Indian Tyrant Clubs Passive Guy to Near Death

Indian Tyrant Clubs Passive Guy to Near Death

Indian Tyrant Clubs Passive Guy to Near Death

It doesn’t matter where in the world you look, few statements are as self evident and hold true as universally as ACAB!

The video is from India. It shows a tyrant clubbing an entirely passive, non aggressive guy with a stick. The tyrant keeps getting off on bludgeoning the guy, until he’s unconscious, and even then the sick psycho keeps hitting him.

I don’t have much backinfo, but anyone who took a few blows with a club knows it can knock you out and kill you with ease. The tyrant in the video kept bludgeoning the guy until he went completely limb, and may easily have been clubbed to death.

And per usual – whether you look at India, America, Canada or whichever other police state – there never are any good cops around. They remain an urban myth, much like the coronavirus victims – you hear about them from every mainstream media, but never see one in real life.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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108 thoughts on “Indian Tyrant Clubs Passive Guy to Near Death”

  1. Some men have high anger levels and very low impulse control. It’s usually the result of having strong insecurities and very little confidence in some area of their life. Perhaps it’s because they have a tiny teeny weeny penis and having a warped belief that the world owes them something because they were ripped off???

      1. That’s demonstrably untrue. A guy with a long stick will be a better fuck 9/10. More surface area, more friction – better chance of pleasing partner when they’re fucking. It’s definitely a confidence-thing as well. A guy with a bigger dick will be more confident about his sexuality. Chicks dig confidence. Also I’ve been waiting at the drive thru at McDONALDS FOR ABOUT 20 minutes. Someone please send help!

        1. @kalamnity
          Have to say intelligent, individual, thoughtful sense of humor, with a twist of Wicked.
          You must have your own platform for a stand up routine..?
          If not, Get one..!
          Especially liked the the Stick jokes. Then giggled thru your previous comical observations.
          You may not find my take on the American Condition to your liking but, that is aimed at the collective, not the individual.
          Saying that ahead because I’m fairly certain you would look for yourself. Also you have said it, so you know it. America is Fucked.

          Now the picture, well sure it’s not you, tho would like to know from what or who…?
          Plus Emilio Hackett I took for being an anagram but having used half a block already trying to decipher it, is there any chance of a clue..?
          PS; I exude confidence, and that is NOT a Dick joke…

          1. @illegalsmile55

            Tell me about it, as a child my Mother left the garden for not even two minutes she told me, in the pram, that’s how young I was, a feral smelling the milk, got in and tore me up. Still to this day it’s been a recurring NIGHTMARE. Happening two, three times a year, appeared as recently as March.
            Just can’t delete it from memory.
            Kill all cat’s I say, well the so called domestic variety. Purrr..!

          2. Hey Jxk, thanks for the kudos. Laughter is the only consistent medicine we have to soothe the damaged soul and overcome the oppression of our sentience. I’ve thought about doing stand up but my fat ass prefers sitting down if I’m to be honest.

            Thank you for your acknowledgment. It does mean a lot.

            On America, I have no faith in my country or the people in it. Everything about it seems to lack integrity, immediacy and sincerity and it seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

            ‘Emilio Hackett‘ is many things but I also think that every one appreciates the mystery more than the truth that it’s veiled under.

            Have a good one.

        2. Unfortunately that topic will forever be a debate, one with no winner because we are all different. Personally ive had huge dicks, small dicks, round dicks, long dicks, real dicks, fake dicks, and I do NOT like anything over 5-6 inches. Its to much, it hurts, and not in the good way ^.^ but thats just me. We all like what we like, its figuring out what that is thats fun!

          1. Please post pics. For science! But yes I do agree we all have different needs and wants. I’ve read the optimal length for a One-eyed-wonder-wand is about 6 inches and that’s an amalgamation and collation of many different studies involving the personal preferences of women the world over. I’ve talked to a lot of women myself and have come to the conclusion that they just prefer larger penises during penetration but apparently not during oral sex. Huh.

            Do what makes you whole and happy. You do you. And then post pics. For science.

          2. @kalamnity

            For SCIENCEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Totally agree on the oral thing as well, lost my gag reflex somewhere in my early 20s. Haha


            I must say I don’t see many sausage dick necklaces around often, scary…and youd be surprised what can happen in a 3 month span of a psychotic break and things like POF and Tinder…alot of samples quite quickly. Thank god that ended when it did but it was nice to try out a rainbow of choices. Ha….ha….haaa

          3. Lol. Remind me not to get on your bad side. I like my rod. Preferably attached. Gershwin said it best. It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that peen… or something like that.

          4. @kalamnity

            I like your writing style, makes me lol. I wanted to send a friend request but it doesnt let me. Either I need more goints to unlock my profile or I am still on “probation” for being bad a few years ago (the old mods were not fond of moi) :/ …how to know, HOW TO KNOEEES,

          5. @thedre

            Can you help me and @kalamnity out with this above inquiry, I’m glad to know its not just me but if he’s been here months and its still like that, what’s the catch? I rememeber in the old days the day you sign up you can friend request and post in the forums but now you can do that, social interactions are limited and will be notified via email when its approved…..what does that mean?? Thanks BG broooo for any helpful insight 🙂

      1. Given the choice between Choosing a stick or Donald Trump in terms of usefulness and brain power and capacity for not being a faggoty self serving douche with a silver ladle lodged in his crusty geriatric ass, I think a compelling argument can be made for voting for the stick. It doesn’t have to be a stick. Any inanimate object will do. Any port in a storm …

  2. The cop is clearly checking to see if the guy is maintaining proper Corona Virus social distancing. As the victim was not, it is clear from the official tyrant checking sticks that if you get hit, you too close.
    Tyrant Report: Corona virus related death.

        1. I’ve already partaken in the pot and I didn’t find it much to my meowrriment. Lol at Calamity Jane. ‘Kalamnity’ is an amalgam of calamity and enmity. I came up with the name a long time ago on another gore forum near and dear to my heart. It embodies a principle that kinda goes with the territory. We see dark things in the world and express those things in turn.

        1. Sounds good. As long as I get to express my anal glands whenever I want, on whomever I please I’m a pretty happy camper. But you should know I only drink the tit milk of supple virgins with shapely bottoms That talk dirty to me while stroking my stomach. I also like to chase tail whenever I can as long as it isn’t mine.

        2. I’ve already partaken in the pot and I didn’t find it much to my meowrriment. Lol at Calamity Jane. ‘Kalamnity’ is an amalgam of calamity and enmity. I came up with the name a long time ago on another gore forum near and dear to my heart. It embodies a principle that kinda goes with the territory. We see dark things in the world and express those things in turn. Mostly I’m just here to blow off steam and have fun.

  3. Indian people are very dumb and similiar to animals. Good thing they‘re killing each other so we don‘t have to. Steady camera though. He should‘ve filmed horizontally, and a better resolution would be nice.

        1. Yea, but the sad really is everyone dies after being an old, unimportant, aching pain in the ass for everybody, untill one day u can walk no more and your nurse has to wipe your shit. That’s how you’ll end. Pathetic, Terrible, Miserable and OLD piece of shit. Reality my friend. Unless of course you get tired of living and decide to hang yourself before your daughter while recording facebook live and uploading to BestGore for shitholes like us to enjoy from the comfort of our bed. Gud Luck.

          1. On the bright side there is always the possibility of your Ass-wiping nurse being a 10 with a short skirt and sweater-cows the size of wooly mammoths. The reality is that it’ll probably Be a 2, weigh a metric ton and have the genteel disposition of an Eternally constipated high school wrestling coach who likes checking your oil more than is biologically necessary. But if it’s the former imma pinch dat ass and get away with it because there has to be some perks to being a wrinkly cantankerous crotchety cunty old curmudgeonly bastard of the highest order. I can dream can’t I?

      1. Osiris.

        Oooh. Typical Indian (shitskin). Racism.
        How about you stay in your own countries, get the FUCK out, and stay OUT of ours. Then we’ve SOLVED two issues to begin with, haven’t we.
        Incredible how more racists you become in western societies when you know you can play the ‘Race’ card.
        Because no sane original indigenous person invited you, that was libtarded politicians who do not live in the real world or societies.
        The most racist people that I have ever encountered in all the countries that I’ve visited or lived in, was India.

        Now pretty soon when things break down and large parts of the world go ‘Hunger Games’ IF you are not in your own original country and geopolitical, geographical location the natives are going to KILL YOU..!

    1. As I read this, I can picture you: a fat, cross-eyed, buck-toothed, sister-fucking inbred yahoo wanking off to a jizz-stained nazi flag – reminiscing the glory days of the scared lil’ rat-faced peckerwood who spent his last days holed up in bunker, too chicken to stand and fight. Pfft

      1. Haha, you‘re just a troll. You‘re offended by a picture, you fucking SJW. Die in a hole. I hope your family dies in front of you and you have to live a lonely life as a scarred man. I hope you get some beautiful children, that die from cancer. And I hope you win the lottery and die the next day and your daughter has to see you getting lowered in your grave. I hope you fucking die in a high speed car crash and I hope someone films your smeared body with your brains leaking out so I can fap to it. I fap to your grandmother’s grave. I‘m gonna dance on your have you fucking dipshit. HAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Some monkeys have guns, some monkeys have batons, some monkeys have sticks. Hong Kong or France or India, it is always the same level of brutality. It’s like they pick the assholest of the assholes to be in the uniform

  5. Well just standing there and taking the beating wont make you Mandela or Gandhi….
    The media sure have desensitized the masses that the person in uniform is the ultimate God and they cannot be questioned or confronted.

  6. This is how you give enlightenment to a hard headed person they probably warned 100 times in the past and finally got fed up coming out to tell him to stop doing what he was doing. Again its a clip at the END of the video. What happen to best gore showing entire videos? Its like watch cnn every clip now.

  7. Jairaj Kick-Ass

    ‘The most I’d ever had to offer the world was good intentions and a slightly-elevated capacity to take a kicking. With no power comes no responsibility.’

    Police Sargeant

    ‘Good at getting his ass kicked. He should call himself Ass-Kick instead.’

  8. It’s Kinda Fucked up to see this poor people who can’t even eat a proper meal just because he got no money in this Lockdown. Government won’t help them and now This Pigs are beating them too just because he forgot to wear mask in public. Wow

  9. The Coronavirus victims you “never see in real life”? Of course you don’t see them. They’re in quarantine!
    And yea, people are getting coronavirus. My sister in law and her kids all had it. Her daughter is still fighting problems stemming from it, even after beating the actual virus. She may lose her leg.
    So to say it doesnt happen is willful ignorance.
    But now that I’ve said this, my account will probably be labeled a spam account and banned.

  10. See I saw the whole video, this is how shit gets taken out of context. That guys donkey had died and he needed a ride home as well as a tow for his curry vending cart. It was a long way and he was prone to car sickness. That cop was simply helping the guy go to sleep for the ride. Problem solved!

  11. I can’t imagine myself living in such a pussy whipped man hating police state country like India for the rest of my life I would rather take my chances elsewhere. I’m not entirely sure what’s it’s gonna take for the majority of man in that country to stand up for they’re civil rights and take arms against tyrants in charge just look at that dick less ass hole you think he’ll be acting that tough if surrendered by 80 people at once? He’ll be shriving for mercy as the spineless coward that he is.

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