Israeli Police Attack Ultra Orthodox Jews Protesting Conscription in Jerusalem

Israeli Police Attack Ultra Orthodox Jews Protesting Conscription in Jerusalem

In Israel, the supreme court recently ruled that the military exemption from conscription for religious Jews was unconstitutional, sparking protests by ultra Orthodox Jews who refuse to be drafted to the IDF. The Israeli police responded to the protests with brutality.

According to the Israeli press, the police used water cannons to disperse the protesters, but whereas the protesters responded with an act of defiance by laying on the road, the police started attacking them.

This is essentially the very source of the training in the art of citizen abuse that the American and Canadian cops receive to utilize against their own citizens. Although, shockingly, Durham, NC City Council recently passed a resolution prohibiting their police from training with Israel (resolution was heavily opposed by Rabbis).

One more video. This one alleges to show protesters being attacked by Israeli police for blocking the entrance to the IDF Recruiting office on Rashi Street in Jerusalem in order to prevent the transfer of a girl named Yuval Dadon to military prison for her refusal to serve in the Israeli army because of her faith:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Fuck yeah awesome the crowd is cheering too in kikish “ ya lasha gloya blurs dirka Schlem. This video would be complete with a hamas rocket
        Landing right in the middle of that Jew buffoonery or like 20 suicide bombers..dirka alllahr awkbar “ haha

    1. Once every few months Israel has to make Ultra-Orthodox Jews take a shower, so they use this time to whine about everything like anyone gives a fuck about whining complaining christ killing penis mutilating Jews! After over 60 years of selling holohoax fairy tales while fucking over western nations and starting wars people are sick of it. If anything we get a hard on seeing this sort of shit but wish they could be a bit more brutal about it, like they do to the so-called Palestinians.

    2. In England the left wing Labour party have been under pressure accused of wide spread antisemitism within the party. The Labour slogan was ‘ For the many not the few’ the new slogan is ‘ For the many not the Jew’

  1. Only Democracy in the Middle East™

    *Restrictions might apply. Israel Co. does takes no responsibility if the product turns out to be a militaristic, totalitarian and ethnocratic apartheid dictatorship.

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    1. Totally, they love to whine about how others persecute them for their religion, but this shows they don’t give two fucks for Judaism, Israel is a secular construct that worships money and death, not Judaism

      1. Hitler was a Zionist pawn. One must be blind if one can’t see that, after researching the overwhelming evidence that he was raised and financed by the Zionist/Frankist bankers. Search for Rabbi Antelman: The Identity of Hitler’s Real Father, by Cliff Shack, if you’re ready to read the details, you’ll see how you and other neo-nazis and Hitler worshippers were fooled. Hitler’s papa was an Hungarian Jew, who died in NY.

      2. Vanilla Gorilla…

        I was a Hitlerfag for most of my life and thought the man did no wrong… boy was I wrong…

        Hitler wanted the exact same thing as the Zionists… they wanted the Jews out of Germany…
        If Hitler hated Jews so much… why didn’t he actually DO the holocaust?…
        In fact… Hitler advocated for a Jewish homeland…

        Besides… he was an occultist…
        He’s burning in hell…

    1. All U.O.J.L.M. members:
      “What, I’m supposed to write all of that on a sign? Poster board isn’t cheap and don’t get me started on the cost of a good sharpie!”

  2. Let-em all kill each other off, While the World Sees how they treat themselves, Along with The Whole Worlds Populace, those Filthy Neanderthal-Cocksucking-Maggot-Infected,, Jew-Fucks!

  3. Following points of in-group conflict in Israel:

    1) Askenazim-Sephardim
    2) Secular-Orthohodox
    3) ‘Native’ Israelis-New Arrivals

    If the Arabs wish to use their petrodollars well, they should start funding one of the sides with a view to destabilising Israel. The Israeli society is not as close-knit as outsiders think: it is the danger posed be the surrounding Arab countries in conjunction with the strategy of tension happily implemented by the state that keeps the Israelis together. According to the Norwegian peace researcher Johan Galtung, there is every possibility that ethnic and social tensions amongst the Jews could bring about the implosion of the Israeli state.

  4. The Jewish people have killed more people including their own than any other race on earth!

    Cain killed abel, hebrews killed of part of themselves when israel split into two kingdoms, judah -ites killed every single male bengaminite jew and stole their wives and children, the zealots killed gentiles of judea in isis ,-like fashion dressed as trannies and bathed in the blood of boys they had just fucked! Then jews slaughtered and rebelled in cyprus and egypt under cleopatra and then under heraclius of Byzantium then slaughtered christian greeks and armenians of Ottoman empire as Young Turks!! need i go on!

    Now, i am shocked! Every one of these above comments has been witty!!! Congrats!!!!

  5. It´s like a middle eastern based jewish emulation of the USA. Although these guys don´t protest like the US SJWs in the streets who quite literally took theirs into the highway.

  6. I wuld bring a flame thrower and will burn each one of them…so lot of tax mony will be saved from supporting then by the goverment that wanna stay in control on our lives…
    And the girl ? What she gonna do in the army ? She better go to downtown centeral station…and become a whore like she use to be in her communaty…

  7. So the cunty black hats are willing to allow other people to die to protect them from the evil muzzies. Yet they want to sit around and do nothing to protect themselves. They are lazy pussies. I know there are religious units of the Israeli army. Being religious isnt a good enough reason to avoid the draft. Throw these Jews down the well.

  8. frankly in France as soon as an Israeli is touched it is an anti-Semitic act you have no right to laugh just to pity them what happened in 39/45 perso does not concern me and neither the current Israelis

        1. Adolf Hitler was rewarded by his Rothschild masters with 20 years in Argentina.

          These people love to make idiots of their victims. They enjoy and promote stupidity in non-Jews.

          The content will be attacked by Neonazis, Zionists, and other confused people, brainwashed with false information.

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