Girl Shot in Forehead by Rubber Bullet in George Floyd Protests

Keeping Smile On While Forehead Is Split Open

Keeping Smile On While Forehead Is Split Open

I think the George Floyd protests are about to prove how the entire COVID-19 lockdown was a sham. I mean… just last week the NPCs were literally calling for anyone caught out socializing to be thrown in jail. Magically, they forgot all about the coronavirus and instead of expecting that every city with protests has a major uptick in COVID-19 cases, and being upset at the government for looting ten trillion dollars and giving it to their wall street buddies, they are upset with the protesters because the mainstream press tells them to worship the police state.

Anyway. Speaking of the George Floyd protests – this girl was at one of them and got shot in the forehead by a rubber bullet fired by a tyrant. Looks like it damaged her eye? Damage like that has potential to make her go blind in it.

Props to Best Gore member @chinesevirus for the main pic:

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  1. Jesus fuck. Does anyone know: do cops normally use those/have they before? Or did they decide to start shooting big rubber rockets at people in response to protests against police violence, brutality, and racism? Because I realize they have to stop people from looting and rioting, but they’re going about it completely wrong.

  2. If you do not believe in covid I invite any of you to volunteer at the local hospital here in Brooklyn for one month. I will pay rt airfare and r/b in return for any one of you who denies covid existence or disputes the efficacy of quarantine.

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