Glendale Cops Terrorize Family, Taser Handcuffed Father in Testicles

Glendale Cops Terrorize Family, Taser Handcuffed Father in Testicles

Glendale Cops Terrorize Family, Taser Handcuffed Father in Testicles

One of the most horrific cases of police brutality occurred on July 26, 2017 in Glendale, Arizona. The cops on their daily quest to gratuitously brutalize someone for personal entertainment accosted a family in a car, assaulted the father, tasered him ten times, handcuffed him, pinned him, kicked him in the groin then pulled his pants down and tasered him once more in his testicles. All without cause, without resistance and while two preteen children of the man watched in terror.

Remember, it’s dangerous to be white in a police state. It’s even more dangerous to be white and male, as when cops are out to get their rocks off on brutalizing someone, being white and a male makes you their primary target.

Johnny Wheatcroft was a passenger in a silver Ford Taurus parked in a Motel 6 parking lot when a pair of Glendale citizen killers with a lust to torture and nothing that persuade them otherwise pulled in front of the car.

The citizen killers used an alleged turn signal violation excuse. Enemy of the people Matt Schneider violently yanked Johnny Wheatcroft from the car, threw him face down on the hot asphalt on a 108-degree day and after already tasing him 10 times, while his citizen killer buddy Mark Lindsey knelt on the victim’s back, Matt Schneider kicked the man in the groin, pulled down his shorts and tased him a in the testicles.

Body camera footage of the brutality was just released. Johnny Wheatcroft’s 11 and 6 year old sons, as well as his wife Anya Chapman witnessed the torture from up close.

The family filed a lawsuit in which it is stated:

Given the temperature of the asphalt, the officers’ contorting his body, and the tasing, Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft was writhing in pain while his family watched and screamed for the officers to stop. Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft was prone and handcuffed on the ground, when Defendant Schneider pulled down Plaintiff’s shorts and tased his testicles and perineum, which was significantly and excruciatingly painful.

Defendant Glendale’s officers then rolled Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft onto his side and began to remove the taser prongs that were embedded into his skin. As the officers began to forcibly remove the prongs, Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft screamed in agony and Defendant Schneider placed his taser on Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft’s penis and screamed, “Keep fighting and you’re going to get it again! You want it again? Shut your mouth! I’m done fucking around with you!” At this same time, one of the officers placed a handgun to Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft’s head.

Of course – no skin off the precious officers’ teeth. They got their adrenaline rush for the day and are out to look for their next victim to brutalize. At worse, the citizen foots the bill for their abuse and they will carry on as before.

Needless to say, both Johnny Wheatcroft and his wife Anya Chapman were charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. They spent months behind bars because they could not afford bail. Chapman eventually plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to get out of jail and reclaim her children.

Prosecutors dropped all charges against Wheatcroft after they reviewed the body cam footage. Wheatcroft was however later arrested again for an alleged burglary. Domestic terrorist Matt Schneider got away with a slap on the wrist in the form of a three-day suspension. He’s back out there, terrorizing families, satisfying his faggot sexual desires on innocent citizens.

One needs to realize that this kind of thing is happening all across America and other police states, but most of the time there is no video evidence. Right at this moment some innocent white man is being tortured by a cop just because cops like it and know they get away with it.

The victim was white, so Soros will not pay for rent-a-crowd to protest:

Here’s a tweet from sick fucks at Glendale police justifying the attack:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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105 thoughts on “Glendale Cops Terrorize Family, Taser Handcuffed Father in Testicles”

  1. The dude didn’t help himself. Just talking too much. With cops you just have to be polite, with plenty of yes sirs! and yes officer! As soon as you start answering back and getting lippy. It’s all over.
    Don’t start giving it all that bullshit about why did you stop me I ain’t done nothing. Just shut the fuck up

    1. Spot on and good advice. I’ve had lots of experience with being pulled over etc and with cops you don’t give any lip, don’t tense up, stay calm. Unless of course you atually want to make a run for it but i would suggest having his family in the car it worked out better he didn’t get that chance. He asked for it.

    2. Agreed.
      While I don’t like smartass cops, if you listen carefully the cop was being polite about it all, they just wanted to checkout what he hid & why.
      This idiot had to get snarly (as a distraction) as a weak attempt to make them forget about what they had just seen (attempting to hide narcotics).
      Notice his idiot wife also get snarly, for the same reason.
      These cunts never learn: once you’re nabbed, you’re nabbed, and you gotta do your time.
      If you don’t like doing bird, then don’t buy/sell/use narcotics.
      Simple as that.
      But no, no .. These cunts think they can outsmart trained cops by weak tactics like getting snarly & playing the innocent dodo.
      They should have put the Taser away, and plugged him full of lead!
      Lying, redneck, monkey!..

        1. Well, I’m not a Jew, and I’ve never even met one, so go suck a dick yourself, pea-brain!
          Not liking redneck lying pieces of shit, does not make one a Jew, you idiot, or even a liker of Jews.
          Small brain, dickhead!

    3. In other words, be happy you live in a police state, obey, get in line, lick the boot, do as you’re told, and if an officer tells you to jump off the cliff, you jump off the cliff, you don’t question his authority. Instead, you apologize for hitting his precious fist with your useless face. You need to surrender your individuality, your mind and your soul and become an obedient zombie robot. You are worthless, and the precious officer is your god – understand it, or else. Solid advice, for sure. As every sheeple extraordinaire will tell you – be a spineless coward and live on your knees, for dying on your feet is a trait of men of honor and character, not of bootlicking NPCs.

      1. I’m not suggesting that anyone should be so docile as to act like an obedient dog. I’m just saying that we all know what cops have in their power to do. So when getting pulled over just be polite, non confrontational, non aggressive and non edgy /nervous. The latter especially gets cops the same and then situation escalates.
        This guy had his family with him and even more so should have been aware of the potentially dangerous situation they were in.
        I’ve had some shitty dealings with UK cops. But I still behave non aggressive if I get stopped.
        You just have to know the world your living in.
        Maybe this fool should have viewed some of the cop atrocities on BG and he would have been calmer.
        It’s not about honour . It’s about being wise.

        1. In other words – surrender your individuality, your mind and your soul and be a good, obedient, zombie robot. That’s exactly what you are saying. That’s sheep thinking 101. It’s right in the first lesson of the good sheeple manual. Don’t stand up to oppressive injustice, for only men willing to die on their feet do that. Cowards looking to live on their knees shut their mouth and take the cock as deep in their throat as the precious cop wants to ram it, because getting up from their knees would mean they could die. Also:

          1. M8 it’s not about being one of the sheeple. How is it smart or honourable to get yourself tazed in the nuts, or end up in the can with violent scumbags.
            Where’s the honour in that.
            No body will care,, no one will think oh that guy he’s such an honourable man cos he stood up to them cops.
            I’m aware of your situation, and that’s totally different. That can be considered honourable as you did time for just standing up for free speech.
            But if that was you in the car with wife and child would you have been ‘honourable’ or ‘smart’?
            There a time for honour and there’s a time for just being smart.

          2. Sorry brother, but you finding everything wrong with what the victim did, but nothing wrong with what the citizen killers did is sheeple thinking. You trying to weasel out of your original statement doesn’t make it any less relevant. When cops are out to get their rocks off, it doesn’t matter what you do. They will find a reason, and if it can’t be found, they will manufactured it. There’s endless evidence of that on BG. Although there’s also evidence that once an individual gives himself up to NPC thinking, no amount of evidence will knock any sense into him.

          3. Or…be a big pussy and threaten to move out of your country if you can’t think past your hurt ego…Cher, Rosie, and whom ever threatened to move but did not.

            And, if you ARE a really big pussy, then simply move out of your country because you CAN’T stand up for yourself to make positive change for yourself and others who are oppressed. As stated so eloquently below…”keyboard commandos”.

            If the founding fathers took this stance, they would have said, “wa, wa, wa…sniffle, sniffle, ‘tito, get me some tissue’ and a boat…we’re too gay to stay and fight so let’s move to those little islands south of this land and hide in some caves. It’s so much easier …sniffle.”

            Usually I’m in agreement with Veritas, however, sometimes, you have to use your mind and live peacefully within the laws until you have enough money, power, influence, or all of the above to make the necessary change. It take a strong willed, strong person with an end goal to accomplish this.

          4. What bullshit. You have to look at each case individually. I don’t like bad cops just as much as anyone, but in the above clip, “dad” obviously had something to hide and was being an asshole. It took the cops 5 1/2 minutes for one of them to even lose their temper. And “dad” cried and whimpered at every little nothing like some little bitch busted pocketing a dollar item at a Walmart. If one is REALLY innocent, you play it smart and keep cool. There’ll be another time.

        2. I’m not trying to weasel out of any statement.
          My words stand.
          I’ve been a right wing political activist for 25 years.
          So you’re speaking to the wrong guy about NPC.
          Ffs I myself was arrested in my own home, just for possession of written material which was likely to inflame racial hatred. It was my own work.
          They raided my place and searched without warrant, lied about the whole thing back at the station, said I got aggressive so they put the cuffs on me.
          The fact is I was calm and they cuffed me in my own home without even formally arresting me. It was the thought control police terrorism in full mode so please don’t try to educate me as to the ways of cops and of honour.
          I’ve done my time in jail for so called honour. Twice.

          1. Cheers brother, keep the good fight, but don’t be such an NPC with regard to the cops. The correct attitude is: “This cannot be tolerated anymore and has to change now. Full stop!” and not “That’s the way cops are, so just accept it and shut your mouth to avoid upsetting them…

          2. Cops won’t change until society changes.
            It’s a very violent world out there.
            The US especially, full of armed meth head psychos. Cops will be nervous.
            All I’m saying is individuals need to acknowledge that and be smart.
            In no way am I condoning police brutality.
            I’ve seen ALL the posts on BG relating to police brutality. It’s shocking and just criminal behaviour. I understand that fully.
            But cops are hardly likely to become more mild when the world they are operating in is getting more and more violent and volatile every day.
            It won’t stop .

          3. You really have not a clue what you’re talking about. Cops have one of the safest jobs in existence. Garbage collectors, truck drivers, farmers, taxi drivers – those are all far more dangerous jobs with significantly more fatalities on the job than police. And I purposefully left out the actual dangerous jobs, like loggers, fishermen, roofers, electricians, etc. A cop can go to work knowing he is safe and sound, facing little risk. But he goes to it wanting to go on a powertrip and abuse his power at the expense of the citizen. A family sitting in a car posed no threat. They came, they escalated, they got their rocks off. The cops did it for the thrill and because they know they can get away with it. Their lives are hardly ever in danger, but they should be. The time is overdue for the citizen to stand up to the abuse and fight back.

      1. I’ve been pulled over a handful of times in my life. I just admit that I was speeding and say “Yeah that was pretty stupid of me.” and 9/10 I’ve been let go with no ticket.

        I also had something stuck under my car that was dragging and causing sparks. I pulled over and a cop blocked traffic for me then helped come pull the object out from under my vehicle.

        That’s really my only interactions with police, and a couple of times I’ve had my pistol on me. No issues.

        Police brutality will always be wrong. Acting like a stupid ass when being investigated will also always be wrong.

    4. I’ve been pulled a million times , we all have , and it’s so easy just to be calm and let them have their moment .
      I get satisfaction from being overly polite and not giving them an excuse to book me , it’s simple… DONT GIVE THEM A REASON !

        1. Coming from a tough Keyboard Commando, this totally makes sense. Butt Hurt because you got arrested in the middle of beating your 99 lb wife then got Your Asshole reamed by South side Bubba in the County Jail ? Shoot a cop and see what happens, Please ( you won’t though, you simply do not have the Balls ). This meth head got what he deserved. He was obviously hiding something and it wasn’t a bottle of Holy water.

          1. So you’re an ex cop. How many niggers did you kick the shit out of. Or have you lost count.
            No it’s a serious question. I’m genuinely interested. It’s the only reason I’d be a cop. To hell with law and order. My question to my potential new employers would be: ‘will I get to beat up , terrorise and shoot dead niggers’? If they said well yes of course! I’d be like where do I sign.

          2. @xcopper66 While I do not advocate any criminal behavior or any violence, let us be real for a minute. Killing a cop, or anyone for that matter, is fairly easy. It’s the repercussions that are difficult to deal with, unless you’re just *that good*.

            Some years back in Las Vegas, not sure if it was a false flag or psy-op but according to the official narrative these 2 ‘nutjobs’ went into a CiCi’s Pizza while 2 officers were eating lunch and simply shot them in the head then left the premises. I guess it all ended at a Wal-Mart where they were playing hide and seek in the aisles.

            I think you know what I mean though. A determined, angry individual can take out many cops, if they wanted to.

          3. Agreed! And thank you for your service. I, being a law abiding, non drug addict/alcoholic citizen have had nothing but good dealings with police.
            And when I got burgarlarized in 2001, the detectives actually caught the junkie in less than a week and got some of my stuff back to me! Outstanding!

      1. Buddy of mine is a lawyer for a business management group in LA. All actors, musicians etc , a few high profile you see on TMZ regularly doing stupid shit. When they take on new people, theres a full day of a law briefing and media training. He just keeps repeating the mantra, you will never win out on the street. Yes sir no sir is all you say. We fight in court, and any misconduct by the cops will be shown, and if so they will pay. You pushing a cop while calling him a pussy negates any civil or criminal charges against them. And remember they have first crack at any body cam footage or security tapes, and you better believe when they can edit that favorably to the narrative they are pushing and release it to the media. So you out acting like a jackass is everywhere, and you have a tainted jury pool, so by the time everyone see’s the full version in court it is usually to late, the damage in the public’s eye is already done. And thats very difficult to successfully change that opinion.

    5. fuck you motherfucker piece of fucking shit, if you wanna suck those cops dicks go a head, lots of people don’t wanna be slaves of the system, those cops are loose serial killers and need to be stopped asap

    6. Just a scabby family in a beat up old car. Clearly not worth a penny between them. They wont afford an attorney. Cop fucking bullies. Hes got some narcotic. Big fucking deal. You want to taze a criminal go find a banker. This shit is brutality plain and fucking simple whatever hes got aint worth that shit kicking. America. What a shit hole. Fucking spanish police are better than this

  2. I feel like the people who become cops are depressed lonely sadists much like us BG members. They have been hurt by others in the past so they now abuse their power and authority to hurt others.

    1. I agee, their power hungry fukkers. I actually got turned down when i apllied cos i can’t think of anythinmg that would give me more pleasure than tasing a human being in the balls. Fuck you , fuck the world, nuke the world a s a p.

        1. me too, i want everyone to die..the whole shit stinking world..all this fukkin debate about who’s right and who’s wrong, it’s all about whose side you’re on, that’s all. Everyone’s wrong and everyone’s right so just pick your side and let’s get it on…War!

          1. I really wish we could form a Fight Club like gang for real like in the movie and then cause chaos and destroy the economy and society and force everyone to the stone age. I hate this fucking world.

    2. Most are, couple of my friends are pigs. Each one had letters sent out and us homies just signed it and wrote down that they’re stable caring individuals and who’ll remain cool even in the most dire situations. Thing is they’re all insane and shouldn’t be trusted with a weapon. No joke they really are fuked up and we’re the anime hentai watching losers who’d get their asses kicked in high school. The ones who’d fantasize during class having
      Dragon Ball Z powers and beating up bullies.

    3. Well I don’t agree that most members are on here because they are depressed or lonely. It might be the case that many are, but that is not necessarily the reason that they are BG members.
      But who in the world hasn’t been hurt by others in one way or another, and who hasn’t experienced depression.
      Personally I have of course, but that’s not the reason I’m on BG. For me it’s simply another source of information. And a reliable uncensored source at that.
      I don’t enjoy seeing blood like many members here.
      But I am fascinated by the levels of mans cruelty. And I feel I have to see it to believe it.
      The sheeple watch their horror films and violent gangster films and war films. But you go to show one of them this post of whatever, and they’re like ‘oh no I can’t look at all that sick shit’.
      But what’s sicker? Watching actors pretend to do violence and watch violent movies. Or actually have the guts and logic to prefer to see the real thing.
      Pretend violence is sicker than the real thing in my view.

      1. Information? Nearly all information is useless in the end. Most of us come here to watch people suffer and we enjoy it. This is entertainment for us not information. Only thing that matters in life is pleasure, everything else is pointless.

        1. Well that’s what I’m saying, I’m not on here to take pleasure from watching others suffer. Unless they’re niggers of course, or greasy brown Mexicunts or Brazilicunts or Jews or Muzos.
          But it is information about the real world we live in.
          Information that many people who have ended up on this site as victims probably never had, and would most likely still be alive if they did have that information.
          I’m thinking of them two dumb Scandinavian bitches that got decapitated.
          Had they been regular users of this site they might have revised their holiday plans based on that information.

          1. So before coming to BG, did you not know that the world is a grim and disgusting shithole full of violence and torture?

          2. Of course I did, but not to the same level I do now.
            I mean I’ve studied WW1 in detail and there’s nothing more gory than a WW1 battlefield I can promise you that. That’s original gore right there. If you think flaying a young lad is cruel. Try watching a young lad slowly die after being hit with over hundred tiny shrapnel pellets. Fucking ripped to shreds and steaming but still alive, could take an hour to die.
            I know all about the world before BG.
            But now I know more.

          3. The world is truly a fucked up place. Then, there’s the really fuck ed up like us that enjoy the suffering and beatings. I like the empathy. I can imagine the pain or the hopelessness. Or the feelings felt in the video. Plus my life is boring, so watching people die is more entertaining than other shit sometimes.

    1. Is that the episode where Butters keeps shooting people in the nuts. And Cartman like: ‘ no Butters you can’t shoot people in the nuts, it’s not right, how many times do I have to tell you Butters god dammit Butters don’t shoot anyone else in the nuts. Lol

  3. FFS things are not good in the US, I couldn’t hear half of what was said because of my useless soundcard. What was the reason for the interaction?

    Here in AU there has to be just cause, cops cant just go pulling anyone up randomly for no reason or questioning them in the street

    I would be asking whats the reason for the stop/ questioning? if there is no reason then the cops are liable under the Crimes ACT, I would be asking am I under arrest? if not I am free to go, common law here in AU

    That bloke was pulling his arm back (tensing up as they call it) because he was having his arm bent back, all the footage is there they would have an excellent case to sue that cop civilly would be the way to go seeing cops in the US get away with blue murder a PERFECT example of that was that cop who looked like a homosexual midget that MURDERED that poor bastard in cold blood in that hotel corridor, this POS here, that was no more then an assassination

    I understand there are a hell of a lot more guns there in US as opposed to AU and they really have to watch their backs but brutalizing that bloke because he is upset at being treated like a dog is not right, one minute he is sittin in the car with his family and next minute hes gettin his plums lit up ffs

    What sort of a JEWdicial system is in play in the US? makes me sick, how much compensation did Rodney King get again?

    1. They claim the driver didn’t use her turn signal when entering the location. He didn’t have identification. Not clear why he would need id as a passenger. Officer claimed he stuffed something between the seats. My guess is they thought he was some kind of meth head. COMPLETELY uncalled for and would explain why someone would place a target on the back of police.

  4. It’s dangerous to be white in a police state? That’s a joke, right? What made me most curious about this post was the possibility that the victims were white. It’s like finding a four leaf clover

          1. I am willing to place a $1,000 bet that if this guy would have remained calm, let the cops do whatever it is that they think their job is to do, and just stayed cool.. he would have been let go without any of that shit that you saw in the video and none of us would know anything about this ‘investigation’.

            Just like the THOUSANDS of ‘investigations’ that occur without incident, daily, across my country America.

        1. It would be nice to see some de-escalation from these guys sometime. They all say they train for it, but you never see it applied in the field. Hey man step out talk to me here, we gotta get you ID’d. Come on, don’t do this in front of your wife and kids. At least give a small effort in situations it would be appropriate, like this one. Nah, crank that knob to 11 right out the gate, so you can start throwing hands with some scumbag. They put themselves into so many , I felt threatened, situations for no reason. And our ID-less meth heads just as dumb, probably knew of the warrant as well.

      1. They are waiting for one act of defiance, then they get hard at terrorizing people. They are ALL enemies. I’ve been treated like this several times. I’ve been tackled by two men cops for stealing salami. Funny thing is I had money, I was too high to remember to pay and I didn’t know they were cops. They chased when I was almost to my car and I was in the ghetto where I’m not from, so I was not used to people caring if you steal. They didn’t identify themselves, just pounced. It was insane. It was fucking salami slices, I’m white. This was a lifetime ago. And I deserved jail, for sure. Needed it. But I was shocked how crazy they got. I was covered head to toe in bruises, and I wasn’t even resisting. I think I was laughing. People need to wake up.

  5. They should have blown his brains out less redneck cracker in the world.n fuck you thats reading this if your a pinchi rasista gabacho..n the pigs n that fucken white boi n his family n his pets n his vehicles

  6. Thanks officers, run these white trash tweekers out of town. That why you guys get the big bucks.

    Remember, the police actually PROTECT these dirtbags..otherwise psychopaths like me would be free to prey upon them and murder them with impunity

  7. Dad showing kids how to deal with police and lose. What a shmuck.
    BTW. If you want to guarantee yourself bad dealings with police every time – look EXACTLY like that guy. Make sure you’re covered with tattoos and dress like that – with a backwards baseball cap especially.
    And did I see flip flops on him? Need I say more?

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