Girl Shot in Forehead by Rubber Bullet in George Floyd Protests

Keeping Smile On While Forehead Is Split Open

Keeping Smile On While Forehead Is Split Open

I think the George Floyd protests are about to prove how the entire COVID-19 lockdown was a sham. I mean… just last week the NPCs were literally calling for anyone caught out socializing to be thrown in jail. Magically, they forgot all about the coronavirus and instead of expecting that every city with protests has a major uptick in COVID-19 cases, and being upset at the government for looting ten trillion dollars and giving it to their wall street buddies, they are upset with the protesters because the mainstream press tells them to worship the police state.

Anyway. Speaking of the George Floyd protests – this girl was at one of them and got shot in the forehead by a rubber bullet fired by a tyrant. Looks like it damaged her eye? Damage like that has potential to make her go blind in it.

Props to Best Gore member @chinesevirus for the main pic:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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258 thoughts on “Girl Shot in Forehead by Rubber Bullet in George Floyd Protests”

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          3. @bionicwristaction
            Once again YOU misunderstood. Having only the brain power of a ‘Lego Set’ that is now understood to be your level of IQ.
            As you have displayed.
            You need to Build on that.

            However your projections are somewhat telling, Mama smack de little Boomers botty did she, and you just can’t forgive her for that, eh’ common complexity all your type share.
            Good Luck with that too.

    1. Can some one email me these videos of the cops looting and breaking and attacking people I want to post them up on some of my shit to make my people aware of what’s happening

      1. It’s fake news . Your tribe is not their tribe – no matter how much you plead your love .
        Savages are savages , take a knee on the neck of the savage .
        The good news is all the white cucks who support this insanity are faggots who will never have children (apart from when they rape them) .

        1. It sure is adorable how the NPCs and libtards did a full 180 on social distancing and “stay at home” chants. You can’t make this stuff up.

          As to these riots, burn down couple of synagogues and break up few JEWlry stores, and all the protests will be shut down in a hearbeat. Jew media will waste no time proclaiming it a violent riot and not a protest.

          Police should be put on check- but not by slashing their budgets- they need to have their pensions taken away when they reach a certain number of complaints. Internal investigations departments should be outsourced to FBI or other federal watchdog branch that won’t let these morons with a badge run buckwild. There is too much buddy buddy and corruption in the small police departments. It’s a multi-state problem. Police hires are generally low-IQ derptards with little critical thinking, and some are legit psychopaths. So what could possibly go wrong with that type of recruitment pool. No college degree, no intensive testing.

    2. …~.~…Warning to all Europeans, your enemy is closer than you realise…~.~…

      You and I, as an individual white person being born bred and raised in an original indigenous Caucasian country be it Nordic European or any of our many island nations have to realize that multiculturalism is your enemy..!

      Simply put – to race mix is to be a traitor to your race

      For example:- People such as those who are racially, genetically and in practice Arab but like to pretend that they are “Irish” because they were “born” in Ireland parents may have been guest workers who came to Ireland in the 60s or 70s from somewhere in the middle-east is not therefore ethnically IRISH..!


      A Japanese would laugh if told that a Nigerian can suddenly turn into “Japanese” by just being “born” in Japan or that a Tiger can just become a “lion” by being “born” in the Lion’s natural habitat.

      Yet We Whites are asked to put up with this kind of nonsensical insanity.

      Usually when, for some reason a Brown bear is born among Polar(White)Bears, the brown bear isn’t considered to be a “Polar bear” but rather the Zoologists transfer him to live among his own kind i.e. among other brown bears in their natural habitat. Also the polar bear doesn’t except them into their own habitat usually anyway
      Just as I’ve said, The Brown bear isn’t considered by the Zoologists for one second to be just another “polar bear”. Why? Because “Political Correctness” didn’t manage to distort the perception of reality of Zoologists yet perhaps, Their brains aren’t dead yet in this regard.

      NON ethnic people born here and from mixed race born here like to think that they are IRISH.?! and like to think that they can breed our women under the guise of being ‘European’ and thus be used as a weapon to kill our genes and our people in the process – something which all Nationalists should also not allow..!

      So as I said a Brown bear remains a brown bear.

      A Passport cannot change genes or racial origin. It says “Irish” in the passport but it is still an Arab African Asian etc in the genes and thus in REALITY..!
      Imagine a Nigerian born in Japan telling the Japanese people. “Do you think you are more Japanese than me because your ancestors live here longer”?!

      Only we whites have to put up with such insane arguments..!

      What made Germany a “Germanic” country is the fact that it was made from a specific ethnic racial group. Scandinavians who are the original Germanics who formed it..! Germanic is blood not region..!
      If a nation has an Arab gene pool, even if they speak a Germanic language, such a nation isn’t Germanic but Arabic.
      Place of birth and language doesn’t make you Irish, Germanic or Japanese or Nigerian or an Arab.
      Blood DOES..!
      They are as much “Irish German European etc” as a Nigerian born in China is a “Chinese Man”…

      Isn’t it true that Arabs have an IQ of 85
      (Or less)

      I don’t hate Arabs but I believe that Arabs should live in Arabia and not in European nations under the guise of being “European”.. while known or unknown to them they are a tool of racial replacement (replacing you and me).

      because we Caucasians are in touch with reality as we recognize that you are not “white” or “European” any more than a human being born in the sea is a fish..!

      Everybody who recognizes truth is “evil” because truth isn’t always nice nor is it “politically correct”..

      “They” hate European nationalism because we European Nationalists recognize the truth as the truth is that they are not “European”..

      The they being the mixed race mongrels easily led, and driven by the zio FUCKING plot of RACIAL REPLACEMENT..!

      We are VERY DIFFERENT.

      A fish is STILL a FISH..!

      We can easily identify them by their low IQ, non creativity, temper etc. African Arab Asian facial features of black hair, black eyes, black brown skin and flattened hooked wide noses.

      Keep trying to present us as “evil” while they try to breed out our existence..!

      Good luck with that,

      Do you really think we will allow that to happen…?!

      Getting rid of the White Race isn’t going to create a better world. It’s going to create a World with more hate, with more pain and with more suffering. The world would be primitive and vile without White People who created western morality, who care about the planet, we are the race that contributed the MOST to the world in terms of technology and science. It’s better for us and for the world that we survive.

      understand how people are brainwashed programmed to justify White Genocide via psychological manipulations. The so called “Jewish Holocaust” never happened, but present day war of extermination against the White Race is real and it’s happening RIGHT before our eyes by the Anti White psychopaths who promote the holocaust of our race..!

      Europeans never wanted to wipe out Arabs. We don’t desire their extinction..!

      Only that you leave us Alone and breed with your own genetic pool and kind..!

      Before we have to take matters into our own hands on our own streets again on OUR LAND. To prove and show these Mongrels it is time that they RETREAT..!

      I am a Proud Fenian IRB to the A and XYZ.

      1. Very well said! It´s sad that there are so few sober-minded people like you… chapeau for that!
        Jews are the biggest threat to the world right now, tho. They are the real enemy, by financing wars in Middle East, spreading anti-white, left, vegan propaganda etc. and because of these by them financially supported wars send immigrant wave after wave into Europe. They make it look like Arabs are Europeans biggest threat, just to stay undercover! We should grab these jews by the hat and reveal their devils horns; nip the masterminds in the bud, then take care of their arab puppets!

        1. (((Mark Zuckerberg))) Facebook
          (((Jeff Zucker))) CNN
          (((Mike Bloomberg))) Bloomberg News
          (((George Soros))) Antifa Sponsor
          (((Sergei Brinn))) Google

          And that’s to name a certain few. They are again trying to control mass information flow. It’s becoming a real threat to Western society. When WWII displaced them, all too many of them ended up here. Shortly after there was a hippie revolution, civil rights, corporate greed, and now we are surrounded by these eggs running the media.

          The history does repeat itself.

        1. the Korean Japanese Chinese Arabs, even the American Indians are humans with less cognitive capacity ….. the non-humans are the sub-Saharan Congolese and their mulatto descendants white human woman + sub-Saharan Congolese mule I) bastards that abound in the Caribbean and increasingly in the united states and Europe

      1. Actually I thought the same but my friend pointed out what should of been the obvious. These riots help to bring about new draconian laws all in the name of good, here’s a very simple video I found on YT that explains it all , it a mayor in Seattle screaming for change bla bla bla, and how the constitution needs to be changed. Watch it, it’s only about 30 seconds

        1. “These riots help to bring about new draconian laws all in the name of good”

          I’ve known this since I was 7 or 8 years old. Things get worse and more locked down every year and it’s always justified by a random stupid act or the need for safety. It has accelerated since the mid-90’s and it keeps speeding up. It’s now to the point where you’re afraid to defend yourself or your way of life for fear of government or social retribution.

          1. The means to an end are false flag attacks – trained agent provocateurs brought in from out of state with a sole purpose to incite looting and turn peaceful protests violent. Ta da – justification for a deeper police state are made. But the strongest tool in the state’s toolbox are the NPCs – state worshiping sheep who are the greatest aid in turning the battle from the People vs the State to Black vs White.

  1. Uh… Yes, rubber bullets are made to be less deadly and used in situations like protests, but if you aim for the head, ugh… well, let´s say the outcome isn´t much different from a normal bullet. Consider thinking twice before going somewhere where armed retards are, girl!

      1. How about the plastic surgeon her busted ass going to pay for with that Woah-is-me-police-brutality- gofund me account she probably set up the day BEFORE the protest if you catch my privileged drift.

        1. Lol funny shit ! Another thing that amazes me is half breeds like this are jumping the bandwagon of “ummagawd I’ve been oppressed for thousands of years” bullshit excuse. She’s still a nigger but when will it stop ? I suspect we will have whites with 10% nigger in them screaming for reformation checks.

          1. Apparently some German is the new main suspect so we might find out soon where she is. He lived in a camper van at that time and his phone was used in the area and was known for robbing hotels. He’s already in jail in Germany but I don’t think for murder so I think it’s unlikely he will admit it.

        1. Mr Nemesis 5. Return of the Cyst.
          It’s really not a matter of putting my trust in anyone. It’s about becoming an adult and providing for family and loved ones.
          Anybody who is my age and still fighting the power probably lives in a tent while taking advantage of every government handout that they can get provided they get out of bed during business hours.

        2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. However, maybe I’m lazy but I choose to pick battles that I have at least a small chance of surviving. I don’t expect to win many, just survive.
          Again, I’m simply too old with too many responsibilities and obligations to spend 99% of my time worrying about the 1% elites who will happily crush anything in thier way.
          Imo, fighting the power, in most forms, is a complete misuse of valuable time and resources that should be used in a much more responsible way.

          Respectfully Submitted
          Conservative Midwestern Slob

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            A slingshot will be effective against those little midget desert niggers that you guys have.
            For everything else I suggest that you acquire as many guns as possible. Get the high ground on that big ass red rock that you guys are so proud of and kill everything that moves between you and Darwin.
            Or…just take the family out for ice cream and a lovely day at the park. I suppose both are viable options.
            P.S. Let me know what you choose cuz if you need a gun I got your back.

  2. Yep. My country is the same. Our government and media ran 24 hour campaigns telling us how dangerous Covid-19 was and demanding that we stay indoors and away from each other. Our police were even enforcing it via force and fines. Then our niggers and libtards took to the streets in London in their thousands in solidarity with that career criminal dead “I can’t breathe” American nigger and not one fucking word was uttered about it. Not a fucking peep from the government or media. They just applauded the niggers and libtards and promoted the “protests” and urged them on and as a result I now believe this Covid-19 shit to be one great big scam designed to limit peoples freedom via draconian measures.

    I am not following any lock-down rules now, fuck them.

    As for that pink haired libtard bitch in the photo, fuck her too. Anyone fighting “da gud fite” for a criminal thug nigger is a waste of space and a oxygen thief.

    1. Hey Empty Soul, Did you know rubber bullets, if used with a suitable backstop, can be recovered undamaged after firing, and reused many times…See we do care about the environment and recycling here in the United States. Now if I can only figure out how to use my white privilege these degenerates keep telling me about.

        1. Fixed mortgage? Everything I own I bought with cash and I don’t work, a side job here and there but almost seven figures in the bank I am set for now as long as the air conditioner doesn’t take a shit 100+ outside.

    2. Under the cover of this Covid-19/Punk Floyd circus, Boris Johnson is going to turn your country into Australia. By that, I mean flying in 3 million Chinese to take over your Universities and industry. This will be the real kill shot for Britain if left unchecked.

      1. Yep! All the sheeple here love it especially the Liberal Party…as most Chinese in Aus are moneyhungry and have no sense of the wider community,love Business and vote Liberal. I’m still laughing as Liberal was the anti Chinese /Indian party! Guess they forgot all about that when they allowed them to buy their way in. Same goes for Indians.

        I don’t have a problem with them as people as they don’t make trouble ,are lawabiding (apart from gov- allowed white collar crime!) But they are taking Aus to hell in a handbasket. All because they are unravelling australia’s social fabric. Try telling that to a Stupid and /or freedy aussie politician. Don’t care as his family will be looked after and “she’ll be right, mate”

        Howard the fucken runt and churchy hypocrite.

          1. Hi Nems.
            To some extent cryptically philosophical, I’ll arrange it around.
            Thrash it, then get back with you.
            Devs advocating hum.
            Was meant ALL the multiple cultural push has the jew driven goal of not only what White societies are but the whole Construct of what society means as founded by whites.
            Combining that destroying the White blood lines. So white become extinct like Dinosaurs.
            Over wiped off the Board, as far as I know dinosaurs haven’t come back from anywhere but the ground.
            Yes that’s Why I’ll get a better communication set up.
            Aware that some time ago rumors started to whisper Hitler was an illegitimate son of a Rothschild who his Mother could have had contact with then.
            Even a video floating around don’t know if it would be on YouTube but guess it would, another jew fabrication I think pushing for Hitler was a puppet and instrumental in ensuring the formation of israel.
            That truly being the case there wouldn’t have needed to be a prolonged war upon Germany in the 1940’s.
            He only has any common features with his Mother, but that doesn’t say alot.
            I share no featured similarly with my Mother whatsoever, pure clone of my Father.
            So, just as example the story is flawed, full of holes. Worth a look if you haven’t seen it.
            He being as what was suggested couple of days ago, we kinda need proof not say so and/or conjecture.
            You or I could make one up.
            However I’m fairly sure he was mixed something. Which where he got the drive from as it were to do as what we still do not know all yet.
            Aside that the ‘McCann’ case similar to yourself always felt the same, she wouldn’t have protected him for this time. What done it for me when in interview solo making a Freudian slip as it where spoke in the past tense of her.
            From day one whenever I’ve witnessed them, they appear conspirators thick as thieves, unwilling to answer certain questions not other’s like as if they’ve choice.
            Then think it was Ozzy jurno’s made the connection between the royal shyte bags so he’s a mason she bore Madeline test tube, has an eye defect that George Soros has, and there’s some connection in that..?
            She was born to be a energizing child, like in Cult circles..?
            Why would they go to the length of all this charade.
            Haven’t followed it.
            Rumour of the German heard about end of year last, haven’t looked yet, now I’m going to seeing as it has been mentioned.

          2. Nems.
            There’s obviously something more to it. Any other couple would have been drawn over hot coals.
            The royal connection was verified even pictures.
            The ritual theory I suppose could hold water but depending on what if any supporting evidence.
            Too many anomalies with the the case.
            Their into something up to the necks both. What that is, well…

          3. Nems.
            Appears to be. Already convicted for 3 abduction/murder after the disappearance.
            Known for as many as 20.!?
            Get this, way back when it first started there were photofit image’s of a skinny guy,
            carrying a child, wearing a surgical mask.
            They know that is part of his MO.
            Could be him..?
            But the mask yes, pre corona by 12 years so maybe the McCann’s with their associated cultist gathering of elite parasites were in the early stages of making The Virus..?
            He is apart of the plot, (paid to make it LOOK like malice was afoot) and Madelyn McCann IS Patient Zero (that’s why the Chinese can’t locate theirs to make vaccine from).
            She is the One.
            Kill Bill Gates’s is to develop the Microchiped Vaccination from.
            She is The One.
            The Chosen One….!

            All makes sense now…

      1. The Jews are in the works to make Britain into a third world country by attempting to replace British Anglo-Saxons with refuge muds as the majority and remove them from heads of community leadership positions, they have even debated about wether a Islam Britain is necessary to Accommodate the Muslim muds I have seen all previous post of mark where those muds in Britain have attempted to enforce their shit of sharia law in their community blocks it rather despicable these action are tolerated under Britain laws.

    3. Dude right on ! I am proud of my BG members (at least most of them) that they are awake to this fucking bullshit ! What I’m concerned about is the real one they haven’t let loose yet, AND the vaccinations that Bill Gates is pushing. This shit hasn’t t even popped off yet.

      1. Ive seen bill Gates talk about reducing the population of the world so if he makes something for us to inject I really don’t think it’s a good idea. He can’t want less people on then planet then say he wants to save us. Makes no sense.
        Also Kim kardashian has offered to pay this woman’s medical bills!

  3. They claim she got shot because of police brutality, but she actually got shot because she was being a piece of shit nigroid smartass. Should have just spent the money on the lead upgrade.

  4. The average NPC’s sheeple who are still wearing a face mask and following that social distancing shit are as brainless as never before and of course the brain dead sheeple won’t know anything about how much money the 1% received, who are also on welfare enjoying all money from their taxes. The biggest hoax’s are the one who extort money from everyone with their bullshit no different from the holohoax.

  5. Negroids are bringing America to its knees. I mean the humiliation that the white race is receiving right now is unprecedented! Especially those white cvcks who are protesting and getting beat up by those negroids on the streets. Don’t get me started with those white female trashes who are sh1tting those low iq Mulattos every day. Whites still believe that their number is still superior compared to other races while a fvcking dickless jew is providing them with those statistics. All I see in America are negroids, mullatos, and brown immigrants. I swear if I was in power it’s the perfect time to invade this stupid country. By the way the cop that was arrested is a different person, the one in the video is probably having a party in Israel with his pornstar buddy that he had his knee on.

      1. There is some good stuff in these posts but yours might just be one of the more brilliant I’ve read so far. What’s ironic about your post is when Yeshua returns it won’t be for good tidings and hugs and kisses, scripture is clear that he is coming to divide the people. PERIOD! Most modern day Christians don’t realize it but the creator is a jealous one and he abhors the mongrelization of his creation. I could elaborate but you probably don’t want to hear it….. don’t worry bro your words are going to come to pass very very soon

      1. I think she was quite cute.
        My mate thought the photo was fake cos she’s smiling! I think it’s cos she’s proud of her battle scar. She can always say she was at the riots doing her bit, looting target and walmart

          1. Haha .14percent? 14 percent of usa is composed of Black people? Yet you know i am not racialist but am only culturalist. I have no problem with a person being part non-white. It is culture i abhor ,not bloodline. You do know many of the white people in the USA have some first nation’s blood right? Especially in the South.
            Also where did the Poor Blacks of England go? They mixed in and became White.

          2. Nems.
            (Or indeed anyone else reading this).

            Yes I’m aware of your position to some extent still revising but, on Race(s). Think I’m going to clarify couple points of mine. No objection to generally white infused examples that improve educate and EVOLVE into decent people improving their Lives, and of others while contributing to the Communities in society they find themselves within no ‘blame’ and/or shame disadvantage upon them as such should be attributed to said.
            After all they didn’t choose their Parents.

            Then as long as the ‘Chip’ on the shoulder isn’t ever present, usually encounter this more with African/Afro Caribbean types moreover. When brought up amongst theirs. Different when brought up more on the donor side, White.
            As their turning into Bounty Bar’s and Oreos.
            Ok. Example;

            “Like if a half cast accusing you or me of being racists toward him, I’ve to ask what part..?
            Your Arab, African, Roma, jew, Chinese, whichever;
            Or your White part..?
            There is a kind of split in the psyche of that. Within the thinking of race mixing. The very idea of it..?

            Even with everyone returned to their own Geopolitical Locations, which is where we started. There’s going to be overlapping between, especially for Land borders.
            Fortunately waters of an Island should be and always was good defense’s to start with, tho that alone is not anymore.

            Break down is, all the race’s coming at us in all White societies are a threat for the future of ALL White societies. With continued development of civilization not deconstruct as were now on the precipice OF.
            We have always been a minority on this Earth.
            Were enslaved before by other races.
            Necessity being the Mother of Invention WE own it.
            Like to See it stays like that, were losing grip.
            Everyone that is coming at us has their own COUNTRY Go back to them, don’t bring your shit culture with you, they don’t.

            EACH; For their own Geopolitical Politically independent Locations and Financial Independence, interactive across the countries.
            WE all have, there is no need for WAR(s).
            The Cults usual method of culling us,
            Currently its a phony Virus…

            Ah’ Where the Fuck was I going with this..?
            Yes the 14% marker is the lowest that is, completely White, no physical difference, appearance etc;
            But that percent minimum regardless of how many generations removed is negroid DNA.
            NOW with the further that increases into WHITE PEOPLE in OUR own COUNTRY are to become and our known world at large to increasingly bastardized with with this until the whole world is infused with negroid blood.
            What sets us apart from those savages is;
            our BLOOD..!

            White People are the only one’s left (Also ONLY race that ever had) without the minimum, and have always been without it,
            the jew knows that, already have it.
            Another way their destroying us. As they have infiltrated their way into every BLOOD type across the Earth’s population’s in practically every Sovereign country of the world, for the Niggerized future population of the global gulags of the one world state and government owned running located in israel, microchiped vaccinated er’ People’s….?

            It is NOW not or has ever been about the color of skins, that merely defines certainly race’s,
            it’s BLOOD.
            Once the jew controllers of the NOT too distant future, are not detecting the White Mann’s DNA. When they are however detecting it infused with at least the 14% marker and above higher percentages, so therefore the WHITE Man doesn’t exist, they’ve achieved the complete genocide of the White Mann’s existence.
            Simplified as one can, there you go…

            “See how the jew has masquerading as White People done further their ultimate goal”

            In the final analysis not really about color of skins what Shade and from where the melanin injection came from.
            It is about Blood.
            As the jews, 1%ers, Occultist/cultist Cabal’s and associated apparatus of Control’s over and above all of;


            Now they start developing mutations that can go Sunbathing, genetically modified version of sheeple for Town and Countryside…

          3. You lost me @jxk777. I’m confused. Tell me differently.

            White blood. You know i’m the devil’s advocate right? Don’t scratch too hard! Why? You may find out you are part black or jewish/Moslem yourself. You know hitler had the race laws written to exclude himself,right? He sensed he may be Jewish himself somewhere. He has a haplotype strongly associated with Jews . I’m still researching this but anyway. I’m not yet sure if his haplotype is exclusively Jewish or is found amongst Jews and others .

            Our prime minister is called Morrisson . He is Angloceltic but do you know what people with this surname are?
            English surnames like Moore ,Moor ,Turk ,Mooreshead,Black ,Blackman ,Freeman ,Free, Morris,Morrison ,Doyle ,Bruin,Brown usually mean they had Black or Moslem ancestors at least since the 1200s! Sure ,they may be from a Southern Italian darkskinned Roman soldier from two thousand years ago ,but they can’t all be. Most have been proven by scholars to be as i said. Descendants of Turks or Blacks brought to England and who have become White! Get it ? If you look far enough back A typical German has any mix of Roman ,Celtic ,Germanic and Asian blood(Huns/Mongol /Turk invasions etc.

  6. Here in the disUnited Queendom of Britain the State have been using Rubber Bullets against civilians since the 1970’s in Northern Ireland. There is nothing “Rubber” about them when they strike the human body at gunfire velocity. Britain has been leading the field in fatally and severely injuring legitimate protesters by firing “baton rounds” (a much better name) for over fifty years. Why has it taken America so long to fucking catch up?


    Rejecting multiculturalism doesn’t mean you hate other races. It means you believe in nationalism for all races. We all get our own territory.

    And people calling white people racists and white supremacists is just so they can defend multiculturalism, and hinder nationalism for all races. Because the truth is, there are a lot of people that hate white Europeans, and they don’t want us to have our own independent territory.

    So they try and shame us for wanting to be independent and make up absurd labels such as “white supremacist”. When in all reality, we don’t care who is better than who, that is a total mischaracterization of our stated desires for an independent territory of our own. So in all actuality, theses people who call whites racists are in fact anti-white racists themselves.

    They hate white people. They can’t stand us, and they will do whatever they can to undermine us in the hopes that we cannot become independent from them. They want control of us. And the best way in their eyes to control us is by forcing us to mix with all the other races into the same territory thereby making us a minority, in order to have power over us. They want to control us and enslave us. They are hate filled anti-white racists.

    There would be no such thing as racism and racial injustice if all the races were separated into their own territory. But instead, by forcing white people to stay mixed up with all of the other races, they can continually call us racists and white supremacists in order to get other races in political control over us. They don’t want to separate from us. They want to stay mixed with us so they can rule over us and ultimately weaken and destroy us. They want to ruin our solidarity as a people.

    So, they will never stop calling us racists. We need to separate from all other races for our own safety, protection, and well being. We don’t want to live with you anti-white racists anymore.

    1. What is multiculturalism to you? We have three Canadians who feel themselves Canadian ,have maybe fought for Canada and love Canada and love it for all its Canadian values and want to keep it A Canada as it was or is .

      Is the one Canadian of Scottish heritage allowed to be proud of that and attend Highland Dancing functions/learn Scots Gaelic etc? Can the above Canadian of Italian heritage do the same ? What about the Caribbean Canadian?

      We must be very precise by what multicupturalism means. Why? ‘Cause people sometimes use it loosely and others purposefully misconstrue the concept to stir up trouble.


      1. ^ what he said. All I read in zions statement was , “multiculturalism… bad. My Banal tired rhetoric … good.”

        And it seems to be a big talking point around here. I may be the only person here who isn’t a white nationalist here but it’s partially because I detest failed arguments being repeated over and over again in the guise of empty platitudes. One can say a thing is bad over and over and over again without actually getting anywhere. Why is multiculturalism bad? What makes it so? I get that People are afraid of losing their heritage but that isn’t really what the celebration of ethnic diversity actually entails in my mind. It often boils down to something as simple as one group of people being afraid of another group of people who look or act different than themselves. Why are so many people so very scared of celebrating other cultures? I realize I am simplifying things but often such arguments against diversity are made by people who are afraid to confront the savage within themselves and thus project this characteristic onto other people. It just seems so unnecessary.

      2. @hopingfornemesis

        Multiculturalism is not the internal embracing of ones own roots and history it is the external replication of it, multiplied.

        Britain is a multicultural country nowadays so I will tell you exactly what it means via my own lived experiences.

        In Britain we have large areas that are entirely Pakistani Muslim. They dress differently. They follow different rules and laws. There are Mosques everywhere belting out the holy prayer a number of times a day, so on and so forth. We also have areas that we call “Little Poland” because due to recent mass uncontrolled immigration more than 8 million Poles came here and well they banded together and formed their own towns that are a direct replication of Poland. Polish is the spoken language there and all the signs are in Polish. Nothing English in sight at all.

        Then we have London……………….well you get the picture.

        The point being that multiculturalism is the mass changing of a country by way of force and I say force because the indigenous population never asked for and never wanted any of this shit. It is not, I repeat it is not, just “taking pride in ones roots”.

        Imagine if 15 million Australians with their Australian way of life all decided to go live in Japan against the wishes of the Japanese people and they formed their own Australian communities. Now imagine travelling through Kyoto and seeing all the traditional buildings and watching the Japanese people interact with each other in their very Japanese way only to then enter the next part of town where there is nothing but Aussies and they are throwing shrimp on the barby, drinking beer by the truckload and calling each other cunts. That is what multiculturalism is.

        1. I have asked if the case I posed above is “multiculturalism =bad as per poz” .

          Would the people i mentioned above be welcome in POZ ‘s Canada or would Canadians with some French,Yugoslav, Slovak, Polish ,Ukrainian , German ,Greek or Italian blood blah blah blah with the traits i mentioned above ,be considered less than Canadian?

          “Whole areas of Pakistani Moslems and Poles doing their own thing ” is not Multiculturalism to me. It is -every-which- way -it -goes. I Have railed against solely-Chinese signage here as well but it seems our gov -usually Conservative here -gives no fucks. In which case ,I agree with you.



          Last part of your last para…a horrid vision.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            Zion is mixing up multicultural with multiracial and although one does tend to birth the other so I can understand his point it is still best to separate them for the purpose of argument because as I showed even white people from different European countries can and do recreate their own cultures in other peoples countries if they arrive in large enough numbers.

            To address your point however. I would say that yes on average multiculturalism is bad. New arrivals should attempt to assimilate and learn the language and customs of their new host country and fit in. Chinese people in Australia should be following the Australian model and way of life otherwise why even bother leaving China if you’re just going to recreate it wherever you go. That’s not to say they have to stop being Chinese and give up their customs they do however have to keep it internalised and within their own homes and family unit because it is they, the immigrants, who have to adapt to change and not the host country.

    1. Black people shouldn’t be policed by white people in the first place. That’s the result of “multiculturalism”. That wouldn’t happen in a black nationalist country. They should be trying to separate and create their own kingdom.

      1. Have you seeing the white guilt kneeling that’s going around? Well, it’s confirmed folks, the white race is going to disappear 100%! It took some time and a bunch of jews but here we are.

  8. I’d still tap that rubber-bullet headed little sweet thing if i still was in my twenties. And she would probably say the same thing that the other young tighties said to me once i tapped them. And that was Man-O-Man,,, I felt like i had a fucken 2 x 4 between my legs, lol. 😉

  9. Black people marching for racial justice and equality have foolishly embraced the Jewish construct of multiculturalism. If only they were wise enough to understand that the solution to their plight is black nationalism. Malcolm X tried to tell them. That’s why he got murdered. Martin Luther king was an idiot pushing multiculturalism. He should have been a black nationalist.

    All races need to reject multiculturalism and embrace nationalism. Jews fooled all of you into getting suckered into multiculturalism in order to undermine other races independence. If you think I’m a racist or a white supremacist, that’s because you bought into Jewish multiculturalism. That’s your mistake. You need to be a nationalist, whatever your ethnicity.

    Go ahead and listen to your black brother Malcolm X talk about nationalism being the solution. Nationalism is freedom and independence.

    Here is another great video of Malcolm X talking about black nationalism. He also says the white man will destroy himself. Boy was he right!

    1. @Poz – “All races need to reject multiculturalism”.
      How can a Muslim family leaving their language, culture and way of life reject MC when they resettle in western white countries and are given every convenience needed to succeed?
      Multiculturalism is only an issue for those white countries (ie. all of them) that accept refugees and immigrants. You don’t see Saudi Arabia or Iran accepting refugees from Africa do you?

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  12. Two things to take away from the pictures…#1.too bad the rubber bullet was a few inches above her eye…and #2.too bad it wasn’t a real bullet….these protesters are protesting white people even the white protesters are protesting white people….they can go fuck themselves.

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