Handcuffed Tibetans Beaten by Chinese Security Forces

Handcuffed Tibetans Beaten by Chinese Security Forces

Handcuffed Tibetans Beaten by Chinese Security Forces

According to the information that came with the video, the Chinese security forces caught a group of Tibetan people at the border. They handcuffed the Tibetans and beat them with nightsitcks, allegedly in order to dissuade them from coming back to the border.

From that bit of the info I assume the Tibetans attempted to flee across the border into a neighboring country, but got caught. And whereas China doesn’t have a Trump wall to keep people in an open air prison like in the Palestine, they have various police patrolling the border areas.

I apologize to bootlickers for causing their brain to shotcut with this video. I mean – it’s tyranny when other country’s police resort to brutality, but when own countrymen get extrajudicially executed, it’s just muh snowflake puhleece serving and protecting the shit out of the community.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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32 thoughts on “Handcuffed Tibetans Beaten by Chinese Security Forces”

    1. Chings doing this to you? No no no you misunderstand. Your police will do this to you. Just give it more time and The Great Western Gulag will do it on you.

      “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

  1. Chingys were always screamin’ bout how the Japs raped n beat ’em

    Turns out these slant-eyes are just as bad

    Fuck China ! Fuck Communism – I will read & listen to what I want you yellow Spics !!

    Education is the light
    It’s light the darkness most fears ….

    So you suck Chairman Mao
    I’ll fuck young Britney Spears ….


  2. I’ve just been listening to the radio. They were talking about something called The 48 Club. It is a group set up to improve British relationships with China. It turns out the group was set up by members of the British Communist Party on the instructions of the Chinese politbeaurea. They have members in the house of lords, parliament and the British civil service. All of them are getting paid to lobby for China and it’s interests. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were members. Chinese companies tried to infiltrate our 5G network and our steel industry. I think they may already be involved with our nuclear power programme.

    China is becoming increasingly dangerous. It’ll be us tasting the Chinese nightstick if they get the chance.

      1. The green clothes are not the clothes of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, but it is not ruled out that they are the militia or the army of other countries, but the black clothes that appeared at 00:11 are the Chinese police, he said to stop.

  3. It’s beyond my understanding how any of you could think to say the CCP has “police”?? They don’t, their commies the known definition of police is nowhere close to their own fascist take on the matter.

  4. 我觉得他们不像是要逃到国外的人,因为西藏周围没有一个国家比中国发达,而且战争频繁。

  5. One day, one day we shall have another chinese genocide.
    I swear, there needs to be one every 50 years, or they just get out of hand.
    But in all seriousness, China is a fucking hellhole, hope it burns, just like America and the EU.
    The troika of evil right there.
    Really really want to see a china thats getting colonized and exploited.

    1. 是啊,,,看这身绿色的衣服,,应该是很久以前了,不过那个时候好像还用不起手机?@[email protected]不过还是好难受,为什么会这样呢,,,,

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