS.

      1. @Dutchy.

        I couldn’t find anything at all that resembled this tale either. Sounds like a crock of shite to me. Besides, I do know Oz coppers are a pretty chilled out bunch, from the stories I’ve been told by friends and family. So, 6 units of Oz coppers beating shit out of a young lady seems a tad far fetched.

    1. This post seems to have been edited since I made my comments. There was no third paragraph, no news report and her name was Leesh ( not Elisha)……….

      I feel stupid now, but this story is now a very diffent version to the one I read an hour ago…….

  2. I guess Australia’s cops are just as poorly trained as the US ones. This is what happens when we let anyone fresh out of high school join the police academy. You gotta be pretty weak to need 5 of your buddies to stop one person although they probably did this for fun/take out their rage.

      1. I don’t think that’s a bad idea. I know some incredible cops and others who should’ve never been given a gun and a badge. Most of the bad ones were straight out of high school and not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    1. dont read too much into this i live here in victoria the cops are so laid back there horizontal, there only here for the 10% of tools that think their above the law we mostly self govern we dont even need cops to some degree but there are arseoles on both sides but if you show some respect you will get it back this crumpets beating this to death ive been locked up and cops were good to me which wasnt bad at the time cause i tryed to fight all 5 of them hence why im the knobhead…

    1. @rayf – The added video seems to show the boyfriend wasn’t beaten at all. Although it’s not a reason to give her black eyes, road rash and a possible broken nose, she’s probably the one who “disobeyed” the cops orders by questioning the need to search her car for weapons.

      1. @ilmg I remember my dad breaking the handcuffs behind his back when a cop pushed my mom…then my aunt ripped the sleeve off his leather jacket turning it into some type of 1/2 a fag cop vest…lmao…when they fuck with family it’s on.

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  3. It really makes me sick that up until just a few years ago, I was going to join the academy. I still feel like I would have been a good cop though. Ha, I’m sure they all say that.

    It’s bad enough everything else wants to kill you in Australia, now the cops are doing it too.

  4. From what can be seen on the pictures, the red on the face are scrapes, so she was held against asphalt.
    and a single bruise on her shoulder:
    So she was either pushed shoulder first on the car/pavement, then held to the ground.
    And there are bruises on her left hand, by the positions, from a single palm holding on it.

    From all the evidence we have in these two pictures, she only resisted and they had to subdue her.

      1. Where does it say this chick, with the self applied band aids and make up on, lying in her own bed at home, has a broken nose?

        I didn’t read she had a broken nose. That’s probably because there are no details on this ‘story’ anywhere, and that is prolly coz it didn’t happen and it’s not true??? What do you think?

    1. I only said what I see. If you want me to feel sorry for her, I don’t even know her name, I don’t care about her.
      What I watch out for is when someone tells me more than what they show me.
      Yes cops are assholes, but they rarely are assholes for no reason. Its usually a bad reason(you talk with a wrong tone), but rarely its no reason at all.

        1. I could have safely subdued this bitch in my sleep.
          If I had a dollar for every time this happened, I’d retire a wealthy man…

          The oinkers (regardless of WHERE they’re from)
          -Do what they want…
          -Report THEIR story to the MSM press…
          -Asshole sheep (YOU) buy into it hook, line and fucking sinker…

          Your jew-book friends might think you’re clever, but here, and speaking only for myself…I beg to differ.

  5. Yes this is not uncommon for the Victorian police force. There is a lot of corruption and cover ups also amongst the ranks. I have had first hand experience at what they dish out. A group of them decided wrongly that I was the perpetrator of something; they belted piss and pick handles out of me: Then when they discovered their mistake charged me with assault and resisting arrest.
    I tried to get the case investigated, which was a waste of time and I was ridiculed into the bargain. And they wonder why people don’t respect them. Victoria along with the rest of Australia is becoming a police state… I was born and bred in Victoria and I was once proud of my state and country but now I am very disillusioned.

  6. Another Aussie here….I agree our cops are total pussies compared to the USA – where I also lived for a while. Still – this woman didn’t self-inflict those injuries. Guess she just opened her big mouth too much.

  7. it’s hard to take sides, i can see and feel pain from both sides. i’ve never been beaten by a cop, but a cop did once threaten to “kick my teeth” in because i let my unlicensed friend drive a car and that cop happened to know him. it was all talk tho. .. but just saying that those power hungry faggot ass cops do exist who only become a cop cos they got bullied as kid and they wanna take it out on others, so they become cops and just beat the shit out of people for no reason and make up bullshit stories.

    but at same time i know how most cops must feel. some bunk ass shit talks trash to them, resists arrest and mocks them and you can’t do anything. i watched on car chase on youtube, where cops finally caught him, dragged the guy out of car and like 4-5 cops just started beating on him, even tho there was news chopper over head. at first i was like “WTF are they doing?!” but then i read the background story, that fucking piece of shit thief had been convicted like 12 times in past 20 years, including for assault on police with deadly weapon (car, he purposly rammed a cop car). If you’re a cop, you must be so angry that some piece of shit punk has been convicted 12 times and STILL loose on street, stealing cars and getting into police pursuits. it was in america btw. so i can fully understand why some cops have no patience with people.
    i have seen lot of girls / women who use the “pussy pass” trick, thinking that just cos they are female, it gives them the right to talk shit to cops and resists arrest.

    i mean seriously, do you honestly believe that cops would randomly just beat up a girl for no reason at all? i simply refuse to believe that. she must have done something to provoke them.

    girls are always like that, they hide behind tears and bruises .. and who do people believe? cops or a crying girl who has injuries? i’ve had problems with girls myself, one girl hit herself (or maybe asked a friend to do it) and pointed a finger at me. fucking whore, wish she would get beat up for real.
    i think cops should be allowed to beat suspects, as long as it’s on camera and you can see that it was justified. like if some little shit spits in cop’s face, that should give cop the right to beat the shit out of that suspect.
    you have no idea how much shit cops take every day, they are not robots, they also have feelings and emotions. every person has a breaking point, cop or not cop. just stop provking cops and they will be more chill in general. …then there are also those pranksters who make jokes in expense of cops. they also put unnecessary stress on cops. just leave them alone. i’m not fan of cops myself, but they are necessary.

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